The Capitalism of Discontent

     The current administration with its liberal socialist agenda is no doubt to coin a phrase “Mad as Hell and can't Take it anymore”. Their hope and change has fueled a surge in good old American grass roots capitalism. From town halls to tea parties to marches on Washington D.C. And every presidential appearance in between.

Capitalism of Protest

     Lets explore how to make money through public unrest. If I miss something I'm sure readers will let me know.

  1. Someone has to organize the event

  2. Someone has to get the proper permits to protest

  3. Someone has to book the venue

  4. Someone has to advertise the event

  5. Someone has to provide transportation for the protestors

  6. Someone has to feed the participants

  7. Someone has to provide lodging

  8. Signs and banners have to be printed

  9. Protest leaders have to be hired and given talking points

  10. Legal counsel for arrested participants

  11. Lets not forget the souvenir Tee Shirts, Pins, Stickers, etc, etc

  12. Oops! Almost forgot sanitary facilities, porta johns, restrooms

   So you see, a liberal socialist agenda can inspire true capitalism. Its been that way as far back as I can remember. I'm only fifty! Vietnam war protests, 1970s ecology movement(greenpeace), the super-patriotism after the Arab oil embargo, hostage crisis of the Carter era(amnesty international) , Reaganomics unemployment,gulf war one, Clinton tax increases, disgruntled liberals of the Bush years(see even they can hold their nose and be capitalists), the war on terrorism.

Pundits Prophets to Profits

     With the advent of cable news and the twenty four hour news cycle. A new capitalist was created. The pundit prophet, he or she does news commentary not news reporting. He or she writes books, sells books, and profits from discontent. Some claim that all profits from book sales goes to charity. Those I respect others I question.

NOTE To liberal readers – You can't destroy true American capitalism – Out of the fire rises the Phoenix

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James A Watkins profile image

James A Watkins 7 years ago from Chicago

Ha! I love this little Hub. You are witty and yet: it s true. Thanks for the good read.

BloodRedPen profile image

BloodRedPen 7 years ago Author

James - Thank you for your comment. I just thought I would point out (Theres money to be made) even with liberal socialists in control of D.C. - The humorous side effect is it gets the anger of some hubbers. Shame on me I'm a greedy capitalist

jimcain207 profile image

jimcain207 7 years ago from HUMPHREY, ARKANSAS

Really enjoyed this hub. Looking forward to more.I am your fan. Count me in.

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