Should India Vote Against Sri Lanka In The UN Meeting?

Eelam War final moments

Rajapakse Eliminated A Terrorist Organization With Courage

Rajapakse Eliminated A Terrorist Organization With Courage
Rajapakse Eliminated A Terrorist Organization With Courage | Source
Rajapakse Eliminated A Terrorist Organization With Courage
Rajapakse Eliminated A Terrorist Organization With Courage | Source

Should India Vote Against Sri Lanka In The UN Meeting?

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Should India Vote Against Sri Lanka In The UN Meeting?

Indian Government Supported LTTE

UN Resolution Against Sri Lanka

USA has brought a resolution on Sri Lanka in the United Nations Human Rights Council to censure Sri Lanka against its alleged war crimes. The Tamil Nadu politicians are united in pressing the Indian government to vote along with USA against Sri Lanka in the meeting. In Tamil Nadu, the DMK and the AIADMK are arch enemies and they never go together in any matter. But this is one exceptional matter which has united the arch enemies DMK and the AIADMK together.

China And Pakistan Are India’s Enemies

Indian government is in a dilemma. Sri Lanka is India’s neighbour and is friendly except in one or two matters. In 1971, Sri Lanka helped India’s arch enemy Pakistan to use its Colombo harbour for its war operations against India. This has proved to be a sour point for India but subsequently the wound has been healed due to passage of time and due to more complicated matters affecting Sri Lanka. Recently Sri Lanka made favourable overtures towards China and is reported to have offered China a military base in the island. If this is correct, it should cause India concern because China has already attacked India in 1962 and captured 32000 square km of its Territory. China is also claiming Arunachal Pradesh as its own.

Indian Government Supported LTTE

Sri Lanka has also many sore points against India. India is allowing Tamil Nadu politicians to voice criticism against Sri Lanka government. These Tamil Nadu politicians wholeheartedly extend their moral and material support to the dreaded terrorist organization LTTE. Indian government itself directly encouraged, helped, offered weapons and money to LTTE in the past. How can the Indian government interfere in the internal affairs of its neighbours? Is it justified?

India Is Responsible For The Sufferings In Sri Lanka

India has been accusing Pakistan of extending moral, financial and materialistic support to the terrorists operating in Kashmir. But Indian government itself is guilty of committing this crime in Sri Lanka. Because of Indian government’s help, the LTTE was able to kill many innocent Sinhalese people. Indian government is responsible for these killings. Had the Indian government kept quiet from the beginning, the Sri Lanka government would have used its military power and finished off the LTTE much earlier thereby avoiding loss of lives amounting to lakhs. The Indian government has no moral right to condemn Pakistan for its sponsoring of terrorism on Indian soil.

One-Sided Resolution By USA

There is no doubt that human rights were violated during the final phases of the Eelam War in May 2009 by both sides. Innocent Tamil and Sinhala people were killed during the prolonged war. Finally the LTTE chief Velupillai Prabakaran was killed and the war came to a close. The resolution sponsored by USA in the UN is one-sided. The resolution squarely blames the Sri Lanka government for the human rights violations without taking into consideration that LTTE used the innocent civilians as a defence against the Sri Lanka soldiers.

Had LTTE Not Assassinated Rajiv Gandhi, It Would Have Secured Eelam

Had LTTE Not Assassinated Rajiv Gandhi, It Would Have Secured Eelam
Had LTTE Not Assassinated Rajiv Gandhi, It Would Have Secured Eelam | Source

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USA Butchered Millions Of People

In fact USA has committed much more human rights violations. It killed more than a million people in Afghanistan in the name of War on Terrorism. It killed many people in Iraq. In Pakistan, USA is continuing its drone attack and killing many people daily. USA seems to be above board and not accountable to any world organisation or public opinion in different countries. USA has appointed itself as the world police to commit any act as it pleases.

Had LTTE Not Assassinated Rajiv Gandhi, It Would Have Secured Eelam

Sri Lanka had suffered from LTTE terrorism for more than three decades because of India’s support to LTTE. India withdrew its support to LTTE only after the terrorist organisation brutally assassinated the former Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi on Tamil Nadu soil in May 1991. Had the LTTE not committed this foolish act, India would have continued its support to the LTTE till today and Prabakaran will be alive and probably would have secured an independent Tamil Eelam today. India should atone its past sins by voting against the resolution and supporting Sri Lanka government now.

Rajapakse Eliminated A Terrorist Organization With Courage

Rajapakse, the Sri Lanka President deserves praise for resolutely standing up against terrorism and eliminating the LTTE once for all. His courage and guts needs to be complemented and appreciated. In today’s world, one can rarely see a courageous and upright person like Rajapakse. Rajapakse deserves praise and support from India also because if the LTTE exists today, it would have assassinated many more Indian leaders.

Will The Communists Oppose China And Support USA?

The Tamil Nadu politicians are vociferously pressing the central government to back up USA in the resolution matter. But these politicians are also confused by another development. China is strongly backing the Sri Lanka government in this matter. The communists in India are confused about their reaction to this development. Traditionally, the communists have been the camp followers of China in all international matters and have never opposed China. Moreover the communists have always opposed America in all international matters. Now if the communists support USA and oppose China, it will look very much strange. Will they do it now?

Will The DMK And AIADMK Oppose The Muslim Countries?

DMK, AIADMK, PMK, MDMK and other political parties in Tamil Nadu are confused about another development. The entire spectrum of Muslim countries represented by Organization of Islamic Countries (OIC) has opposed the American resolution and extended support to Sri Lanka. The Tamil Nadu politicians do not know how to react to this event. If they oppose OIC and the Muslim countries that will anger the local Muslims whose support is crucial for the politicians for their electoral victories. But if they support the Muslim countries, it means they have to support Rajapakse and oppose LTTE. The Tamil Nadu politicians are discussing how to overcome this problem, but they have not hit upon any solution so far.

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ajmahent profile image

ajmahent 4 years ago

To start with I believe you do not have your facts straight and your review seems to be very biast. I can agree with you that the LTTE have made mistakes but no matter what, that doesn't make it right for the government to kill civilians. The government is there to look out for the good of the people and how to improve the country economically. LTTE fought for rights because the Sinhala majority government had not given tamil people equal rights and every human deserves to be treated fairly. Next the reason Rajiv Ghandi was killed was because he stopped supporting the LTTE and started supporting the SriLankan government sending in troops to kill men, rape women and even kill innocent children. As I mentioned earlier, the government has no rights to kill civilians just because someone else is doing so, Just so you get your facts straight, the government troops were responsible for 40 000 innocent tamil civilans death during the final stages which was 3-4 months of the war. Rajapakse should not be praised. I am sorry, if you want to live in a country where your prime minister wants your race to be killed, I dont think you understand ethics and what the responsibilities the government has. This hurts me to know how much people that were lost during the war cause those were all my brothers and sisters as they should be to you to cause in the end, we are all human and only nationality and race differs us. Without these, were made with the same anatomy. Even after the war was over, the government placed tamil people in concentration camps like we are not humans. Humans should not be placed in caged surroundings, respect a human life and treat them with dignity. Overall, all I am saying is before you support the Sri Lankan government, please go and do your research cause you have no facts and straight up biast analysis. Please watch the Sri Lankan Killing fields released by channel 4 for more information. If I offended you in any way, I am sorry but what I said is based on facts.

ramkimeena profile image

ramkimeena 4 years ago from India Author

Dear ajmahent,

Dear ajmahent,

I thank you for your valuable comments. There is a lot of truth in what you have said. The Sri Lankan government is guilty of harassing, discriminating, torturing and even murdering innocent Tamils. The birth of LTTE was only because of this fact. In the initial stages, the LTTE enjoyed the support of all the Tamils or at least most of the Tamils in Sri Lanka and also the Indians and Indian government. Prabakaran was given financial help, weapons and training by the Indian government to fight the Sri Lankan Military. He lived in India for a decade under the protection and support of Indians and Indian government.

But after Prabakaran killed the former Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi, India banned LTTE and stopped supporting it and instead started supporting the Sri Lankan Government. You say that killing of Rajiv Gandhi was justified because he stopped supporting LTTE. George Bush also did not support LTTE. Did Prabakaran kill George Bush? Hu Jintao also refused to support LTTE. Did LTTE assassinate Hu Jintao? You say that Indian Peace Keeping Force (IPKF) indulged in raping of women and other crimes against the Sri Lankan Tamils. Then why did Prabakaran wanted India to involve in the conflict in the final stages in 2009? No reason can justify this assassination of a former Indian Prime Minister on Indian soil. India was correct in supporting Sri Lankan government and helping it to capture Prabakaran and his associates and ultimately decimating LTTE itself.

LTTE killed more Tamils than the Sri Lankan Government. LTTE killed Amritalingam, Padmanabha, Saba Ratnam and other leaders. This was because the Tamils in Sri Lanka were divided in their support to LTTE. While the Tamils in the North comprising Jaffna wholeheartedly supported the LTTE, the Tamils in the East including the Muslims and the Tamils in the South working in tea estates refused to support LTTE. LTTE was also against the Muslims and massacred them in the East. That is why the entire Islamic world is supporting Sri Lanka now. The Tamils in Sri Lanka are worse off today than they were when Amritalingam of TULF was fighting for their rights democratically in the Sri Lanka Parliament. India had some influence with the Sri Lankan government to do something for the Tamils but after the DMK in Tamil Nadu compelled Manmohan Singh government to vote against the Sri Lanka in Geneva, even this influence is gone. Today Sri Lanka will not allow the visit of Indian MPs to see the plight of the Tamils. If India speaks in favour of the Tamils, the Sinhala MPs in the parliament will totally oppose it and Rajapakse cannot do anything. The Tamils in Sri Lanka cannot start another terrorist organisation or revive the LTTE as the Sri Lankan military is carefully monitoring each and every movement of the Tamils. Tamil widows and girls are gang raped by the Sri Lankan army today as a matter of everyday routine. This was not there when Amritalingam was fighting for their rights democratically. In fact the Tamils in Sri Lanka were better off at that time compared to today. The LTTE has totally destroyed the fabric of Tamil society in Sri Lanka. The Tamil Nadu political parties like DMK and AIADMK have wiped out whatever influence India had on Sri Lanka. Now what fate is awaiting the remaining Tamils in Sri Lanka is left to anybody's imagination.

The lesson from these happenings is clear. A society cannot assert its rights through terrorism. In fact terrorism will boomerang on itself. Pakistan encouraged terrorism to create trouble in India including Kashmir. But today the terrorists and the Talibans are killing their fellow brothers sisters inside Pakistan. Indira Gandhi incited Bindranwale to give trouble to the Akali government in Punjab. But ultimately she paid a heavy price for it and she herself was killed by her Sikh bodyguards. There is no substitute for democracy and negotiated settlement to world problems. If everybody takes arms into his hands and starts fighting, it will only result in destruction. After thirty years, the Sri Lankan Tamils have learnt this bitter truth.

Best wishes to you,

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