The Best Life Quotes- All the American Presidents Quotes-2

All the Presidents Quotes

Here is part 2 of my favourite quotes from the American presidents. Starting with an Abraham Lincoln quote and more quotesfrom each of the presidents, ending with the current president,and thus creating a list of all the American presidents to date.

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The American Presidents Quotes

I care not much for a man's religion whose dog and cat are not much better for it.

Abraham Lincoln. 1861-65.

It's a damn poor mind that can only think of one way to spell a word.

Andrew Johnson.1865-69.

I know only two tunes one is "Yankie Doodle" and the other one isn't.

Ulysses Simpson Grant. 1869-77.

Wars will remain while human nature remains. I believe in my soul in cooperation, in arbitration; but the soldier's occupation we cannot say is gone until human nature is gone.

Rutherford Birchard Hayes. 1877-81.

The President is the last person in the world to know what the people really want and think.

James Abram Garfield. 1881.

I have had many troubles in my life, but the worst of them never came.

Chester Alan Arthur. 1881-85.

Above all, tell the truth.

Grover Cleveland. 1885-89.

I pity the man who wants a coat so cheap that the man or woman who produces the cloth will starve in the process.

Benjamin Harrison. 1889-93.

Honor lies in honest toil.

Grover Cleveland.1893-97.

Our differences are policies, our agreements principles.

William McKinley. 1897-1901.

No president has ever enjoyed himself as much as I.

Theodore Roosevelt. 1901-09.

Don't worry over what the newspapers say. I don't. Why should anyone else? I told the truth to the newspaper correspondents - but when you tell the truth to them they are at sea.

William Howard Taft. 1909-13.

If you want to make enemies, try to change something.

Woodrow Wilson. 1913-21.

I am a man of limited talents from a small town. I don't seem to grasp I am president.

Warren Gamaliel Harding. 1921-23.

I have noticed that nothing I have never said ever did me any harm.

Calvin Coolidge. 1923-29.

All the Presidents Quotes.

All the Presidents Quotes 1

Look out for part 3 beginning with Herbert Clark Hoover.

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