Shinde’s Candid Admission Is Praiseworthy

Kasab Was Wrongly Hanged

Kasab Was Wrongly Hanged
Kasab Was Wrongly Hanged | Source

Pakistan Army Should Be Allowed Inside India to Capture BJP Terrorists

BJP Responsible For Beheading Of Indian Soldier

India’s Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde has come out with a candid admission that the principal opposition party in India BJP and RSS are organising terrorism and training terrorists in their training camps. At a time when the majority of Indians believed that Pakistan army was responsible for the beheading of an Indian soldier, Shinde’s candid admission that the BJP is responsible for the beheading is really praiseworthy. Any other Home Minister would have squarely put the blame on the Pakistan army for the beheading of an Indian soldier in the border. But by admitting that the BJP and RSS are responsible for the beheading and other terrorist activities, Shinde has exonerated Pakistan.

BJP Responsible For Mumbai Terror Attack 2008 Also

Laskar-e-Toiba chief Saeed Hafeez naturally feels happy and thankful to the Indian Home Minister. For a long time, the international community has been squarely blaming him for the terrorist activities committed in India like the Mumbai Terror attack in 2008. Better late than never, at least now Shinde has found out the real culprits. Shinde was able to find out the truth out of thorough investigations using his Intelligence officers and police. Now that it has been found out BJP responsible for the Mumbai Terror attack of 2008, Shinde should not waste any more time. He should request USA to bomb the BJP training camps with drone warplanes inside India.

USA Should Bomb BJP Terror Camps With Drone Planes

USA was right in banning Narendra Modi from visiting USA because of his suspected terror links in connection with the 2002 pogrom in Gujarat against the Muslims. Now USA should deny visas to other BJP leaders like Venkiah Naidu, Pon Radhakrishnan, Arun Jaitley, Yashwant Sinha, Jaswant Singh and Lal Kishan Advani besides Sushma Swaraj. USA should divert all the drone planes and bombard the different BJP training camps inside India. Now that Shinde has admitted that the real culprits are not Pakistan, USA should cease to attack Pakistan with its drones.

BJP Responsible For World Trade Centre Attack In 2001

Shinde should immediately arrest all the BJP leaders and dismiss all the BJP State governments like Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka etc for training terrorists in their training camps. There is also a possibility that BJP was responsible for the bombing of the World Trade Centre New York in USA in 2001 as the BJP was in power in India during that time. Probably the Muslims are wrongly blamed for this attack and they are innocent.

Kasab Was Wrongly Hanged

Indian government should unconditionally apologise to Pakistan government and Saeed Hafeez. India should pay compensation to Pakistan for wrongly accusing it in the past. India should also pay a heavy compensation to the family members of Kasab who was wrongly hanged to death in connection with the 2008 Mumbai Terror Attack. Indian government should hang the BJP leaders responsible for the 2008 Mumbai Terror attacks. India should grant liberal visas to Saeed Hafeez and should welcome him into India and give an honourable treatment. Similarly Dawood Ibrahim should also be given compensation for wrongly accusing him of committing terrorism.

Pakistan Army Should Be Allowed Inside India to Capture BJP Terrorists

Indian army should also learn a lesson from this. Indian army has been wrongly blaming Pakistan for the beheading of Indian soldiers. Now that the real culprits have been exposed, Indian army should apologize to Pakistan and cooperate with it. For capturing the BJP terrorists, Indian army can take the help of Pakistan. In fact if Pakistan army is allowed a free hand inside India, it will be easier for Shinde to capture and kill all the BJP terrorists sooner. Along with Shinde, Rajiv Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi also deserve praise for exposing the true face of BJP.

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