The Egyptian Revolution

The Egyptian Revolution

The wealth of a nation and of a people does not impress anyone as much as their discipline and their determination and what a discipline the Egyptian Muslims have shown over the twenty day demonstration. Eighteen out of which they spent to demolish arrogance and dictatorship and two days to show gratitude to their martyrs who had laid down their lives to lease life to the revolution. The process of their demonstration is each day revealing direction into governance and the perseverance of people and their sagacity and wisdom, which is continuing there spreading its magnificence in the liberty square in Cairo. And gone was the dictator on the 18th day and all the mighty worries of Israel could not keep him in saddle and all the disapproving glance of Saudi Arabia could not deter the people of Egypt and all the verbosity of America with the play of words could not deviate them from their course and the revolution sustained itself which has a world significance. And look at the concluding remark instilled with curiosity and the verbosity of the beguiled President of the USA; ‘This is not the end of Egypt’s transition; it is the beginning.’

Now, many a crown in the Middle East is going to tumble, even if they hurry to be lenient. And there is going to be an era of peace snatched from the cruelties to last one thousand years. Michel de Nostradamus was an astrological ephemeras, whose faculties worked at night, besides that he was a brilliant doctor and read life charts and he was educated in occult and made predictions that will come true. He was offspring of a Jewish family but was forced to convert to Roman Catholicism. He said in the 16th century that starting from the 21st century for one thousand years peace will rule the world. As if auspiciousness was awaiting the fall to show its face once the repressive despot of Egypt Mohammad Hosni Mubarak was fallen, the millennium of peace as predicted by Nostradamus has begun.

One of the signs of the appearance of our hidden Imam Mehdi Als from the occultation is that in Egypt the Hasni ruler will have fallen. The pedigree of the dictator matches with the prediction about this ruler’s traces. And the advent of our Imam is the prelude to the era of peace and tranquillity. Hosni Mubarak had no intentions of reconciliations with the Muslims states. He was hard at the Palestinians, hard at the Iranis and hard at the Lebanese Muslims led by Hezbollah. In the closing year of 2010 he had said, Ahmad Dinijad the President of Iran is the problem in the Middle East and he is evil. A questioner asked me on the Hub Pages: ‘After all the partying is over in Egypt what should they do next.’ Here is what my reply to him was:

‘You have asked a very good question. The Egyptians are a good Muslim Nation. They have Al Azhar University to guide them in religious and secular matters. However that is not enough, good advice and counsel is always valuable. The saying of the Prophet of God Hazrat Mohammad Mustufa SAWW is that Iranis will fetch knowledge if it is on the constellation in the galaxy of the Milky Way. Let Egyptians open their hearts and their borders to welcome the Iranis and befriend Iran. They have shown how to make progress and know how to run honest elections’.

And Iran staged a massive display of clergies in turban and men and woman in cheery clothes on the streets of Tehran in support of the Egyptian revolution shaping itself in the Tahrir Square in Cairo and them in Tehran taking out there rally after the Juma prayer on the 11th of February. And Egypt has its name in the annals of history among the first civilisations and it must keep to its name. The Al Azhar University of Egypt has its ramifying from the time of the Fatemide Shiyan-e Ali rulers in Egypt. When the Maula- ay Muttaqiyan – Master of the abstemious and of all the Muslims Hazrat Ali Ibn Abi Talib Als took over as apparent Caliph in 656AD, his ablest General Hazrat Malik Ashtar established the oneness of the central Khilafat over the rebellious Muawiya in the battle of Siffin and as a consequence Egypt won the favour of Hazrat Ali. Hazrat Malik Ashtar was nominated governor of Egypt.

It would have been another feather in the cap of Egypt if Malik Ashtar could start his governorship of Egypt but for the conspiracy and the treacheries. The Governor was killed overnight on the way to Egypt by the poison served to him in honey in Qalzaum by the town chief on the bribery to him by Ameer Muawiya and the piety of this governor was as high as he was valiant. His valour and bravery had once in Siffin nearly cut the legs of Muawiya and dethroned him, but for the Quran slung on the tips of the spears in the battle appealing for peace and the Khwarjees in Hazrat Alis’ camp forcing Malik Ashtar to withdraw, and now Muawiya had taken his revenge in Qalzaum. And this was the governor from whose family the Shekhaain erected an edifice to defend Shiaism and wrote books and attained the high and pious responsibilities of guidance of the Shias as Aayetullah. The piety of Hazrat Malik Ashtar was at the level that one day while he was walking through the market; one marketer started throwing abuses on Malik Ashtar not knowing who he was. This pious soul listened to his abuses and went to the mosque and offered two Rakats of Namaz and prayed for the abuse hurler’s forgiveness and his guidance. God rewarded Malik Ashtar with such progenies who were Marja-e Taqleed, as Aayetullah Sheikh Kashif al Ghita whose knowledge on Fiqah was so elusive that anyone who read his book Kashif al Ghita became a Mujtahid- Doctor of philosophy in religion. And the services to the Shiaism by this Shekhaain family are immense.

The revolution in Egypt has started the Islamic revolution in the Arab world but the first major was the Tunisian Revolution, who sowed the Arab seed of the revolutions and its epicentre has been the Iranian revolution of 1979 when following on its heels came the rise of the Taliban. But they were the seeds germinated by the CIA and the military power of the Pakistan Army and they took to the course of violence and fed their movement with the elixir of the Shia hate and destroyed everything noble. “The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) worked in tandem with Pakistan to create the Monster Taliban”, said Selig Harrison of Woodrow Wilson International Centre for Scholars, in London in March 2001. Harrison said:

“The CIA made a historic mistake in encouraging Islamic groups from all over the world to come to Afghanistan.” The US provided $3 billion for building up there Islamic group and it accepted Pakistan’s demand that they should decide how this money should be spent. Harrison says in his meetings with CIA, “They told me these people were fanatical and the more fiercer they were, the more fiercely they will fight the Soviets,” he said. “I warned them that we are creating a monster.” Harrison recalls a conversation he had with the General Ziaul Haque of Pakistan. “General Zia spoke to me about expanding Pakistan’s sphere of influence to control Afghanistan then Uzbekistan and Tajikistan and then Iran and Turkey”. Harrison said. That design continues, he said, Gen. Mohammad Aziz who was involved in that Zia plan has been elevated now to a key position by Chief Executive, Gen. Pervez Musharraf, Harrison said.

But the course of the Egyptians is going to be different. They are too important not to be guided by the Providence since they are ready to heed to the God’s counsel. Al Azhar University has the copy of the letter of their Maula Ali addressed to Malik Ashtar which was on the rules of governance sent to him by the Maula. The letter is the property of Egypt because they were the reason for the initiation of the instructive letter. Hazrat Ali was the Maula and the Master of the Ummah and his responsibility as the Imam of the souls of the Ummah was only second to God and His Messenger Hazrat Mohammad Mustufa SAWW and Hazrat Ali has delivered to Ummah 480 treatises, lectures and epistles, all at the pinnacle of their eloquence and the intellectual propriety of the Ummah. Some extract of the letter to the governor is produced here which says:

- Develop in your heart the feeling of love for your people. Remember that the citizens of the state are of two categories. They are either your brethren in religion or brethren in kind.

- Do not say I am your overlord and dictator and that you should bow to my commands that will corrupt your heart, weaken your faith in religion and create disorder in the state.

The principles enumerated in Hazrat Ali’s letter on the governance have illuminated the wise but not the strong- headed, who continue to repress and rule and meet their violent ends at last.


Sayed Athar Husain

Afkar-e Shia (Shia Thought)




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