The Fist Bump: might all these people be terrorists?

Michelle and Barack Obama From
Michelle and Barack Obama From

With all the controversy pushed by Fox News and others about the fist bump that Barack Obama and his wife Michelle shared on stage, I thought I would point out that a lot of people have used this "terrorist jab."

Does that mean that the United States has been taken over by terrorists? Should we shield our children from these dangerous people? Oh my, what are we to do?

There is far too much fist jamming going on in sports, politics, entertainment, and even in the military! Where is the online petition? Why are these people still allowed to appear in public? Why are they not all in Gitmo? Inquiring minds want to know!

Harry Connick Jr. and his daughter From
Harry Connick Jr. and his daughter From
American soldiers From
American soldiers From
New York Yankees From
New York Yankees From
George Bush From
George Bush From
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Dick Cheney From
Joe Leiberman From
Joe Leiberman From
This man does a lot of fist bumping and he is Canadian
This man does a lot of fist bumping and he is Canadian

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Cagsil profile image

Cagsil 5 years ago from USA or America

What will the world do? Oh no, the world is going to be lost and chaos will begin to ensue for sure. LOL! LOL!

rebekahELLE profile image

rebekahELLE 5 years ago from Tampa Bay

lol, I haven't seen this one! oh, what the people choose to believe, it's really comical. I just saw this on your Twitter post. I had to come and take a look. Funny!

Army Infantry Mom profile image

Army Infantry Mom 7 years ago

I never listen to anything that comes from FOX. If they reported the sky was blue,..I'd have to go look,..LOL. I enjoyed your hub !!! (Bump)

MindField profile image

MindField 7 years ago from Portland, Oregon

I worked in a law firm a few years back and one of the younger lawyers was constantly putting his fist toward me. I had absolutely no idea what it meant or what I was expected to do. Even after he explained my part in the business, it took me weeks to remember my response to this unorthodox greeting.

Must say that I like DJ Funktual's comment (above) about germs. Now *that* carries some weight with me and suddenly makes 'fist bumping' seem like a genuinely good idea!

Pete Maida profile image

Pete Maida 7 years ago

That was a silly issue and it made the people that brought it up look like idiots. That's good because they were idiots.

DJ Funktual profile image

DJ Funktual 8 years ago from One Nation Under a Groove

The fist bump or "punching it in" as we call it is just a quicker cooler alternative to shaking hands. Less germs on the back of your knuckles I guess.

marisuewrites profile image

marisuewrites 8 years ago from USA

remember that song, Do the Locomotive?" LOL I loved this hub, don't we get caught up in the silliest worries. I thot the fist bump was kinda cute. You could tell by the looks on their faces it was a moment between them. Geeze, Louise, come on -- the media pumped this one up...are they that badly in need of news? this was snooze news, eh?

thanks for the alarming as our ridiculous fears can be...

tranndee profile image

tranndee 8 years ago

Everybody do the bump! Excellent hub!

crashcromwell profile image

crashcromwell 8 years ago from Florida

Yes Mr. Torpey you are correct. Fox News is merely a PR outlet for the ultra right wing.

And you know what they say about Canadians? We'd better watch out! Canada is closer to the US than Brooklyn is to Manhattan!

Ralph Deeds profile image

Ralph Deeds 8 years ago

And most of the Fox commentators are morons.

William F. Torpey profile image

William F. Torpey 8 years ago from South Valley Stream, N.Y.

Fist pump? Oh, my! What is this world coming to? By the way, isn't "Fox News" an oxymoron?

talented_ink profile image

talented_ink 8 years ago from USA

I wrote an article about this on another website a few weeks ago, when it was just the media making a big deal about a common thing, but I had no idea it had gotten this huge. I thought it was ridiculous how many credible news sources reported on this and this quote "Not only does the intimate gesture between Michelle and Barack Obama, exchanged on Tuesday night in front of thousands of fans, indicate that they are sort of hip; it also tells us that they love each other and probably still have sex." was the dumbest thing I read on the subject and it came from New York magazine. It wasn't an intimate gesture, but just something black people do which is only unusual because some people aren't used to seeing it.

Annette Rozen profile image

Annette Rozen 8 years ago

i didnt even know what a "bump" was before. i guess now i do!

Zsuzsy Bee profile image

Zsuzsy Bee 8 years ago from Ontario/Canada

Good hub Susan. I like the new you pic too. regards Zsuzsy

pjdscott profile image

pjdscott 8 years ago from Durham, UK

I hear that the US military will be phasing out the salute, to be replaced by the fist jam. Soldiers are in danger of getting arthritus and being unable to fire their weapons...

Paraglider profile image

Paraglider 8 years ago from Kyle, Scotland

I'd missed the story, but no surprise to hear it was led by the dreaded Fox TV, who are to journalism as Mugabe is to Statesmanship. Nice picture set.

donnaleemason profile image

donnaleemason 8 years ago from North Dakota, USA


SweetiePie profile image

SweetiePie 8 years ago from Southern California, USA

Another example of things being taken too far. Hopefully this hub will help some web traffic learn otherwise. Very entertaining pictures!

Marian Swift profile image

Marian Swift 8 years ago from San Francisco Bay Area

Ohhh, yeah. Almost as scary as The Case of The Missing Flag Lapel Pin!

LdsNana-AskMormon profile image

LdsNana-AskMormon 8 years ago from Southern California

People can definitely take things a bit too far.



Bob Ewing profile image

Bob Ewing 8 years ago from New Brunswick

the bump is just a way to say hey. good hub.

funride profile image

funride 8 years ago from Portugal

LOL, may I bump you :D

Trsmd profile image

Trsmd 8 years ago from India

very nice page and info..

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