Chiang Mai, Thailand's Burger King De-Throned By The Dukes!

Mike's Original Hamburgers
Mike's Original Hamburgers

Chiang Mai Thailand - For decades Chiang Mai has been home to Thailand's best hamburgers, as it is well known throughout the country that Mike's Original Hamburgers has been converting vegetarians since 1979. Thailand's "King" of burgers opened his first restaurant in Chiang Mai, serving typical American style fast food, greasy burgers, french fries, hot dogs, milk shakes and more. The restaurant enjoyed a popular following, especially with the late night crowd coming out of the nearby bars at Loi Kroh.

It didn't take long for Mike's Burgers to expand, opening new locations around the city of Chiang Mai, and even a failed attempt at a location in Phuket. While Mike's is still popular with tourists and locals, there is a new kid on the block, and they are quickly making a serious claim for the title of "Best Hamburger in Thailand". Opening just over a month ago, directly across the street from Mike's original restaurant, The Duke's offers a much different style, and a whole new hamburger experience.

Contrary to the 1980s modern, fast food style, you find at Mike's, the atmosphere at The Duke's is closer to a 1950s style burger joint, with polished chrome decorative doors, high bar stools, and good old fashioned hearty hamburgers made from "fresh" ingredients. The meat patties you see at Mike's look like frozen hockey pucks, with an off greyish brown color, and appear to have been in the freezer since 1979. The Duke's meat patties are much larger, bright red and appear to be freshly frozen 100% beef without additives.

The quality of the burgers at The Duke's is truly world class, worthy of comparison to any gourmet burger you would find in America. There is no comparison to the fast food you get at Mike's, which is still quite decent as long as you have been drinking beer all night and you are staggering and half blind when you arrive. It seems that there is a new "King" of hamburgers in Chiang Mai, as big Mike has been de-throned by The Dukes!

The New Duke's Burger Joint
The New Duke's Burger Joint

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The TripPacker 5 years ago

Having been to The Duke's Burger gotta go and try them sometime. Thank you for your information. Mike Burger has been featured in our article as well. ^^

TravelinAsia profile image

TravelinAsia 5 years ago from Thailand/Southeast Asia Author

Hello TripPacker,

Thank you for commenting, and I would like to tell you that I love the virtual tours you have on your website. You could do a great virtual tour of these two burger joints directly across from each other, I would love to see it!

Blade 5 years ago

Gotta say, have never been a fan of Mikes. Spanky's (on the soi) was my favorite but he is now staying in Mae Rim as I understand it and it doesn't look like he'll be doing any type of business soon. (That might be worth writing a story about!) I have tried the Dukes burgers and they are pretty good, although Woody's isn't bad either. Dukes buffalo wings are pretty strange though. They are just chicken drum sticks with franks red hot on them. Not wings, and not vinegar-y, burn your nose with the scent, Buffalo style either. Lots of meat, but not what I was looking for at all.

TravelinAsia profile image

TravelinAsia 5 years ago from Thailand/Southeast Asia Author


Thanks for taking the time to comment. I remember my American friends always liked the wings at Spanky's, I am not a fan of wings myself, so I never liked Spanky's. The Duke's burgers are a welcome addition to the scene in Chiang Mai, especially late night!

Des 4 years ago

Mikes was ok, I ate there one afternoon & it merely filled the gap. I had hoped for more but it was a burger that was merely filling. There was no real flavour to it or anything memorable. I wish him the best though.

Best burger I had was some bar & I still remember it, in fact I am returning soon to Chiang Mai just to go there & see if the burger was as good as I recall.

I would never eat in Mikes again, nice idea but burgers are in my 15% region on my score chart.

Tessie 2 years ago

It's a pleasure to find such raottnaliiy in an answer. Welcome to the debate.

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