Syrian War Escalates To a New High

Syrian war

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Al Qaida Is Gaining

Al Qaida Is Gaining
Al Qaida Is Gaining | Source

Syrian war

Assad Living On Borrowed Time

It seems President Assad is living on borrowed time in Damascus in Syria. The intensity of the rebel attack is increasing every day. The rebels have attacked a key air base on the eve of important opposition talks on the Taftanaz base. This base was used by the Syrian government for raids on the opposition points. A video released shows Syrian military killing and mutilating bodies of the prisoners. But at the same time United Nations has declared that the Syrian rebels could also be accused of war crimes.

Plane Grounded In Ankara

Recently 5 people were killed and 32 wounded in a bomb explosion in Damascus. Russia has accused rebels of possessing US missiles. Syria has been accused of killing the Intelligence Chief Hariri in Beirut. A Damascus-bound civilian air flight from Moscow was forced to be grounded in Ankara in Turkey recently. USA has stated that the aircraft did not violate any law. Turkey has Okayed military action against Syria. 48 people were killed in a series of three car blasts in Aleppo, Syria’s second major city. Assad was reported to have ordered for a fresh offence. Turkey has become jittery has USA and Syria have established contact due to Russian help. In a single day, 300 people were killed recently in Syria.

West Backing the Rebels

The West and the USA are helping the rebels in Syria. But after the killing of the US Ambassador in Libya, there is a rethinking about their strategy. There is a fear that if President Assad is overthrown or killed in Syria, terrorists like Al Qaida and Talibans may gain a foothold in Syria and pose serious headaches to the West. The rebels have proclaimed that most of Syria is under their control and President Assad is able to extend his domination only over a small area of the capital city Damascus. Syrian opposition recently met in Damascus and called for a peaceful solution of the conflict. USA, European Union and the Arab League met recently to work out ways to isolate President Assad.

Israel Is Planning For Counter-Strategy

Israel is worried over Syria-Iran-Hezbollah alliance and is trying its best to break the axis. A regional solution is also being tried involving Egypt, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Iran which met recently in Cairo. The West and USA have involved themselves seriously in conflicts in other Arab countries like Algeria, Libya and Egypt. But the results did not yield any advantage to them. It was the terrorists and Islamic fundamentalists who gained a foothold in these countries which resulted in the culmination of assassination of US Ambassador in Tripoli. Already there is a suspicion that the armed protesters in Syria are infested in large numbers with Al Qaida cadres.

Iranian Interference in Syria

France is funding the opposition in Syria openly. Russia on the other hand is standing by Assad. The rebels want global airlines to stop their operations to Syria. The rebels accuse that the airports in Damascus and Aleppo are used for attacks against them. USA, unmindful of the consequences of encouraging Al Qaida, is trying to topple Assad from power. In house raids, Syrian military massacred scores of people. More than 200 bodies were recovered. Arab nations are wary of Iranian interference in the affairs of Syria. The battle in Syria has spilled over the neighbouring Lebanon also. Street fights are staged in Lebanon and many have been killed.

Chemical Warfare

There is a suspicion that the Syrian government is using chemical warfare against the rebels. USA has already warned the Syrian government in this regard. Syrian military is attacking the rebels with helicopters and artillery. In addition to this, if chemicals are also used against the rebels, it could crush the rebel resistance. Syria rejected the civil war talk of Brahimi, the peace envoy. There was a blast near the UN building. Many war crimes are being committed by both sides in an effort to settle scores with each other.

Russia Supplies Weapons to Assad

Iran has denounced the OIC (Organization of Islamic Countries) move on Syria. Teheran insists on internal dialogue to solve the problem. The rebels claimed to down a jet plane. The rebel hold in Aleppo has been weakened after the military attacks and deadly airstrikes. 20000 soldiers reached Aleppo to crush the rebels with modern weapons supplied by Russia. Assad has appointed Wael-al-Alqui as the new Prime Minister. The refugee crisis in the neighbouring nations has deepened with more arrivals.

Girls’ Education Is Against Prophet Mohammed

It was a big blow to President Assad when the Syrian Prime Minister Riyad Hijab flew to Jordan and joined the rebel forces. He accused the Syrian government of committing genocide and other war crimes in the conflict. Iran has warned Turkey to keep off from the Syrian crisis. It appears Assad’s fall is only a matter of time. Radical Islamic fundamentalists and terrorists are waiting for the golden opportunity to bring Syria under their control to launch warfare against USA and the West. They are also planning to stop girls’ education in Syria immediately after gaining control. They say girls’ education is against the Holy Koran and Prophet Mohammed.

Al Qaida Is Gaining

Syrian opposition has appealed to the world governments for weapons assistance to fight the military. Syrian government warned that it will not hesitate to use chemical weapons against foreign aggressors. By this, they meant probably Turkey and Saudi Arabia. The Al Qaida and the Jihadis also have suspected Iraqi links. A suicide bomber killed Assad’s brother-in-law and the defence minister. It was a daring attack on the National Security building. More than 220 civilians were killed in a village in Hama region by military attack. A top general fled Syria during the conflict. Syria is also accused of running 27 torture centres akin to the concentration camps in Germany set up during Hitler’s rule by the Nazi Party.

No Morality or Fair play

President Assad has officially claimed that Syria is at war. In a way it is correct. In Sri Lanka, the conflict was by the terrorist organization LTTE which was brutal against innocent Sinhala citizens. But here in Syria, both the government and the rebels are brutal to the core, wanting to annihilate each other. Other nations and groups are trying to take advantage of this position. They are taking sides to suit their interests. There is no question of any morality or fair play. Might is right in a war and this is in operation during the present Syrian war.

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