The Greatest Conspirators

The Greatest Conspirators

The greatest conspirators are aiding and abetting the tiny Kingdom’s ruler in Bahrain who is killing and playing havoc with the rights of the freedom of expression and the free will of the Shia population of the Island, who want the ruler to step down or take to constitutional monarchy, since the majority Shia population does not trust the minority Sunni faith rulers in the Island ruling them and conspiring against their faith and religion.

The regime forces, in collaboration with the Saudi forces, which have entered in the Island have stormed 253 Shia mosques and completely destroyed 29 mosques and ruined over 200. This is heathen practice and God says in Aayet 3.73:

Do not believe except that that follows your religion..............................................

The Shias are therefore wary to trust the Bahraini Al Khalifa rulers who are openly repressive and brutalising the Shias. The Shias want reform in the system of rule with their fair say in the state since they are in majority and constitute 70% of the population in Bahrain. But that would be disastrous to the Sunni rulers; they cannot afford to give the Shias their right, through this they see the end of their rule. And among the great conspirators is the USA which is keeping silent at their atrocity. And Pakistan which is recruiting mercenary force in Pakistan for the ruler to kill and suppress the Shia population, and the UNO Secretary General Ban Ki-moon who though calls for end of violence from them against the peaceful demonstrators, but is following the traditional policy of the Arabian oppressors to suppress the Shias and is encouraging the Bahraini ruler by tacit inaction not to send the case to the Security Council for their action. The UN Secretary General is taking out the whip against the Shia Militia Hizbollah of Lebanon and is asking for its disbanding who are standing as a dam against the political and the military onslaught of Israel on Lebanon, and in face of their trying to change the regional structure and the demography, the Hizbollah is needed as a fighting force.

The open conspiracy of the GCC against the Shias can be judged from what the new GCC secretary general of the GCC Al- Zayani, who is a Bahraini says: “I pledge before God that I will be honest and truthful to Their Majesties and Highnesses that I will implement their orders with full dedication and sincerity” – meaning I will join in the forces of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf countries who are killing the Shia people in Manama and Qateef and kill them.

The Manama security force which constitutes mostly from the Sunni force, at the check posts to repress and terrorise the population are asking the Shia taxi drivers to recite national anthem and if they cannot, they are beating them with baton and then they ask some Shia to take the name of the ruler and if he does not know the full title of the ruler they are beating them and detaining them. Any person having a Shia like name is not given visa to enter in the Island kingdom and terror is at its highest with the Saudi forces entered in the state, charging around and operating with the police force of Manama. And the Shia employees in the Island state are being fired from the public sector post and all discriminations are operative to pump life in, in the depleted of moralistic health and of sagging prestige Al-Khalifa rulers, to keep them alive.

‘The Shia Post’, reports on the Face Book: A twenty year old Bahraini activist Ayat al Gharmezi, recited her poem in which she shamed the ruling regime and the Bahraini Prime Minister Khalifa Ibn Salman al Khalifa who is Prime Minister for forty years and has shameful record of justice with the Shia people, but has the distinction of being an Al-Khalifa family member. She was arrested and killed after rape by the security forces. This dynastical rule is now being challenged and is shaking by its knee, and they are in desperation, killing and terrorising and not fearing God’s wrath when they are raping and killing a 20 year old girl in their custody. And this is shame for the entire Muslim world and only on this incident alone the regime of the despots in Bahrain should be pulled down and shred. And the British government has no moral stand to invite the Bahraini Crown Prince to the Royal Wedding on the 29th of April to Westminster or even allow him enter and step on the soil of Great Britain.

The world conscious must awaken itself and stand to face the tyranny staged in the name of religion and to keep the Sunni rule ticking in Bahrain. The voice of the majority Shia must be respected and listened to, who are demanding that the Sunni ruler must step down or turn to the constitutional monarchy and the Shia majority allowed its due place in the affairs of the state. Saudi Arabian forces must be forced to withdraw from Bahrain and return to their lands and their own Shia community rights respected by them. And they pay to the Bahraini Shias for the damages they did to their mosques and their prayer houses. They are repressing the Qateef region in the south to north east of Saudi Arabia which is a Shia country. They must give autonomy to the region and let Shia talent progress and flourish there.

Then let USA play their role they want to assume of a world leader. They have adopted silence about Bahrain because they have their Fifth Naval Fleet based on the Island, and they have their eyes monitoring Iran which is again a Shia country and a potential danger to the US hegemony of the world. Let them be more angelic and do justice not weighed down with injustice but keep their slate of record of earnings of the good tipping the evil. And the UN independent of the US domination must act on its assigned role of implementing justice in the world. And Pakistan which is raising the mercenary force for the Island is because it needs money even at the cost of debauching moral, justice and fair play, let them pluck courage and give priority to morality and stop this service. And Saudis and the Gulf states who have sent their support and forces is because it is straight Shia hate and fear that their own existence may be challenged next, so for that let them extend the hand of friendship towards Iran.

So let God’s rule of justice and fair play be established and the right of the oppressed people in Bahrain restored.


Sayed Athar Husain

Afkar-e Shia (Shia Thought)


26. 4. 2011.

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miss_jkim profile image

miss_jkim 5 years ago

I can tell you have a great deal of zeal and passion about this subject matter; however, the run on sentences, lack of punctuation, and poor grammar make it difficult to read. Something that is this important, and holds such passion, must be well written or you will lose your readers quickly.

SayedAthar Husain profile image

SayedAthar Husain 5 years ago from London Author

Hello miss jkim,

Thank you for your observation. I have just now gone through the text and true, found many corrections needed in it. I have tried to make it better reading. I would very much appreciate your second opinion.

Jacob Goldsmith 5 years ago

The Shia and Sunni can't sort out their own issues blaming Israel for everything. How come you missed that one?

SayedAthar Husain profile image

SayedAthar Husain 5 years ago from London Author

It's a balanced view that has been given about Israel. There is no unrealistic criticism. The protest in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia's Qateef region is a Shia Sunni issue, they must solve in the light of Islamic justice.

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