Start a New Home Business to Help the Economy

Model Airplane

Fly Free with Your Home Business
Fly Free with Your Home Business

Saving Money

By turning your hobby into a home business you will save money.

Hobby Business

Chun Li, Cos-Play. Short for costume play. Gaining popularity among fans of video games, animation, and action movies.
Chun Li, Cos-Play. Short for costume play. Gaining popularity among fans of video games, animation, and action movies.

Money Saving Home Business

Creating a home based business of your hobby will, at barest minimum, save you money. When you have a business you can go right to the manufacturers and distributors and ask for a wholesale/warehouse price list. Fabric for cos-play or parts for a model airplane, everything is cheaper working business to business(B2B).

The further you can stretch your money, the more inventory you can afford to buy and use or sell retail. This economy is our new chance to rise like the phoenix. Today, you can start a home based business with less than $1000. Having web site, business cards, small advertising budget, and the hobby you are already spending money on.

You don't have any hobbies? Are you part of a club of enthusiasts? Do you clean your house? Do you cook for your family? Does your family go to/or rent movies? Like sports? Video Games? Vacation? Eat?

Everyone can find something they like to do. The success of your home based business relies on popularity of your hobby. And, how well you get the word out that you have a valuable product or service. Is your hobby unique? Never before has the playing field been so favorable to starting a new business.The Internet is here for us all. The down side, is there are many scams to watch out for. The up side, is you can ask around and learn to recognise those scams. If you see big promises of thousands of dollars in the first month, watch out. Sure, there is the possibility to have a great return on investment(ROI) rapidly. Usually this will involve a huge advertising budget.

Saving money, getting tax breaks on your current spending, and doing what you love are just a few of the benefits of having a home business.

I wish you all the best. Live, Laugh, Love - The more we all do this the better our economy, community, and world will be.

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The Real Tomato profile image

The Real Tomato 7 years ago

Great perspective and inspiring idea for the economy and ourselves. Thank you for answering this request.

Anna 7 years ago

I agree with what you have said in your blog. Also, having a home based business is earning at your own pace. You do not lose time for family. Nice post!

Santo Palomo profile image

Santo Palomo 7 years ago

Good recommendation. Participating in hobbies are a good way to release and calm tensions and, in your case, make a couple of bucks. I looked at your listed income stream and I'd have to say our government good use some nutritional cleansing right about now.

RickyDLV profile image

RickyDLV 7 years ago from USA and occasionally other countries. Author

Wouldn't that be incredible, a little shake once a day and things like the IRS, Federal Reserve, and red tape just flushed from our system.

Thank you for the great comment.

creativelycc profile image

creativelycc 6 years ago from Maine

Very good hub! Very encouraging words for one who is just starting a home business. Thank you very much!

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