The Brain Washing

The Brain Washing 

The Media and the do-nothing are out to excite tempers. They have fed the mind of the wife of the one murdered by Raymond Davis to commit suicide. Her last words are now daily repeated on the TV by the anchors like Hamid Mir and others as gospel and she says, she wants blood for blood, blood for blood.

How blatantly crude can you get on the TV to stage such scenes and words with sickening comments of the anchors and the Ansar Abbasi kind panellists. And we hear the second couple’s wife is threatening to commit suicide to be in fashion with her compatriot just gone, no one in Pakistan can vouch where she is gone, likely to dooms and the TV anchor maniacs are serving it as warning to the listeners to rise with their banners and sickles, making their life as unpleasant as they can.

 Where is morality slipping to? There is now very little margin left between morality and immorality.

No one in honest pursuit of truth is trying to find out why the murderer murdered. He, Raymond Davis was a highly articulate operator, look his shots tell, he shot from within the car frame, tearing the front wind screen and the shots did not miss not one but two! I say talk of precision, here is one!

 But look at the lack of precision in politics and honesty of purpose. Jamat Islami Chief Sayed Munawar Hasan is adding fuel to the fire. Earlier he did in the murder of Salman Taseer and justified the killer – that swine face Mumtaz Qadri; here he is condemning the killer. He is going to take out procession on the street and make hay day of it. And Imran Khan is vowing on the TV talk show on Thursday the 17th of March in the Kashif Abbasi show that he will lead a big procession in Islamabad on Friday.

So what will they get from the processions? Is it a protest against the Islamic Law of Deet settlement that why it was brought in by God? Dare they do it, these parties and their leadership are so confused. They have to accept a fact. In these days of international cross border interlinks in matters of trade, policy in politics and religion. There are operators working everywhere. In the USA we are so many Muslims working as operators there. In Pakistan there are so many Black Water people working as operators here, so let it be accepted as fact of life and no more suicides from the wives galvanised on the TV.

This woman who killed herself was irreligious. By the Law of Sharia she cannot go to heaven and the TV anchor Hamid Mir is trying to send her to heaven. All we can say she has given a wakeup call to the misconceived to correct their conceptions.  

Who these two youngsters shot down truly were? If they were shot down in the course of their duty then what is the hue and cry. The man shooting them down was tried and that was the best thing that has happened in this episode. The man had pocketful money to give to the wards of the dead who were happy to accept and the matter has closed. But look how the irresponsible journalists want to stir up tender feelings of the people and draw pun on the nation. This irresponsible journalist Cyril Armeida poses question on the face book, “any relative volunteering to get shot by an American? Promise a nice Gravestone and epitaph.” The offender got him freed of murder, he faced the other charge by the payment of fine and his fifty day detention, so what is the hue and cry now and why should it be raised.

The intelligent men in Pakistan are not allowed to work their inheritance of intelligence. Intelligence is not valued it is the capacity to create Shurr  - mischief – the ability to creating trouble that is feared and that gets things scrapped or accepted. Only the fuming men like Sayed Munauwar Hasan or Imran Khan or Ansar Abbasi and there are many you name them are allowed to work in Pakistan with a free hand. They are given full TV coverage. It’s high time they are stopped. If they are not stopped they will ruin the culture of tolerance and decency in Pakistan.

On the settlement of a case happily done, let the nation celebrate. The two Governments’ relations are intact. The business of Pakistan scrounging aid from the USA is intact. Perhaps the visit of the President of Pakistan to the USA is intact. Everything is intact. So let’s move forward. The empty minds of the anchors must be filled with philosophy lessons. There are so many philosophers in Islam casting their views across the spectrum of knowledge and matter, let their minds open to assimilate of them. Let gloom be replaced with brightness and passion with reason, belligerence with softness of attitudes and rackets with the fascinating game of the Polo.

 Let everyday warning by the MQM turn into every second day stage show. They are not claiming to be a religious party, only a secular, so let them contribute to culture pinned with the blossoming flowers of cheeriness. And rather than the dreary talk Dr Farooq Sattar dishes out, on whose face I have never seen a smile play its sinister role, let it play there to depict gratitude to God. Farooq sattar has the ugliest face of all the lot of the politicians in Pakistan and he stutters and fumbles and halts and annoys the listeners. He should copy the English speaking on a subject. They are fluent because they know of their subject.

And then for heaven’s sake if Farooq Sattar is secular let him trim his beard to make his face presentable. He is not only the party spokesman but Gods servant and let him do his duty of spreading cheeriness.  If a person like Zulfequar Mirza gets inflamed with him, let him design his beard to soften the sale of his pouffe to please Zulfequar Mirza. Zulfequar Mirza is the oldest resident of Sindh and Farooq Sattar is only a new comer. And courtesy demands he be appeasing to Zulfequar Mirza. Without this display of chivalry the lid placed on the pot of decency cannot be removed and cheeriness spread.


Sayed Athar Husain

Afkar-e Shia (Shia Thought)




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framistan profile image

framistan 5 years ago from St. Louis, Missouri

You should have started your opinion-story by first telling us the story of what happened!!! I live in the USA... and I have never heard this story. What are you talking about????

SayedAthar Husain profile image

SayedAthar Husain 5 years ago from London Author

Raymond Davis was a United Staes contractor doing secretive work in Pakistan. Evidently his work involved employing agents and something went wrong. He was out in Lahore that he was apparently chased by two men. Next we know Raymond Davis used his pistol and killed the two men. He was arrested, and here was, muscling of the two governments, USA and Pakistan. The agents entangling them were the media in Pakistan and the right wing political parties who wanted Davis hanged in Pakistan. USA was desperate to get back Davis alive and living.They paid billions to the wards of the murdered two men in Deet. But what was the profession of the murdered men the media does not tell.

Mohammad Ashraf 5 years ago

As my friend Athar Huain has said, I also believe that it is media that is exploiting the masses without exposing real merit of the case.

Raymond Davis having diplomatic immunity, as perceived by his side, could not be tried in Pakistan. It is regrettable that he killed two people but the media was not able to disclose their objective in approaching David's car. Snatching at gun point and kidnapings had been norm of our society for last few years but media had been quite on this subject. Could it be possible that those got killed, were agent of our government or that of Davis. One can also assume that they were really intending to hijack him or his car?

Media should also pay attention to the gray areas of our society. In my personal opinion, too much freedom of speech/opinion is contributing toward the destruction of our society and our morality.

M. Ashraf

SayedAthar Husain profile image

SayedAthar Husain 5 years ago from London Author

Further to Mr framistan's comment, I must say I was amused when I read it the second time. Mr framistan is living in a world of 52 states all a country by themselves and the residents don't care about the oustside world. When I was in the United States in 2008, I was in Long Island, Columbus Avenue to see my daughter. One day I went to a Dollar store and the girl at the counter was pleased to know that I was British, but she did not know who was Queen Elizabeth and was facinated to look at my ten pound note and that we had a Queen in England. The impression she gave me was that we must be a very romantic people to have a queen.

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