The Bonita Baran Case

At the very young age of 16, Bonita Baran left her home province of Catanduanes to find work in Metro Manila. In 2007, she was hired as a househelper by the couple Annaliza and Reynold Marzan. In the four to five years that she worked for the Marzan family, she was subjected to maltreatment and torture. She was repeatedly beaten with a broom, battered in the head with vases and plates, and punched in the eyes. The unfortunate girl is now on the verge of losing her sight. She also claimed having a hot iron pressed into her face and her arm stabbed with a pair of scissors by her employer. It's a story almost too shocking to believe. But if you are to look into Bonita Baran's face right now, you can't help but think that she had really been through the things she claimed she went through.

She's now 21 years old. But she seems triple her real age with all the bruises and scars on her face.

Here's where it gets really interesting:

The couple is now claiming that they never maltreated Bonita Baran. That Baran's father is the one to blame. The couple's lawyer, Joel Ferrer said that it was Baran's father who tortured her, not the Marzan couple. Ferrer added that the reason Baran could not go home to her province is because she is afraid of her father.

However, this is a totally different story from what the couple said in an interview by GMA News a few weeks earlier. The couple said that it was Baran herself who inflicted the injuries upon herself. Now their lawyer Ferrer is saying that it was her father who did it. It doesn't make sense at all. The couple is saying that Baran maltreated herself. Their lawyer on the other hand is blaming the househelper's father.

Below is a video of the interview where the couple claimed that they never hurt Baran:

The question now is:

Who is telling the truth? Pick your answers below.

  • Bonita Baran
  • Annaliza and Reynold Marzan
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Bonita Baran
Bonita Baran

Update: 9/13/12

Annaliza and Reynold Marzan were ordered by Quezon City regional trial court branch 77 Judge Germano Francisco Legaspito be detained at two separate jails in Quezon City. This is after he rejected an appeal by the couple to be detained at the National Bureau of Investigation.

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Mazzy Bolero profile image

Mazzy Bolero 4 years ago from the U.K.

This is so horrifying. There was a case of a couple in New York keeping an Indian woman as a slave an ill-treating her, and I recall a case of an Arabic family in Britain doing something similar - but in both these cases the victims were illegal immigrants who didn't speak English. This girl was in her own country. What sort of mental state would she be in not to escape? I'd never heard of this case, so thanks for writing up this account.

Apolinario Villalobos 4 years ago

Bonita Baran

…face of abused dignity

By Apolinario B Villalobos

Unblinking puffed eyes

Protected by oversized spectacles,

Thin and uneven eyebrows

With scratches that clearly show,

Deformed lips and scarred neck

Blotched shoulders, stuttered speech;

This is Bonita -

When one day she emerged -

A sorry sight to behold

Bringing tears to our eyes

As she told her story to the world:

Braving the promise of uncertainties

She sailed to Manila from Catanduanes;

With a few pesos in her purse

A smile to melt the fear in her heart

Few pieces of clean but decent clothes

She set her feet in the bustling Manila City

Alive with its frenzied sights and sounds

A cacophony that made her dizzy.

Worked as a housemaid for a couple,

She dreamed of sending money home

Where her loved ones prayed

For her safety and enduring health;

But good fortune was not she found

As the couple who hired her

Were devils in disguise!

Not only was Bonita starved

Mauled, verbally abused and more-

Trampling her dignity, her pride,

Marks of which she could not hide.

For years, the suffering, Bonita endured

But her body is weak, could take no more

Till one day, help came for her to escape

Saving her dwindling strength

Enough for her to take precious steps

Back to her island home - Catanduanes

Where in silence she tearfully suffered

But God did not let all these pass

Fate brought her help, boosting her hope

So that she could get justice that for long

To her was denied…

Bonita, to you, we say –fight!

malambing 4 years ago

so sad.. this case should be push trough.. i pity this poor girl.. in her teens she suffered enough.. i wish those couple go in jail for the rest of thier life.. better to iron and beat them too so they would know how it feels to be like that.. they should go to hell.....

aureacorpuz 4 years ago

nasa sariling bansa ka... kaya wag kang matakot ipaglaban mo an karapatan mo bilang tao....anong klase amo yan.. sa nakita ko sa mukha ... dapat sana ganon din an gawin mo sa mukha ng mag asawa na yan..... mabulok sa sa bilangoan an an mag asawa na walang puso at kaluluwa...go to hell mr n mrs marsan.....sana mabulag ka kau.... ..bonita ,,, god is with u....

Rose 4 years ago

How can I contribute to pay for this woman case? This couple need to be put in prison for life! If we are going to felt sorry for their children--the children would be the next abuser and worst probably be a killer.

Need to punish the couple for the sake of their children.

kyla mae 4 years ago

Bonita h'wag kang ppayag na mkipag usap sa'yo ang dmonyo mong amo.baka ppatayin ka na nla.fight for your right,di biro ang kalagayan mo.pa2loy ang laban hanggan kmatayan.buti gawin sa amo mo Bonita?unti unting patayin,or else ilibing na buhay.Bonita,hwag kang susuko,dapat magbayad ang mga DEMONYO mong amo.

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