Where have all the statesman gone?  Just got through watching a reflection of the VP acceptance speech at the 1964 Republican convention on CSPAN and it was very interesting!  His daughters are now Obama supporters, but his speech was very inspiring as he attempted to convey what the Republican party stood for.  It was very eloquent and not at all like present day speeches that sound so plastic and rehearsed.

Our founding fathers believed that public service was a duty not a job.  That it was a necessary and important sacrifice of time and income.  It was not designed to be a full time job, rather a limited engagement that was to be shared by several members of the community.  Are there any of you out there that are passionate about their community, their state, their country, and are willing to donate their time to improve the quality of life for all?

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Madame X 7 years ago

logic - today's politicians wouldn't know a statesman if they tripped over one. They are completely selfish and only in it for their own aggrandizement, and profit. I'm afraid that real statesmen are a thing of the past. Good hub.

logic,commonsense 7 years ago Author

Thanks Madame!

I am holding out hope that we will still see someone step up and act like they believe in serving the best interests of the country.

TwilitRose profile image

TwilitRose 7 years ago from Calgary, Alberta

Imagine how shocking and controversial it would be if we actually had a politician who cared first and foremost about the public instead of their own self-image? It would be nice to see someone like that in power - but would they even be able to survive politically, considering how the political system seems to have turned into one that rewards men motivated by self-interest and ambition?

logic,commonsense 7 years ago Author

TR thanks for your thoughts. Yes I truly believe they would survive and thrive if those that elected them would support them vocally. It is time for a change and and we are the only ones that can institute it. We just need the courage, the perseverance, and the vision to carry it out.

FCEtier profile image

FCEtier 6 years ago from Cold Mountain

Did you see the movie, "Bullworth"?

The real statesmen out there are too smart to run for office.

We need term limits for the House and Senate.

Enjoyed your hub.

logic,commonsense 6 years ago Author

No I did not see the movie, but will check it out online.

I truly believe that a real statesman will run for office and do what it truly in the best interest of the nation.

We absolutely need term limits!

Thanks for stopping by FCEtier!

Appreciate the comments!

susanlang profile image

susanlang 6 years ago

That's a good question Logic. I have my thoughts and ideas on that if you want to converse with me? You may send me an email on this subject matter if you wish. Good hub topic.

logic,commonsense 6 years ago Author

susan, thanks for stopping by! I will email you later in the week as I will be indisposed until that time. I would very much like to hear you thoughts and ideas!

susanlang profile image

susanlang 6 years ago

I'm here again because this subject matter is so important to the welfare of our country. Everyone seems to be in favor of term limits so I must ask, why do they not come about? People in america have been asking for this over 30 years now and yet, nothing happens to bring it about. Enough is enough we need honest elections which include term limits.

logic,commonsense 6 years ago Author

We do have term limits...for the president. Shouldn't it be reasonable to have term limits for Congress and even perhaps the Supreme Court?

While many believe in term limits, they feel it should be for all others besides their rep or senator. The biggest problem is Congress itself. It is unwilling to put it to a vote by presenting a Constitutional amendment to the states for ratification. Why would they and eliminate their perks and status after a designated period of time? Some day we have to have enough with the courage to step up or we will surely meet with an untoward end as the best country on this planet.

Susan, thank you for your comments and thank you for speaking up on this. We need more to do so!

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