Some Easy Ways to be Green

Sometimes, it's not that easy...
Sometimes, it's not that easy... | Source

We now live in a society where everyone needs to be doing their bit to help the environment and even the smallest of changes can help. You do not have to make vast changes to you and your family's lives to be green and eco-friendly, and there are many different ways to achieve this.  You will be surprised how many different things you can do which can help the environment and enable you to live a healthier lifestyle.


Recycling is now more popular than ever and you will be amazed at what you can in fact recycle although in the past people thought it was only paper and glass. There are now facilities that can enable you to recycle plastics, shoes, clothes and even glasses. Nothing has to be thrown away and someone will always find a use for it. If there are no recycling points near you then you can donate your old clothes and shoes to a charity and they will ensure that they are recycled well.

Reclaimed furnishings

Reclaimed and recycled furniture is also very popular these days and you will find many reclamation yards around the country. You will be amazed what people throw out and you can often transform your home for very little money. Using reclaimed furniture and furniture which has been recycled is a great way to ensure that the need to make more is being cut down. If people stopped buying new furniture every time they wanted something then the manufacturers would produce less.

Cut back on paper and pulp consumption

Cutting down on paper is an essential way to help the environment as we use far too much every year and the tree stocks are becoming low. You can transfer your paper statements to electronic ones and read things online more often. You will find that often banks are now giving incentives to use this system so you can help the planet and get money all at the same time. You should ensure that you recycle all paper packaging and even try to buy products with less packaging as this can help cut down the waste issues.

An example of a cheap, easy compost heap
An example of a cheap, easy compost heap | Source

Shop local

When shopping for fruit, vegetables and meats you should always try to shop locally this will not only cut down the carbon footprint but also help the local businesses. This provides a boost to the local economy and helps to eliminate the need for transport. You will also find that locally grown products will taste better and be far healthier for you and your family. You could also try and grow your own fruits and vegetables at home. This is far easier than you may think and you only need very little space.

Self-sustaining gardens and composting

If you are growing your own produce then you can make your own compost which will help with the food scraps and recycle them back into a usable product. You will be amazed how much less rubbish you produce if you recycle everything you can. If you live in an area where you have a great deal of sunlight then you might consider installing solar panels to help with your electricity bills. If rainfall is more of the issue then you can collect it all to reuse for watering the plants, cleaning the car and for general use around your home.

Stretch those legs

Walking everywhere or cycling is also another great way to become green not only will it get you fit and healthier but also it cuts down on the emissions from your car. You have to consider if every journey is necessary or if you could leave your car behind. Also car sharing is very important if you can share the journey to work with a co worker then this will make less cars on the road. When you go shopping you should take your own bags and often the supermarkets are now refusing to give plastic bags away as this encourages people to use them. Buying re-usable bags is helpful to the environment and stops the large quantities of plastic ones which are all over the world.

This unassuming light can be a huge drain... try for CFL's and other low-power bulbs!
This unassuming light can be a huge drain... try for CFL's and other low-power bulbs! | Source

Shine a light on conservation

You should look around your home and change all of your light bulbs to energy saving ones and then unplug all of the appliances that you do not need plugged in. You will be amazed how much power they use by simply being plugged in all of the time. Turning off lights is also another great way to save electricity and ensuring that you only use the water required when brushing your teeth and boiling the kettle. Simple things make for big changes if everyone does them.

So there you have it, a brief and simple guide to cutting back on your energy consumption and your carbon footprint. With these in mind, you can be well on your way towards greener living, without having to over-extend yourself too far!

And one last tip: try to improve your green-efficiency every year. After you've mastered the beginner-level conservation ideas listed in this article, try moving on to more advanced methods of energy and resource conservation!

What's your favorite way to conserve energy and decrease your environmental footprint?

  • Recycling - a tried and true classic!
  • Investing in reclaimed or recycled furniture - don't let those parts go to waste!
  • Limit my paper and pulp consumption - those trees aren't going to grow themselves!
  • Supporting local farmers - help the local economy while buying healthy, organic food!
  • Sustainable gardening and composting - I'm a do-it-yourself kinda gal!
  • Leaving the car at home - it's great to get a workout in while I'm moving around!
  • Turning the lights off - cutting back on electronics is easy, cheap, and effective!
  • Other? Please share with us in the comments below!
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