The Cowboy, A Piece Of America

Cowboys in photos

American heritage
American heritage
Girls are cowboys too
Girls are cowboys too
Cowboys come in groups of few or many
Cowboys come in groups of few or many
Cowboys wish for horses
Cowboys wish for horses
Chuck wagons were the cowhand's kitchen. A nap after breakfast
Chuck wagons were the cowhand's kitchen. A nap after breakfast

Hello and welcome to this humble Hub. I don't know where you're from, but I'm from Texas, and it seems good to me for people to get better acquainted with one another. I love sharing knowledge of who we are and the things we enjoy and experience in our different cultures.

I've lived here all my life and I really do love it. I think Texas has some wonderful ways and places to talk about, and there's so much to say about it. I hope some of these thoughts might be of some interest to you.

Texas is the largest state in the United States, and the landscape is varied and interesting. There's something in Texas for everyone. There is very much flat land, open acreage of farms and ranches. There are mountains, hill country, valley areas and large metropolitan cities. Small settlements built by ancient pioneers and lots of farm country One of the famous legends about Texas has to do with being Cowboy country. When the person from up north ( Some call these yankees, 'smile') hears of Texas, they probably think of cowboy boots and cowboy hats. However, although it's true that many who live here who have never owned either, these symbols of the Wild West are certainly a large part of our native history.

Texas has a very colorful history. There are legends which have been passed down through the generations of famous heroes and also famous outlaws. The early days of this vast land being pioneered and settled and civilized were so very interesting that untold numbers of books and movies based on some fact and much fiction have circulated over the years.

Texas is well known as cattle country. Texas and the states of the southwestern region of the US have always been large producers of the nation's meat supply. Cattle ranchers raised huge herds of cattle on thousands of open acres of ranch land. In the early days of pioneering the United States there were no railroads,and in order to get the cattle to distant markets large trail drives were established to transport the cattle. This was the way of life for the cowboy and rancher. It was a huge undertaking,requiring many cowboys to leave home and family and spend months on the long trail from the west to the markets.

Texas also experienced several large wars, notably the wars with Mexico which established the republic, and varied Indian wars as the land was being settled. Cowboys and Indians live peaceably together here in Texas now.

Much of this history has been recorded in song and in many stories handed down from it's early settlers. Although much has changed in these modern times, Cowboys, cowboy boots, rodeos, horses and ranchers are still a very interesting and major part of out heritage as a nation.

Here are a few links on the subject to share for your enjoyment. I'm hoping!

Song; "The Last Cowboy Song"

I have always been fascinated by Cowboys and Indians, having spent many

childhood hours watching Hollywood movies about them. Below are some links to learn more about these Western movies which have made the western life so famous.

Cowboy Movies.......

Some Cowboy Movie History.....

I hope you have enjoyed the short journey with me through some of my home state's history. God Bless and keep you through the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ!

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Michael Adams1959 profile image

Michael Adams1959 6 years ago from Wherever God leads us.

You stole my heart on this hub. One of my favorite songs is, I grew up dreamin of bein a cowboy and livin the cowboy ways..... sadly in search of and one step in back of his dreams

panguerita profile image

panguerita 6 years ago from Little Elm, Texas Author

Well, I'm certainly glad you enjoyed the article. Your comment reminded me of my husband, who also has loved and wanted to be a cowboy all his life, but had to settle for being a plumber. I do hope you both get to realize your dreams.

multifunctions profile image

multifunctions 6 years ago from India

cowboys wish for horses very interesting

panguerita profile image

panguerita 6 years ago from Little Elm, Texas Author

Dear multifunctions,

Please forgive me for the delay in responding to your comment. I am just learning to navigate the hub website. I do thank you for your interest and your comment. That drawing about the young cowboy looking at the horses, reminded me of my youngest son, and that's where my caption came from. One year we baked him a birthday cake, and we asked him what his wish was, he answered "I wish a horse" Well, we finally got him one, and pretty quickly he fell off of it and broke his arm. But that didn't stop him, he ended up years later riding bucking broncs in the rodeo for a short time. Lots of wishes do come true! Blessings to you!

onegoodwoman profile image

onegoodwoman 6 years ago from A small southern town

Hi Panguerita,

Cowboy land must be a "good fur piece" up from San Antonio........I once lived there, also Winnsboro, Paris, Sulphur Springs, and Kileen. Have been to many other parts of Texas, and you are has a LOT of variety. If someone blindfolded you and drove you around for several hours, you would be amazed at what you were seeing now, it wouldn't be anything like what you left.

Enjoyed those photos.

panguerita profile image

panguerita 6 years ago from Little Elm, Texas Author

Thank you for your visit! You've been around Texas, I see! I live near Dallas now, but I also lived in San Antonio years ago. Beautiful hill country. It's really a great state, has a little bit of everything!

A link you might enjoy visiting to an article on the King Ranch in Kerrville, one of the largest still in existence.

onegoodwoman profile image

onegoodwoman 6 years ago from A small southern town

That was quite a bit of reading.

Be careful, you may be giving your next hub away :)

The name " Kerrville" seemed familiar to me, and I wondered if maybe I had hauled hay there, but that was not it. When we left San Antonio, my hubby went ahead of me to report to his work, and I stayed behind to finish out my notice to my employer. I do not like to fly, ( and I sold my very old car ), so I took a Greyhound to Arizona. The bus made a stop at Kerrville.

Months later, I had the need to come back to S.A. ( car had been replaced) and I remembered the spot and took another break there.

thanks for the memory.....

CrossWords profile image

CrossWords 5 years ago

Thank you for sharing, I love my cowboys!

panguerita profile image

panguerita 5 years ago from Little Elm, Texas Author


Thanks for your kind words. I'm glad you found something here you enjoyed!

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