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The Medical Board Process According to a Soldier

Ok so I was stationed at Fort Drum, New York, and deployed to Afghanistan for a year. While I was deployed to Afghanistan I had started to have problems with both knees and my hips after this one week where I had a really high fever and every joint in my body hurt. Well when I returned from Afghanistan these problems persisted and progressively got worse. I eventually started to see doctors which at first told me I had arthritis and gave me Motrin (can't tell you how many times they prescribed me Motrin throughout this process). The Motrin didn't help so I went back to the doctor and was referred to a physical therapist. The therapist had me doing stretches and strengthening exercises in his office and at home. After a few weeks of this worthless program I saw no results so the physical therapist decided to put me into a pool physical therapy program and refer me to an orthopedic. When I went to see the orthopedic(employed by the US Army) I was given a choice when I told her what was wrong with me. I was made to decide which hurt worse because they didn't have enough time to look into both issues. At that time my hip were hurting worse so I told her, and she "looked into it"(well not really she just referred me to another doctor that doesn't work for the military to give me a MRI Arthrogram). I went to the arthrogam appointment and the doctor explained the whole process of sticking a needle into my hip joint. Well to make that a long story short he couldn't complete it because he could not get the needle into my hip stating that "the capsule was swollen". After three attempts he gave up and noted this incident in his documentation(which was never looked into again). A few more months in pool physical therapy went by and there were no changes in my condition. My physical therapist then referred me back to the Orthopedics office. This time the doctor told me I was going to go through the army medical board. I told him I only had about 4 months left in my contract and he confirmed I would be out by that time. I decided to go through with this process thinking I would get the kind of help I needed then and after I was out of the military. I was very wrong about this assumption. I spent an additional 8 months after my contract was completed in the army. During those 8 months the only time I saw a doctor(partly because they were under staffed and partly because my threshold for doctors was growing thin) was when they need to do paperwork for the board. The whole time I was in the board process all they did for me was try and keep me high on pain killers and anti-depressantes hoping I would either somehow screw up and get kicked out or remain docile and quiet so they wouldn't have to deal with any bumps in the road. All the paper work they needed for my medical board was completed over the course of 2 months. After those two months it took 6 more months for somebody to sign a piece of paper stating all my paperwork was in order. When they finally got around to signing it they decided to give me 40% disability. I figured that this was a good thing because anything over 20% from the military is considered medical retirement. While in medical board process I was told that if I received a 30%-50% disability rating I was entitled to 50% of my base pay for a pension (which I found out that's not true either...I only get 40%) . Well at the begining of the board process I went to all the informative briefings on this board and they kind of kept one key fact hidden for some reason. Only at the end of the process did I learn that you can't collect a pension and disability from the VA unless you are over a certain percentage dsiabled or been in the service for over 20 years. Well what does that mean for me well? I get my pension which is peanuts, and when I start collecting disability from the VA I will get that percentage of money taken from my pension and given to me tax free((pension-VA money=pension) (remainder of pension+tax free VA money=total)). Doesn't sound to horrible but when you are limited in what you are able to do and you have bills and your only able to get the little pension they give you after all you have done for them Its like a nice knife piercing your back. Oh yea did I mention that they wasted 8 months of my life, I pretty much would have had the same benefits(first question I asked when the doctor told me he was going to med board me) if I would have gotten out of the military when I was supposed to and just filed a claim with the VA.

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Jenna Gedeon 7 years ago

im @ a rehabilitation center on ft jackson.. im possibly gettin med boarded.. i had surgery on my hip here about 3 months ago( 3 screws in my hip) and am not recovering well.. should i just take a chapter 517(medical discharge) and file with the VA for disability?

Terry 7 years ago

do you have a copy of your DA-4707 form you could send me? you could blank out all your personal information. I just need to see the format its written in

terry 7 years ago

send it

chris 7 years ago

If anyone knows I was curious about the med board process. I'm suppose to start a medboard and be discharged but I'm not sure if my injury will acctually pay the correct amount of money I am due. I have 5 compound fractures to my vertebra T1 through T5 and 4 herniated disc's not to mention broken bones which are floating around in my back, also degenerative disc disease. My level of pain continues each day and like the person above all I get is sent to other doctors which don't take care of the problems and pain killers. Since I haven't received help from my "Great" military health care I've seeked civilian doctors which have found these problems the problems were not found by my military doctors. They just told me everyone has back pain. How do I tell if I am being cheated out of money I am owed because I will never be able to do any of the things I use to including certain jobs that I will never be able to do again and my back will continue to degeneriate from my disease in some of my disc's. Anybody with any information Please let me know what I can do to ensure that my wife will not have to suffer as much as I do by working another job just to be able to pay our bills. One very confused SGT

FTCKYsoldier 7 years ago

Well I too am a little upset about how the Army deals with correcting injuries received on the job. I injured my soldier back in March and received tylenol to "heal" it. After that obviously didn't work I had to wait 2 weeks to get into physical therapy. This is where i got my first profile. so for the previous 3weeks I was further injuring the shoulder. To make a long story short it's now 9 months later and I'm still waiting on a surgery date. The surgeon is talking about a med board do to the injury and my age and the expected recovery. First, I feel screwed because my unit's getting ready to deploy and I now have missed a lot of training that I believe I could have done if this surgery had taken place 6-8months ago. Second, The Doc's talking about a med board instead of reassignment and I only have 2 years of active service at E-4 and feel if they chose this option I'll just have a jacked up shoulder and no compensation. Has anyone here been seperated medically with only 2 years of service and if so what benefits did you receive?

corruptionacrossamerica 7 years ago

Well I was med boarded and got out about a year ago. I doubt much has changed so you probably will still be in the army for about an extra year while you go through the med board process. Most of that year you probably will be waiting for one person to sign off on your packet.

c.millette 7 years ago

Im going through the same thing. as of now the boards at ft lewis are running at a fast rate. majority of the time it will take them three to five weeks to attain a final answer. the army is trying to change the system slowly. 30% and higher does get you on the TDRL list. don't worry.

Kevin 7 years ago

I have LOd's and I tell you it's a hurtin and since surgery things just don't work like they used too, what is wild I submited my VA claim and they ask and ask and ask for the same stuff over and over and over and LOD is an LOD?? My Medical Surgery referall from Tri-care was ot sourced I don't get it ?? Soldier Care ? How can I initiate a Medical Discharge ?? -- Through my Congressman?

KB SSG 1564

Help Please 6 years ago

Ok I am having some medical issues in Italy, I have a bulging disk in my back, and recently I am having trouble with my kidneys, they had said if it was a kidney disease I would be medboarded but I cannot get answers. My NCO told me today I should try to get a reassignment but is that possible. Someone please help me and give me some guidance i have been having trouble since Sept 09 with my kidneys and still got no answers from these dr.s

ChemikalBurn 6 years ago

I am currently serving in Iraq and I have been dealing with Plantar Fasciitis for over 2 years now. I have done all the conservative treatments you can think of. I had the fascia release surgery back in July of 2009. The docs told me that I would regain my strength and be back to full activity in no time. Unfortunately, things did not work out. I am still having quite a bit of pain. There is not much that the Army PA's or PT's can do in Iraq. I have talked this over with my wife and I am considering just trying to get chaptered out as I feel like my condition is not getting better. (It actually has gotten worse). Anyone have any idea as to how to get this ball rolling or if I even have a valid reason for getting out? I have read the regs and it seems like I do. Thanks for all your help.

bdkelmon 6 years ago

if you want to get med boarded all you need to do is talk to your pcm primary care manager and see if they will start the process. You will then start going to several different doctors so they can write a narsum naritive summary of your medical problem. Then you will see a MED board doctor and they will write your perminant profile then send a copy of all your narsums to the MED board. From my understanding it will take 3 to 6 weeks to hear back from the MED Board for their decision. Hope this is useful

Madison Grayson 6 years ago

Hi, I am an 8th grader and i am wanting to pursue a career as a Madical Corp Officer in the United Stated Army. I need some information on the process and all that good stuff. I want to save lives and be apart of something so great. What our soilders do to protect our country is something relly special to me. I want to be apart of that as well. I am ready for my future in the Army. GOD BLESS OUR SOILDERS!!!

Madison Grayson 6 years ago

Hi, I am an 8th grader and i am wanting to pursue a career as a Madical Corp Officer in the United Stated Army. I need some information on the process and all that good stuff. I want to save lives and be apart of something so great. What our soilders do to protect our country is something relly special to me. I want to be apart of that as well. I am ready for my future in the Army. GOD BLESS OUR SOILDERS!!!

jeremy 6 years ago

i also have ddd plus bulging disc , and army doctors actually really suck , its going on for bout a yr and a half started while i was in oef , i think what the army needs is better doctors that didn't fail out of college and then end up in the army to be a doctor i thinks its bull crap to me so i think the army needs to do something about this cause what we do puts sprain on our bodies i'm not saying i don't like my job. The army need better professional doctors that have been doing there jobs for a while and now what the heck is going on and not some lt. or col saying oh u just need to drink more water and take some damn motrin , as soldiers we need a lot better medical care then what they have . other words its our leaders aka upper leaders , oh and madison your an 8th grader so what i would advise you to do is go to med school and not drop out. and tricare needs to get more involved with more and better special doctors that soldiers need

Janie 6 years ago


I am proud of you for being so assertive in what you want to do! Go for it. As you can see here there are many holes in the medical process for our soldiers and maybe some day you will be able to help make the process better! I was lucky with my army doctor in Fort Drum who recognized a rare form of cancer and got me excellent help in a timely manner. My husband, on the other hand wasn't taken seriously and kept getting sent home with Ibuprofen while his back got worse and now he will suffer for the rest of his life. The system needs work, but the difference is whether or not the doctor truly cares about the soldiers he is treating. I hope you become the best at what you want to do and I hope you know that you are already a hero in my eyes!

Janie 6 years ago


I am proud of you for being so assertive in what you want to do! Go for it. As you can see here there are many holes in the medical process for our soldiers and maybe some day you will be able to help make the process better! I was lucky with my army doctor in Fort Drum who recognized a rare form of cancer and got me excellent help in a timely manner. My husband, on the other hand wasn't taken seriously and kept getting sent home with Ibuprofen while his back got worse and now he will suffer for the rest of his life. The system needs work, but the difference is whether or not the doctor truly cares about the soldiers he is treating. I hope you become the best at what you want to do and I hope you know that you are already a hero in my eyes!

Jill 6 years ago

my husband is in med board process for tbi. he has made some mistakes that they are trying to article 15 him to death and kick him out with no benefits. can they do this while hes receiving treatment for his injury? can they take his pay if hes currently a geological bachelor? what can i do to help our situation?

kg 6 years ago

Here is a good link for you folks getting out of the military on a medical discharge. Make sure you get your military medical discharge first. Once you get out it's a lot tougher. It has a great explanation about military medical discharges. You have time to submit your VA disabilities.

Precious 6 years ago

Recently returned from Iraq with multiple injuries from wearing the IBA and ACH. Herniated disc in neck and lower back. Extreme pain in neck and left shoulder even after surgery that was performed in Jan 2010. Military started to REFRAD me but decided to extend me for an MEB. Medical issues are still not being address. What can I do? PC is no help at all, I wonder if he is truly a license doctor. Soldiers do not have a chance here.

Keri 6 years ago

Having worked with military pcm's and specialist and still don't have a diagnosis for my compex medical issues. Now wants to med board me without knowing the condition:(

dave 6 years ago

i have ddd and two bulged disk in lower back and i am on a perminant profile and i want to start a med board what do i do

Brian 6 years ago

I'm currently about 6 months from my ETS date and pending a Knee Scope in late OCT because there is no surgery or procedure that will correct the injury to my Left knee I suffered while in Afghanistan. No matter who I talk to the diagnosis is the same "my knee will continue to worsen throughout the rest of your life and as of right now there is no technology to correct this injury" My question is; Is there anything I should prepare for prior to my Medical Seperation/Medical Retirement. I'm unclear about the majority of the process and cant get the same answer twice from anyone I talk to. any and all help is appreciated.

slick 6 years ago

MOTRIN, of course!! The army's "cure-all!" hahaha!! Got shot? Here's some motrin. Blind in one eye? Here's some motrin. Got herpes? Here's some motrin cowboy. I've been in 12 years and its never changed. LOL

barryfish 6 years ago

ok so back in korea about 2 years ago we had a company snowboarding trip. MANDATORY per co. cmdr. so i fell really hard and dislocated my AC joint in my shoulder. my dr there which was a dumbfuck all together said oh its only a bruise so he gave me 800mg ibuprofen and a 3month dead man profile. so i drank water and drove on for about a year making everyone happy training and wearing my iba not wanting to say anything. but then i realized this is getting old and it hurts bad!!!! so i decided to go to the doc about it and he has had me do physical therapy,orthopedic surgery which they are clueless to what is wrong,chiropractor, and even seen a neurologist for a EMG test. and they have all been lost in the sauce. the only thing i have heard about this issue is my ac joint being seperated. the neurologist said i have no nerve damage and this pain i have must be from a bone discplacement or muscle/ligament tear. so i still wear my iba and carry my weapon and do stupid shit while im waiting to hear about my discharge stuff? how long does this process really take and can i get more % due to the lack of knowledge from the doc in korea?

The Wife 6 years ago

@ Brian 4 weeks ago

I'm currently about 6 months from my ETS date and pending a Knee Scope in late OCT because there is no surgery or procedure that will correct the injury to my Left knee I suffered while in Afghanistan. No matter who I talk to the diagnosis is the same "my knee will continue to worsen throughout the rest of your life and as of right now there is no technology to correct this injury" My question is; Is there anything I should prepare for prior to my Medical Seperation/Medical Retirement. I'm unclear about the majority of the process and cant get the same answer twice from anyone I talk to. any and all help is appreciated


Basically, you need to keep going to the doctor, repeateldy, finish therapy if any is remaining. Let them know you are really suffering if you want a medical rating for this because they could basically probably going to separate you with nothing, or refer you to VA for benefits. Keep going to the doctor every time it hurts. Keep up with your profiles, and request one letting them know you cant do certain things.

Mark 6 years ago

I don't know if Army is keeping me to do me a favour or just to watch me suffer but my physical injury started when I fail of victory tower with knee injury very first day of my military career. Then unknown left hip pain started on my way back from the 12 miles marching, I helped my self recover from the knee injury temporarly and start running as I enjoy the running part of PT however I have to be really carefull with my knee, the pain can start at any time even if I touch it with my own hands. After graduation at my first duty station again I injured my other knee while doing obstacle course, on my first deployment IED attack gave me even worst injuries, my eyes can not properly see, even my school books are scaned to special software then it reads for me, although I can hear better can I see, my hearing is messed up as well, the same IED attack put 2 of my lower back discs out of place, now sadly I am on permenant profile for running and sit up amazingly I am deployable. Hold on, my right shoulder was affected by heavy gear we sleep with but thanks to God I was able to fix that with Tennis.

If I can not see, hear, walk or evan can not carry my own child:-1, How on earth am I deployable? and 2, Why Army is keeping me while specially my hip, eyes and hearing issues are getting worst every time?

dude_man 6 years ago

Its early Dec 2010 now, I have been having issues with my back for 6 to 7 months...PCM did xrays and said found 1 spot where I had some disk degeneration and it also shows I got arthiritis in my neck and part of my back...So, I go see a chiropracter now...After 2nd set of xrays, he shows them to me, along with my first ones, I have 3 degenerated discs, 1 close to the base of my neck and the other 2 in my back..Another disk, just above the disk in my neck, has a bone spur on it that points downward and is clearly visible..My PCM, CLEARLY missed those...The PCM jokingly said, " you got the bones of a 50 yr old", yeah well, im only 22...My chiropracter, said the same things to me..So, I got Disc Degenerative Disease, Arthiris, and a couple of medical issues..The doctors act like, hey it will go away..Take some motrin,he a little profile, drive on...Hell no...DDD does NOT GO AWAY..Arthirits does NOT GO AWAY...they get worse...And, Im over weight...So they are talking about chaperting me out because of my being overweight...Forget the fact I got medical issues...So my concern is, if i get chaptered, how am i going to be able to take care of my family? 1 yr old daughter and 4 month old son and my wife and pay bills and groceries and every things else in life when I am not going to be able to work when I get out?...Anyone have any solutions for me? Would I be able to just come out and ask my PCM for a MED BOARD without being laughed at or whatever? In the military, you have to keep up your physical standards..If you cannot because of medical issues you acquired during your military career, the military should take care of it....Key word...SHOULD...Doesn't mean there going to....Any information would help...Ill keep checking back..

medeiros00 5 years ago

To everyone: File a claim with the VA. If you r still in and waiting to be discharged and know your ETS Date file a claim with the VA. You mostly likely will receive more from the VA. If you are retired military. currently you have to have at least 50 % to receive both VA comp and retired pay. Please call

1 800 827 1000 for more information. I know pll who have gone through this. Use you education benefits check out your state benefits. The transition from military to civilian life may be hard, but you get the help you need and apply for the benefits you earned you should be ok. This is my opinion.

SGT C 5 years ago

Look I work in the Hospital I fix the Medical Equipment. The problem isn't that the Dr.s suck or drop out of school, or even incompetant. What the real problem is, is that to many people try to abuse the system and are looking for somethng with nothing or trying to get out of stuff. I have the privalige to work with the Dr.s on a daily basis. If you have a problem and it is truly a problem look up your diagnosis online google it, and if the sythoms match what is going on it even tells you how to treat it...if it doesn't go back....That's the key keep going back, make them see you as a person no jst another patient. Be open and honest....tell them what you think and how you would like to be treated....if you think you need an MRI, referal, CT whatever ask for it! If you have a logical reason why you want it 9 times out of 10 they will put it in. Keep in mind those test are exspensive, your tax $$$$ pay for it. There are lots of resources out there do your home work....and just like all of you I am being boarded as well. Talk to your case managers, PEBLOS, and DR.s they are there to help and are willing to help....treat them like people and make the see you as a person too, not SGT or PVT snuffie, but as jonny, and jane....make a huge difference.

And MAdison,

I hope you do become a DR. and make a real difference in everyones life you touch. Keep an open mind....and just because you have seen a sprain 10 times in a row doesn't mean case 11 is one too.

God bless.

Hope it all goes well for everyone to include myself.



SGT Alexander 5 years ago

QUESTION: How much disability do I have to get in order for my family to retain their medical benefits with the army.

seeking help 5 years ago

ok i have been fighting for a year and half for somebody to fix my knee well now with my knee injury as bad if not worse then it was when i got to ft riley from korea in september but to top it all off my knee injury has cause a sever spinal injury lookin at my xrays you would think it was somebody with scoliosis but its not and its very painful and the meds i have been given for my pain i cant take during the day so im in constant pain its causing depression and stress and a lot of frustration bc i feel like im being look down upon bc i am a mechanic and my NCOs are only worried about what they need to do on a daily basis they have helped me with the stuff im needing help with for when i get out of the army but im having snide remarks made to me about how they are counting down the days till i leave because then they will get a soldier who hopefully isn't broken and cant do something and stuff like that is frustrating and is turning to depression because im frustrated enough for constantly being in pain and being where im dependent on people to help me because there is a lot i cant do anymore my spine is that bad and with all of it that is going on i have been pressured to break my profile and go against all the stuff my drs have told me my ets date is july and they are discussing med board im suppose to go to a reserve unit after this would it be smarter to do the med board now or when i get to the reserve unit i don't know what to do on a lot of the stuff im going through i need HELP!

Jason 5 years ago

I now have been in the army for 9yrs. 3yrs active duty. 6 reserves. I'm currently receiving 60% disability for ptsd from the va which is about $974 for the state of missouri. I'm still in the army but going through the med. board process. Once I get medically discharged my disability percentage will change based on the percentage the army says I am. If the percentage is higher than what the va gives me. Then the va has no choice but to raise my percentage to that number. Now just because the army or the va says your percentage is 30%-60% that's doesn't mean you cant fight for a higher percentage. You can sue the va or the army but if you get a lawyer and prove to the courts that your medical condition is getting worse or its keeping you from having a full time job. you can get your percentage raised to 70%-100%. Payments very by each state. If you are at least 70% disable by the army or va you are able to file for social security. If the va and army declare you 100% you will get full payments every month and still be able to work. However if they declare 100% plus 20% you are only allowed to make $11,000 per year from a civilian job. 100% is $2600 a month for the state of missouri tax free. You do not have to pay taxes or claim your disability payments on your taxes. Now for the med. board process. It takes up to 6months to 18months to be medically discharged from the army. The process takes awhile mainly because the army wants to find out if you can perform your job duty or any job duty for the military. The percentage they give you is based on how much will your disability affect your civilian job. Yes it sucks but that's the process. As far as I know to get 100% disability from any military branch you must have a severe case of ptsd or lose of a leg or arm. Its very rare that someone gets 100% for back problems or hip problems. For active duty soldiers can not receive va benefits until they are kicked out of the military. Reserve soldiers can receive va benefits when ever but have a year to claim it from the first time they report it to the army. Upon getting out of the army medically or finishing your contract you have 5 yrs to make a disability claim with the va. If you wait after 5yrs. you will not get any compensation. For soldiers in the reserves you can get va disability even if your still in the reserves but can not receive 100% disability until you are out of the military. The army will give reserves plus active duty soldiers money for being medically discharged. you could receive as much as $5,000 -$125,000 or more depending on the circumstance. How ever if you choose to take the money the army gives you for getting medically discharged and you go to file a va disability claim you will not receive any money from the va until the government gets all that money back they gave you when you got medically discharged. So if you received $5,000 from the army for being med baorded and you are 10% disable you want receive a check from the va until that $5,000 is given back to the government. meaning your disability payment will go back to the government until it reaches $5,000 then you will receive your monthly payments. So the object is turn down the money the military wants to give to you for any medical reasons. Reserves file for disability as soon as something happens to you but you have to prove it happened while on military orders or drill weekend. Active duty soldiers file as soon as you get back to the state you wanna live in. The quicker you do the better off you are. Take it from me I have a severe case of ptsd, anxiety disorder and panic attacks, flash backs. I gotta see the doc. every week take 3 different pills everyday and go to 3 ager management classes a week and I have officially been told i no longer can do anything for the army and i've been waiting 8months to be med. boarded out. matter of fact i was suppose to ets this past january but had to extend another year. Process takes awhile but i know when i get medically discharged i'll be 100% disable from the military

travis 5 years ago

I have ddd and my L5-S1 is a bone fusion am i looking at a med board.

adriana 5 years ago

I am currently starting to work on my medboard I had hip surgery and its been four months already and I'm still not able to walk . The second part of my physical examination is until the 18 of may and I was told after my papers are send to houston TX. Ill be able to go home and come back when its done..I wanna know how truth this is and if not how long do I have to wait?

currently medica service corps 5 years ago

To the 8th grader. I commendent your desire to serve, however as a current medical service corp officer, I advice you to choose the medical profession you enjoy and get qualification in it, then join the service doing that profession. MSC officers are jack of all trade and you will easily get veryyy frustrated.

jack3d 5 years ago

med boarding is not all that so depressed and frustrasted and my racist command don't give a damn about me..and all i did for this country nobody seems to care

SSG L 5 years ago

I have a question that nobody can seem to answer for me...I have 5 bad dics in my back/neck and nerve damage...looking a fusion and am being pushed my my 1SG to get it done like yesterday! My wife has found other options such as laser spine surgery...but I am not being given the time to look into it. I am artillery, obviously I won't be going back to my regular MOS I am looking at getting out of the Army all together. My question it better to get out before surgery? Or after surgery? And any other helpful information that you might have would be great! I made SSG in 4 I think that will be a huge benefit for me?!

SSG P 5 years ago


Hey man will you email me I have some questions for you. Sounds like I am going through something very similar.


sierraALPHAmike 5 years ago

I tore the labrum in my hip and might need surgery. My Physical therapist recommended the 517 chapter to me but the NG laison is telling me that if I am offered surgery I HAVE to get it done before they will sign the paperwork. I don't want the surgery done here. There have been so many surgeries that have ended badly here that I am too scared to get it done. I don't know what to do I don't know where to turn to or what my rights are.

Fernndo Valentin 5 years ago

I am in the Army National Guard, and got hurt while deplyed to Afghanistan in 2009. I have a permanent profile: no push-ups and no sit-ups allowed due to bad disc and tear tendons in my left shoulder, and big scar in my stomach (15 inches). Question: Can I hire a civilian lawyer right now. I was told that I am going to a medical board. My ETS is in July 2012. Can I hire a lawyer right now?

5 years ago

Army medicine has lots of compassion for those in need. The system is broken by those that seek to abuse Trust me. If you have a REAL issue. You are not on a website trading info in how to up your disability

joseph nich 5 years ago

wow.. very informative! i am also at fort drum pretty much going through what you said word for word.

Fernndo Valentin 5 years ago

Does anyone knows a lawyer that can help me with my medical board process? My ETS is in July 2012. Thank you!

LB808 5 years ago

My hubby has a P3 profile & had it before leaving our last duty station . . . we are having lots of problems & issues with Korea & the process following his last surgery . . P3 for his Knee & 2-surgeries later due to a mess up from the 1st surgery on his achilles by leaving a mesh in after his 1st surgery in 2009 which deteriorated his tissue they had to go in & reconstruct his Achilles Now he currently has no feeling in the bottom of his foot & its been since october of 2011 . . Now the Doctor in Korea says they will start the process for med board but they don't want my hubby to do a double dip . . . Our ETS date is in Sept 2012 . . it jus seems like they are pushing paper work on the side or sumthin . . We found out my hubby shouldn't have even left for Korea due to his first profile . .he was non deployable & unable to pcs . .but the army pcs'd him anyways . . now that we incurred another surgery my hubby jus wants to see the med board . . i don't know how to support him . .he has been in for 15 years & now we are gettin no help from the people who are supposed to help . . Sad that when you go from one branch of service to the next that you get mistreated for serving elsewhere . . Can Someone help us i jus need to know the process & who he needs to contact & what forms he should have filed . . Just a concerned wife with 3 small children trying to be supportive & do things the right way so that we wont get screwed . . does anyone know what RCP is . . . Please help

LB808 5 years ago


You explained the exact same thing that Korea told my husband . . he had went through with the surgery there & now he has no feeling in the bottom of his foot since his surgery . . Now the doctor tells him well anytime you do a surgery like that there is a chance of this happening . . Please try to talk to a med specialist about all the things that could happen with the surgery no matter how little the concern i advise you to take it seriously

carol 5 years ago

daughter started having breathing problems in basic training about 4 yrs ago. she was told she was out of shape & to run it off. she eventually ended up in sick bay for breathing difficulties. They didn't find anything & sent her back to training. after the gas chamber she ended up in the hospital. they said she had asthma & tried to say it was pre-existing & that she lied on her app. #1 - they did a physical on her & accepted her in good health (i have the med forms from that) #2 - she played sports in high school & had hyperventilation syndrome but I was told there wasn't anything that could be done - inhalers don't work, you hyperventilate-not the same as asthma & recruiter told her if not been treated in several years don't worry about it. She was being deployed to Afghanistan last year & while at Fort Dix ended up in the hospital for a week. They sent her home (3 wks before she became active full-time, army never moved so fast before) since then she has been in and out of the hospital & diagnosed with lung disease & emphysema. she is only 22! Army wants to "disqualify" her & do a medical discharge. this absolves the army of all obligations. can anyone tell me where to go to fight this?

Spc Shaw 4 years ago

I Saw the Ortho doc today and was given the same runaround. I have been on profile for over a year now with chronic pain in my lower legs. I have had Bone scans, X-Rays, MRI's, Physical Therapy, Pool therapy, and everything else they could push me into. It started with severe stress fractures, and because the Army gives no time off to heal, it progressed to where it is today. The Ortho told me today to choose between a MEB or a permanent profile, but was pushing the MEB for some reason. I asked what would happen with an MEB and he said it would be an honorable discharge but not likely that benefits would be included. He also said the reason he was suggesting I take that rout was because the Army is discharging 80,000 people anyway, and that I should just do my part to thin the herd. Im don't know what to think about this.

cbemt 4 years ago

My husband needs surgery to fix his jaw which was broke in combatives after someone kicked him in the face. He can't open his mouth too far, he can't even eat solid food.. He goes to the doctors, they tell him it's not broke, it's TMJ and to go to dentac, he goes to the dental clinic, they tell him it's a doctor thing. So after playing musical chairs with these retarded ass doctors and appointment after appointment, they decide it's best to just med board him. This was a year and a half ago. They said they couldn't preform the surgery that it may never be fixed because they say it's that bad. Well my husband and i beg to differ. In Korea they said it just needed to be rebroke and healed. How hard is that? They were going to do it but then he received orders to change duty stations. We been waiting on disability ratings for over 8 months now when told it would only take 30-120 days. 3 of those months because the PEBLO changed her name and it was sitting on her desk. He needs his surgery, and we're going to do that as soon as he get's out.. but how can we do that when they keep screwing around. It is rediculous, how can it take more than 8 months to sign packets. I would really like to know.. We have to put our lives on hold just to wait while they're all skrewing around, and it probably will never change! He had to extend another 8 months a few days ago because they can't get their shit together. If you are not satisfied with your ratings you got to appeal but when you're just tired of all the hurry up and wait shit, it gets old and you don't even want to stick around for that. And housing is hard to find here, so we been stuck at an extremely overpriced dumpy motel for the last 6 months now, when he could be HOME and HEALING from the surgery they did not want to give him. The stress from all this is really bringing us down.

I would like to know if theres someone you talk to when the PEBLO won't tell you anything helpful about your packet.. and why it's taking so long. What if it's lost? I heard of a guy who had that happen and he had to stay in yet another year. . He still can't eat solid food now so he is wasting away to skin and bone. Army don't give a shit.. Obviously.

Charleston843 4 years ago

I just started the MEB process and I am a little worried about what the outcome will be. I am currently in a combat arms MOS and I blew out my knee about 2 years ago. It took the PA's at my sick call 14 months to finally order an MRI. They kept giving me a 2 week no PT profile and Motrin. When the results came in from my MRI, I was immediately sent to Ortho and the doctor told me that my knee was in bad shape. I then had my 1st of 3 surgeries. I had arthroscopic then a total knee replacement and 4 months ago they went in a used a donor to replace part of my femur. I am just trying to figure out if this is a MEB that I can fight and if not, what will the percentage outcome be? Of course, no one in the MEB will give me a straight answer.

Rosie 4 years ago

My husband has been going through the MEB for the last 6 months for both of his knees, he needs 2 knee replacements but they say hes too young to do it (He is 31) From what we have been told, if you have a knee replacment then you will get 100% rating, and yes you can fight it, but with the Army downsizing it might just be better getting out... I know we are in the last leg of MEB and we just want it over and done with and move on with our lives!

dk 4 years ago

im currently at ft. riley and broke my knee in may of 2011 and had x-rays done then and just givin a temp profile. 5 mo. later after being high speed limping around on a grapefruit sizd swollen need i told my sgt f this i need a MRI or something it hurts to bad i think really messed up something. thinking the army did its job and nothing major happened like no break in my left knee here comes the MRI and boom im reffered to an off post doc. he tells me the army didn't see this sir you have a level 4 lesion break . the worst of its kind. so 5 mo on a broken knee and the army missed it or could have stopped it ect... can i sue or do something for that. i my doc of post even called my my farrely and asked how did you not see th fracture ect... basically i had 2 major knee operation. my 1st last nov. and my second this feb. i been going to rehab and see a doc at mental health for this. it bother me to the max that i my knee will never be the same and i cant enjoy running and other sport activities i basically enjoy and used to relieve stress and enjoy life. im still in my PT session and my entire foot when numb super bowl weekend and since then has not heeled. it feel numb and as if it went to sleep but forever 24/7 when i sleep when i walk everything. my knee by the way still hurts and to be honest with you doesn't feel much better. AFTER ALL MY PT SESSION AND ME BEING ON DEAD MANS PROFILE FOR A YEAR AND IF BY CHANCE IT DON'T HEAL PROPERLY COULD I MED BOARD. i

lisa 4 years ago

Jill, yes they can. The wonderful navy just did it to my husband after 17.5 years in. He got a tbi while on a sub and they kicked him to the curb. He was told that "needs of the navy" takes precedent over medical. I hope this doesn't happen to your family-we are devastated. I wish you the best.

SGT C Stupid 4 years ago


Please enjoy your privilege of sucking PAs thing and STOP your moronic assumptions! to start with you are an E-Fu%$en-5 which means nothing, no enough knowledge or experience! Listen you dumb idiot: you probably fix microwaves not a human! do you know that whoever Dr. told you what Soldiers are in to can lose his job for sharing others privacy? STOP being yourself a dumbest human on earth! you don't know what exactly is going on with a person while opening your fat ass!

PrEtTyGiRl78(Army) 4 years ago

My situation sounds similar to Jason's. I understand tht a med board will take FOREVER! However my current NCOIC aggrevates my stress and anxiety levels to the point wheree I can't even be around her. I have never been so bad off. Please help me what can I do to prevent the permanent loss of my sanity and wht is left of my military bearing???

sean kinn profile image

sean kinn 4 years ago from Key West and Budapest

Couple of things everyone might try: 1) Stay away from military medicine. It may seem impossible right now, but at some point in time get a few 2nd and 3rd opinions on whatever medical conditions you may have from civilian medical providers. In general, the only time I saw a military doc when I was in uniform was to obtain a referral to see a civilian doc. 2) If your chain-of-command is un-supportive, you may be dealing with a sociopath. It took me a long time to figure out that the US military breeds sociopaths, and the only solution is to do your best to not react to their BS, work around them - and persist. SK

alalryembarve 4 years ago

Concordo compiutamente a causa di le idee espresse finora. Andate avanti cosi.

jwalte02 4 years ago

Daughter rcvd a RE3 medical discharge on an allergy to gun powder during Army boot camp. She came home, went to allergy specialist a month later & has NO allergy to gun powder. Waiting on waiver to enlist with Navy now. May take months!! Everyone says to sue the Army! How? She wants to serve her country.

Cerbbluerlire 3 years ago

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hauffMoomia 3 years ago

Children will likely be his / her methods.

Nature abhors this bathwater.

Futamarka 3 years ago

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Mylindaminka 3 years ago

Как же получить медпроцедуры, парфюмерные и любые другие медицинские скрабы, не теряя при этом времени и сил на ожидание в очередях? Выход прост. Обратитесь к нам, и мы оформим любой медицинский скраб в течении суток с момента обращения. Больше не нужно отпрашиваться с работы, тратить время и нервы в поликлиниках, рисковать, просиживая долгие часы в поликлиники больных гриппом. Все, что нужно сделать - обратиться к нам и назначить удобное время для доставки нужного скраба

Michael 2 years ago

Interesting. There was a soldier on the news in Afghanistan who you probably heard of, who went out and killed civilians in their homes and came back. Well that soldier, I know of, Was supposed to get med-boarded for a possible mental disorder. Some paperwork didn't get cleared prior to the units deployment so he got sent out. The rest is history. The organization is criminal with how it treats its own people.

Michael 2 years ago

Oh, guess which part was left out of the news and swept under the carpet?

SFC B 2 years ago

First and foremost no one in this forum has mention CFR 38. It is the guidelines for disability for the military. So if you have back problems it lays out what you should do for the back. If you have any medical claim is lays out what you need to have annotated in your medical record to show the issues you have. Do this you will compensated within the limits of the law. So Google CFR 38.

2 years ago

Once you've been placed on profile and in the med board process, can your supervisor deny you medical treatment? I mean if you ask to go to the emergency room can they tell you no and make you wait til the next day?

ccf 2 years ago

To answer your question it depends on the situation on your location and the severity of the insadent, but normally no they cann't and wont for the most part.

RJ 2 years ago

For all of you that are going thru the Med board process i hihgly encourage you go visit the office of soldiers counsil. They are specialized lawyers and paralegals on the med boards. The first board its called (MEB) that is where they stablish your injuries and whether or not they meet retion standars, during this board you will go se a VA doctor he will do an evaluation and determine your rating on the injuries you are claming. The (PEB) is the second board that is were they will look at the ratings the VA gave you and determine if your injury merrit the rating. They look at your MOS your rank time in service etc but with the IDES is meant to open both claims at the same time Army and VA. Keep in mind the army does not compensate for certain conditions and thr VA does. There is a difference between having a temporary rating and a permanent rating. Go see the lawyer he is there to proctect you from falling in between the cracks. And don't signed anything untilmyou speak with a lawyer it is your right

Andrew J. L 2 years ago

Haha, I wonder how long the military has been doing this? I'm in the same boat as all of you. For real though, what the fuck is this? I'm sick of doctors telling different shit, I'm always in pain since February of 09' , and now I see I'm not the only one??? Today is April 30th, 2014. I'm at 80% for 40% "fibromyalgia" but really. My back and legs are killing me and I woke up one day February 09', feeling like this. 20% "anxiety", "depression" because I'm obviously sick of feeling like this. What the fuck is wrong with these people? And what can we do? I have doctors telling me "its all normal". I might have to back hand the next one and tell him "shit happens". Really though, something rational needs to be done.

matt 2 years ago

So I have a question and concern. I am a new soldier. Finished basic training and ait last year. I was diagnosed with DDD and I enlisted with it because it got better and went away. I did not disclose the information. Now the pain has got worse and I am not sure what to do. Believe it or not, I want to stay in and do ROTC or OCS but I fear that I will soon not be able to keep up physically. What do I do? If I could not do anymore, would I receive a dishonorable or a medical? Any help would be appreciated? Note that I do not want any disability money. Worse case scenario I would like to just get a medical, or get surgery and stay in. Any thoughts?

lewis 17 months ago

Hello everyone. would you all like to know how the army has f***ed me over?! in may i came down with a freak brain infection that has messed me up so bad that i now have to wear glasses and have a constant migraine "quite literally". and guess what they gave me to heal it all.........TYLENOL!!!!! they gave me about 20 tylenol when they discharged me after a week in the hospital and something that couldve killed me!!!! this is why i hate the army and this is why i am getting out!!!!

James 16 months ago

The army didn't tell me about the medical board they discharged me injured. They never soldiers get compensation for injuries. They did ask me to serve in the 75 th Ranger Regiment.

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