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Summary Statement Explaining the Essay,"Intellectual Revolution":

It is my opinion as a world observer, humanity has run amuck in its attempt at evolving from its animal roots. Humans have a dire need for an, "Intellectual Revolution." Humans have a long history of abuse and mismanagement; and it has not ceased to this day. I am simply providing my observation and opinion on how best to resolve and solve the inherent perversion in the human genome. Human exclusive evil is the gene vector that propagates and creates the folly that produces the negative human condition from which ninety percent of American's suffer due to some form of its effect. The ten percent that carry this vector spread it at a rate that has consumed the quality of the earth in a few decades; the water, air, soil and resources of the world have been plundered and all but destroyed by their greed. The greed of the ten per centers has created the demise of the earth's biota by inciting the exclusive, selfish greed in the ninety-per cent that are enamored by the opulence of material greed that they condone its negative effects, until now...

Charley Reese made this statement for awhile in the news, that ‎"One hundred senators, 435 congressmen, one president and nine Supreme Court justices — 545 human beings out of the 235 million — are directly, legally, morally and individually responsible for the domestic problems that plague this country."

In the year of Our Lord 2011 it has come to pass, the realization that to plunder and pillage the resources of the world is a counter-intuitive and destructive behavior. To date the ninety per centers have noticed, they are a resource that has been and are being exploited, they still as yet have realized that the other mineral resources are the key to salvaging their condition. Protection of all resources as sovereign property is the solution to economic stability and thus the quality of all human condition.

Treatise Introduction: Presented herein is the scope of the intellectual deficit of humanity that is impeding the attainment of the real value, wealth and worth of its human condition.

It has now come to pass that the world is in position to evolve, if the consciousness-conscience of humanity can be made to understand the significance of the need for the change needed to create a positive human condition of order, logic and rule. Humanity must change the way it perceives its social-worth and begin the transition to self rule. Humanity must align all the individuals of its diverse species, in this world, into composite groupings of democratic republics forming a collective of functional governance entity. Government must be an inclusive sovereign collective. Government must be a selfless-system for the civil-rule of the people, for the people, by the people. The government must be a management system for sovereign selves formed into groups that work synergistically for common positive peaceful objective intents and endeavors...

Without significant positive change the world will not be able to cope with the future requirements for concise decision-making; because of its limited ability to cope with the statistical requirement for the raw data necessary to make selfless unbiased decisions... This means no few people can govern many; a democratic-process, a republic-system and sovereign-rule is needed to create equality, equity and parity in all choices, reasons and decisions... This translates into a process for responsible management by incorporating these three amendments into the way government does business:

1) The process of self rule is the way, by ousting incumbents and imposing one term for life limits on political positions; by demanding that the people make the decisions based on the three best unbiased expert witness solution answers for each issue that politicians present in the order of importance...

2) Abolish the party system for a consumer commerce brokerage that relies on diplomacy and international treaties with arms limitations and goodwill missions throughout the world...

3) Maintain standing militaries, of republic militia, as a counter insurgence forces at the ready to quell civil unrest locally and abroad with the aide of allied forces of the same description in all republics of the world...

These three suggested amendments must be proven to be the choice, opinion and decision made by the people of the world...

The Process of Self Rule:

The Process of Self Rule is the responsible management of the people, for the people, by the people as it was envisioned to be by those who drafted the Constitution which has never been implemented...

I call here for the implementation of the Constitution that was intended for the people. A Constitution that provides the people with resolutions in terms of solutions to problems with answers that guide the way to management and improvement of the human condition.

Consensus Management Rule, by consensus voting and decision-making, this is the governance strategy of a sovereignty. The people need expert witness to provide expert testimony in creation of the best available solutions to resolve the problems which deter the people from the best quality of life available within the context of the human condition...

Aspects of the deficit problem:

  1. The world is presently made-up of parochial self-serving parasitic groups that feed on their subordinates; because people do not readily comprehended that human worth is an innate property of being, not a physical property for exchange; and wealth is not a financial property of superiority but a metaphysical property of desire's attribute; as value is not a monetary amount; value is the power, the soul's spirituality ... "
  2. "Money finance and profit are superfluous in the continuum of time and space; they have meaning only as chips in the game of life that has no meaning of its own" - At best money is a token of a share in the effort to survive, that's it, beyond that it is a hindrance to growth and development of the species who's search must be for their actual value, wealth and worth as objects of existence...

Scope of Treatise on The Intellectual Deficit :

  1. In the relatively short history of humanity it is apparent that governments are formed for the self interest of a few to advantage a few over the masses... The reason for this belief is founded in the ridge model of law and the economic structure that has no room for inclusion of opinion ~ laws are crafted from the exclusive rights of the lobbyist who do the bidding for exclusive groups of the few who manipulate to rule the masses...
  2. Laws and regulations should be based on the inclusive impact to the whole of society not just the benefit to a select few and their needs. Laws and regulation legislation need the scrutiny of mass review and concurrence to be effective and efficient measures of social standard...
  3. Present legal precedence is based on judicial opinion that is corruptible; where as it should be based on mass opinion which is purely statistical without bias because it is balanced by numbers...

Scope of The Intellectual Deficit Solution:

  • The masses need to be convinced of the importance their participation holds in the quality of their survival as a species and that their social condition stewardship is its own requirement and responsibility... Self Rule is the only means for securing humanities' future welfare...

The following is an outline that might be used for the formulation of a Bill of Rights for the masses that will meet their needs and sustainability of an evolving intellect. The outline addresses the focus and process for developing the will of the people so they might gain the certainty confidence and conviction of their value wealth and worth:

Social Responsibility Management Stewardship Process Focus Outline ~

▪ Realizing the certainty of the need for change in social management model

▪ Determine how deep into the social model the change must occur to be successful...

▪ Integrate the change as a whole complete social model.

▪ Develop the expert choices on each element field of the social model...

Fundamental Element Fields of the Social Management Model Outline~

✓ Economics ~ Ends Means and Ways for distribution of wealth
✓ Arts and Sciences ~ Expression Form and Function of Progress R&D
✓ Education and Training ~ Perception Opinion Perspective of Technical development
✓ Environment, Health, and Safety ~ Actions Reaction Stimulus and Response for Preservation of the species
✓ Agriculture ~ Nutrition Food and Sustenance
✓ Industry ~ Plan Goals and Objective for Supplies and Services
✓ Business ~ Purpose Motive and Intent of Marketing and Sales
✓ Commerce ~ Commodity Exchange and Method
✓ Social Standards ~ Impact Cause and Effect of Rules and Regulation Rights
✓ Laws ~ Order, Logic and Rule for Codes and Statutes to support social standards for freedoms and liberties (equality and equity)

Further information on knowing options can be found at How To Create Economic Stability

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loua profile image

loua 6 years ago from Elsewhere, visiting Earth ~ the segregated community planet Author

James, thanks and appreciation for your time and interest...

Let me elaborate the point that worth is equal to wealth and value as the ends, means and way to sustainable survival... To supply survival essentials does not stimulate survival, only the wealth of desire, worth of emotion and the value of the will to survive causes the stimulus to evolve. This is all well known in the mind, its the implementation that is difficult. You might have heard give a man seeds and the tools to provide himself food and shelter and the access to knowledge, meaning and understanding and he will sustain himself. This is the way to evolve the masses and limit the mistakes of social development... There is an essential need for parity, a level playing field from which to distribute the worth, wealth and value of a sovereign people intent on evolving humanity...

You might look at my other pages that demonstrate the ways and means for the implementing programs that will stimulate public governance so the people are the decision makers and have an equitable share in the sovereignty of society as a worker owner society of associates intent on a singular goal objective and plan for the evolution of humanity...

You see the misconception of the, Ann Rand, "Atlas Shrugged" meaning of selfishness as being a good thing has driven society into a tailspin of disaster. She actually made a point to demonstrate it was self esteem she was talking about not selfishness, she even made a movie about it, "The Fountainhead." Even with this model of her theory it was still misconstrued by those that wished to propagate their brand of greed...

My point is that until there is an order, system and procedure that is inclusive, selfless and civil, all the well wishing and good intention in the world will be meaningless and for naught...

Twenty One Days 6 years ago

Value without conditions or top heavy opinion of a singular or collective body of governess? The ideology is very nice and should be available to all people regardless of stereotypes. My notion has been to supply the 3 basic necessities: food, shelter, education. This would eliminate many dysfunctional practices/stumbling blocks to that achievement.

Great writing Lou. -James

Nicholas Maxwell 6 years ago

In order to create a better world, we need to bring about an intellectual revolution in our universities. A traditional idea is that the whole raison d’etre of the university is to help humanity achieve civilization or, as I would prefer to say, help humanity make progress towards as good a world as possible. But the long-standing official view is that the proper way for universities to do this is, first, to acquire knowledge and technological know-how, and then apply these to help solve social problems. This is a damagingly irrational prescription. It does as much harm as good. What universities ought to do is give intellectual priority to (a) articulating problems of living, and (b) proposing and critically assessing possible solutions - possible actions, policies, philosophies of life. The more technical pursuit of knowledge and technological know-how should emerge out of, and feed back into, the central task of helping humanity come to understand what our problems are, and what we need to do about them (the task of social inquiry and the humanities).

We need, in short, an intellectual revolution in our universities, affecting every branch and aspect of science and scholarship, so that the fundamental aim becomes, not just to acquire knowledge, but rather to seek and promote wisdom - wisdom being the capacity to realize what is of value in life, for oneself and others, thus including knowledge and technological know-how, but much else besides.

loua profile image

loua 6 years ago from Elsewhere, visiting Earth ~ the segregated community planet Author

Thanks for stopping by and commenting writer_gb...

I hope this becomes a common theme in human conversation...

writer_gb profile image

writer_gb 6 years ago

This is my first encounter with Hub and I just want you to know that this article is fantastic in its scope and you make me glad that I took the time to join. I've been saying the same things and no one listens. How refreshing to find that there are others who understand.

loua profile image

loua 7 years ago from Elsewhere, visiting Earth ~ the segregated community planet Author

Thanks Art I appreciate your input and interest...For the most part awareness is a probable reality that manifest itself as we evolve in time and space... Give it time and the future will be the present when we will awaken...I'm just anxious for it to happen...

Artin2010 profile image

Artin2010 7 years ago from Northwestern Florida, Gulfcoast

Seems to me that perpetual metamorphasis in a positive direction, yet maintaining a social balance with nature and society are key factors in evolving our existence in time and space.It is my belief that in the grander scheme of things we are somewhere midway of the Scala Naturae and pretty much sliding downward instead of gaining ground.

Our view of society in and of itself is for the most part selfish and slightly imbalanceable. Too many factors weigh into the scale for me to make an informed hypothesis on the overall. I am not enlightened or should I say elevated in my thinking enough to argue a point here, but I am intrigued of the ideals that society, all of it, could eventually change into something acceptable to the majority of human kind and nature alike! This is a very nice theory and I admire your thinking here. Enjoyed reading this hub.

MamaDragonfly2677 profile image

MamaDragonfly2677 7 years ago from New York

I knew you two would make an interesting debate from this! Encore, boys! :)

loua profile image

loua 7 years ago from Elsewhere, visiting Earth ~ the segregated community planet Author

Larry, your explanation implies life seeks chaos and that some how this chaos is in a balanced equilibrium. The disorder of society is a human error as is the degradation of the environment...

In reference: Three Jewels of the Tao: compassion, moderation, and humility. Taoist thought generally focuses on nature, men-cosmos correspondence (????), health, longevity, wu wei (action through inaction), liberty, and spontaneity.

So you might see the yin and yang are the ends of the magnetic beam of karmatic faith on the fulcrum of polarity balance; but it is not held in equilibrium. The equilibrium is a function of synergy, the working together to create the balance desired. Life in total is in balance; but not in equilibrium if it does not effect the balance equally and equitably in total ~ the All.

Its always how you play the game not that the sides are equal it is the harmonic equilibrium of the synergistic nature of life that rules the quality of life; as you have experienced in your tiny cosmos of personal successes ~ i propose that the potential for developing an expended cosmos of synergistic equilibrium is probable possible and practical, in fact equilibrium is a balanced synergy, so without synergy interaction per cooperation balance is precarious at best... lou

maven101 profile image

maven101 7 years ago from Northern Arizona

Ioua...Another way of saying " equilibrium balance and unity... " is Yin and Yang. The study of Taoism has shown me that life is always in constant equilibrium, a balancing act, that continues throughout our achieve a " universal " Tao defies human nature...

Besides, life, on the face of it, is absurd. Between this yearning for meaning and eternal verities and the actual condition of the universe, there are gaps that can never be filled...This confrontation of the human heart and the indifferent universe brings about the notion of the absurd...The absurd is not in man or in the world he lives in, but their presence's the only bond that unites them...Larry

loua profile image

loua 7 years ago from Elsewhere, visiting Earth ~ the segregated community planet Author

marven, I hear your position; but I find it lacking in conclusive intent for a solution that is in need to orchestrate the planning of goals and objectives for a global community on a rock in the time and space of a universe we create.

Look at it like this, to see my perspective perception; if you care to see beyond your personal scope of interest.

The cognition concept and comprehension of inclusive civil selflessness represents the positive side of the spectrum quality attribute and nature of everything in the universe as exclusive evil selfishness is the extreme negative side of that spectrum. My theory suggest that the solution is to seek equilibrium of the consciousness thought and universe of our being.

My intent is to provide substantial evidence that the big picture is a reflection of the little picture rather than the little picture being a reflection of the big picture ~ this picture makes humanity responsible for its greed and selfishness as a negative means to an end that needs balance.

I hope I have clarified the scope of my rambling, this is why I am posting my work here, to test the perceptions opinion and perspective of the more informed public...

Thanks for your comments and input, I truly appreciate your perspective perception~ this is the object of equilibrium balance and unity...

maven101 profile image

maven101 7 years ago from Northern Arizona

An intelligent, well written, but somewhat rambling discourse on ethics and human nature, which I found rather interesting and thoughtful...However, I could not disagree with you more...Point in particular : Inclusive civil selflessness...I am very selfish when it comes to managing my life because the impact of my choices redound to my family, friends, and professional outcomes...In this respect I am very much an Objectivist embracing Ayn Rand's dictum that equal opportunity does not necessarily equate to equal outcomes...Larry

loua profile image

loua 7 years ago from Elsewhere, visiting Earth ~ the segregated community planet Author

Shannon and James, I get similar responses from everyone its an innate default to an incomprehensible problem, simply because when one tries to digest the whole of anything it is overwhelming, its like eating an elephant; but a piece at at time is doable. Statistically it is probable ~ Nash Equilibrium is a probability iteration permutation solution mechanism... It is simply the offset balance of positives negatives and naughts.

Example: If you hold hands between friends who disagree and buffer their action, stimulus and response. It has nothing to do with the capacity aptitude potential it has to do with the faith truth and belief each has in each others inclusive civil selflessness ~ now apply this mechanism throughout with inclusive civil selflessness ~ là vous l'avez ~ you have it, harmony agreement and accord of perfection creation and evolution...

Thanks so much for your input and debate...

James A Watkins profile image

James A Watkins 7 years ago from Chicago

You are certainly a deep thinker with a wide range of intellectual insights and capabilities. It is always difficult to find a balance between idealism and realism. Certainly all people are endowed by their Creator with inalienable rights—equal in the eyes of God and the Law. They are also certainly not equal in value to the commonweal of humanity—in fact the range is incredible. A pure democracy can involve passions and fashions of the uniformed that go against their own interests ultimately. Any great society has great leaders—though maybe not all the time. And sometimes, leadership involves vision that 51% of the masses may not see with clarity.

I enjoyed your article. It does make one think. Which is good.

MamaDragonfly2677 profile image

MamaDragonfly2677 7 years ago from New York

Started??? Listen... I could chat with you for HOURS!!! :)

I guess with the way I think, personally, if everyone could just let their greed and desire to gain power over everything, (and everyone) just dissolve along with their selfish needs and wants, we could all eventually come together as one and BE ABLE to make this world right! But unfortunately, I do not see this happening any time soon... There is always going to be at least one person out there who will have this "need of power"...

It's too bad that our species can be split up into "catagories"... It's not supposed to be that way. We ARE all humans, yet some can be called "monsters", and it would be politically correct to do so.

Cheers to you, loua! I love your hubs! I bet you would also enjoy hubs by "maven". You should check him out!

loua profile image

loua 7 years ago from Elsewhere, visiting Earth ~ the segregated community planet Author

Shannon,Thank you for your comment, you are a welcome sight... Yes, we need leaders with integrity, morals and ethics; and the public needs to demand that be the case by setting the stage for only that to occur... The solution is in an inclusive civil and selfless economic model...

All the criticism and direction in the world does nothing if no one hears and responds to the message of solution ~

When humanity realizes worth wealth and value are founded in the equilibrium of freedom~balance and liberty~unity; then applying this to their economic model; this is when a civilized society will begin to evolve... See you got me started... Thanks again for the visit...

MamaDragonfly2677 profile image

MamaDragonfly2677 7 years ago from New York

Leaders who think of something besides theirselves and those close to their family... Leaders who are not selfish and hypocrits...

Great hub!

loua profile image

loua 7 years ago from Elsewhere, visiting Earth ~ the segregated community planet Author

msorensson, yes ~ we need enlightened leaders, those who know to default to common denominator of unbiased expert witness in each area of issue which is the key to making same available opinion to the masses who can then discern their opinion without doubt...

The process for deriving this opinion is another treatise; it is also simple an requires comparing all opinion to determine similarity of common denominators...

Thank you so much for your comments...

msorensson profile image

msorensson 7 years ago

"Laws and regulations should be based on the inclusive impact to the whole of society not just the benefit to a select few and their needs. Laws and regulation legislation need the scrutiny of mass review and concurrence to be effective and efficient measures of social standard"

In order to arrive here, we have to have enlightened leaders. The paradox is that the enlightened ones do not lead. They can mentor leaders, guide them.

Therefore the best that we can hope for is for people who are open minded enough to follow the suggestions of the enlightened ones.

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