Stock Market or "CrapShoot"???

Stock Market Bingo

I guess you can tell already I am not a fan of the Stock Market. It is a den of thieves that feeds on the greed of humanity's lower animal behavior. Let me explain; before you get all defensive and such...

Lets look at the logic of the Market situation first:

1) The goal of the Stock Market one would think is to provide a market place for the distribution and brokerage of investment commodities; not a casino for chumming weary investors to a fleecing of their wealth.

2) The objective of the Stock Market one would think is to make available the investments to keep commerce on an even keel and not to have it capsize every ten or so years so the major players can recoup their position at the top of the investment pyramid of wealth and power.

3)The plan of the Stock Market one would think is to develop the wealth of society as a whole and not just for a select few who use, advantage and manipulate the market as though it was their personal possession and not a sovereign mechanism of the people.

You see the powers that be have lost sight of their innate responsibility to shepherd the mass so to create a viable social family and not an us against them mentality of the lowest common denominator. It is a travesty that the people that have the power and influence do not have the integrity and self esteem to stand up an at least admit they do not give a shit about anyone but themselves and their innate greed...

I am not going to go through the litany of impropriety the Stock Market has found itself in because of the behavior it fosters... Look at any rag paper and you can get that any day of the week. I am interested in reform for the distribution of wealth...

The Stock Market in its current form is a loosing proposition it has no merit, none at all... I am not saying there is not a need for brokerage I am saying the monopoly game approach to capitalism is a fools game of shells by crooks, simple as that... Legitimized brokerage is what needs to occur. Simple management, stewardship responsibility...

Think about it what is life about, if not to make the best of it for all that experience it. Now if you can not do that you need to move aside and let it be done by those who can accomplish this simple task. It is time to end the abuse of the few that have no self respect and lack of will to correct this long standing atrocity that has ruined countless lives and fostered the corruption of a nation...

Now lets see if what I have said can hold water in an argument for change away from the phony dealings of the current Stock Market mentality:

1) The Goal of the Market Place one would hope would be to manage commerce for the benefit of the sovereignty in which it operates; this should be the primary function of the Stock Market; if it can not provide this measure of utility it really is not doing anything for the people, the masses, who let it persist, so it should be replaced with a mechanism that benefits the sovereignty.  This means the masses must benefit from what is going on, if you lack the premise of a sovereignty in which wealth is distributed to create an economic cycle.

2) The Objective of the Market Place one would hope is to make a full distribution of the goods and services that are needed by the sovereignty so the worth, wealth and value of commerce remains in a solvent condition so it might perpetually serve the the greater good of the sovereign people who own it, the sovereignty that is.

3) The Plan of the Market Place one would hope is to have an appliance, mechanism device that is intended to have the sovereign's interest as the primary objective of the whole as its drive, motivation and effort.

Given these parameters you might be able to detect that the current system of operation lacks severely in these sets of systems and categories of management, stewardship and responsibility; so why in the hell is it let to persist???

OK here is my suggestion on how to correct the mess that has been made of the economic well-being of society:

1) The Goal if one has sense is to perfect a system that is flawless by applying basic 101 economic tactic strategy and policy; simply make the distribution so through that it is incorruptible. You say, " How?", " make all levels of payment 1/3 investment based so the market stays liquid and solvent by default ~ Example: worker owned and operated commerce so 1/3 of industry complex is worker owned by investment.

The means ~

a) Make Government run off a 1/3 share of commerce generated wealth.

b) Quit taxing labor and start taxing commerce sales.

The way ~

Tax industry and let them pass on the cost to the consumer who is the user of the goods and services...

2) The Plan, if one has sense, is to evolve the human condition away from repetitive reaction politics that benefits a few at the cost the many people that do not have the wherewithal to bait and rob from the rich.

It is time to stop politics as usual that propagate the good old boy system of back scratching... Its time for some real mental exercise that will actually improve the bottom line of life on a rock floating around the sun. It might be a hard concept to grasp; but look at it this way life is short why not make it a great experience for everyone, why would anyone be so obtuse that they would think to benefit themselves without regard for the rest is going to get them at the end of their days...

Only a fool is so arrogant to think that life here on the rock is the last your going to hear from me...

Have a great day and a wonderful life if you indeed deserve it...

Things must change

Defining Sovereignty

Bill of Rights

Make a Big Difference

Look here: email these people media matters

and; coffee party

and tell them this ~

Why are the parties not made responsible for clarifying the noise their party create?

The format of disclosure should be consistent so it can be put in a data base and searched for its consistency and reliability of facts and evidence supporting their claims... The rhetoric is without dialectic distinction, so it is therefore objectively false by default from some perspective of perception...

Political Correspondence Needs To Be In The Following Format

To State Issue ~ It must have ~ Solution, problem and answer ~

Statement of elements describing debate issue:

1) premise, proposition and argument

2) purpose, motive and intent

3) impact, cause and effect

In this format it can be tracked in a database so people can see the deviations and or consistencies in the rhetoric and dialectic presented...


loua profile image

loua 6 years ago from Elsewhere, visiting Earth ~ the segregated community planet Author

msorensson, Buffet's choices are not for everyone either, because by the time you get to move the market would have shifted as Buffet and the other insiders make their move at your expense... Its a no win situation...

msorensson profile image

msorensson 6 years ago

I am afraid there is enough of the powers that be that are able to control the the expense of the small traders who believe that it still is a fair game.

At the present time, I would bet only on Warren Buffet's picks.

Educational, loua. Thanks.

loua profile image

loua 6 years ago from Elsewhere, visiting Earth ~ the segregated community planet Author

Paradise, I did not mean to imply no one was policing blatant wrong doing. I was saying the system is inefficient for doing what it needs to do to provide a well dispersed monetary grid for stabilizing commerce and proving parity for all the members of the sovereignty. You see, the bible, the constitution, the code of federal regulation and all good information are construed by some for their personal advantage as is the law let to be less than the spirit that formed it. Everywhere the letter of rhetorical interpretation is used by those who wish to dominate the forums of justice with their cronies and junk lawyers to sway the rules for their favor by controlling the forms of debate... Like brats, spoil children, some will persist to want more than is needed and wish to dominate the scene for their personal benefit no matter how adversely it impacts anyone else...

Thanks for commenting as always


Lee B , Yes you see what I mean, its causing the downfall of the whole system if it is let to persist.


Bolthorn , It is not that the stock market is a bad thing it is that it is let to be abused by crooks and manipulators because it is not managed properly with the stewardship of the economic mechanism for the sovereignty of the people in mind.

Well as far as not impacting commerce, I see that as being impossible, because there is a direct correlation between the two. If business finance is let to be held in jeopardy by the lack the scrupulous effort necessary to make sufficient distribution of the wealth of the sovereignty then the market place is left to anyone who might wish to dominate for personal gain as is the present case.

Maybe it is do to the fact that I see life as a total experience of all people not just my personal exploit...

Bolthorn profile image

Bolthorn 6 years ago

I can be a bit slow (drives my wife nuts when it takes me a couple minutes to answer a yes or no question), so it will take me a while to work through your word choice and writing style. I think I can safely conclude you do not like the stock market. I like the stock market. I like sharing ownership in businesses that are bigger than I am and I do not mind sharing in the losses as well as the gains. This is a reality I have to deal with in the ownership of my own tiny business as well.

There is a lot of investment going on in the market that amounts to nothing more than gambling. If you do not research, do not vote your shares, and do not promote your stocks in any way, and your only involvement with buying stock is that you hope you hit on some good picks and strike up some extra cash, then you are in a gambling mentality and not a business one. Gamblers tend to lose money. I do not see any amount of regulation completely safeguarding the market: crooks will be crooks. I also do not believe that a stock market should exist to provide overarching services of goodness to society at large; at its core it is a venue to invest in businesses, nothing more.

Lee B profile image

Lee B 6 years ago from New Mexico

Appreciate all the points you make, loua. The stock market is not really for the average person to invest in anymore (maybe it never was). The hypocrisy of jailing some people for insider trading just stuns me. All the fabulously wealthy investors are acting on inside information not available to the rest of us. It's their private club. We're fools to think we can join and have an equal footing.

Paradise7 profile image

Paradise7 6 years ago from Upstate New York

There is regulation. I really beg to differ. The SEC rules (in the US) make it so that any publicly traded company has to comply with a fully auditable financial disclosure, listing the book value as well as the market value of the stock, the balance sheet, and the quarterly income/loss profile. These statements are subject to SEC (Securities Exchange Commission) audits and frequently the bad boys who are cheating are publicly exposed and the stock plummets. (EG: Enron. It was exposed by the SEC. Another example: Merrill Lynch)

loua profile image

loua 6 years ago from Elsewhere, visiting Earth ~ the segregated community planet Author

Humma Ofi, Your right, expecting something good to happen within the current context of business as usual is wishful thinking at best. Without a level playing field that provides equity to the players there is no chance for a satisfying resolution that will meet the needs of humanity. The greed of the world is astounding; its the Achilles Heel of humanity...

Thanks for your input and following...

Humma Ofi profile image

Humma Ofi 6 years ago from Detroit, MI

I believe the biggest problem is the fact that there is no regulation. Thanks for your insight. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different outcome.

loua profile image

loua 6 years ago from Elsewhere, visiting Earth ~ the segregated community planet Author

Alex, I get your proposition; but having had been involved in regulatory compliance I have witnessed what you have eluded to; and yes operators will do everything to circumvent regulations to include standards. What I am suggesting is that all of the above stay in contention with expert witness as the arbitrating agent for the voting public. Expert witness come up with solutions and the public concurs with the best fit and industry is made to comply by public demand...

Thanks for the feedback, I appreciate your visits...

AlexK2009 profile image

AlexK2009 6 years ago from Edinburgh, Scotland

You make some good point s and perhaps some utopian proposals.

Real life markets have been steadily regulated to protect the consumer from crooks. We have food regulations to prevent selling of say cancerous meat or rotten fish. We need sensible regulation of financial products as well.

You cannot tell business how to operate but you can tell it how NOT to operate. A business should be able to do anything legal that does not harm the community in which it is based.

Regulations will just spur the search for ways round them. Therefore standards are better than regulation with unethical corporations losing their licence to trade

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