Sri Lanka and India Are Friends

China and Sri Lanka Are Coming Closer

China and Sri Lanka Are Coming Closer
China and Sri Lanka Are Coming Closer | Source

India Cannot Threaten Sri Lanka Militarily

DMK Cannot Criticise the UN Secretary General As He Is a Non-Brahmin

DMK has threatened the central government in India that India should exercise pressure on UN to conduct a referendum in the Tamil areas; otherwise it will withdraw its support. But this threat will not materialise as the central government will threaten the DMK of sending Kanimozhi to jail in the 2G spectrum scam if it withdraws its support. In the meanwhile, a leaked out internal report of UN has stirred a controversy. The report says that the Secretary General shirked his duty during the final phase of the Eelam War IV in 2009 when the LTTE was decimated and forty thousand innocent Tamils were slaughtered by the Sri Lanka army with the support of the Chinese. If the UN Secretary General were to be a Brahmin, the DMK would have torn him to pieces. But it so happened that the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon is a non-Brahmin. If the DMK criticises a non-Brahmin, it will be losing popularity in Tamil Nadu. UNHRC will be sending a team to Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka Tamils Are Experts in Credit Card Frauds

Sri Lanka Tamils are very intelligent and capable of achieving anything. But many of them use their skills for bad purpose and particularly in credit card frauds and passport frauds. Recently a Sri Lanka Tamil was held in the Chennai International Airport with gold chain hidden in his shirt collar.

China and Sri Lanka Are Coming Closer

Sri Lanka Chief Justice Shirani Bandaranayake is being impeached by the parliament. There are fourteen charges against the Judge including amassing wealth through illegal money. But there are good things also happening in Sri Lanka. Hambankota was not long back a small fishing harbour. Today it has developed into a new city thanks to the Chinese help. China and Sri Lanka are coming together and this will definitely affect India’s security in its southern borders. But India has itself to be blamed as it supported a US sponsored resolution against Sri Lanka in the UN Assembly which irritated Sri Lanka.

India Lost Its Weightage in Sri Lanka

But even now Sri Lanka cannot sideline India altogether. Indians top the tourists in Sri Lanka. Around 20% of the total tourists in Sri Lanka are Indians. India insists that Sri Lanka should implement devolution of power to the Tamils and the 13th Amendment. But the Sinhala parties are opposing this. After India voted against the Sri Lanka in the UN Assembly, it has lost its weightage. There are loud voices in Sri Lanka to repeal the 13th Amendment.

India Cannot Threaten Sri Lanka Militarily

TNA is seeking Indian mediation in Sri Lanka to solve the Tamil problem. But Sri Lanka is unlikely to accept any Indian solution to the problem. Sri Lanka pilgrims visiting Tamil Nadu were attacked recently by the Tamil outfits. Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa sent back a Sri Lanka football school team home. All these events have soured the relationship between Sri Lanka and India and forced the Sri Lanka government to issue a travel advisory to its citizens. India cannot threaten Sri Lanka through its military power as China is likely to come to the assistance of Sri Lanka in the event of an Indo-Sri Lanka war.

Australia Should Be Careful

Smugglers are increasing using Sri Lanka as a transit point to transport gold. There are reports that the Pakistan ISI is recruiting the former cadres of LTTE to spy on India. These cadres are also trained by the ISI to indulge in terrorist acts against Indians. Rajapakshe has assured polls in Northern Province. Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa is trying to retrieve Katchatheevu from Sri Lanka. But this move will not succeed. Sri Lanka refuges are trying to illegally immigrate to Australia with the help of boats. Australia should be careful with them as they can indulge in credit card frauds and bring trouble to Australian banking system. This menace is happening in India and particularly in Tamil Nadu state where Sri Lanka refugees are sizeable in number.

Fishermen Problem

Tamil Nadu fishermen are trying to corner the marine resources of Sri Lankan seashore in Palk Strait. They receive support from the Tamil Nadu politicians. But Sri Lanka military ruthlessly deals with them – either killing or imprisoning them. There is an opposition in Tamil Nadu to training of Sri Lankan defence personnel in India. But India has taken the right decision to continue the training. India has also promised to modernise textile mills in the island nation. An apparel manufacturing factory will be set up in Sri Lanka by India. Kerala pine apple farmers recently visited Sri Lanka for collaboration.

Tamil Nadu People View Sri Lanka as a Friendly Country

Sri Lanka should understand that India is a friendly country. Even in Tamil Nadu, majority of Tamils consider Sri Lanka as a friendly country and view the Tamil problem as an internal problem of Sri Lanka. In fact the Tamils living in Tamil Nadu are not respected by the Jaffna Tamils. Jaffna Tamils also do not respect the Tamils living in the Eastern Provinces and the Indian Tamils working in the tea gardens in Colombo. Therefore Sri Lanka government and the people need not take the statements of Tamil Nadu politicians seriously. These statements are made with political intent to extract electoral gains in Tamil Nadu elections but seldom succeed.


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