The Destruction of America

I Fear for My Country

Do you get the feeling that something is just not right about the way everything is going in the country? Yes, I do too. At first I could not put my finger on it, but I recently realized what it was that was nagging at me. It is the destruction of the United States from within. I think it has been happening for awhile now, but over the past few months it seemed to be speeding up in intensity. I know I am not the only one who notices this, judging by the million of people out there who are expressing a similar sentiment. The real downhill slope came, when President Obama was sworn in and the Democrats increased their numbers in both the House of Representatives and the Senate.

Our country is being destroyed by our government. Since when is the United States in the business of buying banks, mortgage companies, and car companies? We never have been before, at least no where near this scale. Government is increasing in size and spending is out of control. Our yearly deficit is over $1.6 trillion and our debt is over $10 trillion. Those numbers are so astronomical and alarming, but the politicians in Washington keep on spending. Recently, the House of Representatives passed a Cap and Trade Bill, meant to curb climate change and provide “green jobs.” The only problem is it creates an energy tax for every American, by raising electricity rates for homes and businesses and increase the price of gasoline at the pump. On top of that, it is estimated to cost the economy 2.5 million jobs. The environment is not worth the price, especially when temperatures have not risen in eight years and more and more scientists are stating their doubts about the involvement of mankind in the process. It turns out Al Gore probably was wrong all this time and the tiny fluctuations of our planet’s temperature in a natural process. Liberals in Congress are also on the verge of forcing a government run healthcare system down our throats, without detailing specifics or how it will be paid. All that and they want to increase the tax rate on middle class families by taxing your private health insurance benefits.

Now you look at all that and wonder is it all for our own good? The answer is no, it isn’t. Government has never been the solution to the problem and I doubt it will begin to do that now. It is about control and power. Liberals, the likes this country hasn’t seen since Jimmy Carter, are in charge and are having themselves a day. Do you really think that these people care about the environment? Not any more or less than the rest of us, or else they wouldn’t fly around the country on private jets and live in giant mansions consuming power. The Cap and Trade Bill was about increasing taxes and redistributing them to the have-nots. Provisions in the bill call for new home building standards that match California. One can only guess why every state in the country must have California’s building codes. Probably because the chief sponsors of the bill are from California, but tell me why do North Dakota and Florida need to have their houses built based on the GoldenState’s standards? California gets earthquakes, North Dakota gets blizzards, and Florida gets hurricanes; so it beats me. The bill also says every new home must have an outlet to plug in your electric car. I don’t know how many people have those contraptions, but I sure don’t. No one I know has an electric car, I have never watched an advertisement for an electric car, and I can tell you that I have never seen an electric car, but maybe that is just me. Lastly, the Cap and Trade Bill calls for the infamous Freddie Mae and Fannie Mac to provide low cost mortgages to lower class people and use our tax dollars for it. I may not the be smartest person in the world, but history has a way of repeating itself and if I’m not mistaken, didn’t those companies do the same exact thing and that is why we are in a housing crisis?

On to the healthcare bill, the government wants a slow takeover of the system, despite what you may hear to the contrary. President Obama insists that the system would be a competitor with the other industries in providing insurance. When has it been fair for the federal government to compete against private companies? That should tell us, we will all be under the same umbrella soon. The taxing of the middle class benefits is for what purpose? Liberals want to do that to give insurance to those in the lower class and illegal immigrants. That doesn’t seem quite fair to me. To be honest none of it does. The Cap and Trade Bill and healthcare reform are just the most recent and prominent example of the government expanding its role in each of our lives for no good reason. Their reasoning is to have more control over us and to tax us more in order to redistribute the wealth. That might appeal to some people, but not to me and not to millions and millions of people. Those things, coupled with the bailouts and the purchase of General Motors has me wondering about this country. We are moving down a European socialistic path. It is a dangerous one to go down and one that is the antithesis of everything this country stands for. Many people aren’t realizing what is happening all around them, but slowly people are beginning to stir and wonder what the hell is going on. All I can say is that troubling things are happening that are destroying our country, but if you wake up and start asking questions of our government, we might have a chance to reverse course. President Obama promised everyone change when he was running for office and he is sure delivering on that promise. I just don’t think this is what many people had in mind.

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Tom Cornett profile image

Tom Cornett 7 years ago from Ohio

One of the things that bothers me most is that our polititians are voting on bills that they havn't even read. They are all scurring like roaches because the light is slowly revealing that they have done nothing for years. It is a local, state and federal problem. The incompetentcy is mind boggling!

Our taxes will go up and we will pay at least 40 percent of our income. We are becoming like the coal miners of old the old days. Between taxes and the company store...we will have just enough to survive. The middle class will be erased. This isn't just a liberal thing....both sides are just as incompetent and are selling us out to corporate and foreign interests.

Paper Moon profile image

Paper Moon 7 years ago from In the clouds

We have been selling out to corprate interests more and more over the last 2 decades. We the people are we the used.

Mighty Mom profile image

Mighty Mom 7 years ago from Where Left is Right, CA

Welcome to Hub Pages. We may not see eye to eye politically, but I respect your right to share your opinion. I honestly don't know why people can object to healthcare coverage for more Americans. That's just good policy on every level.

Sorry you are so threatened by Obama and his presidency. I do not share that view. But you have argued well here. MM

Jacob 7 years ago

Mighty Mom, we respect your right to an opinion too, people are threatened by the Obama administration yes, Why? Because he himself is not even legally eligible to be president of the United States and is rapidly taking this country and turnining it into a wasteland. He is only following up on what the Bush Duo started and has stated it publically many times "New World Order".

I hate to say it but I reserve my right to free speech as well so here goes, People like you will follow our government into a burning pit in hell, not informing yourself is your biggest danger, study the truth and the facts about Obama as well as all the past administrations and their agenda will become vividly clear.

Alex Maldanodo 7 years ago

We`re basically screwed with Obama at the wheel,and haters like Pelosi pulling his strings. We need Change,thats for sure. Nothing Obama has said has been correct. So,is he an idiot or a liar? You decide

Richard 7 years ago

Obama, Oschmama; it matters little WHO is sitting in that office for the holder of it, office, is there only but by the graces of the powers to be behind the scenes: NO ONE gets to the office of the presidency but by way of the desire of the power elite. Obama is merely another pawn in the chain of previous pawns holding that office, albeit he and his minions in Congress are moving at an all-time accelerated pace of placing this nation under a more expanded(more complete) form of Socialism. We once, railed against the evil empire formerly called the U.S.S.R., and how it treated it's citizens with a totalitarian iron fist; well the good ole USA is becoming, and will be as bad if not worse, and the largest majority of it's people seem to be willing to accept all this, and all in the name of "ther greater good"; for the sake of the people. I'm old enough to recall an era when we died on battlefields in the name of attempting to fight and stop communism/socialism, and all the while it was growing and expanding on our home soil. We are not far from renaming this nation to USSA, United Socialist States of America. The BIG question is, WHAT will any of us do about it? At this juncture in history it seems to be damn little. America, as many of us knew it, IS lost; but many of her people weither won't see it, don't want to see it, or both.

krig profile image

krig 7 years ago

Hear, hear. It has been a long and insidious slide to destruction. Good post

Patman66 profile image

Patman66 7 years ago

Obama didn't bring the change that we had hoped, eh? He really has made it easy for the next presidents by lowering the bar the way he has. But this is what you get when you vote in a two year senator who votes present most of the time.I saw this coming.

shazz01109 profile image

shazz01109 6 years ago from Western Massachusetts

The President and Congress need to tighten their belts, and make sacrifices, just as ordinary citizens, families, and the States have been doing. The President and Congress NEED TO STOP THE SPENDING.

CB 6 years ago

Were fucked!

Nobody Special 6 years ago

What Obama is trying to achieve does not work,...

has never worked,...and never will work.

It's not a complicated issue to figure out!

It's basic,... simple,... physical... laws of nature.

#1 There is no such thing as a free ride.

#2 You can't get "something" from (or for) "nothing"

Anyone who believes the lies comming out of his mouth

is truelly blind IMHO.

poor boy 6 years ago

you got it right...however, there (ain't) any immediate solutions to all this madness...people just don't care...and we probably deserve this- could be GODs opinion...

bye bye AMERICA

Tony Caputo 6 years ago








UltraGenius 6 years ago

Wow, really people? You are the wacko conspiracy theorists who think the government is out to get us? Seriously? That is a stupid notion. WE RUN THE GOVERNMENT! As legal citizens of the USA, we choose who runs what. This is, of course, assuming no one here is an illegal alien. You are all idiots. YOU are the people ruining America, not the government! You are supposed to contribute to society, but instead, you go and write up some crazy conspiracy theories that have absolutely no truth and lack any evidence! If you want to save America from falling, contribute to society instead of sitting around on your lazy asses!

TimothyCrowe 6 years ago

At least I am still free.

“Freedom is the sure possession of those alone who have the courage to defend it.” -Pericles (All else are enslaved)

My freedom is defended! Is yours?

Openyoureyes 6 years ago

The world has been fooled - not just America. I appreciate that many people will try and find fault, look in the other direction, even disregard what is going on on this planet but Instead i ask you to sit down and look at the facts. We all live in a big brother state - where wars are fabricated - terrorism is bought by goverments to bring about chang and control. How many times has it been that Goverments from around the world have funded and armed militry groups in order to start wars and conflicts in countrys they wish to control. I draw your attention to Afganistan - a country with no interest to the world until a few years ago when a oil pipeline was being created to supply the east with a rich source of the Black Gold. In order to control this supply and profit from it the control of the country must be in those who demand money and wealth. The area this pipeline is being layed - Helmand province - where most of the violent acts occur. Another fact is that all the oil contacts in this area have been awarded to - you guessed it American opperated and funded agencies. But wait - i hear from the rafters that Troops are being withdrawn now - why would this be...perhalps its because China has intercepted this issue and are constructing thier own pipeline - completely avaoiding afganistan hence - no more need for troops to control the area.

This happens all the time with agencied like - Nato and Un troop being deployed supposidly on peace keeping envoys - but do you know that once they are deployed they never leave. they set up embnssies and yes as you guesses try to gain more control over coutries under a fault banner of pease.

Look around you - liberties you have lost, laws that have been brought in without any resistance, how much money you are being asked to spend on Tax, housing, living, homeland security. Its a joke and people have to stand up for what they believe instead of being brainwashed and controlled like robots. The world is changing but not for the better oh and just a thought for you - is it any coincidence that all these cuts and financial issues have arisen when the countries involved have all been in forgein conflict...mabye your hard earned money is paying for the next shipment of guns not on fixing that pothole in the road.

openyoureyes 6 years ago

Ok, so pehalps I should explain where my previous comment came from and the why i believe there to be such a false sence of existence being created on this planet.

I am not of americain decent but for years have been facinated with the ideals that it was build on - Freedom, every man being made equal, where people have the control of thier own futures, Land of the free, home of the brave. However, tied in with these ideals is a false sence of patriotism that has been manufactured and twisted into somthing horrible. Like in my country where patriotism is probably one of the most pinnicle issues - when does this become mob mentallity. Being a patriot means you love your country and what it means to you and others - not that you must support the deals of those deemed to "run the country". Think about it for all the times you have been congradulated for being a patriot, for standing up for those who suffer, applauded for your uncompromising love for the flag - what is it you are being congradulated for. Other than those honouable men and women fighting other peoples war - does putting a flag up make you a patriot? By sounting about being free make you a patriot? I ask all of you what is freedom to you? is it a word that makes you feel that you are in control, safe and have the rights you deserve or is it a word that you ahve been grown to accept. Freedom is not having to carry ID cards everywhere, Freedom is not having your family torn apart through wars - not started or in many cases supported by yourself, Freedom is not being put to the brink of financial crisis at the hads of those who you are supposed to trust in, Freedom is not having to pay for these mistakes without explanation or consequence. Freedom is not living in fear of terrorism - an ever present issue on all news channels, papers and media - aimed at scaring people into giving up thier liberties to feel safe. There are so many issues at hand however it goes down to that old saying "whoever owns the media owns the world" and its true. Iraq - went to war as they have weapons of mass destruction - No they didnt. Im not saying Saddam Hussain shoukld not have been overthrown but it should have been a world issue solved on a world basis - not made and excuse for an invasion. Aphganistan - why did the war start there again??? Oh 911 that right. The CIA funded terrorists that hijacket planes around America yet cant afford decent reording equipmnet to post messages thats right. Look at the facts, we dont need premonisiions and conspiracies - all we need to do is look at right here, right now and see what is happening.

mike  5 years ago

all revolutions happen from within.... nothing lasts forever country person... illegal immigrant street thugs and gangs are over running all our cities, and the powers that be let it happen! because they can hide in their amored mansions, while the common legal american has to face the danger on a daily basis...all wars are fabricated with false flag actions, fooling and tricking the common sheeple into believing in their gigantic lies...we oil the jaws of the war machine and feed it with our babies...we live in a fallen world....theres nothing more to say.

mike 5 years ago

werner von braun warned that there would be a sucsession of hoaxed false flag scenarios created for fear and control of the brainwashed masses... they are as follows...please keep in mind that he said this over 45 years ago...cold war...followed by terrorism...followed by asteroid collision..."which will probably be a nuclear missile strike"...followed by alien invasion threat....all lies...the master of pupetts is going to pull the string of lies wrapped around our necks through deception and lies a lot harder real soon....just a side note...military cemetary vandalised by mexican street gang... this is true and when i read this and thought of the young men laying under the ground there and what they had died for and how they died and what those uneducated illegal immigrant losers were doing to their gravestones and their memories.... they should be driven over the border at the end of 100,000 armed troops.

Rob Mackey 5 years ago


Your comments on the destruction of America are good. I just read a series by a new author Joel Klenck. His book series "Apocalypse", "Judgment" and "Rebellion" recounts the fate of American during World War III, the aftermath and during a rebellion against a worldwide empire from Europe. What's creepy about it is that Klenck studied NBC weapons and also lists writings by prophets throughout history.

Larry 5 years ago


Larry 5 years ago


I read that the country's problems are from Bush or Obama. Republican or Democrat. It's both. To me, the two of them are fronts and the real power lies behind closed doors.

Steve 5 years ago

Who owns and operates the federal reserve?

Not the U.S govt!

You will be unhappily shocked to learn.

Research it for yourself.Then maybe you will see the real problem.

mike 5 years ago

war is socially acceptable and sex is not,denial, what a joke and what a warped society we have made ,1 million people commit suicide every year and its not in the news,denial, homeless dogs are helped more than homeless people because we are all just a hop skip and a jump away from being in the same homeless position, denial,the puritanical pilgrims remained on the east coast, stayed virgins afraid of their own feelings and bodies and knitted sweaters with mommy,denial, while the pioneers went west and brought with them their more open minded views on reality and sex, war is twisted and evil, we oil the jaws of the war machine and feed it with our babies,actually the more i think about what i said above and combine it with murder, rape, arson ,lying, cheating ,stealing, diseased children, drugs being pushed by the government on tv every other commercial, whos additude is run the rat race or fuck off and die,i come to the sad realization that we as a whole actually deserve to be annihilated by an asteroid which by the way is going to happen some day aloha earth should be called denial ,aloha

mea mark 5 years ago

The single way to stop the destruction of America is to run 32,000 candidates in the 2012 election... which means, we field 2 people - 1 as a candidate in each major party primary, running for every office, County, State, and Federal, on a government by Law Platform. The government by law campaign points are :

1. capture and deport all illegal alien criminals and charge the whole cost of each illegal alien occurrence to each illegal alien; and then, against the country of origin, charge a value equal to the whole illegal alien criminal costs against the nations from which the invading illegal alien criminals came;

2. arrest and prosecute all government employees who use their office/position/public/private funds/employees in any manner that aids and abets illegal aliens; [here judges get rolled, cuffed, and stuffed by the court bailiff as per RICO.]

3. arrest and prosecute all corporate/association/organization principles who use their office position - private public -funds - employees in any manner that aids and abets illegal aliens; [here, all foreigners aiding and abetting illegal alien criminals roll in as per RICO]

4. arrest and prosecute all Media corporate/association/organization principles, talking heads, and principle owners/manipulators who use their media/access/control/position to aid and/or abet illegal alien criminals;

5. arrest and prosecute all Attorney [corporate/association/organization] principles and principle owners - manipulators who use their commercial/public employee legal position to aid and/or abet illegal aliens;

The opening 5 point campaign message from each candidate is timely and simple, each candidate says

"I will secure the deportations of all illegal aliens, and the criminal and civil prosecution of every government employee who aids and abets illegal alien criminal activities - operations."

“Elect me now ! Elect me, I will use the office to compel the uniform operation and application of Law“;

“I will uniformly enforce America’s unique practice of one common law - commonly applicable to all.”

“When you vote honest people like me into office, replacing the current, criminal, government employees, there will then be no protection for the ousted incumbents… thus, the full weight of criminal prosecution and civil suit will operate against the evicted government employee criminals for each crime involved in being the agent of and/or otherwise aiding and abetting illegal alien criminals : illegal alien criminal enterprises.”

Think about it, 32,000 candidates in the field during the primary election = 16,000 D candidates and 16,000 R candidates on TV and at every meeting, campaigning for Every public office, running on the issue of securing government by Law [see 1 thru 5 above] …a government that is : Free from the whims of the political charlatans who now occupy, obstruct, and/or refuse to carry out the operation of the Law; Free from the government employees who violate the public trust, loot the tax payers and country, aid/abet illegal alien criminal activities.

If nothing else, the plan to use both parties to field and fund 32,000 primary candidates, all running for office on the government by law platform, should be discussed by the general political Voters. So, you have a duty to move the idea of instituting government by law to be the mainstream electoral discussion - with a healthy dose injected into all of the colleges and universities [in every case work in Austrian economics].

The disgruntled voters : retired, set for life, young, old, middle class can easily locate one another, hire someone like me to tell them where to find the information they will need to straighten this mess out; then, those voters will organize, put in motion, and operate political solutions for America that do not involve bankrupting our country OR using public offices/funds to aid and abet illegal alien criminals : criminal enterprises.

Thanks, Mark,

dead+eye 5 years ago

find out all about The Destruction of American and related threats to it at and


Skarlet profile image

Skarlet 4 years ago from California

Nice hub.voted up!

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