The Case For Evolution

What can one say about the idea of a holding a debate about creationism and evolution? Well, creationism simply put was the first and by definition worst answer that humans could come up with when our species was still in its infancy when there was simply no other answer on offer. It really came at a time when something like a solar eclipse really was viewed as being a sign that the end of the world and a multitude of gods which were placed as being in charge of the basic functioning of the everyday of things such as the sun rising and falling from a given perspective to controlling the oceans and even the death of those who resided in the same tribe and so on. In fact from the estimated time that humans have been on the earth, roughly 250,000 years, this was the predominant belief, when or species was made of stupefied peoples who were looking for any pattern to make sense of the world around them. Tens of thousands of gods were created over all of the tribes who wandered at this point in our history, beforehomospeins. decided to migrate out of the Eastern coast of Africa. And of each tribe the creationist story varied but certainly not as much so as they did (the creationist stories) after the first nomadic tribes migrated out of the motherland, as some would call it.

As this migration continued and fewer and fewer gods were recognized while the rest were thrown into the mass grave of mythology, the creationist stories went through radical changes to fit both the region from where those who thought up came from and to fit the stories put together by those who worked up given paradigms for the various religions which Governed the whole of human existence, as biologist Richard Dawkins and American philosopher Daniel Dennett as pointed out during their various lectures and their books. As Bertrand Russell pointed out, with the sheer number of religions which now are on offer, we could expect to damned just on probability since everyone of these religions make claims for themselves which are incompatible with each other and this includes their creationist stories. For example, with Christianity and Judaism, Adam supposedly rose the mud of the guardian of Eden location still yet to be determined, while Eve was ripped from his side as the form of his rib. With Islam man supposedly derived from a clot of blood from a handkerchief. The Hindu story is more convoluted and seems to point to a spiritual relationship between Vishnu and Brahma with some sort sleeping snake taking part in this story. (see link to get better idea of this story). So now we are stuck playing gods multiple choice game with the question of which religion has the correct creationist story. Is it A. Christianity B. Islam C. Hinduism D. Jainism E. other. Of course it depends on which culture one comes from when claiming the correcting answer. And in each case there is not a shred of evidence.

Much to the chagrin of those who have casted their lot behind creationism, all of the evidence relevant to this debate now points to evolution. The real knock out punch came when in 2003 when the results of the name famous genome project were released to the public. The aim of the project was to map out 20,000 25,000 human genes along with identity 3 billion chemical base pairs that make up our DNA. To this day new discoveries are being made in fighting cancer on the molecular level. But more to the point, scientists, due the findings from this project can even point to all of the genes we have in common with every living organism on this planet along with their variations. Up until the results came in, researchers had rely on Darwin's writings when discussing matters such as deviations of physical features of related species. Today scientists are light years away being able to actually draw those differences and of the genes themselves on their most basic level. How compelling has this evidence been? Today the Vatican now accepts evolution as a fact, even if many of their patrons do not.

Finally one needs to go to the Museum of natural history view the fossils that have littered our planet along with footprints, spears and pottery which dates to about 200,000 years ago. We now have researchers who have studied the jaw bones of Homo Erectus and can explain the brain cavity of Cro-Magnon. We now know that adaptation takes millions to take place and depends on desirable features to ensure the survival of a given species. Something that was not known at the time of creationist stories but could not have been known.

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