Sunshine State of the GOP Campaign

The Stage is set for a Sunshine State Smack down. Cnn is back at the helm, which means Newt and Mitt, will return to the ‘Rockem’ Sockem’ Robot’ roles of which we’ve come to know and love. The NBC Tampa debate, distinguished itself as the ‘quiet please’ contest of audience non-participation, predictably resulting in a widely held consensus snore fest.

Count on Cnn, lobbing softball questions the size of beach balls, which is not unlike a pitcher in a Homerun Derby competition. They’ve come to the realization, the further it’s hit, the bigger the ratings. More importantly, Newt’s Flamethrower rhetoric and debate rabble rousing is a scorching counterbalance, leveling the playing field, with respect to Mitt’s Super PAC money advantage.

Going into the Jacksonville debate, the topic of immigration has predictably come to the forefront. Florida Tea Party Senator, Marco Rubio has weighed into the fray, adding his condemnation to anti immigration ads. The influential Senator is considered to be on the short list as a potential Vice Presidential consideration for the Republican ticket.

The ongoing contest for the “moves like Reagan” mêlée has also heated up. Both Mitt and Newt claim to be closer to the Conservative icon than the other. In fact, the Pro-Romney Super PAC has a scathing attack ad, recounting Newt’s assault upon the Reagan policy’s of the 1980’s. Both would be wise to end their pathetic endeavor to compare themselves with Ronald Reagan.

The candidates need to come to a simple realization. The voters of Florida are more concerned with recreating a stable domestic environment than they are with Reagan Foreign Policy doctrine of decades hence. The overwhelming impact of the electorate’s loss of jobs and homes should be the issue of focus.

The volatility of daily Polling Data suggests a relatively even match entering into tonight debate. Given the prospective dynamics of the candidates; advantage to Gingrich over Romney in Jacksonville. This result would allow Gingrich to make up ground against Romney’s presumed early voting ballot advantage, ultimately generating a Primary Election on January 31st deemed to close to call.

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gjfalcone profile image

gjfalcone 5 years ago from Gilbert, Arizona Author

Looking forward to the next debate...BTW, its in Mesa, know anyone with tickets? Love you son.

Thanks for your comments my friend.

twfalcone 5 years ago

My first debate watching from start to finish, totally exhilarating experience, thanks for watching it with me pop!

gjfalcone profile image

gjfalcone 5 years ago from Gilbert, Arizona Author

Thanks for checking in TeaPartyCrasher.

TeaPartyCrasher profile image

TeaPartyCrasher 5 years ago from Camp Hill, PA

Lest we forget that pro "%1" policies of 'St. Ronnie' led to the loss of a lot of those jobs. . .

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