Should Religion Be Carved In Stone...Again?

Cheers to the separation of church and state!

I came across a recent news story on Yahoo! about California Rep. Dan Lungren wanting to use public monies to carve "In God We Trust" on the Capitol Visitor Center in Washington, D.C. A national group of atheists, which says it represents more than 15% of the nation, has filed suit to stop the engraving.

Just a short opinion here. Though I am not an atheist, I believe it is contrary to the national interests to spend public money to create a permanent religious monument (read shrine) on a public building, especially in Washington, D.C. I go on record as being in opposition to the engraving and stand in law and support with the atheists.

Religionists have been arguing for at least a century and a half that this nation is Christian. Nothing is further from the truth. There is no national religion in the U.S. The Founding Fathers knew that tyranny would be the outcome if the Christian religion--or any religion--was allowed to rule.

The United States does not need a theocracy. Just take a look around the world and at past history to see the result of religions being the power center. Disaster.

(For the full article, check out the Detroit Free Press at and read article/20090719/NEWS15/90719011/-1/rss07.)

Keep America Constitutional!!!

No theocracy in the U.S.A.
No theocracy in the U.S.A.

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tony0724 profile image

tony0724 7 years ago from san diego calif

So Richard they have been lying for 150 years ? A theocracy would be a mandated religion by the Government . No such religion exists as per our constitution . Only since the founding of the ACLU In 1973 has this become a problem .

And I cannot help but feel that secularism and the unraveling of this once great nation are completely Intertwined ! I do not go to church or have a religion .

But enough Is enough , this has gone beyond absurd !

RichardSpeaks profile image

RichardSpeaks 7 years ago from Portland, OR Metro Area Author

I know you mean well but you obviously do not understand the agenda of the Religious Right. Now a challenge: What point in history do you consider to be America's best period?

tony0724 profile image

tony0724 7 years ago from san diego calif

Extremism on both sides Is the problem . The religious right Is not the focal point of the problems , there Is plenty of blame to go around on both sides . Our best period ? I would say post WWII , when families were actually a unit . I do know what I consider our worst period, we are living It right now !

RichardSpeaks profile image

RichardSpeaks 7 years ago from Portland, OR Metro Area Author

I spoke to an African American friend of mine about the question I posed to you. Interestingly enough, she pointed out that post WWII was one of the worst periods for Black people. They had fought in the war, only to return home to the same prejudice and racism they had left in 1941. They couldn't even be buried in most states' military cemeteries. She told me her brother marched in LA in the 60s. He died from a police bullet.

Another friend told me her British father was arrested in New York and accused of being a communist in 1952 because a distant cousin had been the wife of a suspect Nazi. She never saw him again.

I asked a priest I know about the best periods in American history. He had the best answer of all: We haven't experienced it yet.

My own opinion clashes squarely with yours. I believe we live in the most important period in world history. We have the possibility to take our world in any direction we want to go. Yes, the challenges are many. We will forever live on the edge of chaos and order. But that doesn't mean we can't make wiser choices. Whether we will or not remains to be seen. But we can.

Overly optimistic? Hardly. i know the history of our species. Bloody. But the most impressive periods in American history will depend upon whom you ask.

No one is right; no one is wrong.

Thanks much for your comments. I appreciate them.

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