Which U.S. State has the LEAST amount of crime?

As seen by a Canadian

The Canadian thing makes me less biased than someone living in one of the 50 United States I would think.

I thought this would be an interesting subject to research and I used my usual method of going to Wikipedia for some basic information. I looked at the FBI and Department of Justice websites first but found they had just too much information to answer this question in a simple manner. Seems that 5% of US citizens will be a victim of crime each year. One thing is for sure, crime is a big issue in the United States.

What I found in the Wikipedia story was that the information they had was based on the year 2004 and related to crime rates which would remove the sheer numbers of larger states and make this a more reasonable comparison.

And I was quite surprised by the answers. Seems New Hampshire had the lowest rate and Arizona had the highest rate. I guess the Wild West still is full of "banditos".Texas and Arkansas were included with Arizona as the most dangerous.

The New England States were listed as the safest and surprisingly New York and New Jersey were below the national average so the movies that depict these two states as full of crime are exaggerating somewhat.

It seems that there is a direct correlation between wealth and crime. The states that are the poorest have the highest crime generally. They include Florida, Louisiana and Georgia. The states that are the wealthiest had the lowest rate which included Wisconsin and California.

If I was to move to the United States I know it wouldn't be to Baltimore, Detroit or Washington, D.C. These were the cities listed with the highest crime rates.

I would move to New England and I know why because I have visited a lot of these states in the past on ski trips and business. New England would be the closest in relationship to the province of Ontario in Canada. The people, the countryside, climate and overall values seem to be very similar.

And here's my personal opinion on crime, for what it is worth. Crime is a cancer. The only way to deal with cancer is to eradicate it in order to save what is left of the good part of the body. The more serious the cancer, the more intense the treatment has to be.

And so it should be for crime. If someone chooses to kill another human being, they have made a very serious attack on society and society should send a very strong message in return. That can no longer be tolerated. The punishment should match the crime. No further discussion required. Perhaps that will reduce the crime rate.

A more current measurement (2009) of homicides in cities by Georgia State University shows that Detroit, Baltimore, St. Louis and Oakland have very high rates compared to other cities in the USA. http://www.cjgsu.net/initiatives/HomRates-PR-2010-01-21.htm

And if you examine another 2009 map of USA crime rates http://www.policymap.com/crime-statistics/index.html you will note that this map points to the fact that New England and rural America in general have very low rates. Suffice it to say, that living in the country (as opposed to the city) is one way to live in a safer climate with respect to violent crimes, simply because there is less opportunity for gain from crime as there is in the more condensed population found in cities. The economics of crime are no different than the economics of any business with respect to supply and demand.

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Bozoplay profile image

Bozoplay 3 years ago Author

Freedom of speech is certainly a right worth keeping but choosing your words carefully makes it more credible as FD proves. Well said.

FD 3 years ago

@Gene - If there is more crime in African American areas is is because of poverty not because of the color of a person's skin. Historically black people have been prevented by society from being able to have access to many opportunities and resources that other groups (whites) have had and although things are changing (thankfully) the racism that still exists does not help these social problems. By the way, I am as white as white can be just for the record. But black does not = crime. Poverty, lack of opportunity, lack of good educational resources etc. perpetuate the crime that is found in areas more populated by black people. It is sad really. And I hope the world keeps changing and that we move toward a world where people are seen as being equal and where crime statistics represent this change in society.

Gene 3 years ago

Delete my comment why? Because you are more dedicated to being politically correct than talking about the facts. A very high percentage of African American's in any area leads to more crime...It's a FACT!

Gene 3 years ago

It's pretty simple...The further you are from the highest African American populated cities, the safer you will be...



John 4 years ago

Crime is caused by socioeconomic inequality. The system is the cancer.

Glock22 4 years ago

Schermann is an idiot, he wants to let the killers live and kill more people just so we can "understand why they murder" Typical anti-gun idiot

m amin52 6 years ago

Any place with the word beach in its title is a winner in my book. Virginia Beach has the most beautiful beaches and is a hot tourist attraction. If you don't mind the crowd of visitors, this is the place you want to be

Schermann 7 years ago

Perhaps instead of just killing the killers and behaving as bad as they are. Consider understanding the underlying problems that lead to murder and then doing something about it

for a change.

You never know, perhaps happier and more fulfilled persons make better citizens? Something America has yet to learn, the hard way!

John P. Pollard 7 years ago

Nice essay Bozoplay, perhaps I'd change my name, just doesn't seem to fit but good info. Colorado probably also has a pretty low crime rate, with the exception of the Denver area. Montana and some other western states as well but some of those areas are rather boring places to live unless one is raising a herd of cattle or sheep, etc.

fortunerep profile image

fortunerep 7 years ago from North Carolina

I do believe that if it wasn't for Lawyers (no punt intended, I went to Law School myself), but I just can not see dedicating my life to free criminals for a huge fine. It should be an eye for an eye etc,.. seriously, it would make a difference.

Great Hub


MamaDragonfly2677 profile image

MamaDragonfly2677 7 years ago from New York

Thanks a lot for answering this request! I guess the main reason I was asking, was to see where it would be "safest" for my children to grow up.

Great Hub Bozoplay!

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