TPP's Corporate Takeover, Your Third Amendment Right, Lobbying: Legalized Bribery

Update January 10, 2014: Major Economic News Release


Another big bombshell has been dropped on an already struggling economy. IBM is reorganizing and laying off 5,000 positions in the United States. They are one of several technical markets laying off and re-locating jobs overseas. Microsoft also announced earlier this year that they would be laying off 5,000 people. Bill Gates has long been a strong supporter of outsourcing, and last year lobbied congress for an increase in H-1B Visas to bring “highly skilled” labor into the United States. He claimed he could not find enough skilled workers here.

This type of “GREED” is helping to explode the unemployment figures. Microsoft and IBM are only two of the corporate giants that have helped drive our country into its financial and economical decline. Yes, the United States does have the technical expertise available! However, because they are unwilling to work for depleted wages like their foreign counter parts, many will soon lose their jobs.

OK techies, this link will aid you in your job search.


Nancy Pelosi, recently made a preposterous statement to a large group of individuals in Illinois? She declared that our Immigration Laws are un-American. Really Ms. Pelosi; If that‘s the case then the same can be said for our local and federal laws. Selective and discriminatory prosecution, by an elected representative of this country, is a betrayal against our constitution and the citizens who elected them! This statement also discriminates against people from other countries who have applied for lawful entry into the United States.

Ms. Pelosi is a representative for the state of California. Keep this disgraceful remark in mind when you go into the voting booth next election. I wonder if she has ever read the Immigration Laws for Mexico and other countries. I believe ours are more lenient then most.


If you have not heard by now, this bad boy is at least loyal to one person---his wife. You know he fibbed, and later admitted the truth, about writing that loophole in the TARP package, which allowed for huge compensation payouts. Hold on to your seats—his wife was with AIG as a director. WOW, are we surprised by this? Just when you thought, it couldn’t get any worse; it does! I would definitely call this a conflict of interest!


Bush, before leaving office, met with Mexico’s president and Canada’s prime minister. They discussed, agreed to and signed a program called the North American Union Agreement. What will this mean to us if it is validated? There will be no boarders between the three countries, Mexico will have access to our Social Security System, open house on free trade, and our dollar will change to the AMERO. Yep he did this without the knowledge of congress. Hmmmmm! You would be wise to study up on this issue so if it is brought before congress we can start writing and calling the capital.

“Be Aware of the tendency of power to degenerate into abuse, the worthies of our country have secured its independence by the establishment of a Constitution and form of government for our nation, calculated to prevent as well as to correct abuse." ~~Thomas Jefferson, to The Washington Tammany Society, 1809.

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Lgali 6 years ago

interesting hub thanks

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Nancy's Niche 7 years ago from USA Author

Thanks for visiting my site and your comments are always appreciated...Blessings!

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mulberry1 7 years ago

Interesting tidbits for sure. People need to be informed when they vote and when measures come up for a vote. Thanks!

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