Source of Conflicts: Wars

Consequences of Wars

Wars are believed to be a solution for conflicts; therefore, wars are supposed to be necessary to stop the conflicts, because, in the past, people believed that wars are inevitable results of conflicts. However, nowadays, it is known that wars are not a solution because they bring about undesirable consequences such as poverty and they intensify the effects of conflicts.

The main consequence of a war is poverty. First of all, when a war breaks out, a lot of people are killed or cities are destroyed; therefore, production is prevented. Factories do not work or farming is stopped owing to destroyed fields. Thus, people become poor. For instance, if there is no place for farming, farmers cannot earn money, they become poor. Secondly, due to the wars, expenses have increased because in wars plenty of people are wounded or injured; therefore, in order to cure them, medication expenses increase. For instance; in Turkish Liberation War, Turkey was in a big war and they had lots of expenses; therefore, their economy was very bad and they were getting poor.

In a second place, wars intensify the effects of conflicts. Although, they are wanted to be solution for conflicts, they exaggerate the results of wars. First of all wars bring about much problems with them trough the poverty or etc. Also, they can cause chaos, because, some problems should be solved without wars, if we endeavour to solve them, we would exaggerate them. For instance; there is a war between Israel and Palatine and they are fighting for long years; however, there is no solution because solution is not war and war bring about chaos between two country. To sum up, wars gain nothing useful for humanity, they get only problems.

In conclusion, wars should not seem to be solution because it has plenty of disastrous consequences. In addition to this, they harm country's economy and they take the world into chaos.


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