Skin Bleaching, An African Problem

Skin Bleaching

Baseball Player Sammy Sousa dramatically lighter. Why?
Baseball Player Sammy Sousa dramatically lighter. Why?

Skin Bleaching

Throughout many parts of Africa, the Caribbean, South America, and other regions where African people inhabit a shocking trend has been slowly taking place. Africans with beautiful black and golden brown skin have been using chemical creams to alter the pigments in their skin in order to make their skin whiter. The process has become widely known as “Bleaching”. In their ignorance some blatantly state that “it’s good to have beautiful, fair light skin”. Others who are more conscientious use the excuses of wanting to even out blotchy uneven tones in their skin.

The process of Bleaching involves using creams, gels, and even pills containing melanin-inhibiting ingredients along with sunscreen. These products contain varying amounts of hydroquinone and mercury which are harmful to the skin in excessive amounts. For safety purposes some cosmetic companies use natural ingredients to make melanin-inhibiting products. Those ingredients are extracted from plant leaves that contain naturally occurring Arbutin which is effective in skin pigment lightening.

The business of cosmology is a billion dollar industry. People of all races and colors use cosmetics to improve and enhance their looks. Skin Bleaching first started as a way of evening out spots and blotches in the skin. Such blemishes range from birth marks and insect bites to scars from cuts, bruises and even surgical procedures. Africans first found Bleaching creams effective in fading out such skin blemishes which seem to be even more pronounced in dark skin tones.

If Black people were Bleaching their skin for medical purposes it wouldn’t be so bad but the process has become 99% psychological. What started out as an innocent and effective way to improve skin tone has now morphed into an epidemic of full blown race altering and self hate. It is obvious that some Black people have become so brain washed that they believe that lighter skin looks better and that lighter skin will help them do better in life. Ironically, you have millions of Caucasians Tanning to get darker because it enhances their complexion.

Why are Africans bleaching their skin?

African people have suffered much trauma over the past 2000 years that we refuse to address. Ask us about our history and we will give you a European account that started with Slavery. When our scholars point out that we had civilizations in Africa thousands of years before Europe and Asia we find it hard to believe. We ask where the evidence is. The reason why there is little evidence available is because most of the evidence has either been destroyed or pillaged and locked away in vaults in Europe. There is evidence available but most are too lazy to go find it.

Through colonization and assimilation 99% of us have lost our cultural and spiritual identity. We have become brain washed by the European and Arab cultures that we now identify with. Our mother tongues have now become English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, etc. We now practices false religions instead of adhering to the Spiritual Universe. We blow up, burn, and chop each other in the name of Christianity, Islam and politics for others to look and say, see the African is the dumbest.

Our Drums have been silenced and our rhythm interrupted. We can tell you when the next world cup is but we can’t tell you when the next full moon is. We no longer pay attention to nature so when the sun flares we think it’s a sign from some mythical god. We now rely on a clock to tell time of day and on the news to know the weather outside. We turn on the radio or TV to see what’s going on with our neighbor next door.

With all these psychological traumas no wonder you want to change your skin color and run away from ourselves. We subscribe to a European ideal of beauty so we function with self hate for our black skin. We despise our fellow Africans if they are too black, too light, have long hair, or have short “nappy” hair. We Bleach our skin lighter and straighten our hair with chemicals that damage our hair follicles. We seek to improve the next generation by mating with Whites because we don’t want our kids to suffer as we do.

Africans must realize that the more we refuse to know our history it’s the more we are losing our Spiritual connection with the Universe. It will get easier and easier to dismiss the gift of Melanin that we have been given. Recognize that Melanin puts us in direct communication with the Spiritual universe. It is our natural defense against DNA deterioration. Black skin is not a curse so don’t try to bleach it away or halt its production or you will one day wake up and be sorry that you were misled by your desires instead of your good sense.

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Rodric29 profile image

Rodric29 4 years ago from Phoenix, Arizona

I agree with the notion of avoiding bleaching the skin, but in relation to you article about the Black Diaspora, this is beneath you quality of writing.

I would like for you to further expound on you views to explain what our spiritual identity is.

mintinfo profile image

mintinfo 4 years ago Author

Throughout many of my writings I explained what the Spiritual identity of the AfRAkan is. Our spiritual identity is the Melanin in our cells. The european can never tell you how the Pineal Gland produces Melatonin. In fact, he believes that the Pineal is a redundant gland because his is Calcified. Now he has to manufacture Melatonin to sleep and to help repair his cells.

We do not believe in hate brother. The european has done a lot to us but to hate him would be to hate ourselves. What we do is fight against the deceptions that continue to enslave the minds of most AfRAkans.

Rodric29 profile image

Rodric29 4 years ago from Phoenix, Arizona

Thanks for responding to me again. Do you think you could do a Blog about it. If you have already I am sure I will find it. I just want a source from which to get some pro literature.

mintinfo profile image

mintinfo 4 years ago Author

To us, the Soul is different from the Spirit, just as the Mind is different from the Brain. I will dedicate a hub to the topic BRTHR and when I do I will let you know.

Rodric29 profile image

Rodric29 4 years ago from Phoenix, Arizona

I appreciate it mintinfo. I look forward to it

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