Stephen Takach for Congress - District 36

Every ten years the congressional disrict lines are redrawn in Texas. I now live in District 36 which is a newly formed district and has no incumbent. There are several candidates running for the Republican nomination. One of these candidates is Stephen Takach. I met him at a local event earlier this month. He seemed to be a very decent man with a great deal of common sense. This is something that has been lacking in Washington for years. The more we talked, the more I liked what I heard. I have decided to back his campaign for several reasons.

First of all, he is not a "career" politician. He is running for Congress because he believes our state needs a new voice in Washington. This country has serious problems and we need serious people in Congress to help solve them. The national debt, illegal immigration, high unemployment, high energy costs and Obamacare are just some of the problems that need immediate attention.

I believe Mr. Takach would make a great congressman. He has started and ran two successful businesses. HIs business and financial experience along with his common sense approach is what we need in Washington. I don't expect you to support him because of my endorsement.

Go to his website, read about him and make your own decision. Take the time to find out if he is someone you could support.

Watch the following video. I think you will like what you see and hear.

Finally, every election cycle we hear the same thing. We are told that this is going to be the most important election of our lifetime. I usually just brush this talk off as political spin, but this year is very different. In 2008, many Americans were fooled by Barack Obama. They thought they were voting for "hope and change", but they got change they did not want and now millions are without hope. While it is important that we defeat Obama, we must also elect decent, conservative candidates at the local and state levels. I encourage you to support Stephen Takach and help us take back our country!

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