The Capitalist are Lying

Controlling the Wealth
Controlling the Wealth

We don't need China's Checks

When ever I watch CNN or other Financial cable news programs I constantly hear the cries of Republicans, some Conservative Democrats and even some Liberal Democrats (who feel forced to give lip service conventional financial wisdom).

1. We are leaving a tremendous debt that our kids and grand kids will

have to pay.

2. We are dependent on Foreigners (China) to finance our debt.

3. The only reason we have this debt is because Liberal Democrats

Tax & Spend.

On the surface these statements appear to be true, but just beneath the surface the hidden hand of great wealth has created this grand illusion to protect themselves against the common man and the middle class.

Point one. The debt we are currently accumulating is a mole hill compared to the relative Mountain of debt we accumulated during World War II. We borrowed more money than the normal Gross National Product (GNP) of a given year. Then we spent more piles of money helping Europe recover from the war and bringing ourselves out of a recession. Even more money was spent fighting the Korean War and then the Cold War. The children of America's Greatest Generation prospered. America became the greatest Nation on earth. We developed the largest middle class the world had ever seen. The relative debt was reduced in the face of this prosperity and John Kennedy managed to give tax cuts even to the wealthy.

The relative National Debt wasn't put out of whack again until the Reagan Administration gave huge tax cuts to the wealthy and promised that they would "trickle" some of it down to working people. By the time Clinton came to office the debt had become a serious national burden. By the time he left we were experiencing a surplus and the debt was being reduced. George Bush managed to reverse the trend once again with tax cuts to the rich and left us in a serious recession.

Once again the tax & spend Democrats will have to save the day, while the do nothing Republicans cry on the sidelines that we are stealing from their children. Believe me! They are talking about the children of wealth - the Trust Fund Babies. They don't care about middle class children. That is why Republicans are busy shifting tax burden to sales tax that working people pay and away from Property Tax and income tax that fall mostly to people in big homes with large incomes In the states that they control.

Point two We don't need money from China or any one else. We encourage them to invest there surplus dollars in our low interest bonds and notes because it is the safest investment on earth. Our Capitalist class then invest there own money in producing goods & services in markets around the world because the return is much greater. They try to avoid the damage of taxes and inflation to their Trust Fund Babies.

The reason we don't need their money is because our Federal Reserve Banking System is responsible for most of the money of value that has been created in the world. That is why we are the reserve currency for the World. The Federal Reserve (Google it) technically and legally have the power to create money and lend it to the Treasure in exchange for Treasure Notes as collateral and do so at at very low interest rates. Abraham Lincoln used the same technique, before the Fed was created by law in 1913, in order to finance the Civil War. The private Banking system was trying to charge the government extremely high interest rates. He ignored them and printed Treasure Notes known as "Greenbacks". Because of the Fed we don't have to play "Chinese Checks" unless we have a political or economic reason to do so. The Republicans are desperate that their wealthy clients don't loose control of the International banking system by loosing control of the Fed.

Point three. It was Democrat President Clinton that produced any meaningful budget surplus in many-many years. It was a Republican President under George W. Bush that returned us to the Reagan Deficits and the greatest recession since the Great Depressions of the 1930's. The Republicans aren't worried about the deficit. They were glad to spend money for the war, They were glad to spend money to save the Big Banks. What they are afraid of is social change.

Getting rid of slavery proved to be too much for them and they have been opposed to changed ever since. Teddy Roosevelt's progressive tendency nearly destroyed them. Presiden Wilson and his Human Rights under League of Nations caused them to withdraw from the real World. They have been trying to destroy Social Security ever since FDR created a New Deal for the American people.

The only part of the Republican party that remains solid is the part that was solid Democrat South during the years of Segregation. Perhaps the fear of social change drove my Beloved South into the arms of the Capitalist before they could even spell the word. The Republican Capitalist don't care about deficit spending and National debt and they happily lied to White Conservative Christians to get them to put the Christian Soldiers into the political battles. They did the same thing to Abolitionist 100 years before and abandon the Blacks the moment it became convenient to do so.

Capitalist have only one moral rule. Protect the wealth no matter what you have to do. When deficits help, spend what you need to. If opposition to deficits prevent social change( Medical Insurance - Green earth - Education) turn them into Devil Worship. Republicans accuse Democrats of Class Warfare but it is Republicans who have divided us into classes.

Capitalism is a religion that gives its greatest honor and power to he who controls the largest Piece of the root of the love of money. They often claim Ayn Rand speaks there language and John Gault is one of them. That too is a Capitalist Lie. Gault was an idealist who believed that rational men would act in their own interest, but would not act to harm the interest of other rational men. Gault did not believe in compelled charity. Neither do Capitalist. John Gault did not believe in compelled labor. Capitalist do, But that is the topic for another day.

John Gualt was not Capitalist


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justinkmcbride 7 years ago

To argue against modern money mechanics is noble and wise. To label it capitalism is a false argument. True capitalism has zero government intervention and based solely upon private business ownership where it is the buyer's choice to buy a certain thing for a certain price. If the price is too high, it doesn't sell...price comes down. This is true capitalism. When government entities step in to regulate who can sell what and for how much and who can buy said things and for how much all the while taxing the already taxed taxes, this is not capitalism. This is pseudo fascism aimed a true and total fascism. While I understand the desire and the need to argue against the modern monetary system I have to be honest in how I label it and who I prosecute. The simple fact is words get twisted and miscontrued to the point that most American don't even know what they mean anymore. The most common forms of government are no longer called what they really are...democracy, communism, socialism, fascism, all of these are different and I am willing to bet most Americans cannot define even one of them correctly and it is this iniquity of honest thought that clouds the debate and debases our country.

Last Hand Willie profile image

Last Hand Willie 7 years ago from CAMDEN, SC Author

Your description of Capitalism as a theory is accurate, but as a practice is not. It assumes rational behavior, but men are rarely rational. We are driven by emotion( to emote), not logic. The closest we get to rational behavior is to rationalize our behavior after the fact. How is that for a "tail chaser" Justin. Beside, you know me. I use Buzz words to bait the discussion. I expect people to express their feelings or seek understanding. Most have feelings but seek no knowledge. You are one of those rare people who actually know something that can be contributed. I often depend on you to provoke both thought and emotion. I owe you.

justinkmcbride 7 years ago

Exactly my point about theory versus practice. My point is to not demonize the thing, rather the bastardization of the thing. Yes, we humans tend to err on the side of emotional comfort rather than logic for much of our lives. It is this fact that makes people so controllable as to allow the alteration of the very systems we used to employ ourselves into a societal marketplace, besides I know you like to stir the pot and that is appreciated. I am the same way. Thanks for the compliment but people like you and me aren't rare because of us. We are rare because of all of them. People have just stopped caring about knowing anything anymore and seem to refuse to analyze anything honestly anymore. I say that we are not informed and intelligent; they are just stupid, lazy, and ripe for the slaughter.

James Michael 7 years ago

When and where has "true capitalism" existed? Many Americans believe in the "American Dream", which is exactly what they believe in-a dream.

A Texan 7 years ago

Clinton? Oh yeah that irrelevant bug. Seems to me it was his being hamstrung by a Republican Congress that produced balanced budgets! Y'all are crazy for Bill!

Last Hand Willie profile image

Last Hand Willie 7 years ago from CAMDEN, SC Author

I thank you Tex for your considered opinion and your in depth discussion with facts and logical argument. "Y'all are crazy" says it all. It is a shame the novel WAR & PEACE could not been written with the Readers Digest expertise in the economic use of words. Maybe more of us could read it.

But that is not the point. Your point that Republicans passed balanced budgets ignore the reign of the Bush dynasty and that the Clinton's tax on the wealthy (who could afford to pay) started the longest period of prosperity known in a very long. Then the Bush administration gave the Rich an even bigger tax CUT and brought in the biggest deficits since Lord Reagan ran the country that resulted in the biggest Recession since the Great Depression. Sometimes Facts are like "buggers" Tex. You have to pick your nose to smell the crap you just made. Why even crazy people know about facts Tex. As soon as you get your nose clean you can smell the Democratic Roses. Just try not to "Pick your nose in Public".

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