Supreme Court’s Observations about Kerala Are Not Correct

Supreme Court Should Not Be Partial

Supreme Court Should Not Be Partial
Supreme Court Should Not Be Partial | Source

Tamil Nadu Is Also Disobeying the Supreme Court Order

Kerala Assembly Resolution Nullified the Supreme Court Ruling

Few days back, Supreme Court has indicted Kerala government for passing resolutions in the Kerala Assembly to circumvent or defeat the court judgements. The Supreme Court has cited some cases out of which the most important one was concerning the disputed Mullaperiyar Dam. Supreme Court passed a judgement permitting Tamil Nadu government to raise the water height in Mullaperiyar Dam in 2006. But subsequently the Kerala Assembly amended the laws by passing a resolution in its Assembly to make the Supreme Court judgement invalid.

Public Welfare Is the Motive behind Kerala Government’s Action

The Supreme Court should have examined why the Kerala Assembly was passing such resolutions and disobeying the court verdicts. Kerala is doing it out of public interest. Kerala government feels that the Mullaperiyar Dam is dangerous to its people and so wants to rebuild the dam. But Tamil Nadu is not permitting it. Therefore the Kerala government, with the noble intention to serve public welfare, circumvents or even openly disobeys the court rulings in not only Mullaperiyar issue, but in some other matters also. The Supreme Court should appreciate this and condone the act of Kerala government instead of passing strictures against it.

Tamil Nadu Is Also Disobeying the Supreme Court Order

Take the reservation case. There is a Supreme Court judgement that the reservations in educational institutions and jobs should not exceed 50%. But Tamil Nadu government has been defying this court ruling for nearly three decades. But the Supreme Court has not taken any action against the Tamil Nadu government. What is the reason? Because the Tamil Nadu government is defying the court ruling for the welfare of the backward class and minority people. The Supreme Court has understood this noble motive behind the action of Tamil Nadu government and is keeping quiet.

Supreme Court Should Not Be Partial

The Supreme Court should follow the same policy with regard to Kerala government also. Why should the Supreme Court adopt one yardstick to Tamil Nadu and another to Kerala? Both the Tamil Nadu and Kerala governments are disobeying the Supreme Court to ensure public welfare. Therefore the Supreme Court should keep quiet in case of Kerala also as it is doing with regard to Tamil Nadu. Otherwise, it will be construed that the Supreme Court is partial in favour of Tamil Nadu.


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