Tayvon's Martin's Killer's Racist Slur


George Zimmerman uttered "Fucking Coons" on the 911 tape as he CHASED Trayvon Martin.
George Zimmerman uttered "Fucking Coons" on the 911 tape as he CHASED Trayvon Martin.
George Zimmerman
George Zimmerman

"F..cking Coons," says Zimmerman

During his call to 911, George Zimmerman, the killer of Trayvon Martin clearly utters "f**king coons". You can hear the tape here. Forward the tape to about 2:10 and you will hear Zimmerman describing to the dispatcher where Martin is headed. Trayvon starts to run from Zimmerman, and Zimmerman says, "Sh*t he's running." The dispatcher ask Zimmerman which way Martin is running and at 2:21 in the tape, you can clearly hear Zimmerman say under his breath, "F**king coons." Coons is racial slur that has been used to describe African Americans for centuries.

There are several other factors here that make this interesting because Zimmerman has said that he was protecting himself from Martin. However, it is clear that he is pursuing the teen. Trayvon, according to his girlfriend, who was on the phone with him at the time was terrified of Zimmerman and decided to run after Zimmerman started to pursue him.

With all the new evidence that has been discovered over the past few days there is little doubt that Zimmerman should be in jail and Bill Lee, Jr., the Sanford Police Chief, should be fired. Trayvon Martin was running for his life from a racist megalomanic. This is beyond tragic; it is murder and a cover-up and all of those involved to should be held responsible.

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Chasuk 4 years ago

This will drag on for a long time because the cop's first interest is covering their ass, but Zimmerman will eventually go to prison -- as he should -- because he is not a cop. If he were a cop, he would never go to jail.

Ralph Deeds profile image

Ralph Deeds 4 years ago

Nice jog on the Hub. Florida needs effective handgun control legislation and enforcement. Zimmerman should never have gotten a permit to carry a handgun. Florida is one of several states which have passed insane "stand your ground laws." This law should be repealed. The police department should be investigated and appropriate charges brought. The police chief should be fired.

Tia Booker 4 years ago

The chief NEEDS TO BE FIRED! This is so upsetting, on so many different levels. I only hope the Martins get justice.

Naomi Walker 4 years ago

I don't necessarily believe the Stand Your Ground law is the problem here. Of course one should be allowed to defend themselves by whatever means necessary if they are being attacked or their home is being invaded. However, what Zimmerman did was not protected under that law, and the fact that the police just let him go based on nothing more than his word is despicable. There is no doubt, if the tables were turned that young man would be in jail without bail, awaiting a speedy trial.

@fourfiff 4 years ago

This doesn't make a since I feel sorry for those who hate you or feel inferior because of a persons skin color or ethnic background

P A Million 4 years ago

Does anyone remember why you had to check your guns when you got to Town in the old West? We do not give guns to police and military staff that do not pass the pyschaitic evaluations! These issue are why we do not need for every Tom, Dick , and Harry carrying guns of any style or size. The NRA and their members and contributors should be held responsible for deaths and injuries like these! I hope this family and all others get some type of resolve.

Racism never prevails 4 years ago

This is so ...tragic. And to the homeowners who heard the screaming. Thats one life that could have been saved. Cowa

shawntae 4 years ago

this is crazy that man should of been in jail long time .. what is this world coming to ??? the little boy was only walking home from a store and killed all because he '' looked suspicious wow .. the police chief should go down with him .. if it was his son would be a different story !

Devils advocate 4 years ago

It states, "Trayvon, according to his girlfriend, who was on the phone with him at the time was terrified of Zimmerman and decided to run after Zimmerman started to pursue him." Why would he be afraid of him if he didn't do anything wrong? Don't get me wrong, it's tragic what happen but did the teenager do anything wrong to get chased in the first place?

Chasuk 4 years ago

@Devils advocate: Personally, if I was being stalked, in the dark, by a stranger,I'd run, too. As for him doing anything wrong in the first place, I think the CCTV footage and Zimmerman's erratic behavior make it plain that the only thing Trayvon did "wrong" was be black.

mrs islar 4 years ago

@ Devils advocate it's sad that u feel that way and u percieve shit the way u do but what if this was ur child. u gotta be a heartless peice of shit of ask such a dumb ass question!!!!!

pamela 4 years ago

I pray justice I don't know what all you are going through and I don't really need to know. I do know that you Love the Lord and that you have and are experiencing pain in your life right know. I want to pray for you...may I keep you in my prayers? come swift for Zimmerman. He is guilty and should never be walking free.

sky 4 years ago

The more fragile an idea, the more desperate it's defenders become.

sam 4 years ago

its wrong that you wont post my comments

christina g 4 years ago

Please put him in jail,,,,this kid should never have been hunted down by this psycho,,,its obvious what has gone down here to everyone,,,,making me want to move the hell out of a southern state,,but wait a minute folks,,its not 1950,,,hasnt character made any advancements ,,only technology,,,we need to back up and make sure we are in the right state of heart and mind...

Mcw 4 years ago

To me it sounds as someone is protecting their neighborhood and home. Zimmerman is a successful person trying to protect the things him and his neighbors worked so hard for. This kid, who already at 17 has a criminal past, suspended from school, and was a drug user, should be questioned as to what he was doing. Zimmerman ask him to stop but the kid attacked an adult. Where were his parents? He was just suspended from school, shouldn't he be in trouble rather than wandering the streets finding more trouble? Idle hands are the devils best friend. However, this is a sad situation and my heart does goes out to his family and the Zimmermans

Chasuk 4 years ago

@Mcw: If the stranger who stalked you the through the streets at night "asked" you to stop, would you?

Biran 4 years ago

Mcw: you have to be joking lol... let me break this down for you. Zimmerman was not trying to protect his or his neighbors homes or things. 1) Tayvon' farther lives in that neighborhood.2) what criminal past, the only one with a pass is Zimmerman(first dergee assault on a officer).3) What teen has never been suspended form school but to clear (Tayvon was suspended from school for having a EMPTY!! bagie.. not weed)4) You called this kid a DRUG USER. What proof is there that this kid ever used drugs the police drug tested him and found nothing.5) Did your parents tell you don't talk to strangers. this man is riding around in his unmarked truck stalking him like a petafile. Zimmerman never at any time asked Tayvon to stop, He stalked him. How can you be attacked by someone running a why from you... ? do gazelles attack lions, one run's away and the other gives chase.I can go on and on but to your last statment(IDLE HANDS ARE THE DEVILS BEST FRIEND) you are right! when you have time to ride around a neighborhood in the rain with a 9mm looking for something to do you have to much time on your hands. So Mcw do us all a favor and go choke on your own spit

512fly 4 years ago

Mcw and Devils advocate,

Zimmerman is NOT a police officer! If he asked me to stop after following me I wouldn't stop for him. I'd get outta there fast myself. If he pursued on foot and caught me I'd fight him off. Zimmerman is not a cop with a uniform or more importantly a badge. Because he was walking around at night why does he have to be suspicious? I was a victim of profiling once because "I didn't look like I could live in the area". What a shame then an what a tragedy now.

ak47 4 years ago


Ralph Deeds profile image

Ralph Deeds 4 years ago

Very true.

Doghouse Riley 4 years ago

Nobody under age 60 uses the slur "coon." He said "goon."

Unbiased 4 years ago

The views here are skewed... The cops didn't let Zimmerman go based on his word they let him go based on his broken nose and the lacerations on the back of Zimmermans head. Also there is an eye witness that saw Trayvon beating on Zimmerman, as for his girlfriend what else is she supposed to say?

Chasuk 4 years ago

@Unbiased: If you challenged me in the dark -- especially after you had been stalking me -- then I would initially tell you to mind you own business. If you persisted and kept following me, getting in my face, then I would reasonably perceive you as a danger, and violence might result.

Trayvon is dead because Zimmerman was a racist, and he should be held accountable.

Put it this way: suppose an armed, much larger black man had stalked a skinny white kid through the dark streets, and then killed the white kid in "self-defense." The black guy would be in jail, period, and you know it.

ProAc 4 years ago

As more details become clear, the fallacy that Tayron was a choir boy simply walking to his girlfriends house is quickly becoming clear. I agree Florida's gun laws and their stand your ground statute are idiotic and can lead to just this situation. However, for the media to go off half-cocked and attempt to paint Zimmerman as some drooling racist, now appears premature. Obviously an altercation occurred during which the younger Martin was shot and killed. So far those seem to be the only real facts. I'd reserve judgement until I knew more.

habueld profile image

habueld 4 years ago from Riverside, CA Author

You should really read the facts. Trayvon was walking back to his father's home and talking on the phone to his girlfriend. He had trouble in school, smoked pot but had never been arrested. Zimmerman was the one with the arrest record. He used a racist slur and he didn't follow police orders to not follow or confront Trayvon. I don't mind you posting a comment but get the facts straight.

I don't need to know more. The lead investigator didn't even believe Zimmerman's story.

ProAc 4 years ago

Wow thanks for allowing me to post a comment. If the lead investigator didn't believe Zimmermans version of events explain to me why he wasn't arrested? Could it be other neighbors corroborated Zimmermans story? If Tayvons father lives in that neighborhood why would Zimmerman not recognize him? Something about this story still sounds fishy. Tayvon as the innocent ,skittle eating ,iced tea drinking, cell phone chatting teen just sounds so contrived by black leaders with an agenda

habueld profile image

habueld 4 years ago from Riverside, CA Author

Trayvon didn't live there. He lived with his mother in Miami. The lead investigator was overruled by the State's Attorney's office citing lack of evidence. Nothing is contrived. He wasn't eating skittles, he was taking them home to his little brother. These are the facts. Phone records show he was on the phone with his girlfriend during the altercation. All facts.

I get to approve or deny your comment. Also a fact.

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habueld 4 years ago from Riverside, CA Author

Tex Garcia 4 years ago

this is such a load of shit i cant even stand to read it. NOWHERE in the tapes was Mr. Zimmerman heard making any racist remarks, zimmerman was well within his rights judging by the evidence shown to use his gun. your a disgusting disgraceful person for posting this shit and should be taken too court for slander

habueld profile image

habueld 4 years ago from Riverside, CA Author

Listen to the tape and tell me what he said. You can find the enhanced version here. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MQdsJwpSUKw You tell me what he said.

Ralph Deeds profile image

Ralph Deeds 4 years ago

Sounded pretty clear to me. I think the sub-title of your Hub is correct. I haven't heard any other plausible suggestions as to what Zimmerman said. It makes you wonder why he thought it was okay to say that to the police dispatcher.

Tiki Tiki Tembo 4 years ago

This article lost what little credibility it ever had after the word "clearly", in "clearly utters f**king coon".

Chasuk 4 years ago

I'll be honest, I think Zimmerman is a scumbag racist who should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law, but I didn't hear the words "f**king coons," clearly or otherwise.

habueld profile image

habueld 4 years ago from Riverside, CA Author


Will somebody please tell me what other possibilities there are because I hear coons. I'm not making it up. The doesn't say punks as reported. What are the words he could have used..oh I know Goons. He said, "F**king Goons." Right.

cen 4 years ago

This is not the original, I've listened to the original.

Nice overdub whoever did it.

narah 4 years ago

i feel that people are wrong they arent showing the same thing of how tayvon looks and how the killer looks like but still people should show the real picture of both of them blearly

habueld profile image

habueld 4 years ago from Riverside, CA Author

habueld profile image

habueld 4 years ago from Riverside, CA Author

Why does what this unarmed child look like matter? He's a child.

FJ 4 years ago

Countless copies of the 911 call on YouTube, not a slur to be heard. You people need medication.

habueld profile image

habueld 4 years ago from Riverside, CA Author


Really, because the Sanford Police say that they missed it.

Kelly 4 years ago

It's sad how this has gotten so far blown out of proportion - he said, "f**king goons".

Chasuk 4 years ago

I heard the slur in your latest link. I honestly didn't hear it before.

Tiki Tiki Tembo 4 years ago

You're not very good at this blogging/hub stuff, are you?

First, as I stated earlier, there is damn sure nothing "clear" about the audio you keep pimping. Why is there dozens of versions of it floating about, and yet only you and your infinite wisdom are able to decipher which is undoctored and attributed to Zimmerman and moreover, tell us exactly what it says. I only wish to have your objective insight.

You are no more certain of which is authentic and what it "clearly" says than I. Difference is, I do not have an agenda, while you, one can reasonably assume from your

"blog/hub attempt", do. I believe You WANT it so badly to say "coons", that you'd likely hear The Star Spangled Banner if you were told it was buried in there.

And how is it you know that this Martin kid was terrified? How were you so adeptly able to draw this conclusion? No one was there, but Zimmerman and this kid. Oh, and some girl on a phone who is admittedly a rather sympathetic witness to the deceased and therefore motive to, shall we say, stretch the truth an itsy-witsy-bit. If he was so terrorized, why did he turn around and assault Zimmerman? Why didn't "No_Limit_Nigga" (which is a phrase in itself btw, that is not only overtly racist, and disgusting but is a boastful, indignant reference to black on white crime) call the police and ask for assistance if so frightened?

Fortunately for you, you have me; the bringer of truth.

You see, all of this leads one to reasonably conclude our choir boy here was not so innocent. Not running away in terror for his very life. No, not at all.

This kid wanted to be a thug. 6'2". Stupid ass gold grill. Pages of tweets full of bravado and boasting of his uncanny sexual prowess. Tweets of bragging for being late to class, to insisting a "girl's panties were leaking" and how much he liked that. Suspended three times in a school year (I've been told and it's my understanding that that's not a big deal in the black community, but trust me, it's a very big deal in every other community and culture, I'm sure you'll too call me a racist if you take issue with me not hiding that fact *shrug*) for truancy, vandalism, possession of marijuana, possession of girl's jewerly, etc.

Apparently one of his tweets even alludes to taking a swing at a bus driver. Swinging at an authority figure is not a big, BIG deal to you? It is to me. That's one of many areas the likes you and I are presumably vastly different.

None of which deserves death though. None.

And, given the fact the community is only 47% white, it's rather likely this kind of scene played out daily in Sanford: black kid, hoodie, toting a healthy treat like Skittles around.

So, why is it I can see that he, while no future doctor, lawyer, or even a simple future college graduate, was a severely flawed individual who put himself in a monumentally dangerous position, with an equally dangerous, gun-toting vigilante, but you can't?

Why can I see that this was a recipe for disaster without having to make this Martin kid look like he a sweet, tiny tott just going home to fool around with some Play-Dough with dad, but you cannot?

90% of black homicides are by other blacks. You’re bored and want to take up a cause? Feel the need and desire to feel outraged? Too much free time or idle hands? Feel outraged about that. Hub away and let us feel the angst and anger over that fact. Let us feel the outrage.

habueld profile image

habueld 4 years ago from Riverside, CA Author

We've all got questions. How is that you can be so sure that he assaulted Zimmerman? Is it just because Zimmerman says he assaulted him? Why is it that you discount the girlfriend's call when records show that she was talking to him five minutes before the police arrived? Why is that this KID could not be terrified that night like his girlfriend reported that he was and as Zimmerman said on the tape "he's running"? Oh but that was not clear either. Why is it that, if Zimmerman was in a life and death struggle, he appears to be clean and without any physical marks at the police station? If he had his nose broken and his head smashed into the ground, why is there no evidence of this in the video? If his gun was on a belt on his holster, and Trayvon was beating him to a pulp, how did Trayvon see the gun and say, "Now you are going to die?" Why is that the Sanford Police recognize the racial slur and you can't? Why did the police want to arrest him that night?

We have a thousand questions. I choose to believe Trayvon's version over Zimmerman's because Trayvon can't tell his story. You and yours can try and close your ears to what's on this tape, but you can't hide it. I agree with you that the entire situation was wrong, but only one of the people involved here had a violent record and that record was expunged and no one knows why? Why is that?

Tiki Tiki Tembo 4 years ago

Good grief, I can have a more meaningful exchange with the wall - walls refuse to answer questions as well. I’m off today and I’m in-between fertilizing 8.5 acres of gorgeous, stunningly green northern fescue. So, I'll play. Line item for item, I'll answer anything you've typed ended with a question mark, despite you not returning the same courtesy earlier.

1. How is that you can be so sure that he assaulted Zimmerman? Unbiased, eye witnesses said and continue to say so. You see, those trump 17 yr old gf's as witnesses.

2.Why is it that you discount the girlfriend's call when records show that she was talking to him five minutes before the police arrived? I do not in any way, shape or form discount the gf's call. It happened. Exactly the way it’s been reported too, surprisingly. Did you mean to ask me, why do I refute her emotional version? If so, then please refer to #1, above.

3.Why is that this KID could not be terrified that night like his girlfriend reported that he was and as Zimmerman said on the tape "he's running"? Easy. Terrified, teeny tiny toddlers do not typically turn around and jump/assault/melee and beat the snot out of their terrorizer. Funny, other "black hubs" are boasting how this kid "kicked Zimmerman's ass", but not you. I'm inclined to say something predictable here like "your refusal to admit that is interesting", but it's not really. It's predictable. You NEED it to support the lynching you seek.

4. Why is it that, if Zimmerman was in a life and death struggle, he appears to be clean and without any physical marks at the police station? If he had his nose broken and his head smashed into the ground, why is there no evidence of this in the video? By golly gee willickers, I'm so glad you asked. Unfortunately for you and yours, I'm a medical professional. A real one. As in, show-me-the-money, the real-deal, the genuine article. I don't just play one on the Internet. This affords me one seriously, comfortable lifestyle, but that’s neither here nor there.

Have you ever seen a "broken nose"? Any? A couple? A few hundred or so like myself? Then surely you realize that you can be 10" from a broken nose in the majority of cases and never tell, except for maybe occasional signs/symptoms such as mild edema or erythema surrounding the nares or upper portion of the nose. Black tissue around the eyes a day later. Not unusual to need an xray for a conclusive Dx either way.

The back of the head? The video was taken approx 25-30' away, Einstein! How can you possibly assess skin integrity on the back of a head, through hair, on grainy footage 20+ feet away, lol!!! Nice try. However, unfortunately for you, you and I both saw an officer look directly at the back of his head though for a moment. Yano, the way a layman would look if they were informed of an injury to the back of head. What on earth were you looking for? Pints of blood? Deep tissue bruising through hair, 20+ feet away in such a short amount of time? This theory of yours is laughable. Desperate. You so badly WANT to believe, don’t you?

5. If his gun was on a belt on his holster, and Trayvon was beating him to a pulp, how did Trayvon see the gun and say, "Now you are going to die?" According to who? How do you know what Travon saw? That's what I thought. This is akin to the kind of evidence southern white "crackas" used to lynch "negro's". He said, she said, therefore, “lynch that-there negro.”

6.Why is that the Sanford Police recognize the racial slur and you can't? Why did the police want to arrest him that night? It wasn't a slur. I don't hear it. And who the hell says "coon" anyway, besides some 80 yr old white guy? It doesn’t make sense. Most people don’t hear it. I hear Kussmaul breathing to be honest, although that’s admittedly impossible. Moreover, even if he did say “coon”, that doesn't mean No_Limit-Nigga (a name that implies sheer hatred to whitey) DIDN’T assault Zimmeran. You see what I did there?

"One person had a violent record here", does not make Martin in any way free of fault. Zimmerman’s past, doesn’t change Martin’s willing role he played that unfortunate, fateful night. Hell, Zimmerman could have been a monster such as a Nazi guard at any number of death camps circa 1940, but it wouldn't make No_Limit_Nigga suddenly incapable of playing the role he chose to. I do not expect you to see that though, nor do I really care, tbh. Your thoughts regarding this or anything will certainly not weigh heavily on mind the moment I log, any more than mine will on yours. I’m simply playing to the 4 or 5 ppl that inadvertently stray across your hub here like I did.

In the end, Martin was not running for his life. You won’t admit it, but we both know it. He chose to NOT call the police. While startled at first, he sought confrontation. He got it. No_Limit_Nigga! Thug life FTW.

So sad too. Pathetic really. Unnecessary loss of life.

Zimmerman, no less pathetic and our Latino super-hero sought it out as well, and got exactly what he asked for and quite a bit more. More than he could handle, it seems. He got his ass beat.

habueld profile image

habueld 4 years ago from Riverside, CA Author

I just want to respond to one part of you condescending post and then I'm done. Please name me on witness who saw Trayvon beating Zimmerman. I know there is one who says he saw it but he hasn't come forth. The other witness to the incident was a 13-year-old boy who has repeatedly said that he only saw one person on the ground. You may remember him, he was the one who was walking his dog. He has repeated his story over and over and he never saw two men struggling. He went back to get his dog and started over to help and then he heard the shot. He says it was the kid screaming, oh but because he's a little black boy, it is possible that he can't be believed because he would be too emotional and biased. So, please give me the name of the other witnesses or where I might find their testimony.

I'm off today too. I'm a high school English and ESL bilingual teacher who happens to be on Spring Break. By the way, just in case you want to look him up, the little boys name is Austin McClendon. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/03/17/trayvon-m... Ciao!

habueld profile image

habueld 4 years ago from Riverside, CA Author

Another link to witnesses and I haven't found one yet that saw Zimmerman being beaten or can corroborate his story.


habueld profile image

habueld 4 years ago from Riverside, CA Author

The first one leads to the 2nd page. Here is the first page. http://articles.latimes.com/1990-01-29/news/vw-873...

dy 4 years ago

Sad tradegy. In the end of the day why was Zimmerman holding a gun outside his home? I don't live in the USA but guns are for protection usually in home isn't it? Like who carries a gun around on them if ur not a cop or looking for trouble. But like I said I'm not fr the USA ...PLUS zimmermans double this kids size (black,white,yellow,Brown,purple) SOOOwhy was it necessary for this zimmrman to draw a gun period. Really a 140 LBS kids guna kick ur ass and ur like 200lbs plus... In the end no one should be shooting no one and if this kid was a threat zimmerman should have just got in his car and stayed on the phone with the cop. Period. End of story

Ralph Deeds profile image

Ralph Deeds 4 years ago

Thanks to laws promoted by the National Rifle Association there are lots of people in many states walking around carrying concealed legal and illegal handguns. Handgun control laws are inadequate, and enforcement is lacking. "Stand your ground" laws like the one in Florida exacerbate the situation. Stricter laws governing the manufacture, sale, ownership and use of handguns are sorely needed in the United States.

Sayitlikeitis 4 years ago

I listened to Zimmerman's 911 call to report the strange person in the appartment compound, from CNN http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MQdsJwpSUKw and thought that I could hear the word "coons" but with listening to another recording,all I heard was "f*ckin _unks" (with closely listening and turning up the volume, not the "p" but I could make out the "k" sound at the end of the word at the 2:20-22 portion of the tapes). I don't think there was a racial slur spoken in that tape. And Zimmerman's comment about not wanting to say his address outloud, would indicate he didn't know where Trayvon was and might overhear him give the address. Also, from the directions Zimmerman was giving to the 911 operator at the end of the call about meeting the police by the front entrance, apparently he was going to go back to the front of the compound to wait for the police. So, the confrontation with Trayvon did not happen while Zimmerman was following him, it happened after the 911 call, while Zimmerman was returning to the front of the compound. The video of Zimmerman's arrival @the police station (http://www.jimhuntshow.com/police-video-of-george-... shows Zimmerman getting out of the police car, a Chevy Malibu, and when standing fully erect his shoulders are below the door opening and the top of his head about 3-4 inches above the roof of the car, a Chevy Impala. A Chevy Impala is only 58.7" total height (I looked it up), so that would make Zimmerman about 5' 2-3" tall, if that, a small man and in the video a slender man, not the overweight pic of 2005. Quite a difference from the 6' 2" Trayvon. The video then shows the officer examining his back and the back of his head. After examining his back and lifting the back of his shirt/jacket, the officer wipes his hand on his pant leg, trying to remove whatever Zimmerman had on the back of his shirt. The officer then closely examines the back of his head looking at it for several seconds and when Zimmerman starts walking towards the door, there appears to be a mark on the center of his head, but with the poor quality of the video it is hard to see exactly what it is. The officer's behavior indicates that there was evidence of Zimmerman having some soiling of his clothing (from being down on the ground? it was a rainy night) and having something on the back of his head. Trayvon was not a saint-like "child", he was a fully grown man, 6'2", at 17 (and probably would be tried as an adult in a court of law), with apparent issues with authority. How do you think he would react to someone a foot shorter than he was and rather slender, telling him anything that he didn't want to hear? In the 911 call from a witness, you can someone calling for help 2 times before the gunshot. When does someone call for help? Usually when being attacked. If someone was pointing a gun at you, Would you only be calling for help? or saying somthing else like "don't shoot" also? This link gives a witness account of the struggle between them http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xpnz9y_new-witnes... It is a sad thing to have a young man killed, but I feel that Zimmerman was needing to defend himself from being attacked by a much larger, stronger person, Trayvon's weapon was his superior size and strength and the element of surprise.

Tiki Tiki Tembo 4 years ago

Since most sources (CNN, ABC, etc) have admitted to the tape being doctored, is a hub such as this still considered having committed libel?

habueld profile image

habueld 4 years ago from Riverside, CA Author

Read about the part of the tape that was edited. It had nothing to do with him saying, "F**ckin coons."


Why don't people read before posting.

habueld profile image

habueld 4 years ago from Riverside, CA Author

Trayvon Martin was not bigger than Zimmerman, just taller. He was tall skinny beanpole like most 17-year-olds. He weighed 140 lbs. I'll answer your question with another, why do the screams stop so suddenly, right after the shot, it if is Zimmerman? Why not keep screaming for help for the person you just shot? i mean, if it wasn't something you really wanted to do. By the way, I would have punched his ass in the nose too for following me. Why didn't Trayvon have a right to defend himself from being stalked. If this was a 17-year-old white girl who was running from someone who was following them, would you feel the same way?

By the way, there are experts who say he did not use racial slur, but that it is not Zimmerman screaming on the tape either. I want the courts to decide.

Tiki Tiki Tembo 4 years ago


Even CNN - a network that already panders to the lower echelons of society - admits he didn't say "coon".

Oh, and how about those injuries you insinuate never happened? lol!

Zimmerman supposedly declaring No_Limit_Nigga a "fucking coon", and the apparent lack of injuries to Zimmerman was soooo crucial to your eariler declaring of Zimmerman guilty.

Now, that the "facts" have have changed, I'm curious to how you now still (presumably) declare the "white-latino" Zimmerman guilty.

habueld profile image

habueld 4 years ago from Riverside, CA Author

I never said he wasn't injured anywhere. I said, I would have injured him. I would have punched him in his nose too.

I don't declare him anything. I say let the courts decide. I WANT HIM ARRESTED. IT'S THAT SIMPLE. I have said I don't think he will be convicted or even indicted. This is not just about Trayvon Martin to me, that's what you don't understand. This is about the countless other black men who went before him who had no one to speak up for them.

I still believe he said coons and so do many others. I'll let the courts prove me wrong.

habueld profile image

habueld 4 years ago from Riverside, CA Author

Also, the insults are rather childish. I'm trying to start a conversation about race in America, not cause division, so please keep your insults to yourself.

You didn't answer my questions: Didn't Trayvon have the right to defend himself that night and what if this was a 17-year-old white girl? I'm a teacher and this is what we teach children to do when they are followed by a STRANGER. Why should a 17-year-old black boy be expected to act any differently when confronted with this situation than any other child in America?

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habueld 4 years ago from Riverside, CA Author

Oh, I know because he was No_Limit_Nigga and black boys are not considered children in minds like yours. Did I get the answer right? Seriously.

Tiki Tiki Tembo 4 years ago

"Why is it that, if Zimmerman was in a life and death struggle, he appears to be clean and without any physical marks at the police station? If he had his nose broken and his head smashed into the ground, why is there no evidence of this in the video?"

Just a week ago, this was a big, big deal to you. Now, injuries confirmed, you blow it off and attempt to spin it. Nice try at the race-baiting.

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habueld 4 years ago from Riverside, CA Author

It's still a big deal to me and you didn't answer my questions. It's a big deal because doctors, you are in the medical profession correct, who have seen this tape say that he had minor injuries at best and did not suffer a broken nose. They cancelled the second ambulance at the scene because he was not severely injured. That's why the police didn't believe his story. I've broken someone's nose before. I've banged my head on concrete really hard. You really need to read before you comment. I have also said many times in my writings that I would have knocked him on his ass too. Trayvon did the right thing. Run and if you can't get away, stop and fight. I want George Zimmerman in court. ARREST GEORGE ZIMMERMAN. Questions please.

Tiki Tiki Tembo 4 years ago

"Didn't Trayvon have the right to defend himself that night"

But wait, wait.

Didn't you, just last week, declare Travon was running - "terrified" no less - for his very life? You keep making and posting declarations, passing them on as fact, then back track.

Tiki Tiki Tembo 4 years ago

Starating to see the point?

Your lack of consistency, jumping to conclusions, making up facts and passing them as such, including but not limited to this very piece and the "clearly spoken" racial slur you stated, has you all over the place. This is exactly the reason that it's nearly impossible to have any meaningful discussion with you and your ilk - the race baiters.

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habueld 4 years ago from Riverside, CA Author

Questions please. And yes, I hear a racial slur. You are not trying to discuss with me, you are trying to argue with me. There is a difference. If you were trying to discuss you would answer my questions. Again with the insults. Have I insulted you, personally?

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habueld 4 years ago from Riverside, CA Author

Exactly, I didn't declare it. ZIMMERMAN did, "Oh, sh*t he's running." Trayvon's girlfriend confirms it. He was trying to get away from a stalker. You still didn't answer the questions.....Come on man.

This was a child trying to get away from someone he thought was stalking him. It doesn't matter what his Twitter moniker was, it doesn't matter that he was black. He was a child.

Aww, you deleted that comment. Put it back.

Tiki Tiki Tembo 4 years ago

What comments? I deleted nothing. Given your penchant to state things you imagine your head as fact, it appears you're doing it again. As far as I know, a "guest" is unable to delete, alter or change a post once it's up.

jkatelnikoff 4 years ago

I'm not American, so maybe that's why I have this simplistic view: From all the comments, it sounds like this really needs to be thoroughly sifted through in court. It is not a black and white situation, pardon the pun.

BUT a person was shot and killed, so I cannot understand why Zimmerman was not arrested immediately. I also think it is wrong and even crazy for people to be able to walk around with guns. The U.S. has so much terrible blood on its hands for allowing such easy access to these weapons designed to kill people, and here is one more tragedy.

jkatelnikoff 4 years ago

I just listened to the 911 tapes linked in this discussion. It sounds like Zimmerman does say f'ing coons. I am neutral on that -so what if he did? It's just like someone saying f'ing honkey or f'ing cunts. People say things when they're frustrated. So I have no agenda in hearing "coons". That is just what it sounds like to me. I don't even think it's particularly hateful. There are a lot worse words than that.

The tapes are very disturbing. So many people called in. It's like everyone KNEW something awful had happened, and people were quite rightly upset and traumatized.

I cannot tell if the awful screams for help heard on one tape would be a teenage boy or an adult like Zimmerman. Could be either.

I'm glad I won't be on the jury.

neworleansman 4 years ago

If a dog is where he suppose to be, and you chase that dog, and he turns around and attack you. Under the law you can’t shoot and kill a dog.

LS 4 years ago


felicia docgrand 4 years ago

first of all zimmerman should have never gotten out of the car his attorney stated; that trayvon hit zimmerman on the police interview video there was no blood no where on him what part are we missing this fooljust flat out killed this child the 911 call is clearly telling him to stand down he took it on his self to get out and approach him and if u walked up to anyone in the dark im sure i would ask u why r u following me he was trigger happy and i think trayvon never stood a chance and zimmermam out weights trayvon so come on he should be doing life and all his racist comments means nothing because when u say nasty things like that ur guilty or u have a problem with urself only reason why race is playing a big part in it is because it was dismissed like trayvon life ment nothing

Mark 4 years ago

All of you are assuming you know the facts of the incident. You don't. You are rather superimposing your own hate and experiences on this to justify your own feelings about the world. Your starting premise of clearly hear #$#% coons is not accurate. It is clearly punks and not a racial slur. Trayvon should have called 911 on his phone and it would have straightened itself out. He made a very bad judgment call to assault someone he thought was following him. Both Martin and Zimmerman made poor choices in hindsight. Both lives are ruined. Now everyone wants to use their pain to further their own ends be it political, racial, etc. You're pathetic.

niyaboo19 4 years ago

i never kwe that u can kill sumboby and get out da same nite!!.........

james 4 years ago

learn to listen that is not what was said.

and the prosecution has already said so.

so go rattle your racist bs somewhere else.

B-Dawg 4 years ago


Would you like to donate a sample of your sperm to the race change movement?

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