The Events That Led Up to the JonBenet Ramsey Grand Jury Case

Henry Lee an expert in forensics and Barry Scheck an expert in DNA were called in on the case by the D.A who set up the task force. Hunter adds Lou Smit in March, 1997; he is retired from working as a homicide detective. Smit is placed as the leader of the team; he had previously found the murderer in the Heather Dawn Church case that had occurred in Colorado Springs. Smit's team's findings targeted an outsider-an interloper as the murderer. This conclusion was the exact opposite of the theory that the D.A., Alex Hunter, had promoted.

These conflicting theories couldn't stand together and neither could the people that held opposite opinions about the case. Detective Steve Thomas puts in his resignation in August of 1997. He comment's that the district attorney's office is "thoroughly compromised." Not long afterwards, during September, Smit puts his resignation in also; he states that he "cannot in good conscience be a part of the persecution of innocent people." The investigation has run for fifteen months. Alex Hunter, the D.A. commanded Smit to bring back the evidence in his collection in February of 1999. Smit won't do it. He said he wouldn't because he thought the evidence would be obliterated if he did so. Smit was adamant that he would accept a stay in jail rather than pass his evidence to the D.A. In turn, Hunter got a restraining order and an injunction of the court to command Smit to release the evidence. Hunter also kept Smit from testifying to the grand jury.

Smit returned the blow by filing a motion requesting Judge Roxanne Bailin to let him speak before the grand jury. It is said that it's unknown whether she granted his request or not, but somehow he did get to testify before the grand jury in March on the eleventh day of 1999. During this month the feud concerning Smit's evidence was concluded. Hunter let Smit keep his evidence by signing an agreement, but stopped Smit from transmitting anything about his previous talks held with the prosecutors and he was disallowed the right to engage in the investigation that was still ongoing. Burke Ramsey underwent questioning by the grand jury in secret in May 1999.

The grand jury started investigating on September 16, 1999; five months have gone by since the jurors were assigned. The grand jury had assembled for a year and when they dissolved they had never transmitted an indictment nor had they given a report. But many think they didn't put in an indictment because Smit testified and the evidence that he had gathered refuted the theory that it was a family member that was guilty and evidenced that an intruder was responsible for JonBenét's death. Even though the grand jury didn't indict anyone at all, the media still hounded the family making a nauseating three ring circus of the unfounded suspicions.


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