The Future of The World

A chronological description on how the earth meets its demise ~

See • YTMND - The Future of Our World

and then check this out a version of 1012 There are a few videos below to see also that may be of interest...

Click on the links first and then come back and read the refrain; the links are about predictions using current scientific and known data. Remember they're predictions not facts and so the scenarios are not carved in stone its a general picture; but the point is its a pretty even bet that we are here for a purpose other than the bickering and petty things that are presently taking place.

There has been a huge waste of time and energy spent on appeasing the human ego rather than developing constructive survival skill set that will meet the needs of an advancing social network capable of navigating its way through the worm hole of space and time that will eventually present itself as the only path to survival.

Why do we survive you ask, too see another day, too witness the growth and development of our purpose, motive and intent to be part of the universe in which we were thrust by the forces of nature at the hand of creation.

My bet is we are the super ego of the universe and our evolution is its evolution, if we die it has no witness to its experiment. If we fail to live it will again raise another experiment to see if it will suffer the same fate. I am confident that it will keep doing this until the experiment is successful. Humans may not add value to or be a part of the equation; if they do not get off their asses and use their conscience, get in gear and participate like good little clones of thought, for improving the bottom-line of their soul worth...

You see thought can take any form it so desires as it wills its passion for discovery of its capacity, ability and potential... Think about it the only thing, aspect, of the human race that is unique is its thought process, I wonder if its a clue? do you think? Were the other creatures competing for our role, will some other organism win the role we might not fill? While your thinking of that read on...

Now, then, you have taken a look at what science and prediction has to say about the future, now, lets talk seriously...

Well, I am guessing you either are saying, what the hell, I am not going to worry about what cannot be changed, or they don't know, or some other, woe is me, comment; or your thinking, can humanity actually get out of this mystery alive and well?

Now if you are of the last persuasion, with hope, keep on reading the rest of you are dismissed, you are of no use here, pessimism will not solve this equation or any-other problem for that matter...

Given any version of the the future, that will take place, the big picture is about evolving to engage it with a positive response that will anticipate and produce a positive outcome...

The way I see it, is, we were set on this rock for a purpose, with a motive and intent to discover the capacity, ability and potential of imagination... The spectrum of imagination is all about us in every dimension of thought, from the positive to the negative aspects. The cruelty of nature and humanity is in its execution; from greedy and cruel human behavior to natural disasters and man-made wars, when the dust settles humanity moves on to recover from each incident a little more aware broadening the scope of the spectrum... This should be no different; except, the strategy for anticipating and preparing for a coordinated execution is critical and needs to be put in motion.Life is about balance. The soul is about balance. The universe is about balance.

All the chaos amongst domestic, national and international affairs needs to be resolved quickly and expediently to minimize distraction and maximize efficiency of coordination to respond to the inevitable times of the destructive forces of nature. Planning for the migration of populations and systems for navigating the planet course are critical. The present mind set of instinctual survival will not work at this level of need. The advances of the world to-date will be lost along with the quality of existence we have acquired, if balance is not obtained to equilibrate the equations used in the models for conducting our lives..

The human race is already behind in the preparation because of its parochial nature used to deal with its human condition.

Now with this scenario in mind lets look at how should humanity address its strategy for future survival actually expecting to overcome all adversity...

You have to appreciate the fact that what is now perceived as intelligence is not exactly so. It is not actual intelligence that actually supersedes the average ability. You see advantage taking is not intelligence nor intelligent, this behavior just skews results; here is a working definition of intelligence, see if it compares to your understanding: wisdom is intelligent judgment, as aptitude is ability as intelligence judgment; and so it holds that talent is an ability for intelligence and skill; as that being so, an adept, ability expert can be fashioned from anyone who is schooled and trained... You see with the proper training anyone can be intelligent...

Now with this in hand the next step is to go about raising the average intelligence so that the efficiency of understanding and information transfer is optimized. To do this the order of business needs to be laid out so that it is accomplished as quickly as possible. This means a series, succession and sequence of ordered sets of systems and categories of process procedure are necessary for obtaining harmony agreement and symmetry of the orchestration of this effort.

Once it is understood that there exist a basic axiom, theorem proposition that provides the algorithm statement and rules; then it is just a matter of implementing the strategy of rule. This all means there is a way to grow intelligence and in it is the success and survival of humanity and its purpose, motive and intent that it will learn to understanding.

The planet is ever changing and humanity needs to address these changes in a timely manner if it wishes its heirs to survive... Besides survival of its heirs, it would behoove humanity to gather their wits to benefit themselves as they live and breath in their present life time; because it will improve their self worth as souls of the universe.

Make a Big Difference

Look here: email these people media mattes

and; coffee party

and tell them this ~

Why are the parties not made responsible for clarifying the noise their party create?

The format of disclosure should be consistent so it can be put in a data base and searched for its consistency and reliability of facts and evidence supporting their claims... The rhetoric is without dialectic distinction, so it is therefore objectively false by default from some perspective of perception...

All Political Correspondence Needs To Be In The Following Format

To State Issue ~ It must have ~ Solution, problem and answer ~

Elements of debate issue:

1) premise, proposition and argument

2) purpose, motive and intent

3) impact, cause and effect

In this format it can be tracked in a database so people can see the deviations and or consistencies in the rhetoric and dialectic presented...

You might believe this if your so inclined to not believe in your future

Maybe this scenario is more to your liking


loua profile image

loua 6 years ago from Elsewhere, visiting Earth ~ the segregated community planet Author

killm340, Appreciate your interest, thanks...

killm340 profile image

killm340 6 years ago

good page, thank you

loua profile image

loua 6 years ago from Elsewhere, visiting Earth ~ the segregated community planet Author

Mentalist acer, Aha, I would suspect that you see the forest for the trees seeing your interest... I appreciate your taking the time to read the material and commenting... Thanks

Mentalist acer profile image

Mentalist acer 6 years ago from A Voice in your Mind!

I also tend to think we're one of the very few games in town as an intelligent phenomena,an intuitive Hub!

loua profile image

loua 6 years ago from Elsewhere, visiting Earth ~ the segregated community planet Author

Paradise7, Somehow I missed responding; but you know I would never forget to thank you for your encouragement... Happy Easter...

loua profile image

loua 6 years ago from Elsewhere, visiting Earth ~ the segregated community planet Author

Eco-Boyz, I am not so much interested with the events as with what causes the events... In short I have just made myself aware of the current attitude of this prediction, which has a wide reference of prophets that have eluded to an encounter of some magnitude; but that having been said... the universe is a dynamic place and I believe that the humanity possesses a spirit that prompts the events it experiences...

Thanks for the visit...

Eco-Boyz profile image

Eco-Boyz 6 years ago

Or Better how long have you known about 2012 and critical mass...? don't worry this is super positive!!

Eco-Boyz profile image

Eco-Boyz 6 years ago

Do You know about the "Golden Age"??

Paradise7 profile image

Paradise7 6 years ago from Upstate New York

Always interesting, always thought-provoking. Thank you!

loua profile image

loua 6 years ago from Elsewhere, visiting Earth ~ the segregated community planet Author

Moonchild60, good to have you visit...

Yea, I'm a pragmatic realist when it come to addressing issues, I just call'em how I see it... It only makes sense to think there is purpose to everything... That does not mean its a good idea to do just anything, there are repercussions to it all... That's where decisions come in and I believe the people need to be held responsible for the decisions not representatives... Ultimately its the role of the people to rule and not be ruled...

This issue insights my activism, lol...

Have a great day... lou


Electro-Denizen, Welcome back and thanks for the heads up...

Glad to see we're on the same sheet of music...

Have a great day, lou

Spring has sprung here in the south...

Electro-Denizen profile image

Electro-Denizen 6 years ago from Wales, UK

Great hub, this bit is esp. good "get in gear and participate like good little clones of thought, for improving the bottom-line of their soul worth..." - as far as I see, from different spiritual practices I've watched, the hardest thing of all is.... conforming to the higher dynamic. Perhaps it's scary because it looks like a loss of self, initially.

Moonchild60 profile image

Moonchild60 6 years ago

loua - Excellent, finally a desription that actually makes sense and isn't filled with all the doomsday nonsense that has been growing in numbers and stupidity and I am certain will get worse before it gets better.

I loved this part: This all means there is a way to grow intelligence and in it is the success and survival of humanity and its purpose, motive and intent that it will learn to understanding.

Wonderful Hub. Like a Breath of Fresh air.

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