Tax on Sodas?!

Diet Pepsi or Orange Crush?

Okay; I’m just trying to decide whether to have a glass of diet Pepsi Zero or sugary Orange Crush while I write tonight….We’re going to talk DIET, OBESITY, FAST FOOD, COMMUNITIES OF “COLOR” and MOTIVE of TAXING.

I’m going to start out by saying I’m just one little small voice in this big, hugely populated country of the United States of America, a country that appears to be getting more and more victimized by big government and corporate spending, the national deficit and the “need” of the powers that be to find money somewhere to keep the comfortable comfortable, and to keep up with the minimum payments on an out-of-control deficit.

San Francisco, CA has just implemented tax on “sugary” sodas, and it’s now going to get ugly. Sodas are responsible for contributing to obesity? Who’s to say an increase in drinking non-taxed diet drinks full of aspartame wouldn’t affect the loss of memory in consumers? What’s next? Are they going to catapult into extra taxing of bacon, sausage, hamburger, potatoes, rice, bread, pasta, butter, whole milk, cookies, chocolate, potato chips, mochas, and fast food? The list can go on and on, but you get my drift. I couldn’t believe “they’re” trying to shut down fast food chains, especially in communities of “color” claiming the majority “white” owners of these fast food corporations are trying to harm populations of “color”, because they’re getting fatter than white folks. What?!

Soul Food

Let me tell you something. I was married into a family of “color”, and I can tell you they love “soul food”, which consists of home-cooked meals of fried everything, pies, grits, greens (yes, with bacon) and so forth. Big Momma Klump cooked every Sunday! Not to mention the fact that women of color tend to be BBW’s based on their cultural make-up! Has nothing to do with McDonald’s! (she sips her diet Pepsi)

Now, let’s talk about the cost of food for a minute. I used to think that heavy-set people simply ate too much. That’s not an entirely correct assumption. I had relatives that were living on very little income and yet were on the heavier side. Why? Well, if one has to buy pasta, cheese, pancakes, rice, etc. as their staple foods that fill them up, yet don’t cost much, wouldn’t that possibly contribute to obesity? Ever tried going on a healthful diet of fresh vegetables (excuse me, a dollar for one tomato?), fruits, lean chicken breasts, etc.? My grocery bill almost doubles if I change my grocery list in order to eat more healthfully.

Back to communities of “color”: we all know that racism has been a huge problem in corporate America for generations, so much so, the EEOC was established. Yes, it’s not just racism, but sexism, religious, and age discrimination as well. What about weight discrimination?! Consider that people of color tend to congregate in affordable communities to survive, simply because many of them are not as “privileged” to get the same jobs with equal pay ~ you know I’m speaking the truth here. Would it not make sense to provide them fast-food places to allow everyone to eat less expensively than to shop in the grocery store? For every race, color and creed, dollar menus are the bomb! Sure, it’s not that healthful, but this has nothing to do with the “white” owners of these fast food joints trying to destroy people of “color”. That’s insane!

Shut Down Fast Food?

Why not pay any attention to all the international food restaurants all over America? Asian food has tremendous amounts of calories, so does Mexican, Italian (yes, even pizza), Turkish, Greek, you name it. Why not reduce menu prices and cut the portions in half? People will eat more when it’s there. All-you-can-eat buffets are all over the place. Why not shut down Dairy Queen, Foster Freeze, Cold Stone, and take Ben & Jerry’s off the market? How about all the bakery departments in our finer grocery stores? Shutting down Taco Bell, McDonalds, Burger King and Carl’s Jr. is not going to solve anything, except to force people to pay more for a burger in a more expensive restaurant, if you ask me.

Taxing tobacco was alright, as we absolutely know that tobacco is an “unhealthful” choice and people can indeed survive without it; it’s not food. Do “they” even consider that BEER and other alcohol contribute to obesity?! They surely don’t get enough taxes from all that, and I guess true alcoholics don’t eat, so we'd better start super-taxing food…NOT.

Central California Abundance...
Central California Abundance...
Now Desolate due to Water Shut-Off...
Now Desolate due to Water Shut-Off...
To Save the Smelt!
To Save the Smelt!

Hunger and Malnutrition in America?!

As long as we have humanity, people need to eat. We’ve got central California farmers out of work because the water pumps were shut off to the farm lands because of some “leftist radical” who wanted to save the little 2” Delta smelt (fish) that were getting caught in the pumps, so that the salmon fishermen up in northern California could stay employed. Excuse me? Do we eat as much salmon as we do fruits, vegetables and nuts? Central California farms provide food for the entire U.S. Miles of farmers and their families (thousands) are out of work standing in eight-hour lines in the hot sun to get donated food to survive. Now, we get higher taxes on the available cheaper foods, and inflation hits the healthful foods because we’ll be eating tomatoes shipped from China now? (She takes another gulp of diet Pepsi)

There are many, many causes for obesity. STRESS has a lot to do with it. Just turn on the news! Look at the number of unemployed people losing their homes. What’s the percentage of people taking medications quickly prescribed by healthcare professionals? What are the side effects? Oh! Weight gain? And I won't even begin to discuss the rush to fill the need for "comfort food"! Are schools cutting back their physical education and sports programs? Why don’t we have health teachers educating our kids about proper nutrition and exercise from the get-go? Why feed the kids high-fat burritos, hamburgers, hot dogs, pizza and Chinese foods on the hot lunch menus? And guess what else? When people work out, they have to eat more of the expensive healthful foods so they won’t put on more weight because of their increased metabolisms.

Any blood in there?
Any blood in there?

Bleed the Turnip!

Government needs to quit trying to find loopholes to give them excuses to drain tax-payers into further poverty to enable their big spending. There’s no excuse for America to have to increase tax on any kind of food, for any reason. We are the richest country in the world in the production of food, and yet we’ve got starving and malnourished Americans all over the country?! Why not just keep kicking Americans while we’re down? Drain more blood out of your turnips to keep the upper echelon wealthy enough to afford their beauty treatments, fancy gourmet diets, top-of-the-line clothing ~ not to mention their drug habits to keep them Vogue skinny. Government, big banks and corrupt business operations caused this major economic collapse and they need to fix it without oppressing the American citizens any further!!! Enough is enough!!! (Off to get a refill on diet Pepsi)

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no body profile image

no body 7 years ago from Rochester, New York

Ok sis, stop if I laugh any harder I'll pee my pants (again). I agree with everything you said. Taxation is not the answer. Redistribution of wealth is not the answer. The answer is there but it will take all of congress not just democrats to get to it. They need to work together and stop all this fighting. You and I will keep on praying for our leaders. You will keep drinking diet Pepsi, I diet Coke. And I'll keep reading your hubs and laughing, crying, praying and loving them and you. My precious precious sister.

Shepherd's Lamb profile image

Shepherd's Lamb 7 years ago from Roseville, CA Author

Hey, brother! lol ~ really, the taxation of sodas is not a laughing matter, but we can relate to Big Momma Klump ~ I bet she does some fine cookin' for you tomorrow, too!! Nothing better!! We love that soul food! Anyhow, we the people need to stop this madness ~ we still have a voice and better use it while we still can!

no body profile image

no body 7 years ago from Rochester, New York

Who needs a TV tray when there's someplace much better to set my plate? I still haven't stopped laughing. You are too cool! I guess you know me pretty well already. I love you.

Vladimir Uhri profile image

Vladimir Uhri 7 years ago from HubPages, FB

Great hub, sis.

Shepherd's Lamb profile image

Shepherd's Lamb 7 years ago from Roseville, CA Author

Love you guys, brother No Body and Vladimir! I appreciate you stopping by to read, comment and share the luv :-)

Silver Poet profile image

Silver Poet 6 years ago from the computer of a midwestern American writer

I fully agree with your point of view on this topic. In fact I have linked to it so more people can read it.

Shepherd's Lamb profile image

Shepherd's Lamb 6 years ago from Roseville, CA Author

Awesome, Silver Poet! That's very kewl!

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