Should the Sri Lankan President be prosecuted for war crimes?

Should the Sri Lankan President be prosecuted for war crimes?

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Should the Sri Lankan President be prosecuted for war crimes?

Should the Sri Lankan President be prosecuted for war crimes?
Should the Sri Lankan President be prosecuted for war crimes? | Source

Should the Sri Lankan President be prosecuted for war crimes?

Should the Sri Lankan President be prosecuted for war crimes?

UN blamed both Sri Lankan military and LTTE for the casualties

There is a hue and cry for prosecuting the Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa for the war crimes he allegedly committed when the Sri Lankan military and LTTE clashed in 2009. In that battle for Eelam, the LTTE leader Velupillai Prabakaran was killed by the Sri Lankan military. Some say that Prabakaran was tortured before he was killed by the troops. In that battle, it is alleged that an estimated forty thousand Tamils, mostly civilians, lost their life. It is for this reason that the United Nations also stated that war crimes had been committed by both the Sri Lankan military and the LTTE on innocent civilians.

Tamil Nadu politicians want only Rajapaksa to be prosecuted

After this report, there has been vociferous demand from the Tamil Nadu politicians for prosecuting Rajapaksa for the war crimes. Many Tamil Nadu politicians like the AIADMK leader and Chief Minister Jayalalithaa, DMK President and former Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu M Karunanidhi, MDMK leader Vaiko, PMK leader Ramadoss, Nedumaran, Veeramani, Vijayakant, Communist Parties, VCK and all the other parties and their leaders have been demanding the scalp of Rajapaksa. Even though the United Nations report indicted both the Sri Lankan military and the LTTE, the Tamil Nadu politicians have conveniently excluded LTTE from their demand. In other words, they do not want the prosecution of the LTTE for the human rights violation. They want only Rajapaksa to be booked.

Why exclude one side?

What sort of justice is this? When the UN report speaks about human rights violations and war crimes committed by both the sides, why exclude one side and prosecute the other? This smacks of favouritism. Therefore the demands of the Tamil Nadu politicians should be rejected at the outset.

Had Rajapaksa been a Muslim, Tamil Nadu politicians would have been silent

In Malaysia, many Tamils are languishing without any freedom and suffering at the hands of the State. Vaytha Murthy expressed about the plight of the Tamils living in Malaysia. But the Tamil Nadu politicians never cared for it because the Malaysian rulers are Muslims. If the Tamil Nadu politicians condemn the Malaysian government for subjugating the Tamils there, then the politicians will lose the Muslim votes for their parties in Tamil Nadu. Muslim votes are sizeable in Tamil Nadu at around 15% to 20%. Had Rajapaksa been a Muslim, the Tamil Nadu politicians would not have demanded his prosecution.

LTTE assassinated former Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi

The LTTE indulged in many terrorist activities inside and outside Sri Lanka. LTTE killed the then Sri Lanka President Premadasa. LTTE killed the Sri Lankan minister Lalith Athluthamuthali. LTTE killed the Tamil leader Amritalingam. In India, LTTE killed Padmanabha and the former Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi at Sriperumpudur. The Tamil Nadu politicians justified all these activities of the LTTE. Even when the Indian government declared LTTE as a terrorist organization and banned it, the Tamil Nadu politicians continued to patronise it for their selfish motives.

LTTE killed more Tamils than the Sri Lankan army

In fact the LTTE killed more Tamils than the Sri Lankan military. Prabakaran killed more Tamils than Sinhalese people. Sri Lankan government, Sinhalese people and the Tamils in Sri Lanka had to suffer from the terrorist activities of LTTE for well over three decades. At long last the Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa took steps to crush the LTTE to bring peace once for all to his country. He geared the Sri Lankan army, navy and airforce to produce results. LTTE was cornered at Mullivaikal. In the ensuing bloody battle, LTTE used civilians as the protective shield. Naturally the war produced many civilian casualties. There were rumours that Indian military under the instructions of Sonia Gandhi helped Sri Lankan army. Sonia Gandhi, it was rumoured, wanted to take revenge on Prabakaran who killed her husband Rajiv Gandhi nearly two decades back. There was also a rumour that Chinese army helped Sri Lanka to corner Prabakaran.

One should salute Rajapaksa for his bravery in finishing off LTTE

Whatever be the truth, one has to compliment Rajapaksa for taking a bold decision and finishing off a terrorist organization like LTTE. The casualties that resulted because of this operation are regrettable but unavoidable in a war of this nature. Nobody blames the USA for killing more than one million Afghans when it pounded Afghanistan and finished off the Taliban regime in Kabul. Everybody complimented USA for finishing off the Talibans. Then why should Rajapaksa is singled out for his action? The world should salute Rajapaksa for his bravery in confronting and killing the LTTE leader Prabakaran, who is a proclaimed offender in India.

India should be friendly with Sri Lanka and Rajapaksa

India should not entertain such demands coming from the mouths of the Tamil Nadu politicians to prosecute Rajapaksa. India should treat Rajapaksa and Sri Lanka as its intimate friends. India should offer all possible assistance to Sri Lanka and Rajapaksa. But at the same time India should insist on complete rehabilitation of the displaced Tamils in the Northern part of Sri Lanka.

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ASHOK 4 years ago

there is no both sides... the LTTE side had perished and there is no one alive to prosecute... on the other hand the military command who has planned to wipe out the tamil population from Lanka should be prosecuted... the very aim of the government of srilank was to kill all the potential enemy and for that they resorted well planed and well executed plan of assassinations...they killed hundred thousands of people including children and women... the sinhalese never concerned about the tamil population... even the sinhalese govt passed laws to discriminate there very own citizen.. the tamil people were discriminated in jobs, social status and what not???? and this was the reason for the rise of LTTE... they knew this fact but never ready to accept it... brutal discrimination... the new video evidence and the hundred which will be come to light in future will show the level of atrocities of Srilankan army and the leader... there is no excuse for killing the innocent people... I don't know what will happen in future... but I firmly believe that the culprits should be punished... the punishment should be a deterrent for any democratic country.... the silver spoon fed polictical families are the curse of democracy in the world and srilanka is one of the best example of that...

ramkimeena profile image

ramkimeena 4 years ago from India Author


I thank you for your valuable comments. Your views have lots of truths and I agree with you. It is true that the LTTE itself was created because of the atrocities of Sri Lankan army on innocent Tamils. I also agree with you that lots of innocent Tamils were killed by the Sri Lankan army during the final phases of their operation in 2009.

But I feel that the LTTE killed more Tamils than the Sri Lanka army. LTTE wanted that it alone should represent the Tamils. Therefore it eliminated many Tamil leaders like Amritalingam, Padmanaba, Saba Ratnam etc and their supporters. In other words, the LTTE did not want democracy and free thinking to prevail among the Tamils. It ruled the Tamils with an iron hand. LTTE also slaughtered the Muslims in the East. That is why the entire Islamic world has turned in favour of Sri Lanka now.

Not all the Tamils accepted the leadership of LTTE and Prabakaran. Tamils in the East including the Muslims hated the LTTE. Tamils in the South working in the tea gardens hated the LTTE. Only the Tamils in the North accepted the LTTE. Karuna's rebellion against Prabakaran is one example. Therefore it is wrong to picturize the LTTE as the organization commanding the loyalty of the Tamils. In fact LTTE was afraid to contest elections even in the Tamil areas because it knew that in a free election, it would taste defeat. LTTE killed Amritalingam because he was commanding the love and affection of the Tamils.

LTTE abused the Indian Peace Keeping Force. LTTE hurled accusations against the Indian soldiers including rape charges. LTTE hated India. LTTE planned and assassinated the former Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi on Indian soil.

Compared to the heinous crimes committed by the LTTE against the Tamils and India, the mistakes of the Sri Lankan army and its soldiers are nothing. When a government wants to eliminate a most modern terrorist outfit like LTTE which was enjoying the facilities of an army, navy and air force (even Islamic terrorists do not enjoy such facilities), civilian casualties are unavoidable particularly as the LTTE was using even children as a shield.

Sri Lankan army and its President Rajapakse should be complemented for eliminating a dreaded terrorist organization like LTTE and bringing peace to Sri Lanka after several decades. Sri Lanka should see to it that another organization similar to LTTE does not grow in the Tamil areas because that organization may try to assassinate the Indian Prime Ministers also on Indian soil in addition to killing the Tamils.

Best wishes to you,

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