Global Warming and Carbon Taxes: the Trillion Dollar Scam

Its not called Man Made Global Warming anymore, its called Climate Change. Why?

Can you think of a product that contains nothing, that does nothing, that has been created out of thin air, that does not work, is based upon a lie, and governments and companies around the world are willing to pay through the nose for? Welcome to the world of carbon footprints and carbon credits, the trillion dollar con.

Everything about Carbon Taxes and Carbon Credit Trading is virtual, non-existent, and imaginary, except the billions of dollars to be made from the trades. That is very real and explains why there is a stampede amongst the greedy financiers to get a piece of the action, and probably nobody stands to make more money from this fictitious, figment of the imagination than Mr Altruism himself, Al “save the planet” Gore. Let’s take a look under the covers of the Man Made Global Warming and Carbon Taxes scam.

Firstly, there is considerable doubt amongst scientists that there is global warming at all. Many scientists in fact think that the earth is actually cooling. As one climatologist said, it is anybody’s guess. Next year might be warmer, or it might be cooler. In ten years time, there is just as much chance that the earth will be warmer, as that it will be cooler. We simply do not know. This is the most sensible thing I have heard so far about global warming.

Secondly, even if there were global warming there is no real proof that it is caused by carbon emissions. There have been times in the past when there was many, many times the quantity of CO2 in the atmosphere compared to today, and the earth was cooler, not warmer. In fact there is considerable evidence that increased volume of CO2 is a consequence of global warming, not the cause. The most plausible explanation for global warming is that it is caused by the activity of the sun, and there is much empirical and scientific evidence to support this.

Thirdly, even if there were global warming, and even if it was caused by carbon emissions, Carbon Taxes and Carbon Credit Trading will do nothing to help either reduce the emissions, or to help save the planet. Rich companies and countries can still put as much CO2 into the atmosphere as they like (even increase it) as long as they can pay for the privilege. Rich countries will buy the right to pollute the earth from developing countries who cannot afford (Africa for example) to pollute the earth as much. This is whole idea is absolute lunacy.

CO2 is not a pollutant and does not cause Global Warming

What’s more, CO2 is not even a pollutant! It is occurs naturally, and is essential for healthy tree and plant growth. Every time we exhale, we breathe out CO2, so perhaps we should all be taxed on our breathing? Do you see the utter nonsense of all of this?

And there’s more. Although carbon offsets are often presented as emissions reductions, they do not actually reduce emissions. At best, they move reductions to where it is cheapest to make them, which normally means a shift from Northern to Southern hemisphere countries. Greenhouse gas emissions continue to be made at one location on the assumption that an equivalent saving will happen elsewhere, but in actual fact, this usually does not happen, and so there is often a net increase in emissions.

Carbon offsets are an imaginary commodity created by deducting what you hope happens from what you guess would have happened. Moreover, according to David Victor, a carbon trading analyst at Stanford University, two-thirds of the supposed “emission reduction” credits from the CDM (Clean Development Mechanism) are not making real reductions in CO2 emissions at all. The companies behind these carbon offset projects are paid to do what they would have done anyway, while the companies who buy the credits in industrialised nations are free to exceed their emissions cap. In other words, this is a license, if you can afford it, to pollute the planet even more!

In theory, the money you pay to the carbon credit company goes towards a “green” project which will offset what they call your “carbon footprint”. One company eager to ease my conscience and take my money to fund a “green project” is Did you see the title? Would you honestly trust a bank, and JP Morgan bank at that, to care for the planet on your behalf?

This is just one example, but shows that the people behind this scam are not altruistic environmentalists. They are financiers, investment banks and hedge funds. There is already a Carbon Credit Futures market, carbon credit trading exchanges in European (ECX) and in Chicago (CCX), and carbon credit derivatives products. Sound familiar? This is all about creating billions of dollars, quite literally out of thin air, based up on a hoax, sold to us by world luminaries and super salesmen like Al Gore, who of course has invested heavily in all things to do with climate change, and is flying around the world in his private jet, peddling his wares. He is set to become the world’s first carbon billionaire, and if the “business” of carbon trading continues expanding, there will be many more to follow.

You see, Al Gore is chairman of Generation Investment Management. David Blood, the former chief executive of Goldman Sachs Asset Management, is the CEO. But the bottom line is that GIM is about making money. GIM owns a 10 percent stake in the Chicago Climate Exchange, and the Chicago Climate Exchange owns half of the European Climate Exchange. So, if the United States and Europe adopt a government enforced "cap and trade" carbon credit trading scheme Al Gore and his fellow investors will rake in billions of dollars.

Non Existent Man-Made Global Warming - The Biggest Scam of the Century

Doesn’t it make you stop and think? If Al Gore wants to save the planet, how much of his time and energy does he spend on projects which are vital to the earth, but where there is no prestige (Nobel Peace Prize, Oscar) or money to be made for him personally? How many would you guess? Zero perhaps?

The global market for carbon credits could reach €2 trillion by 2020 ($3.2 trillion U.S. dollars) from about €46 billion ($72 billion) this year (2012), and it is all, quite literally, based upon nothing but hot air.

Wake up people! The man-made global warming scam is the greatest scientific fraud in the history of mankind, and its associated carbon credit trading scam is the greatest hustle. Is there anything more important today, than to expose these swindles for what they are, and put a stop to them?


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