Should the GOP go after Donald Trump?

Trump vs. the GOP Money Men!

The question for the PAC's is, "Is it the right strategic move to attack Donald Trump's campaign because he's creating public fear?"

What exactly is Donald Trump doing? By appealing to the basic fears of Americans for members of the Muslim faith and others from Arab countries, Mr. Trump gains enormous support among Republicans, especially the evangelicals and other religious "zealot" groups. Is that a bad thing? No, not for the primary voting at least. He's leading the polls, and by showing little tolerance for Russia or Syria or Iran or anyone who is not fully supporting the United States and our interests, there's not much that he can say bad that won't pander to their desires.

Why is the GOP so concerned about the possibility of having Mr. Trump as its Presidential candidate? Could it be that he would be less appealing to the more moderate members of the Republican party and independents who are potential GOP votes? Certainly! The last time anyone as "hawkish" as Mr. Trump ran under the "elephant" banner was Barry Goldwater, who scared the nation with threats that he'd even use nuclear weapons. While every President always has that as an option, it's not something that any "sane" individual would espouse when trying to calm a nation or get elected. Nothing good comes from advocating violence, World War III! The GOP knows that electing anyone as brash as Mr. Trump would be more than difficult, especially since all of the other candidates would find it hard to support such a candidacy. They can't even fathom that he's stayed in the race this long.

However, the GOP needs to think long and hard before they "go after" the man living in the "golden apartment." They need to remember what he told them when he signed the pledge NOT to run as an independent. "So long as I'm treated fairly..." were his words, more or less. The risk to the GOP is that if Mr. Trump feels like he's been bullied or bashed or mistreated, then he certainly "might" and "could without the big money men's help" run as an independent. That could almost guarantee that the Republican vote would be split between Trump and whoever the GOP candidate should be. It might not guarantee that the Democratic candidate would win, but why would they want to take that chance?

It's a long way to the convention, so it might be better if the GOP "big dogs" mind their manners and play fair with Mr. Trump. He might not earn the nomination outright. Let him be part of the decision process if he can't be the candidate. That should placate him. Then again, he is Donald Trump, and he might just run on his own anyway!

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