Support Your Marine In Afghanistan: USMC Wallpaper

There has been a United States Marine Corps presence in Afghanistan since the attacks of 9/11 on U.S. soil. It is easy to take the sacrifice these brave men and women are making for granted, and so it is up to those who remain behind to remember them in our everyday lives. A simple gesture to keep the troops foremost in our minds could be to use Marine Corps wallpaper on our computers. That way they are integrated into our daily routine, and we will lose touch less easily with the reality of their situation.

For those of us with family or friends in Afghanistan can also send care packages directly to them. The facilities where most of the troops have been deployed to are minimal, often with nowhere to sit down to eat, no showers and no shopping. There are areas with some facilities “inside the wire”, missions, however, are carried out outside the wire. Keep in mind too, if you are going to send packages, that the troops have little or no storage space and also that they move around a lot. Anything you send should be small and easily portable.

Marines are usually not allowed, in fact, forbidden, to reveal to anyone their exact location. This is to ensure Operations Security. It would be better to ask what facilities and amenities they do have, and perhaps what type of calling cards would be best to provide. Once you have those pieces of information, you should be bale to provide an appropriate care package. Do not ask the name of their camp, and if you do know it, don’t share it with others in any way.

Christmas is fast approaching and it would be easy for us to become wrapped up in holiday preparations. It would certainly be easier to ignore any bad news we may see on the news channels about our troops abroad. Now that the war has dragged on for so long, we tend to become complacent about it, and we need to remember who is supporting us, away from their families and loved ones, even if we need to install a visual reminder like Marine Corps wallpaper. If possible, send a care package, or even a thank you card to a soldier. Let’s let our troops know that we support them and are appreciative of them.


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