The Climate Change Source

Climate Change a Hoax?

Climate change is not a hoax but the source is. An associate of mine, formerly with NASA, relates where CO2 comes from. The world's farming is over tilling the soils and releasing more CO2 than we can even begin to with our industrial output. It is easy to point at a smoke stack and say this is the cause of the problem . It pales in comparison to turning over the soil and allowing the vital carbon to escape. Hundreds of farmers in India are committing suicide each year due the fact that their soil will not produce enough to feed their families.

Unless you are eating only organic, you are feeding yourself and your family low quality crap that is grown in soil that has been poisoned and artificially inseminated with nitrogen to make it grow. Buy yourself a Brix meter (Google it) and measure the natural nutrients contained in off the shelf produce furnished by large corporate growers. Now compare it to the same in an organic product.

I recently got an email stating Obama would do something and Romney would not. Obama, as always, is very adapt at telling people what they want to hear.

Pardon the pun but this is a root cause situation that he does not understand.

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4 years ago

Yes henny penny will be out in force.

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