What has happened to our country? Have we ever been so divided as we have been in the past decade? It is getting more and more unbearable to deal with our differences. The parties are no longer even a resemblance of what they once were. The Republican party has morphed into the Democrat party and the Democrat party is shifting more and more toward socialistic. Still, the two words it all boils down to is--liberal and conservative.

Even after this country fought a war over another great divide almost one hundred and fifty years ago, this perfect storm is brewing. And it seems it is only a matter of time before a town hall meeting becomes a town brawl and looks more like the Jerry Springer show.

I had an idea several years ago. I thought it was a stupid, but stupidly splendid idea that I could get no one to go along with. Now, I am thinking the time is nearing I might have some takers.

My idea is for a great experiment. Seriously. It is time to put up or shut up. There is boisterous talking but scarcely any listening. Admit it, all of us could talk to one another until we are blue in the face, but at the end of the day, our feet are staunchly in the proverbial cement. So, as a country, what can we do? My mind trounces off to the extended fued of the Hatfields and McCoys, but come on, who has time for that these days? I have an idea that is better than the constant bickering and arguing and being split on issues 50/50.

Two countries. Yes, you read right--lets divide into two countries--the Liberal States of America and the Conservative States of America. Are you game?

Now, I know what you are thinking,"Gosh, we fought a war so this would not be so." Yes we did, so lets go into this with a rule. The rule, the two countries shall exist for ten years and then reunite .

In that ten year span, the liberals can have universal healthcare. They can make sure every citizen is covered to the hilt with all the health insurance they would ever need. And it will indeed be a good thing since all the insurance companies will choose to do business in the Conservative States of America. Do not squander the necessity.

The Conservative States of America can continue with the capitalistic way of healthcare--insurance companies offering different policies, competing with one another. One question though, if all the uninsured choose to go to the Liberal States of America, would that make insurance rates decrease in the CSA? I am not sure, but I am sure healthcare would still be the finest in the world. I wonder how many doctors would choose not to live in the Conservative States of America?

It is okay, Liberal States of America, what you lack in doctors, you will gain in trial lawyers. There will be fifty attorneys waiting on those ambulances for every one person. Chomp! Oh wait, I just heard healthcare go down even more in the Conservative States of America.

And what of the car industry? The car industry has certainly had its fair share of troubles over the past few years. Companies having to honor impossible labor contracts that pay former employees that no longer produce automobiles. The car industry will separate. Each country shall have car manufacturers. I can imagine those car companies will be run differently, however.

Over in LSA, the cars will shrink in size. Be glad; halfway through the experiment, I bet you are free from oil usage. Yes, sir! Not a pipe dream (oh, forgive the pun) anymore. It is reality. The population now, plugs up and charges up. Although the power outages that occur are as annoying as heck. The hotel business will be a good one though. All the travelers having to stop on those long trips after one hundred and fifty miles to recharge. I see a surge (oh forgive the pun again) in hotel construction.

In the CSA, there are less unions, but getting rid of that pesky NAFTA helped out with manufacturing jobs. People are back at work, paying taxes and going to sporting events where just after the Star Spangle Banner is sung, a prayer fills the night air with an echo. ".....In Jesus name, amen...amen...amen."

I suppose since we are kin, the LSA and CSA, our military can protect you if you need it. I doubt the left will keep a military. Just not their style. But you probably will never need us and our guns. Your leaders will compromise and keep you out of trouble.

Game over at the end of ten years. Time to compare apples to apples--conservative to liberal. Which country would have faired better? Which country would be taxed more? Which country would have a better GNP? Which country would Europe like more? I am sure we will all disagree about the outcome, but wouldn't it be fun to try it and see. Put it to rest one way or another

The liberal versus conservative experiment--wouldn't you like to try it? Are you game? This is of course all tongue in cheek, but I wonder........

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no body profile image

no body 7 years ago from Rochester, New York

miss pam, you madam are a genius. This is a brilliant hub. Thank God for you writing talent. You are right. There is a line drawn in the sand and it is conservative against liberal. Each exists in direct opposition to the other. If one lives it kills the other and vice versa. Both have "principles" that they adhere to and thus niether can move unless they are unprincipled wishy washy middle of the roaders that don't believe anything and say they believe everything. Me being a Christian must pack and move right but I see corruption everywhere and would have to be very savvy politically and vocal about Christian principles. I like the way you think. We could be best buds I bet.

greatAmerican profile image

greatAmerican 7 years ago

This has been proposed, but how do we make it work, You mentioned Democrats, Republicans, then shifted to the more realistic Liberal, Conservatives, but even in this case we have fence sitters who are not even sure where they fit into the New World. If most Democrats are Liberals and most Republicans are Conservatives, it helps to divey up the Country, but in the end it would certainly racially devide the country. It is really funny that the Conservatives mostly from the North fought and freed slaves from Liberals in the South, and now 95 percent of the descendents of the slaves will end up living in Liberalland. And that my friend would be THEIR choice. I can't figure out what would happen with all those illegals from south of the border.

I like the idea of about 10 States being allowed to Secede

and form their own Government. These 10 states would be the Conservative Land, those who don't like it move out, and stay out. I think Texas wants out, so Texas, Oklahoma New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming Nebraska and

Colorado. I would really like Arkansas but it may not be a good fit.

Pamela Laird profile image

Pamela Laird 7 years ago Author

I was being tongue and cheek about it and it's all about satire, but we could set aside something like DC for the "Don't Choose" group.

BJC profile image

BJC 7 years ago from Florida

Brilliant!! Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could actually do this. Coming from a European nation, I can assure you national health care is not what we need.

Keep us posted.

no body profile image

no body 7 years ago from Rochester, New York

That why the hub is so genius. It is tongue in cheek but that is the best way to get people thinking. Loveya Pam.

Write On Target profile image

Write On Target 7 years ago from North Carolina

Interesting Hub. Alas however the recently retired/resigned Alaskan governor intends to fix this all by forming her own party. Not clear whether it will be a 'left of right' party or perhaps simply an extrapolation of hubby Todd's previously proposed militia. Either way it should be exciting to see how it will fix our political system.

Back to you Pam, you do author some nice hubs! Cheers!

Pamela Laird profile image

Pamela Laird 7 years ago Author

For what it is worth, I don't think Sarah Palin will run for President in 2012. After this week, it seems she has more power (like her or not) with her words than in office. Her blog caused some things to be changed in the bill. Perhaps she is smarter than anyone gave her credit. We will have to see.

As for me, I am supporting Mike Huckabee in 2012 if nothing changes.

breakfastpop profile image

breakfastpop 7 years ago

Dear Pamela,

At the end of ten years each country will split in half and then we will have four!

Madame X 7 years ago

I have always been a strong proponent of people getting exactly what they want. The libs made everything so regulated, so over-taxed, so restrictive in California that a lot of even them moved to Nevada to escape it. Then they started passing those same laws in Nevada, which was once a more conservative state, into a more liberal one. Now a lot of them don't like it there either. Hmmm, do you think there's a connection?

Great hub!

Pamela Laird profile image

Pamela Laird 7 years ago Author

I live in a southern state and we have tons of people move here from New York and California and what are they doing? You got it, bringing the liberal with them. You are right. If it's not working there, don't bring it here!!!!

Harvey Stelman profile image

Harvey Stelman 7 years ago from Illinois

Pam, I don't think Abe Lincoln would like your idea. There are so many things each state depends on others for. This would be a disaster.

As far as liberals moving to the south, I wrote about this years ago. The political spectrum has changed greatly, sad to say. The sad part (politically)is that it will continue.

A Texan 7 years ago

Can I be President of the CSA? That would be cool, or maybe just Speaker of the House.

sneakorocksolid 7 years ago

I nominate 'A Texan' for the next and first president of the CSA! Good Hub! We don't have to be nice to the liberals to play, do we? Great job!

James A Watkins profile image

James A Watkins 7 years ago from Chicago

I love this idea! I am game. Let's do it.

Pamela Laird profile image

Pamela Laird 6 years ago Author

For the person who sent me the snide comment about this article, thanks for the correction, it is "tongue in cheek."

Also, please check out this website about the one of the most talked about of the future cars--

It's ELECTRIC. I am not against alternatives to oil, but give us something that works as well or better and for an affordable price.

Disagreeing with me is fine, but doing it in the way you did won't get your comments on my page.

Pamela Laird profile image

Pamela Laird 6 years ago Author

Oh and by the way, I have NEVER deleted a comment before--either positive or negative about anything I have written.

Amy O 5 years ago

I am totally game for this.....if they think they are so right...let them prove it! The only thing I don't like is it only being 10 yrs....I don't want to go back to this at all....they would fall apart without conservatives actually working to support their unemployment lifestyle....

Anthony 5 years ago

I'm a liberal, myself, and I am all for this idea, and I mean that absolutely seriously. There will still be debates in both countries, but they will have shifted some, and they might be more interesting, or at least different. I think that, even after 10 years, everyone will want to stay separate. My guess is that both countries will still think they are better than each other, no matter how they have diverged over the decade. If we split up, all of us could get things done and be inspired by a new world where neither side's politics are stymied by the other's. Both will have problems, but we will each find our own ways through them, and they will be ours. We will both own our own fates and no one will be able to blame the other side for ruining their country again! I am not joking. I am dead serious. I want this to happen.

Joe C. 4 years ago

There is absolutely nothing wrong with being in the middle between the liberal and conservative positions. It's called having common sense and not being forced to go along with the crowd. there are some liberal positions I agree with and some conservative positions I agree with. People are able to come up with their own beliefs when they grow up. Try it some time "no body".

Jayfort 4 years ago

Absolutely AWESOME Hub, Pamela! Thoroughly enjoyed it. Wish we could give this experiment a try.

Pamela Laird profile image

Pamela Laird 4 years ago Author

Thank you.

terrioscarson 4 years ago

Pam, I have thought this same thing many times in the past 4 years. My thought was that once you've chosen your side you have to stay there for 4 years and if you've realized that it's not what it's cracked up to be then you can change/move; but only in every 4th year. It really would be intersting to see how it would play out.

DoctorJ 4 years ago

I've been thinking for a long time that separation should occur, and I was happy to read your article even though you proposed it tongue-in-cheek. I don't - I honestly think both sides would be happier this way. Both could advance their own political agenda, and both would be responsible for the success or failures of their own systems.

If you want a 3rd Do Not Choose country, fine, but I think all 50 states could reasonably select between L and C. I would suggest that they rejoin after 10 years only if majorities in both countries vote to reunite, otherwise they should stay separate. People in a country ought to have most things in common with their fellow citizens, but I cannot honestly say that I feel anything in common with those of the liberal persuasion. Preserving the union is highly, highly unimportant...

Bibi 4 years ago

As a liberal I would love if this could happen :) Everyone could get the world they so dearly want...and why not?

You can have all the southern states and Texas.

Pamela Laird profile image

Pamela Laird 4 years ago Author

You can have New York and all the Northeast. :o) You've got a deal!! lol

Sam Houston 2 years ago

If the country did divide it would be into three countries not two. Texas would demand to be its own nation like it should be. You liberals and Conservatives can have the union, Texans would take Texas. We would never make the same mistake of joining back with the ununited states of america. I'm a Texas nationalist and my belief is that Texas is and will always be its own nation under god, We are a stand alone state/nation and that's why we are still recognized as a republic by foreign countries.

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