Should Rajoana Be Saved?

Rajoana Should Be Hanged

Rajoana Should Be Hanged
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Should Rajoana Be Saved?

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Should Rajoana Be Saved?

SGPC to Appeal?

SGPC to Appeal?

Entire Punjab seems to be disturbed. Every move is being made to save the life of the death convict Balwant Singh Rajoana. Rajoana is a Babbar Khalsa international terrorist. He has been sentenced to death for assassinating the former Punjab Chief Minister Beant Singh. The ruling party in Punjab Shiromani Akali Dal has taken up the cause of the terrorist and is appealing to the state government to spare his life. It has also appealed to the Shiromani Gurdwara Prabandhak Committee (SGPC) to take up the cause of Rajoana. SGPC is an influential religious organization responsible for managing the Golden Temple, Amritsar in Punjab, which is the highest citadel of worship for the Sikhs all over the world.

Pratibha Patil Will Delay Acting On Mercy Petitions for Years

A court in Chandigarh, the capital of Punjab, issued a notification recently to hang Rajoana by 31st March. SGPC has also been directed to immediately file a clemency appeal to the President Pratibha Patil. This is a good idea to save the life of Rajoana. This is because President Pratibha Patil keeps all the clemency petitions and other petitions pending. She loves luxurious life. She has visited more then twenty countries and spent Rs.205 crore from the taxpayer’s money for her luxury life. Every time she has gone abroad, she has taken with her family members also. They also enjoyed luxury at the cost of government funds. President Pratibha Patil has spent sizeable number of days abroad. She has already delayed acting on mercy petitions from death convicts including the Rajiv Gandhi assassins. Therefore a clemency petition filed on behalf of Rajoana will also be kept waiting for many years.

K P S Gill and Beant Singh Wiped Out Terrorism in Punjab

Punjab Chief Minister Prakash Singh Badal is personally taking up the matter of saving Rajoana’s life. Beant Singh, the former Chief Minister of Punjab was mainly responsible along with the police officer K P S Gill to wipe out terrorism in Punjab through strong police action. In order to avenge this, the terrorist Rajoana killed the Punjab Chief Minister Beant Singh on August 31 1995. During the eleven years trial, Rajoana admitted that he was responsible for the assassination of Beant Singh.

Human Rights Organizations Justify Terrorism

In India and all over the world, the human rights organizations, political parties and civil set ups are constantly fighting to reduce the punishment or set free the convicts. They give support to the terrorists and their organizations. When a terrorist kills hundred innocent people including women and children, these political parties and human rights organizations sip their tea and enjoy the news. They do not condemn the activities of the terrorists. Rather, they justify the terrorism on some grounds or other. But when the terrorists are killed by the police encounter, political parties like the Akali Dal and the human rights organizations raise a hue and cry.

Vigorous Campaign Is Launched To Save the Lives of the Terrorists

When a terrorist is punished by the court, these political parties and human rights organizations vociferously campaign through the media to set the terrorists free or to drastically reduce their punishment. In Tamil Nadu, a vigorous campaign has been launched to spare the lives of the cruel assassins who brutally assassinated India’s former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi. There is a vigorous campaign to free Afzal Guru who attacked the parliament and killed the security guards. There is a vigorous campaign to free Kasab who killed innocent people at the Mumbai railway station.

Rajoana Should Be Hanged

To counter this campaign, right thinking people should come forward. Shiv Sena in Maharashtra has already taken up the cause of hanging Kasab for his brutal murders of innocent people in Mumbai. BJP has taken up the cause of hanging of Afzal Guru. In a similar manner, people and political parties should come forward to demand a death sentence for Rajoana. Rajoana brutally assassinated Beant Singh and he himself has admitted it. In fact Rajoana refused to even appeal against the death sentence and is prepared for it. Rajoana should be hanged on the set date without mercy. Terrorists who assassinate other people deserve a death sentence.

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garry 4 years ago

writer of this article is a RSS dumb illiterate bigot. Rajoana never killed any innocent. He kiled killer of 25000 innocent youth. We r proud of Rajoana. Ok u wana hang him. Do it. It wil revive struggle of Khalistan in Punjab . His sacrifice wil result in the form of our own county Khalistan

ramkimeena profile image

ramkimeena 4 years ago from India Author

Pakistan had tried its level best to foment the Khalistan struggle and to make Punjab secede from India. Many innocent Punjabi lives were lost by the action of the Khalistan terrorists sponsored by Pakistan. This includes ladies and babies. But finally Pakistan is finding terrorism engulfing its own country whereas the Khalistan agitation has been contained by the people of Punjab themselves.

Balwant01 4 years ago

What a one sided article. Media in India is always biased and controlled by the centre and does not have the guts to get the real truth. Has anyone tried to find out why Beant Singh was assisinated. I'll tell you. It was out of desperation, as the authorities, including central Indian government were supporting him in killing innocent young Sikh men. There are estimates that he murdered, tortured, and killed upto 50000 innocent young Sikh men with full support of the Indian government. I have heard that some villages were completely depleted of young men and even elderly men. No marriages have taken place for a generation in some villages. Because of people like Beant Singh. Why have the the murderers of innocent Sikhs in 1984 not been hanged. Tytler and Sajjan Kumar and other such people are walking free and actually prospering. There is one India for the Hindi speaking majority and one India for others. India's democracy is a cover to impose the will of the Hindi speaking majority on all minorities. Remember the Moguls and Afghans tried to wipe out Sikhs and both were defeated in the end in Punjab. As will Indian government. Go ahead and hang Rajoana, in the end truth will come out and justice will be done.

Garry 4 years ago

You call yourself a journalist, But you got really very very poor knowledge. Those innocent lives were lost by the cats of Indian forces. You should google wehere Punjab police DGP KPS Gill himself admits that they had nearly 1000 cats in Punjab, who were working by mixing up with Khalistani gruops. These cats killed innocents, robbed properties on name of Khalistanies to defame the Khalistani strugge. Including the national agencies and army cats, there were over 6000 governments Cats, including the men of Nihang Ajit Singh Poohla who killed innocents people on behest of Indian govnt on name of Khalistan gruops.

besides tell me even single person Bhai Rajoana killed. Or I can tell you the thousand including Bhai jaswant Singh Khalra and other Human Rights Activists like him who were killed by The Indian state sponsored butccher Beant Singh and more like him

Garry 4 years ago

Ohh and also let me give you a link of a page of a letter written by Bhai Rajoana to prime minister where he condemns terrorist attack of terrorists on Mumbai, and condems them. Its written in gurmukhi scripts, let me Translate you few lines

The terrorists have attacked mumbai and killed more than 200 innocent people. Today every channel and whole media is contributing their part in the fight againts terrorism. Of course the killing of innocent people is very disgusted and offensive act, and it must be condemned strongly. You want to prosecute these terrorists. Yes they must be prosecuted, regardless of their nationality , status and post. Your efforts in prosecuting them are appreciable

Now there are more such letter written by him from jail where he urge sikh youth not to tease any Hindu while protesting against government ( unlike your Hindu terrorist gruops who damage public property while protesting). Now what you have to say on this. You cant say that Bhai Rajoana is writing this all to please goventment. He is not afraid of death. He doesnt expect or want mercy from Indian government. He even criticise his associates who filed mercy petition in indian courts. So whatever he writes he writes from his heart. If you want all those letters, I can give u link. Just because You got internet, computer and Indian govnt provide Hindus the right of expression, doesnt mean you become a journalist and can write everything you wish. Go get some knowledge and information before writing on any subject first.

ramkimeena profile image

ramkimeena 4 years ago from India Author

Dear Balwant01,

I thank you for your valuable comments. Many of the points mentioned by you are in fact quite true and I fully agree with you. The Sikhs are a glorious people who have fought valiantly and defended our motherland India. It was brutality at the height when the Sikhs were massacred by the Congressmen and hooligans in 1984 in the aftermath of Indira Gandhi's assassination. Thousands of innocent Sikhs perished including women and children. As you pointed out rightly, Sajjan Kumar and Tytler are still roaming round. They should be punished with death sentences by the courts after proving their crimes. If the Sikhs are not present, the existence of India itself will be in doubt. I have lived in Punjab in places like Jalandhar, Amritsar, Ludhiana, Kapurthala etc and know the Punjabi people intimately. I was in Punjab at the height of the Khalistan agitation.

The origin of the Sikhs problem and Khalistan agitation started when Indira Gandhi groomed Bindranwala after she lost power in 1977. She wanted to give trouble to the Akali government in Punjab who were her political opponents. She groomed Bindranwala with this purpose in mind. But later on Bindranwale became unmanageable and Indira Gandhi had to take drastic action of sending army into the Golden Temple, the citadel of Sikhs in Amritsar to kill him and his commanders. She paid a high price for this action and lost her life. Then came the massacre of the Sikhs. It is pertinent to note that even though Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated in Tamil Nadu and was killed by the Tamil extremists, no massacre of Tamils on a mass scale was made in Delhi. But Sikhs were massacred. This was at the instigation of the Congressmen. Your points are correct.

But I found no support among the common Punjabi people for the Khalistan agitation. Many innocent people, mostly Hindus, were killed during the agitation. You say that some government cats did this to spoil the image of the Khalistani agitators. But I heard and believe that the Pakistani agents were behind these killings and in fact they only instigated some extremists among the Sikhs to start the agitation.

I do not know whether Beant Singh killed many innocent people as you claim and therefore cannot comment on it. But I know that Beant Singh and KPS Gill took bold administrative action to flush out terrorists from Punjab. Lot of people were killed during this action. Maybe innocent people also could have lost their lives. This is unavoidable in an operation of this nature. The result of Beant Singh's action is for all to see. When the Khalistan agitation was at its heights in the eighties and nineties, people feared to travel and come out of their houses. Streets were deserted in Punjab. Bus passengers were forced to get down and killed. Even babies were not spared. But today, after Beant Singh's bold actions, the people of Punjab breathe freely. They can travel anywhere they want. They can celebrate parties even at midnight. Sri Lanka people are also feeling the same freedom after the destruction of the LTTE which also involved perishing of many innocent lives.

I do not justify killing of innocent people while flushing out terrorists. It is really sad even if a single innocent man or woman dies. But in the greater interests of the society, this has to be tolerated. If the terrorists are allowed to grow to monumental proportions, not only the innocent people will be killed, but the entire Punjab may secede from India. This is what Pakistan wants.

Best wishes to you,

ramkimeena profile image

ramkimeena 4 years ago from India Author

I do not know whether the innocent people who were killed were actually killed by the cats of the government as you claim. KPS Gill might have admitted that he put up 1000 cats to mix up with the Khalistani groups. This could have been done with a cunning strategy of extracting the whereabouts, identity, financial details and plans of the Khalistan terrorists. This is a part of police operation and I do not find anything wrong in it. But did KPS Gill admit that these cats killed innocent people? If so, it is altogether a serious thing and even my opinion may change about this matter. I believe that the innocent people were killed by the Khalistan terrorists who were sponsored by Pakistan. Pakistan's intentions succeeded in Kashmir which has a Muslim majority. But in Punjab it failed because the Punjabis are basically good people and patriotic. Hindus and Sikhs live like brothers in Punjab.

I agree that Rajoana had not killed anybody himself. The court has also not indicted him for killing anybody I suppose. He was the second in waiting to assassinate Beant Singh in case the first person who was allotted this work failed. Is it wrong to pronounce death sentence for such a heinous plot? While awarding the death sentence, the court sees the seriousness of the crime and not how many people were killed. I have seen the court awarding only life imprisonment when a murderer had killed his own brother in a land dispute case. In this case, the murder was committed out of emotion and involved only the family. Society was not affected by this act of brutal murder. On the other hand, the plots of terrorists who try to assassinate government leaders and others come under a different category and should be viewed seriously. I think the court would have taken all these things into account while pronouncing a death sentence on Rajoana. It is also noteworthy that Rajoana himself did not dispute the allegations against him and the judgement. Therefore the point that Rajoana did not kill any body is not a convincing argument to reduce the death sentence to life imprisonment.

I salute the greatness of the Sikhs and the Punjabi people. Without Punjab, without Sikhs, India will not be there at all. Sikhs and Punjab are jewels in India's crown.Sikhs have done much more to India than even the Hindus. I feel that the perpetrators of the heinous crimes against innocent Sikhs in 1984 should be hanged to death, even publicly if possible. I also believe that the hanging of Kehar Singh in the Indira Gandhi assassination case was an injustice as I feel that he was innocent. But Rajoana's case does not come under this category. I hope you will at least understand the reasoning behind my points if not to approve them.

jagjit singh 4 years ago

very true and informative write-up.india is our country and we love india and proud to be sikh.

ramkimeena profile image

ramkimeena 4 years ago from India Author

Dear jagjit singh,

I thank you for your valuable comments.

Best wishes to you,

Garry 4 years ago

Jagjit Singh is not sikh , bcz any1 can comment here without any facebook or other identity, with any fake id. Anyway You are a typical Hindu, so its worthless to talk to you. About the guilty security personnel, you may google abt it, how many police men facing cases of fake encounters and found guilty. However there are hundreds but still they are even 1% of the actual culprits who are saved by the state machinery ( most hindu officers have same mindset like you so obvisouly CBI etc gives clean chit to most, and only few are found guilty by efferots of some honest officers).

Your statement "Maybe innocent people also could have lost their lives. This is unavoidable in an operation of this nature. "

The philosophy of Indian state was that if you suspect that 1 among the gruop of 5 guys is terrorits, then kill all 5 , the terrorists will be finished automatically, and dont give damn abt other 4. This way they wiped out all rebellions in Punjab. So what abt the Indian constituion , I read in my college that it says, 100 guilty should escape but no innocent should suffer, ok now I got it . This provision of constitution is for Hindus only.

Any stop using word Congress masscred Sikhs. It was indian state regardless of the ruling party. BJP masscred muslims in Gujarat. narendra modi has been given clean chit by CBI, also rajiv gandhi. While the world knows that these both are blot on face of humanity. First of all hang narendra modi for killing 2000 innocent muslims. But the Media is making him Hero. Hindu extremist dara singh burnt alive christian family, fisrt hang him and many like him. hang sadhvi pragya, who is responisble for malegaon blast blah blah. Its not congress party alone, BJP and whole state machinery is anti minority.

ramkimeena profile image

ramkimeena 4 years ago from India Author

Indian constitution was formed in the early fifties when there was no word 'terrorism' in the dictionary. Accordingly it was written that 100 guilty may escape but one innocent should not be punished. Today, what you say is true. The concept now is if a terrorist lives among five people, kill all the five and eliminate the menace. This forces the remaining four innocent people to become police informers and also win rewards. The killing of innocent Sikhs was a Congress phenomenon and not an Indian government phenomenon. If Indian government is involved in all these things irrespective of the ruling party in power, then thousands of innocent Tamils would have been slaughtered in New Delhi after the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi by the Tamil extreme forces in Tamil Nadu in 1991. When Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated, the Congress was not in power at the centre and Chandrasekhar was the Prime Minister at that time.

Many people like Lalu Prasad Yadav cry and shed tears about the Gujarat pogrom that killed Muslims in 2002 but they shut their mouths about the Godhra massacre that killed many Hindus in the railway station. For these people, minority lives are precious but majority people can be killed at will by anybody. I differ from this view. Whoever is killed, action should be taken against the culprits.

If a court indicts Narendra Modi, people are happy and say justice has been served very well. If a court pronounces clean chit on Narendra Modi, these people refuse to respect the court and the judiciary and say injustice has been done. In other words, they want the courts and the judges to give judgements according to their will and pleasure and not according to the judges' discretion. I differ from this view and respect the judiciary.

If Jagjit Singh writes in support of India, then he is not a Sikh. But if he writes in support of Pakistan, then he is a true Sikh. This is the view of some people. I differ from this view also. Also Facebook identity serves no purpose. Identities can be faked in Facebook also. Facebook does not check the true address or name or qualifications while opening an account. The same is true for any social networking centre and emails. I believe Jagjit Singh is a true Sikh and salute him and his religion. Sikhs are true warriors and true patriots. India prospers because of them. I value Sikhs more than Hindus for their contribution to all walks of society. In Punjab Hindus and Sikhs live like true brothers which is the eyesore of Pakistan. Pakistan will not succeed in breaking this brotherhood. A true Hindu will give his life and blood to save the Sikhs. A true Sikh will protect his Hindu brothers. Guru Tegh Bahadur, the tenth Guru of Sikhs, died as a warrior. He refused to get converted to Islam at the threat of Aurangazeb. He was born a Sikh, he lived as a Sikh and died as a Sikh. For the Hindus, Guru Nanak and the Golden Temple Amritsar are sacred and holiest things as much as his temples. Pakistan will fail to break this unity among the Hindus and Sikhs.

If the security personnel are guilty, let them be prosecuted and punished. I am not against it. Many such punishments have been given by various courts. This is a welcome thing.

BJP never massacred the Muslims in Gujarat or anywhere. It was the angry reaction of some people to the earlier Godhra massacre of Hindus that killed the Muslims. Nobody has provided any evidence that these angry people belonged to the BJP or acted at the behest of Narendra Modi. Those who were responsible for both these incidents (Godhra massacre of Hindus and the massacre of Muslims) should be dealt with seriously and punished according to the law. But many people clamour for punishment of those who killed the Muslims and they want to give a clean chit for those who killed the Hindus. The Muslims in Gujarat are voting for Narendra Modi and are his supporters.

If the court decides Dara Singh has killed the Christian father and his two sons, let the court hang Dara Singh. That should be correct. But the Christian missionaries are converting innocent and gullible tribal people through offer of money and false promises. They should also be punished by the courts. Christian missionaries have converted sizeable number of tribal people in the North East states and are preaching for secession there. If the Court is convinced that Sadhvi Pragya is responsible for the Malegaon blast, let the court hang the culprit. I don't have any objections. In fact I do not have any objections to anybody being hanged provided the court is convinced of his or her crimes. I am against showing mercy to such people whichever religion they belong to. A crime is a crime whether it is committed by a Hindu or a Muslim or a Sikh or a Christian. I respect judicial verdict in such matters. I am against the President of India and the Indian government keeping the mercy petitions for years together for the purpose of securing minority votes.

The state machinery is not anti minority. In fact it is anti majority. In every election, minority votes are wooed by various offers. If the Shiv Sena leader Bal Thackeray speaks in favour of the Hindus, the election commission bans him from voting for five years. But Mulayam Singh Yadav can fondle with the Delhi Imam and speak in favour of the Muslims. The election commission will not touch it. The private schools are forced to admit poor students by the court order, citing rights to education act. But minority schools are exempted. Why can't the minority schools also be forced to admit poor students from their community? Nobody can question this. The Indian state is blatantly pro minority and anti majority. The Hindus have become second class citizens in their own country and have no equal rights. This should be changed. The government should treat all the religions as equal. Muslims enjoy financial assistance for undertaking Haj pilgrimage. Christians are provided by some state governments like Tamil Nadu to undertake pilgrimage to Bethlehelm. But no government provides any financial assistance to the Hindus. This is a blatant discrimination. When the Church is opposing the functioning of the Kudankulam nuclear reactor, the entire State machinery both at the centre and the state bow before its dictates. Had a Hindu temple opposed it, would the government have given any credence to it? According to the Indian government, the minorities are something special. Their lives are something special, and the majority community does not deserve any assistance or respect. If the majority lives are lost, the government does not mind about it. This pathetic state of affair should end.

Garry 4 years ago

hahaha thanks for your comments, Now the Other people who would come to this page and read your comments would get to know what you are and your ideology ( RSS ideology). Oh yess you must respect judiciary, because its yours judiciary, working on behalf of you people. Thanks again for unveiling your face and your ideology to the readers.

ramkimeena profile image

ramkimeena 4 years ago from India Author

I am not ashamed to praise good virtues in RSS like their patriotism. If floods, earthquakes and other national calamities happen, everybody fears to handle dead bodies and even government servants, police and army backtrack. It is the RSS workers without any selfishness who go and do service even in such areas where others fear to enter. Irrespective of who are the people who perished, RSS helps all. During tsunami, many Muslims and Christians perished in sea coast of Tamil Nadu. It was the RSS who went and helped dispose dead bodies, give medicines for those who were alive . I salute this selfless service, discipline and patriotism of the RSS. Because of this if anybody calls me an RSS agent I care the least. At least being an RSS agent is better than being a Pakistani or a Lashkar-e-Taiba agent.

But I have serious differences of opinion with the RSS. RSS is trying to impose its dictates in political matters like choice of chief ministers, prime ministers etc on the BJP. BJP is a political party whereas RSS is a social organisation. RSS is wrong to impose its dictates on the BJP. BJP leaders should not obey the RSS dictates in political matters and follow their own policies depending on the situation. I think for suggesting that BJP should disobey the RSS, I may be called by the RSS supporters as a Congress agent or a Pakistani agent or a Lashkar-e-Taiba agent. That is anybody's wish to call me what they like. I am what I am and nothing else.

I respect the judiciary. Yes, our judiciary and not Pakistan's judiciary. If Pakistan's judiciary is to be respected by Indians, then Pakistan courts and judges will declare that every Hindu and Sikh should be converted to Islam. This is what they want. They wanted to convert the Sikh Guru Guru Gobind Singh to Islam and when it failed, they beheaded him. Pakistan judiciary may declare Aurangazeb as a martyr and Guru Gobind Singh as a treacherous person. Pakistan courts may declare that the holy place for the Sikhs and Hindus is the National Mosque, Lahore and not the Golden Temple Amritsar. Pakistan court may declare that Sikhs should follow the Holy Koran and not the Granth Sahib. I do not respect such a judiciary. I respect only our judiciary that is India's judiciary.

Garry 4 years ago

hahaha as I always say and once again saying, get some knowledge before writing on any issue, None beheaded Guru Gobind Singh ji, You have similar poor knowledge about other things. If Pakistani courts may declare these things, indians may do same. And none mentioned pakistan, Did I ? Then why does ghost of pakistan haunt u that much. What does pakistan got to do in our discussion in the fisrt place hahaha. By the way hafiz saeed also organise social welfare work in pakistan like RSS and he has been also acquitted by pak courts of Mumbai blast allegations so would you respect court decision in that matter. Obviously you wont, bcz you dont trust pakistani courts, similar way we dont trust indian courts. If they declare any verdict which is against our interest and our human rights, we would fight against it. You do your job, we will do ours. Good luck

ramkimeena profile image

ramkimeena 4 years ago from India Author

Guru Tegh Bahadur was beheaded by the Mughal Emperor Aurangazeb. Visit the website below for proof

Some contents of the website above are produced below:

See this video

Guru Teg Bahadur was beheaded for refusing to convert to Islam . There was an agreement between Aurangzeb and Guru Teg Bahadur that if Aurangzeb could convert Guru Teg Bahadur sahib to Islam , then all people of Hindustan would accept Islam .

So , for this , Aurangzeb sawed Bhai Matidass in 2 halves alive , Bhai Dayala ji were boiled alive until his flesh separated from his bones and Bhai Satidass were burned alive in kerosene .

After watching this also , Guru Teg Bahadur did not lose faith because he was messiah from God himself . If it were not for Guru Teg Bahadur , all Hindus would have been muslims today .

My comments continues:

I have never dragged RSS into our arguments but you are dragging it. The ghost of RSS is haunting you. What RSS has got to do with it? If you have a right to drag RSS into the picture, I have every right to drag Pakistan into the picture because RSS and Pakistan are two extreme ends of the spectrum.

I will not accept Pakistan court verdict regarding Saeed. As you are not accepting Indian court verdicts, I have the right to not accept the Pakistan court verdicts and accept only Indian court verdicts.

Ultimately, you said good luck. Yes, I wish you also good luck, happiness in life, prosperity and I thank you for the long drawn arguments and conversations which have entertained many readers. Once again thank you.

Garry 4 years ago

Oh Man, I didnt want to interact with a creature like you, but your blog came in my google search again and I got to read it. You are such a Funny and pathetic person.

And thank GOD at least now you know the diffrence between Guru Gobind Singh and Guru Teg Bahadur and next time wont use their name for false refernces saying Guru Gobind Singh was beheaded.

Anyway, Of cousee RSS has got to do in my conversation beacuse you are a RSS goon while I am not pakistani. I have proved by showing you the anti pakistani latters written by Bhai rajoana and can show more such letters by him. You prove that you are not RSS supporter by writing a article against RSS demanding a ban on this fundamentalist terrorist organistaion and its subsidiaries like bajrang Dal , VHP etc.

Besides, you are such a clown. When its on BJP, your statement

"BJP never massacred the Muslims in Gujarat or anywhere. It was the angry reaction of some people to the earlier Godhra massacre of Hindus that killed the Muslims. Nobody has provided any evidence that these angry people belonged to the BJP or acted at the behest of Narendra Modi. Those who were responsible for both these incidents (Godhra massacre of Hindus and the massacre of Muslims) should be dealt with seriously and punished according to the law. But many people clamour for punishment of those who killed the Muslims and they want to give a clean chit for those who killed the Hindus. The Muslims in Gujarat are voting for Narendra Modi and are his supporters."

But then why you accuse congress for 1984 riots. wasnt that the same reaction of murder of Indira gandhi by 2 sikh men? then again none provided evidence that rajiv gandi or sajjan kumar, or jagdish tytler or thousands of other leaders were involved in it. And then just like modi is being elected in a small state, rajiv gandi was elected by heavy historical majority in country by 405 record MP seats. But if you still accuse congress and him, its beacuse congress is not following agressive hindutva ideology like before. You people were favoring congress nad it was holy when it was masscring minorties, and also Indian supported it heavily in parliamentary elections. Now when its down on Hindutva philosophy, the same people are accusing it for 1984 while giving clean chit to BJP. While in reality both BJP are Congress are responsible for massacre of two communities.

Garry 4 years ago

And as far as fake encounters in Punjab are concerned and your inhumane reaction on them, you must visit this link to see reality. The son in law of real sibling sister of shaheed bhagat singh was murdered in a fake encounter. he was arrested from village in front of hundreds of people, and then later killed saying he is shot in a encounter. This case was brought in light only because he belonged to shaheeed bhagat singh somehow and people took notice of it. Most of the gulity officers are already in Jail in separate cases, while some are still on high posts including DIG in chandigarh.

Tens of thousands of other poor people who got no influence were murdered in similar way and even their dead bodies weren't found. We have everything recorded in our history and we will pass this history to our children. Blood of our martyrs wont go waste. Remember India got freedom from british after 300 yrs. Its been only 65 years since we are under Indian rule. Struggle is still on.

ramkimeena profile image

ramkimeena 4 years ago from India Author

Fake encounters and deliberately killing innocent people are to be condemned and the perpetrators should be brought to book and punished. There cannot be two opinions on this.

India is united in spirit though diversified in culture, religion and languages. India will never break up. Long live India

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