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Dominate Male Group Theorem

Society and the DMG Theorem

(Note: This Hub is an supplement to the Blog on the Evolution Of Integration- - 1865 to 1968)

Prior to 1964, all human societies in recorded history basically followed the same pattern to their establishment, which was homogeneity in their race, language and religion. These characteristics undoubtedly played a vital role in maintaining stability within the society. For example, note how few civil wars have been recorded since the time of the ancient Greeks (regarding the American Civil War, as president Lincoln said to a group of prominent Negroes "...without your presence, there is no war!").1

Since all of human history demonstrates a predispose male grouping behavior in the establishment of a society, as well as its continuation (at least I cannot find a single exception in recorded human history), let's express this grouping pattern for the establishment of a society in the following way::

When a male group (males similar racially, linguistically and religiously) establishes claim to a geographic area, this group then seeks to create a society. A society must have a social stratification system; and when that social stratification system exists ... a society is then formed. When the society is formed the male group that created it becomes the Dominant Male Group. There are two primary functions a society serves, which allows it to achieve stability and longevity: (1) stratify the Dominant Male Group; (2) perpetuate the Dominant Male Group.

Again, there is no known deviation from the above grouping behavior for establishing a society's social strata (that I'm aware of) prior to 1964.

Females historic role within a society: Prior to 1964, throughout human history (that's a LONG time people), females had always been separated from the males; and never allowed into the male group's social strata. Female's historic role within a society was simply to procreate for the male group...and to raise the children. Keeping the females separate wasn't - isn't - a pejorative act by males. Females lack 'true status' (as do males outside the DMG). Theoretically then , that is if the DMG theorem is an immutable law of human nature, as all of human history suggest it is, if the social stratification system (occupational titles) created by the DMG is compromised ... the structure itself will become compromised. Collapse of the system would seem to be inevitable.

Do you think America is as stable politically today under the compulsory integration laws than before the laws were passed (specifically, the Civil Rights Acts '64, 65, '68)?

Historical Group Recognition (HGR): In order to build societies throughout human history males from the dominant male group used "group recognition", or HGR. All racial and ethnic groups on our planet ... are here today because of this recognition characteristic.

On July 2, 1964, the political / economic system of Compulsory Inclusionism (Civil Rights Act) was created in the USA, and its main purpose was/is to integrate the Dominant Male Group (white Christian males). NOTE: It's also interesting that only countries of Western Civilization origin have established - thru written laws - a compulsory integration system. (the ability of white males to become slaves to their written laws...never ceases to amaze me)

AGAIN, do you think America is as stable politically today under the compulsory integration laws than before the laws were passed (e.g. Civil Rights Acts '64, 65, '68)?

Consequences when a DMG allows encroachment into their social stratification system?

1) LINK...

2) OJ Simpson Double Murder/ Acquittal (black jury)...


4) Why do blacks continue to fail? Well,'s got to be white people's fault - they're "born to be racist" LINK

5) 1947... Mendez, et al v. Westminister School District of Orange County (CA)... Hispanics won the case for a desegregated school... Guess what? The school is 100% Hispanic today...and they aren't complaining one bit! LINK



1. President Lincoln addressing prominent Negroes in 1863


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