Today every citizen of Pakistan is asking only one question and that is :-

How we will feel secure when the Naval base, GHQ , air base and other very Important places are not secured?

Here I would like to highlight few questions :-

1) Why so important Naval base was made in the city ?

2) Why PAF Museum was made there and that is open for all ?

3) Just to earn money why the officials have allowed wedding ceremony and other functions to

take place where all the Important and Historical Planes are kept ?

4) Why there was no proper security arrangement ?

5) Where were the guards at that time when the terrorist were putting stairs and climbing the


6) Why this happened after the night when political dharna (sitting ) was made ?

7) Until and unless security personnel are not involved these types of terrorist activity can not

be performed.How is it possible to enter any Naval base without security check ?

8) Is this the repercussion of Drone attacks ?

9) Or this was done just to divert attention of citizens of Pakistan from Abbotabad incidence

on May 2nd 2011 ?

At the end it is my humble request to the intelligence and the security personnel to remain

high alert during their duty hours.

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phiphi profile image

phiphi 5 years ago from USA

nice hub, but do you really think so that is so much easy to enter in army base ? or may be government is involved in it ?

drdspervez profile image

drdspervez 5 years ago from Pakistan Author

My dear phiphi thanks a lot for reading my article and your comment. I don't think that it is very easy to enter inside an army base until some body is involved. :)


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