Thanks Mr. Obama I Feel Much Safer Now

Thanks To Obama I Feel Much Safer Now

November 30, 2010

So let me see if I have this straight. November 29, 2010 in The Wall Street Journal an article “Website Closures Escalate U.S. War on Piracy” appeared. On first blush, I thought, “Great! This administration is somehow finding a way to fight pirates on our open waters using cyber technologies!”

Ah…that would be a Negatory.

“Oh! Then the White House and Eric Holder have finally cracked down on Al Qaida and other terrorist groups via cyberspace!”

Nope, wrong again!

Well then surely this article contains information about the administration’s efforts to stop the WikiLeaks founder who keeps making secret government documents public.

Gee, wrong again.

What the Obama administration can high-five themselves over is the monumental accomplishment of shutting down U.S. and international web sites that sell or allow downloading of counterfeit and pirated products.

Wow. We have a guy who spring of 2010 announced he was about to release tens of thousands of United States government and military documents onto the web. Then he did it. This same guy on the same website just this week was able to commit this act yet again using tens of thousands of new documents. The release of these papers literally risks the lives of those who help us around the world, to include U.S. and allied military members. The military had to scramble to secure the lives of Afghans (for example) who have helped us in the war on terror. An almost impossible task, but there you have it. The information was leaked, we needed to protect our sources.

Instead of focusing on making certain something like this never happens again by (for example) going after the founder of WikiLeaks for espionage, we have our ICE making sure they crack down on music and video lovers and their “pimps.”

Boy do I feel much safer!

What did these documents reveal? Well…nothing except the names of those who until the documents were released, were secret or undercover in The Global War on Terror.

The pre-announcement however by the founder was that the documents would reveal atrocities and crimes committed by the U.S. government and other allied countries.

False alarm. We now know that not to be true. As it almost certainly isn’t true of these recently released documents.

So what could the true motive be behind the actions of WikiLeaks?

Answer: To harm the United States and allies of the United States because they hate us.

Now that explains it! Who knew? We have an administration that is totally like-minded with people like the founder of WikiLeaks.

Think “The Apology Tour”. Think Michele Obama saying for the first time in her life she could be proud of the United States…

Call me crazy, but I’m thinking this issue along with our struggling economy and our porous boarders (to name a few national problems ) are a tad more important than stopping some 14 year old from downloading onto his iPod a song he didn’t pay for.

Just call me crazy!

Then I read the article more closely, “A federal crackdown that shut more than 70 websites last week is the latest sign of an escalating war against counterfeit and pirated products, using legal tactics that may be closely scrutinized by civil-liberties groups.”

Then I read further, “”It’s time to stop playing games, ‘ said Chris Castle, a Los Angeles attorney [lawyers, a key word here, a favorite group of Mr. Obama’s] who has represented copyright holders as well as technology companies involved in digital music.”

Reading further it becomes even clearer, “Mr. Castle said the [Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s] crackdown [ICE] has been supported not only by businesses, but also by major labor unions, who say that sales of counterfeit and pirated goods can cost U.S. jobs.”

OK, now we finally have the whole enchilada!

Still yet another tax-funded pay-back by the Obama administration to his pet special interest groups. Lawyer and major labor unions.

We have porous borders with Mexico where lives are literally lost on a weekly if not daily basis, the cost crippling our border states. Yet the Obama administration does nothing.

Wait, they did something, they SUED our citizens for attempting to crack down on border security. I almost forgot about that…

We have some hate-filled nut job who reveals governmental and military secrets, again, literally putting lives on the line, yet ICE is shutting down Egypt’s Waleed GadElKareem website because they think he leads people to downloading websites of pirated music and movies. Waleed claims he has done nothing wrong, yet our federal government seized his website without warning, without giving him a reason and he has no way of contacting anyone to find out what is going on.

Oh boy do I feel much safer as a U.S. Citizen knowing Eric Holder and Mr. Dude is on the job protecting me and my country’s interests. Phew! Until this article came out, I sure was losing sleep over all of that money not going into the pockets of Hollywood movie executives like James Cameron and movie stars like Brad Pitt to say nothing of those poor starving musical artists like Beonce’ and Justin Bieber. Now I can sleep so, SO much better.

We can crack down on Mr. GadElKareem in a far off land by shutting down his website, yet we can’t stop some alleged pedophile from putting our men and women of the armed services at risk on his web site.

We have plenty of time, money and resources to shut down the local RolexReplica website (God forbid I buy a fake Rolex for $99.00 that normally would sell for $29,000.00 because that purchase is sure to take jobs away from American Union workers…). Yet WikiLeaks can produce embarrassing documents once exposed that puts lives at risk, without nary a slap on the wrist. As a result, making our country look very, very weak in the eyes of the world.

Yep, we need to make sure I don’t have access to buying that fake Coach bag. Now that’s keeping priorities straight Mr. President!

Good work Eric Holder, ICE and President Obama. Well done! We can all sleep better now knowing you and the unions are hard at work making sure we don’t undercut Cartier profits!

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Harvey Stelman profile image

Harvey Stelman 6 years ago from Illinois

cjv, Your husband is a very handsome man. Don't worry, I'm not interested! Nice piece, they say he is so intelligent, ha. He's either an idiot, or wants to get in on this destructive globalization. I think he's both. H

cjv123 profile image

cjv123 6 years ago from Michigan Author

Thanks Harvey - who know?! Hopefully something can be done before Obama destroys our nation!

breakfastpop profile image

breakfastpop 6 years ago

Dear cjv,

Thank you. I will now sleep better at night. Actually, I won't unless I swallow some kind of pill or other. Obama is a threat, plain and simple and we have to stay on top of things and make our voices heard loud and clear just as we have been doing all along. P.S. I think Harvey has thing for your husband!!!!!!

SheriSapp profile image

SheriSapp 6 years ago from West Virginia

This DOJ is not remotely interested in justice for anyone EXCEPT libs and America-haters. Holder should resign or be fired, but BO would NEVER consider such an.....atrocity!

cjv123 profile image

cjv123 6 years ago from Michigan Author

I know, I feel SO SO safe now that they're rounding up all the replica Coach bag sellers...

HONESTLY! This administration has gone MAD!

Thanks Pop!

cjv123 profile image

cjv123 6 years ago from Michigan Author

Sheri - you've hit that nail on the head! Thanks so much for leaving your very observant comments!

OpinionDuck profile image

OpinionDuck 6 years ago

Obama spent the resources of Congress and the country to do something that most people didn't want, and that was health reform.

He could have used all of those resources and money to fix the economy and reduce unemployment.

Now that is a lot of things wrong with the Internet that could use fixing, but Obama chose a not so good one.

I don't know, I am confused.

cjv123 profile image

cjv123 6 years ago from Michigan Author

I'm confused too OpinionDuck - I have no clue what this President is trying to do!! What he does is terribly wrong and what he doesn't do is terribly wrong. He's the worst President we've ever, EVER had!

Thanks for stopping by! C

OpinionDuck profile image

OpinionDuck 6 years ago


I don't know, I think it is a close race with Obama, Carter, and FDR.

my opinion.

cjv123 profile image

cjv123 6 years ago from Michigan Author

Oh I definitely see what you're saying. But while (IMHO) FDR had his definite weaknesses as President as did Carter, the only President to ever have such colossal weaknesses in EVERY SINGLE AREA - is Obama. That's just my opinion though. Not arguing - just sayin'...

OpinionDuck profile image

OpinionDuck 6 years ago


I can go with that, Obama is a triple crown threat.

American Romance profile image

American Romance 6 years ago from America

I love this hub! voted up! and I love the passion .........and the sarcasm! LOL!

cjv123 profile image

cjv123 6 years ago from Michigan Author

Thanks for the words and for taking the time to stop by A. Romance!

sheila b. profile image

sheila b. 5 years ago

But - we can still buy any of those knock-off bags in NYC. So, are they really going after those sellers, or is it that they are taking the first steps of shutting down internet sites?

Wayne Brown profile image

Wayne Brown 5 years ago from Texas

We have finally reached the point at which the rats come out on to the deck of the ship and ask, "whatcha gonna do?" The rats have control of the ship thus no one is going to do anything in the Wikileaks case, in the Black Panther case, in terms of illegal immigration, or in terms of successful prosecuting known terrorists. When the rats are bold enough to come out of the closet, you know that they feel that much of their work is done. They are in our schools teaching our children the values of socialism and revolution against capitalism, they are in our government in high places, they are on our courts, and they live on our street. They have figured it out...they don't have to win our hearts and minds...just those of our children and America is all over. They have waited a long time and they are willing to wait longer because all they have is time and time don't mean nothing to a rat. Thanks for good hub, Carol! WB

cjv123 profile image

cjv123 5 years ago from Michigan Author

Good point Sheila!

cjv123 profile image

cjv123 5 years ago from Michigan Author

Great comments Wayne! You are so right!

American Romance profile image

American Romance 5 years ago from America

Yes I too feel safe! cjv, another great job! voted up!

cjv123 profile image

cjv123 5 years ago from Michigan Author

Thanks AR for stopping by! Carol

tom hellert profile image

tom hellert 5 years ago from home


i am always late to the dance on comments i have been fighting alot with texasbeta the socialist anti religeon supposed scholar bout obamaother than me he has like 2 other commenters-

both lapdog libs slurping up his pablum like pepsi-

great hub-

keep on hubbin...


stop on by betas nd give him the what for his utterly codescending tone is vomitous


cjv123 profile image

cjv123 5 years ago from Michigan Author

I won't waste my time going to that guy's Hub - but I will give him a smack down if he comes here to us and spews his nonsense. That's messing with my peeps and I'll tend to stand up to that. ;-)

tom hellert profile image

tom hellert 5 years ago from home


he and i have come to agree that we disagree... and like the "ZAX FROM DR SUESS HOWEVER THE ZAX ONLY TRAVELLED North and south. Whereas you and I travel- "left and right" Dr Suess always a quality reference".

He has had no comment to any of the 3 I left so I should say the matter is closed-


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