Ahmed Hassan Murder In Dewsbury

Ahmed Hassan is just one of dozens of young men murderd in Dewsbury.

On Saturday 15th of December 2007, I was at my home, close to Dewsbury Railway Station. As a journalist and a member of the public I’m always listening to police and ambulance sirens going off and wondering what tragedy has fallen upon us for all these sirens to be ringing across town. On this particular afternoon I recall hearing the sounds of emergency services vehicles from my home, just yards away from Dewsbury Railway station.

It wasn’t until Sunday evening that I realised just what those sirens were about. As I tuned into Sky News for my daily fix of current affairs, I learnt of the murder of Batley born teenager Ahmed Hassan.

Ahmed was on his way to the Trafford Centre in Manchester to shop for some new clothes for Eid. Before Ahmed got the chance to safely board the train at about 2pm, he was stabbed on the platform at Dewsbury Railway Station and just a short time later, Ahmed Hassan, of Craig Close Batley, was dead from a single stab wound to his back.

December 2007 was one of those rare times when Eid and Christmas came very close together. In the days leading up to Eid and Christmas the death of 17 year old Ahmed was the subject on every-ones mind. As a journalist listening to the public’s opinion told me that everyone, of every origin was shocked, outraged and horrified to hear about this murder.

Everywhere I went for days afterwards people were talking about this stabbing. Everyone, young and old, Asian and those who aren’t Asian, in supermarkets and bus stops, in offices and in the streets seemed to be saying the same thing. “Our young people are sick they believe carrying a knife is cool.”

On Monday 17th December 2007 I was working with BBC Look North. Myself and a team of television crews went to Mount Pleasant in Batley to interview friends of Ahmed Hassan. In my entire 19 years as a current affairs reporter I have never witnessed television news reporters fill up with tears and bite their lips to prevent the tears rolling from their eyes in the way they did when close friends of Ahmed paid a tribute to him.

The friends of Ahmed Hassan that I spoke to, told me of a young man who was a perfect friend. Ahmed was helpful, loving, kind and caring to his friends. One of these young men told me; “Ahmed played great snooker and pool, he was the best friend anyone could wish for.” This friend said to me “When I last saw Ahmed alive he said to me to stay lucky.”

Later in the day I spoke to a friend of Ahmed’s family Mr Hassan Karolia. Mr Karolia said “I know that dozens of people have complained to the police about gangs of youths carrying knives at the bus and railway station. There have been other incidents where people have witnessed knives being pulled out by young people at Dewsbury Rail and Bus Station. If this threat had been taken seriously perhaps Ahmed might still be alive today. “

At just 17 years of age, Ahmed Hassan had the rest of his life in front of him. His family told me he was interested in going to University to study Law. Ahmed had memorised about half the Quraan, the holy book for Muslims, to his memory, and was hoping to return to complete his religious studies. His parents were experiencing all the joys of seeing their baby grow up. They were hoping he’d be married in the future and make them proud grand parents.

As I sat at a private meeting with Ahmed’s family I saw grief in their eyes that is hard to describe. To say Ahmed’s family are devastated is an understatement. Their most precious son is gone. Their only hope now is that as a result of their bereavement lessons will be learnt. It seemed to me that as a tribute to their son’s life Ahmed Hassan’s relatives want some firm action taken to discourage young people from believing that carrying a knife and worse still using that knife to inflict injury or death is in any way acceptable or cool.

Nothing will ever bring Ahmed Hassan back. But firm and focused attention and activism from teachers, parents, community figures and community groups, from people of all ages at every level can make sure that young people learn carrying a knife is not so cool. The latest decision from the Home Office in the UK to outlaw possessing a knife for any reason, announced on Monday 14th January 2008 is some reassurance that the government are taking this problem seriously. Perhaps this action against knives and stabbings can prevent a repeat of this tragedy and serve as a fitting and lasting tribute to life and memory of young Ahmed Hassan. His life ended by a seemingly motiveless crime that bought an optimistic life to a premature and sad end.

Other young men murdered in Dewsbury include Amar Aslam murdered in 2008 and Jack Carter who was killed in 2010. These and other murders including the deaths of several young children have been publicised in newspaper in the town of Dewsbury West Yorkshire, in the United Kingdom.

By Safiq Ali Patel

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safiq ali patel profile image

safiq ali patel 6 years ago from United States Of America Author

Bately is a small and former industrial mill town in West Yorkshire, in the United Kingdom. The town has a large migrant population. Ahmed Hassan, the young male who is featured in this story was the grandson of a former Asian mill worker. Eventually two youths were arrested, charged and sentenced with Ahmed's murder.

aimeekarin profile image

aimeekarin 6 years ago from Florida

Well you are saying quite right buddy. These are the real factors that you described.The message that you are giving by your hub is very interesting and heart touching. Thanks for sharing such an informative hub about Teenager Ahmed Hassan murder. I liked it. So much useful material. I read with great interest...


safiq ali patel profile image

safiq ali patel 6 years ago from United States Of America Author

@ Aimeekarin thank you for your feedback.

JY3502 profile image

JY3502 5 years ago from Florence, South Carolina

Interesting story safiq. voted up

safiq ali patel profile image

safiq ali patel 5 years ago from United States Of America Author

JY3502 I try and check feedback regularly. Thank you for reading and commenting. It was a very interesting time for journalists but a very sad time too hearing about the murder of this young man. Gun crime gets a lot of media attention. But some research shows that knife related crime and in particular stabbings are more frequent in number than shootings.

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Lesleysherwood 5 years ago

Thank you for giving us a deeper insight into this complete tragedy and waste of a young man's life. We can become immune as we live in a time where these news reports are only too common as you probably know more than anyone in your career. I voted UP and Awesome

safiq ali patel profile image

safiq ali patel 4 years ago from United States Of America Author

Lesleysherwood thank you for your comment. Stabbings and violence happen every day. I'm glad to have got your comment. Sadly sometimes the number of people who support violence outnumbers those who are on the side of peace in our communities. It's been nearly 5 years since the death of Ahmed Hassan and yet to this day the memories of this awful tragedy still haunt this area.Thank your for your feedback and for voting me up. Good wishes to your from Safiq.

mizjo profile image

mizjo 4 years ago from New York City, NY

At least the UK and countries in Europe take steps to outlaw the carrying of weapons in public. Why is the US not doing the same? Guns and knives are often carried by schoolchildren and teenagers who think it so cool, not just to show them, but to USE them. There is so much violence that we do not know what to do with the perpetrators and they are often out in the streets again after a short stay in jail.

The gun lobby in the US is very strong and guns are easily obtainable by anybody here. Until that is changed (I know many hubbers will disagree with me), the culture of violence will continue and there isn't much we can do about it except watch our backs.

You have written a thoughtful hub. Voted up.

Esther  Strong profile image

Esther Strong 4 years ago from UK

This reminds that behind every newspaper article there is a family/friends who cannot just turn the page or look away. How said that a life that held such promise has been unlawfully taken.

ishhy 3 years ago

that's my cousin that got his life taken away for nothing , he was so jolly , don't see why he had to go so early

safiq ali patel profile image

safiq ali patel 3 years ago from United States Of America Author

Salam Ishy. Ahmed passed away about six and a half years ago. But only yesterday I was thinking about Ahmed Hassan. His death taught me a lesson about safety in public places. And I still feel and pray for Ahmed's family daily. I met Ahmed once at a snooker center in Batley. He was a warm and friendly person. The memory of Ahmed Hassan is alive for me every day. His death reminded me how cruel and evil people can be when they see killing a young man as some answer. I like to see young people grow up and enjoy their lives. Ahmed was cheated of his life at just 17. God willing one day our world will settle into peace. Away from the pain and distraction of recent years. As a part of the local community I still mourn for Ahmed today. And Ishy you are right he was a jolly person. A sweet local boy from Batley whose memory lives on in my heart and mind every day.

Thank you for your message. Salam from Safiq Ali Patel.

ishhy 3 years ago

I miss him ,, :(

safiq ali patel profile image

safiq ali patel 3 years ago from United States Of America Author

I never stop thinking about the injustice Ahmed Hassan suffered. Ahmed will never be forgotten. Rest in peace Ahmed. 6 years later we still miss you. Tears are still shed for you every day. We still remember you Ahmed Hasan. Peace to you too Ishy Bro.

safiq ali patel profile image

safiq ali patel 3 years ago from United States Of America Author

Ishhy do you have an email you can leave me.

ishhy 2 years ago

hm iv got twitter

safiq ali patel profile image

safiq ali patel 2 years ago from United States Of America Author

Hi Ishy. Yeah my twitter account is Safiq Ali Patel @uknewslink

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