The Fear Of Defeat...

He Smells It In The Air...

Yes, the fear of defeat by a politician can be a powerful motivator. Such is the case with Barack Hussein Obama but even knowing now how that fear is motivating Obama I feel it best not to trust this man. Why? The little open mic slip up with the Russian President gave me a clue that even as reckless as Obama has been during his first term, his second term would make the first look like a walk in the park. That is the danger of fear. It is very real and and looking back on all the promises Obama made, then broke, I realize how much disdain he has for my nation and the people in it. I've read his books and studied his history. I have been keenly aware that it isn't what Obama says that one pays attention to, it is what he does.

This election is primarily about the state of the economy after four years under Obama's progressive leadership. Yes Virginia, Obama is a progressive and not a liberal. There is a difference. Obama wants to make it an election about little issues because he has failed on the big issues. He was given a chance but he failed America.

"It's Worked Before..." His Words Come Back To Him

This is the man who throughout this entire campaign,. even though he promised to cut the deficit in half by the end of his first term, has totally ignored the enormous debt he has accumulated by massive spending sprees and total lack of fiscal responsibility to the tune of adding $5 trillion plus to our national debt in less than four years. He derided George Bush and called him unpatriotic for doing less but he wants us to forget everything he has previously said and promised.

This nation of ours is on the brink of economic catastrophe and Obama is dead in the middle of our demise. He was supposed to right the ship, not sink it. So this week, with fear of defeat as his motivator, Obama rolled out a glossy 21 page plan for the next four years no different from the last four years. I read it and it is high on sheen and low on substance as it the man it represents. He also has announced that in his second term he will seek the "grand compromise" and reduce our nation's 16 trillion dollar debt. Have you previously heard something similar from Obama? He's like 4 years late and $5 trillion short in realizing his goals?

When we took a credit downgrade because of this administration's haphazard handling of our economy he was incensed and acted like "how dare they." Those are the agencies around the globe who rate a nation's credit rating and ability to repay. That's how dare they.

Now all of the sudden Obama wants to compromise with the Republicans to curb his excessive spending and propensity to borrow more and more money that we don't have? Really? Do you believe that just over a week out from this election? Yesterday I mentioned the Des Moines Register interview in my Hub on "trust." Part of that supposedly "off the record" interview dealt with Obama saying he had no regrets about ignoring the economic peril our nation faced and ramming Obamacare down the throats of a resistant America.

It's interesting to note that in that same interview, which is now public, that Obama said a budget deal was "one of the biggest things we can do for the economy." He should have thought about that in 2009 I believe. As the graphic above points out this administration has not had a budget at all since 2009. Not even an unbalanced one, just NONE.

This Is The Time For Another Review Of What He Said And Is Saying Again

Now here is a nifty smoke and mirrors trick that Obama revealed in that interview. He says he has proposed this "grand bargain" before but "the record"shows that the idea was first brought up to Obama by John Boehner after the 2010 election shellacking.

"We're going to be in a position where I believe in the first six months we are going to solve that big piece of business," Obama said. "It will probably be messy. It won't be pleasant. But I am absolutely confident that we can get what is the equivalent of the grand bargain that essentially I've been offering to the Republicans for a very long time, which is $2.50 worth of [spending] cuts for every dollar in [taxes], and work to reduce the costs of our health-care programs."

He offered no details (surprised?) in that interview concerning what he would compromise on then nor when an avalanche of tax increases and automatic budget cuts hit on January 1st of 2013. This from the guy who promised to make the oceans recede and the planet to heal. And you believe that now do you? Really? The guy is the slickest snake oil salesman to come on the nation's political scene in God only knows when and you want to continue to be conned?

Promises are promises and Obama is good at ignoring them after an election. We know this about the man. He told the crowd in Iowa the other day "You know me." Yes, I do and I also know your failed record.

Obama has run record deficits since he took office as follows: $1.4 trillion in 2009; $1.3 trillion in 2010; $1.3 trillion in 2011; and an estimated $1.2 trillion in 2012. Those figures have been generated by the Congressional Budget Office. A look at the national debt clock will confirm those figures. We, as a nation, cannot afford to spend the sums of money that far outweigh incoming tax revenue. No nation can do that and Europe is testament to that right now. An example is the debt just in 2010 when it ballooned to 50% of our nation's entire economy. Current projections by the CBO have that percentage 87.4% by 2021 if we don't change the way our nation balances it books. It isn't balancing anything right now which is exactly the problem we have faced and Obama was willing to do nothing about.

While the graphic above might elicit a chuckle the question behind it shouldn't. Who is going to pay for all this excessive spending? Look at the national debt clock closely. Right now each citizen's share of that debt is $51,500 and some change. Each "taxpayer's" share is equal to $141,400 and some change. Yes, something has been said about the 47% of people who pay no income tax in this country, not a dime, and rightfully so.

Have you sat down with your children and their children and explained to them that they are going up the creek without a paddle and you think that's it is okay as long as you continue to get yours? Do that for me and then come back and tell us how it went.

Obama's "New Economic Patriotism: A Plan for Jobs & Middle-Class Security" is now out and he's waving it at every rally. It came out after the debates are over or maybe you failed to notice that too? What it amounts to is Obama's stale ideas about increased spending and more tax hikes that he seems stuck on. They don't work and won't work. Now it's maybe time for Obama to look for work. I hear there's a community organizer position open in south Chicago.

Go back up and watch that first video one more time after you leave a comment nugget :)

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As Always,

The Frog Prince

Remember In November

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Cassie Smith profile image

Cassie Smith 4 years ago from U.S.

I think his speeches are the only things that he recycles. He ran our economy into the ground, heck his own campaign ran out of money and had to borrow $15 million -- yet there are still people out there willing to vote for him and is blind to his incompetence.

The Frog Prince profile image

The Frog Prince 4 years ago from Arlington, TX Author

Cassie - The irony is that the money you mentioned was borrowed from Bank of America of all places. Weren't they involved in the bank bailouts? Whoops!


Cassie Smith profile image

Cassie Smith 4 years ago from U.S.

As Obama says kids have good instincts, they can tell Obama's a bu**sh***er.

Wayne Brown profile image

Wayne Brown 4 years ago from Texas

Obama has little to lose by continuing his weaving of lies. His base pays little attention to the facts and rallies on buzzwords and smartass commentary from a man who occupies the Oval Office. If America survives his time there, history will record it as a very sad and dangerous time when America almost disappeared. If it does not survive it....then there will be no history to record. Obama's ego would not allow such a waste of a good disaster. Thanks Frog! ~WB

Old Poolman profile image

Old Poolman 4 years ago from Rural Arizona

In truth, most voting is done by party loyalty with qualifications of the candidates meaning absolutely nothing. To vote any other way requires thinking, research, evaluating, fact checking, and a host of other things most are not willing or able to do.

Just pick a letter out of the alphabet, like "D" or "R", pull the handle, and you have done your civic duty by voting. How much simpler can it get?

The apathy and ignorance of many voters is very disturbing. Pick a team, "D" or "R". and let the team captain decide who you should vote for. Of course the Unions will also help many decide how to vote. Heaven forbid an individual do their own research and fact checking.

drbj profile image

drbj 4 years ago from south Florida

Our leader (?) is skilled in the art of providing smoke and mirrors for the continuous deception of American citizens. Regarding trust and good intentions - not on his agenda. Do not be fooled again!

The Frog Prince profile image

The Frog Prince 4 years ago from Arlington, TX Author

Mike - I just commented on jim's question and addressed the problems you mentioned here. Great minds sometimes think alike. Removal of the (D) or (R) needs to be done. One of two things would happen. Either voters would start studying the candidates and issues or they would develop scabs on their heads from scratching themselves raw in the voting booth.

The Frog

ssaffery profile image

ssaffery 4 years ago from Los Angeles, California

I wish Americans would fight a civil war against America, especially in this day and age. The trillions of dollars have been pre-approved to run America for the next 4 years but all America will see in the next 4 years is more unemployment, more people in welfare lines, more Americans becoming homeless, etc., etc. I don't know why Americans vote for a president, even without the votes, America will still be the same!

The Frog Prince profile image

The Frog Prince 4 years ago from Arlington, TX Author

ssaffery - I can't say that I disagree with you at all. There is a way to change the way things are done in Washington DC and that is to change the faces there on a frequent basis. The founding fathers didn't see politics as a full time profession inhabited by career, professional pickpockets.

The Frog

Stu 4 years ago

Up and everything else. As mentioned in an earlier Hub, I'm just terrified of what Obama might do if reelected, and didn't have to worry about voters because he can't go for a third term. He'll be on overdrive to fully destroy America to "atone" for whatever "bad things" we did but he won't or can't articulate.

rfmoran profile image

rfmoran 4 years ago from Long Island, New York

His fear, and that of his campaign staff, will translate into some pretty ugly stuff between now and election day. Well done hub!

breakfastpop profile image

breakfastpop 4 years ago

People who will vote for Obama don't give a damn about debt, jobs or promises. There is no way to get through to them. Let's hope there are more of "us" around. Up, useful and awesome.

MaryInMinnesota 4 years ago

FOR THE OBAMA LOVERS: Let the low mentality Obama lovers come kiss my lily white ass. Their, not mine, president, is a low life Chicago thug. What we have after 4 years of this asswipe, is NOTHING. Nothing equals nothing in the wallet, unless your a thug like Obama and his minions. I don’t care if your white, black, yellow, or brown... if you vote for Obama because of his half white, but black looking skin, then you’re a racist. If you vote for the half white, but black looking Obama because you’re a democrat, then your IQ must be in the lower 40's range, which is considered extremly MENTALLY CHALLENGED. I used to be embarrassed to admit I voted democrat for 30 years, but that doesn't bother me any more. My stupidity has left me. Now I'm PROUD TO SAY I VOTED REPUBLICAN IN 2008 AND WILL AGAIN IN 2012. My IQ shot up 100 points in 2008, did yours? Throw away your families history of voting for a specific party... throw away your anger at being poor... throw away the thug inside of you... throw away your anger period! Vote using a mind with a high IQ. If you vote for Obama, then I know what IQ level your at. Is this meant to tick you off... NO... it's meant to challenge those brain cells you have. Look at Obama's record, and if you think it's good, then please, for all of our sakes, DON'T REPRODUCE!

The Frog Prince profile image

The Frog Prince 4 years ago from Arlington, TX Author

Mary - Don't hold back on us now woman! The problem, at times anyway, seems to be that if a brain cell exists it is lonesome. Obama has no one's but his own best interests, his handlers best interests and their agendas to exercise. That's the pitiful part that many people just continue to deny.

The Frog

profile image

Pat Potts 4 years ago

LOL I love all these good comments. I hope and pray that I want have to see and hear this man again come Jan. I would once again like to get back to a normal life.

Great hub

ssaffery profile image

ssaffery 4 years ago from Los Angeles, California

Votes don't matter because all those American voters from 4 years ago did not vote for unemployment wished upon them, or having to stand in a welfare line during job search intermission. Am I right? What Americans should do is fight a civil war against their own country! Americans will always be slaves to America. If America said $20.00 a gallon for unleaded gasoline, Americans will pay the price. If America said, all rent costs' will be increased and taxed in 2013 by $2000.00, Americans will pay for the price. And that's why voting is pointless!

Pamela99 profile image

Pamela99 4 years ago from United States

The first video describes Obama's situation perfectly. The pamphlet he waves around is just more of the same. He is the most deceitful president in my memory and I surely hope he is defeated. I think our country is doomed with 4 more years of him as a president.

TexasLadyJuanita profile image

TexasLadyJuanita 4 years ago from Kemah, TX

I hate to be redundant, but we are all very much so. These hubs are good if they are getting out and making a difference. I pray that is so. I have been silent because it has all been said, over and over again. So here goes one more time: We need to make it a duty of state and federal legislators - a bipartisan group making a "Political Racing Form" with everything we need to know about the candidates. Voting record. Vital statistics. and so on . . . Those of us who normally research more, we will still do that. But for those who haven't a clue who the candidates are - it just might make a difference.

abbykorinnelee profile image

abbykorinnelee 4 years ago from Ripon Wisconsin

I told you that I was learning as I go so I was wondering if you could clarify the difference between a liberal and a progressive?

The Frog Prince profile image

The Frog Prince 4 years ago from Arlington, TX Author

abby - A progressive is way over there on the far, far left on the political spectrum. One who commonly believes that a large centralized government is the answer to all our prayers. There have been some famous progressives in American history dating after the Civil War to today. The most recent one, before Obama, was Jimmie Carter in modern history.

Contrast that with a President like Bill Clinton who is a true liberal. He is married to Hillary who is a progressive. I don't like Clinton becuase of his morals. But he he wasn't a strict ideology which most progressives are. Such is the case with Obama. The progressive bent leans on socialism as the cure to society's ills. We now know that not to be the case when we look at Europe.

If you want to learn more just Google "progressive movement in America" and start reading. I was initially a Democrat back when I was first a voter. Then the progressive movement started hijacking the Democratic Party and I moved quickly away from that philosophy. Progressivism and capitalism aren't a good mix. Liberalism is mainly centered on social issues where progressivism is about control.

Just a few thoughts for you. I find many liberals initially call themselves progressives because they don't understand really what a true progressive is.

The Frog

abbykorinnelee profile image

abbykorinnelee 4 years ago from Ripon Wisconsin

Frog this is the kind of hub I actually expected from you in the first place but anyway, here are my questions....

What is the difference between a liberal and a progressive? Which one is trouble for the government that we have?

How often in previous election years have presedential candidates actually released accurate that would make this part of your statement an issue, " in that interview concerning what he would compromise on then nor when an avalanche of tax increases and automatic budget cuts hit on January 1st of 2013." I am not exactly sure what this really is supposed to be saying. How accurate are any details given and how do you as the public clarify those details?

How much of the issues and debt etc. does a president in office for first term get blamed for the problem but its actually what a president previous is responsible for and it happens it is him in office but he didn't have anything to do with it? Because of it having to "catch up" or something to that affect".

When looking at the national debt clock I did notice that food stamp reciepants are now over half of the U.S. total population. So, since none of the people on my FB actually focused on anything but we spend to much, I was curious as to what kind of aspects of qualifying standards have changed so that more people qualify when food stamps are done by the state governments. Governor Walker cut massively amounts of benefits that really affected a lot of people in the state of WI, if that is done by the states than how in the world is it controlled federally? I can't imagine why over half of our country is on aide?! Okay, Frog I am on aide. I can even tell you why if you ever want to know but I legitamately need help and I get Medicaide and Food stamps...I do not get cash aide, and I do not have government funded day care. I chose to go to college and get my degree instead of getting a medium wage job so that I can get free day care because if I did that I would never get off of the aide and now I will be off of what I do have in a few years. I also don't have housing through the government because I moved in with my dad. So why is this number not making sense??? How is Obama's policy's the problem and its his fault if I go through my state??? That should be done one way and its should be done only federally and there should be a set standard so why haven't presidents done that? Why do states have the control and the president doesn't? Or am I missing sometihng and I am not talking about fraud and people wanting to stay on the system...strictly from how I told you I am getting off of it and using it because I have no choice...

If over half of the nation is on food stamps but not over half the nation is unemployed, and jobs were said to have been increasing slowely, is that number still over half. Because its measuring the work force and the people capable of work so I don't think this adds up either.

What taxe's is he hiking and why aren't people paying property tax...if that 47% paid property tax, wouldn't that be a significant help?

Okay I was just thinking when I was in econ I learned that we generate money by going to war but I don't remember why or if we have been in this neverending war because he pulled troops from iraq but put troops back in explain to me why that isn't helping a lot because in every other war didn't it?

breakfastpop...if obama supporters are so stubborn and you can't get through to any of them because they don't care about the issues you just listed than why am I spending over 48 hours now consulting with the opposite side with Frog who initially I couldn't stand:) I think your overgeneralization isn't very flattering for you. So, there are Obama supporter's that are still educating themselves so they DO make the right choice...don't be so judgemental about the voter...more care than you think...hence talking to frog and hope he helps me and not bullies me:) JK FROG

I also want to respond to that racist comment....I don't look at the color of one's skin. I have never voted for Obama...has anyone bothered to ask me what is so important that I would all of a sudden swing democrat after always voting republican? Do you care? Because its actually an important and detrimental issue for our nation. Let me know if that lily white ass is willing to give a damn why I would spend 48 hours straight on this...what issue is more important than all the bullshit from both sides????? Dear God people...I am who you are talking about...can we try to help or are you going to make judgements about me before you have a clue into my brain and my intellect...please I am not in the mood with no took a lot for me to put my reasons aside and go to Frog. I am not someone that will put up with bullied behavior so I see the light. Bring me the damn facts and explain wtf will benefit the issues I need addressed, help me see by comparing and contrasting and shut your traps about us being such an ignorant bunch...because this is not what America is about....FROG...can you please go through those questions I had so I can try to sort some things out in my tired brain...

Thank you Frog for taking my communication with you earlier seriously I truly appreciate that.

The Frog Prince profile image

The Frog Prince 4 years ago from Arlington, TX Author

abby - That's a long list and I have addressed some of those issues in previous Hubs at length. The Bush tax cuts that Obama himself advocated extending are set to expire on January 1st. Obama wants to raise taxes on people making $200K, if single, and $250K, if married. At the same time he is classifying these people as millionaires and billionaires. Those people are primarily small business owners on the lower end of the spectrum and crete jobs. The more money you take away from job creators the less money they have to create more jobs. That is something many like Obama fail to grasp about basic economics because they have never done the task or studied the disciple.

Food stamp use went from 32 million to 47 million people /households since Obama took office. Unemployment/underemployment encompasses 23 million people at the present time. Everything Obama promised has failed to materialize in these two areas. He borrowed close to a trillion dollars for his stimulus crap which turned out to be paybacks for political connections in too many cases without the desired employment results. Government dependency has increased, not decreased.

The 47% statement applies to people who pay not one dime of income tax. Yes, they pay other taxes but so do people who make up the other 53% who do pay income taxes. Obama needs to look at the "fair share" not being paid at the present time by the 47%. That is addressed by reforming our tax codes which suck right now.

Wars do contribute to an economy because the industrial base has to be strengthened when one results. was a warrior but sure don't subscribe to starting a war to cure economic ills. There are better ways than that.

Hope I answered some of your questions. Maybe pother users would care to chime in.

The Frog

abbykorinnelee profile image

abbykorinnelee 4 years ago from Ripon Wisconsin

How do you get out of paying income tax?

No I was saying that since we are already in the war...wouldn't that help since I was under the idea that it generated funds...not actually go pick a fight lol.

And yes, you actually did quite well...I just took a macroecon class so the unemployment and things like that I do get...taking micro in a couple months..but taxes confuse the heck out of me.

When we are talking fair share...does this mean there is a statistical analysis sdone of everone's income and we find the mean and stand deviations so that we can accurately apply a proper percentage to said incomes? It seems a daunting task to try and compare three million dollar income to 30 thousand income.

So do you have hubs you want to suggest that may cover some social issues and I really want to talk to you about what bothers me about Romney, and I don't have all the facts so hence discussion...of women's rights, religious views, things of that nature in relation to some things that Romeny stands for that really concern me in relation to how government might actually be negatively affected and how certain things in place hold up in keeping these things seperate. Also, I have some things to ask about national issues that are important I need to verify his stance with you as its something that is increasing every year and not much I can find on rebublican plans if he is elected and this affects children and it affects mine...its Autism. And I have some concerns in regards to the military. My son is calmed for now so I am making dinner...I will be free anytime after seven central standard time. And thank you for being patient with my numerous questions. I am obsessive about making sure every aspect is clear to me or I am not informed enough.

The Frog Prince profile image

The Frog Prince 4 years ago from Arlington, TX Author

abby - Obama's idea of fair share is to take from those who are productive and distribute to those who are not productive. I use the 47% as an example. It's now a known fact that 47% of the working population pays no income tax. That means that 53% of the people are carrying the entire load of what income taxes pay for. The defense of this nation is the primary thing those taxes should be paying for. That means that 47% of the people are not contributing one dime to that area of importance. So that is fair? Of course it isn't.

People have a tendency to take things out of context and twist them around to being something they are not. Reform of our tax code needs to be done. We know this. Reform of Medicare and Social Security need to be done in order for them to remain viable. We know this too. Everyone should contribute something to the treasury of this nation if they are deriving an income no matter what it's source. Just try not to twist the words that are said into sympathy for those who won't do what is necessary to become successful in this nation. That borders on being pathetic.

My entire Hub library is available on my home page.

The Frog

abbykorinnelee profile image

abbykorinnelee 4 years ago from Ripon Wisconsin

Question on welfare...what is Republican stance? It is something that I have seen they say lazy, get a job...I get that and I hate the fraud. But, its needed...I paid taxes since I was 16. I was married military and thus gave up my life for theirs. I have an autistic son and had to stay home, no one can handle the violent behavior in a day care. Almost got fired from my job he comes home from school all the time. So, when my husband walked out he left me no car and took all the money. The Army allowed it. I couldn't get food stamps for four months because he was my spouse and I was under his income so a neighbor had to buy our food. I get the food stamps and the medical four months later. I couldn't surive and rely on child support and I couldn't get a job due to my son. I moved home and he got SSI mostly cuz of his medical needs because I lost military insurance. So...I am going to school full time to finish my Bachelor's because I can do that while my son is in school and I couldn't get day care for my 5 year old because I didn't work. My dad apays the 600 monthly. Demorcrats made it I would have to be stuck on the system. I asked the supervisor why they won't pay for two years of school his day care and then I am off all this aide I am ashamed of using (I don't even show what card I am swiping at the checkout stand). But they will pay for me to make minimum wage and be stuck on that crap forever. I also don't buy alcohol or cigarettes if I do its my father's credit card...I have a dead beat father for one of my kids we can't find to serve with arrears paperwork. I am far from lazy as of course I am busting ass with three boys and my education. How can a Republican help me? It's not always the person on the welfare because I have noticed its set up that you can't get off of it and I would be sitting the same not busting my ass. In cases where aide are like my case and its not laziness or fraud, what can they do to fix the system and it actually benefit those legit people? Last question, if the goal is to get us on our feet...good...add in that I have four kids but from marriages and I had an abortion I didn't believe in because I was on not breeding for gov money...I violated my religious beliefs because frankly it was the responsible thing to if Republicans abhore abortions, take away Planned Parenthood, and restrict welfare...but its so we don't abuse the system and get on our feet than how is this way doing that? What about state government having welfare changes under their say republican governor but the federal guidelines are democratic notion, how does it work there because it seems states run all that? I am just curious as its an important issue and I agree with Reps on some of it but I think its more the system than the person and want to understand Reps take on fixing it but its benefiting those that are like me.

The Frog Prince profile image

The Frog Prince 4 years ago from Arlington, TX Author

abby - First of all lets stop the Republican stance type of questions. I'm not a Republican nor a Democrat. There is a difference between "welfare" and people being temporarily in need. What has happened recently is that the requirement to get a job, or seek training to do so, to receive welfare was negated by Obama giving the authority to states to waive that requirement. The irony of it is that Bill Clinton instituted welfare reform and helped craft that legislation when he was the President. Clinton is a Democrat as you know. What Obama has done by executive order is to subjugate the law on the books. He has done that quite often to circumvent what the federal law says.

Temporary assistance needs to be just that. Unemployment has been extended now to 99 weeks. That becomes a disincentive to find a new job because that is almost two years. Dependency upon a government, long term dependency, is the issue.

Here's a fitting quote: Ben Franklin: "When the people find they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end of the republic."

The Frog

abbykorinnelee profile image

abbykorinnelee 4 years ago from Ripon Wisconsin

Look, don't get mad...I don't know a whole lot..when a say republican stance I am referring to in terms of an election...I am being very open about learning as much as I can and understand it. I also don't watch the cartoon channel and don't get information from something that isn't a valid source. I am a student at a private liberal arts university that is very based in empircal evidence and research and all I have done is work from valid and reliable sources as I am very much a student of psychology working on my Bachelor's on the scientific side not theory so please don't assume that I am one of these dumbed down members of society. "welfare" is a general term that I was trying to give you a look into someone who believes as you do and was forced to do what she was against and how the other party in an election would be more benefical in the economy arena as well as still provide a successful program. I also want to tell you you shouldn't pay for an abortion of another but Planned Parenthood doesn't hand those out Frog...hello, I paid 750 dollars and mine was done there...I paid for all my services AND I give my own money as donations not expecting the government to pay it...jeez...come on you know by now I am an intelligent women who is open-minded and very interested in your information so don't do that. Temporary is correct but theway it is set up, they want you stuck on that for the rest of your life and can't get off of it. That is why I asked how the other party differs and suggests on fixing that and you can only be on cash aide like three to five years when I applied and was denied;...don't know if that changed. I agree on unemployment because what extending benefits does is they will not work or look for work until its about to expire, realize they waited on their ass too long and apply for an extension to do the same thing ex-husbands did I agree. I think it should be six months and in an extreme situation as in a combat veteran's rehabilitation took longer than expected, should be the ones that may get an extension if qualifications are met. I just don't want you to get irritated when you start thinking I am like everyone else because honey, no one is like me and I am a woman that doesn't like ignorance and stupidity and won't be that person. I access information from my school online library of only peer reviewed journals, of valid political and news sources they have authorized and if I see something from say televisiou from a news station you think I don't know that things are shown out of context??? Again I am not stupid.

The Frog Prince profile image

The Frog Prince 4 years ago from Arlington, TX Author

abby - The point of PP is that they are largest provider of abortions in this nation and receive federal subsidies. Tracing those federal dollars is next to impossible. What Romney said is that the federal subsidies need to end. That will apply to many of the organizations who have their hands out. They need to learn to stand on their own two feet and not mine. We can't afford all these special interests any longer.

The Frog

teaches12345 profile image

teaches12345 4 years ago

I am still amazed at the number of people who believe his speeches hold truth. Hopefully, the votes will prove to turn the tide on this past term.

abbykorinnelee profile image

abbykorinnelee 4 years ago from Ripon Wisconsin

Yeah I see what you are saying

Faith Reaper profile image

Faith Reaper 4 years ago from southern USA

Deception once again, his expertise to no end. Sharing

BEEM 4 years ago

he irritates me very badly i can't stand the guy

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