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Why are the parties not made responsible for clarifying the noise their party creates?

The format of disclosure should be consistent so it can be put in a data base and searched for its consistency and reliability of facts and evidence supporting their claims... The rhetoric is without dialectic distinction, so it is therefore objectively false by default from some perspective of perception...

All Political Correspondence Needs To Be In The Following Format

To State Issue ~ It must have ~ Solution, problem and answer ~

Elements of debate issue:

1) premise, proposition and argument

2) purpose, motive and intent

3) impact, cause and effect

In this format it can be tracked in a database so people can see the deviations and or consistencies in the rhetoric and dialectic presented...

The Conditions Surrounding the Republic Rule of the Democratic Federation:

To date the representative mechanism, by default, has stolen the will of the people, theft by receipt of stolen identity, as state and federal legislative representation has held the will of the people in bondage. They have used the identity of the people without the people's consent, identity theft.

There is no meeting of the minds in the representative to voter relationship, so it is void and nil; there is no contract to verify any meeting of the minds.

The usury of the relationship is evident and the repercussions are numerous. It is apparent the public would not want negative impacts imposed on them if they were made aware of a better means and way for securing their needs-ends.

The fact that the public is naive of it's capacity, ability and potential does not negate the fact that its rights are being violated by an inept representation mechanism.

Historically ~ The malformation of the articles of the Constitution has allowed it to be diminished in its protection of the peoples rights by those that were allowed to manipulate its meaning. The Constitution was never ratified by the people nor was any of the amendments, so the worth, wealth and value of its purpose, motive and intent has never witnessed the scrutiny of expert witness in behave of the people the heirs to the sovereignty.

Note ~ The liquidity of the sovereignty is found in its distribution. The worth of it must be solvent dispersed and in motion to be viable to the purpose, motive and intent of the sovereignty.

The sovereignty is presently stagnant and captured by a few and has become a malformation of its original purpose, motive and intent proposed by the framers who designed and manifested its existence.

The only way to accomplish the purpose, motive and intent of the original design is to facilitate the implementation of the full distribution, of the wealth the sovereignty represents, to all the people in mass.

The mechanism for distribution of the wealth, worth and value of the sovereignty is in the following passages.

The Message ~
Life, the way to a balanced existence;
There is nothing of worth, wealth and value that lacks integrity, morals and ethics of reason, choice and decision for any purpose motive and intent that provides less than an inclusive-end of selfless and civil means and way and is attained in like fashion.

This message has been given as the parable of the loaves and fishes in the sermon on the mount; where the story of sharing demonstrated the manifestation of abundance by attraction of ones selfless intent. You see the metaphysical world of consciousness soul and spirit is the reality that has eluded human comprehension until now.

The balance of equality and equity;
A full distribution of wealth can be accomplished by the brokerage of industry, business and commerce to the workers; and for the people to have the representation and guidance of expert witness; and in turn to the brokerage to the consumers for the worker the goods and services they have to offer the sovereignty.

This mechanism provides the checks and balances that allow the clarity of transparency in motion as the system operates to fulfill the needs of the sovereignty. The rest will be the history of it, the people know how to to do business its the ground rules that are at fault for any and all disparity. They have been mismanaged since antiquity ~ its no wonder failure was inevitable.

No one shall control all shall guide. Everyone shall be responsible for earning their way by being given a means to earn by what ever they will do that adds benefit to the sovereignty and in this shall they have ownership of its worth, wealth and value.

Essentially this sovereignty shall be a concession industry of consumers of goods, trades, and services that meet the needs of the sovereignty. The consumer industry regulates in behalf of the public consumer, it is the voice of the consumer that will prompt better business practices and it implements the changes the people vote for.

The Means to Democracy ~
The appropriate expertise must be provided to the people of the sovereignty for their guidance. Expert witness must be provided to voice the best choices that may be available for the design, construction, and operation of the sovereignty so the people may vote and decide each pertinent issue, given three best choices. The voting is a process of decision choice provided in terms of purpose, motive and intent for inclusive selfless civility of humanity which minimizes the impact, cause and effect of each of the other of us.

Condition of Democracy ~
The order of the universe can be described and defined as an ordered logical instrument. A set of systems and procedures based on reason, choice and decision in accordance with the laws of the systems nature, or natural law. This is the universe of democracy that is the heritage of humanity.

Conclusion: The life form of humanity has yet to concede it is subject to this natural law. Herein are the keys intelligence of this understanding measure.

The Way ~
You see the laws must be the vision of all the people not that of its legislators, they are the contractors not the the home owners in the role they must only provide guidance, to the voting decision-makers, substantiated by expert witness.


General Model for Economic System Structure:

Solution for Correcting Economic Woes of the World~ Letting go of the excessive compulsions of selfish attitude that cause exclusive behavior so to allow civil temperament to overcome evil. This is accomplished by using three levels of duplication and staff OJTraining as a work force that switches activity every quarter of the year: team 1 works; while team 2 is training; while team 3 is on vacation for three quarters, and in the fourth quarter the members are reassigned to alternate groups to start the procedure again to improve the process, always starting so as to revisit to improve the effectiveness and efficiency through continuous progress change and improvement.

Economic balance is found in service based capitalism driven by an integrated federation of military and law enforcement industry machine; that is one of the services of and for the protection of the civil sovereignty of the world. It will allow the civil world to focus on evolving rather than focusing on paranoid notions that detract from progressing in diplomatic relations and world harmony as a means and way to the ends of a balanced equality and equity in world resources ~

The fundamental activities of each competitive sovereignty:

I. Quality, Education-Business, Arts, Science and Engineering, Assurance &Assessment, Regulatory&Control Industry:
~ material, labor cost and pricing to derive assessments of all economic industries and each individual business practice for goods and or services to derive competitive prices that correspond to the the impacts, causes, and effects associated with each product and service and manufacture process.

II. The World Civil Military Industry is a civil industry based in self-preservation, lifestyle and health... Its purpose is to minimize the tensions of stress from and to competitive leaderships by providing an inclusive agenda for progress, peace and agreement between a competitive membership. The motive is to improve domestic, allied and competitive cooperation in a selfless manner. The intent is to perform all response is the to protect and nurture the civil nature of humanity...

As a World Federation of Global Alliances, the variables of its construct are:

1. sizing and minimizing opposition, threat and disaster from the negative forces of nature or negative human force which upset the balance of equality and equity of the Global Sovereignty Federation.

2. meeting force requirements for response

3. balancing force requirements to meet diminished and increased response requirements.

III. Space, Climate, and Earth, Biological, Chemical, Experimental and Nuclear Science Industry:
Provide guidance, understanding and service for the sovereignty on Natural phenomena..
Assesses, analysis, and measures the supply and demand for needs of the world; and provides expert witness to the voting public of the sovereignty.

IV. Life Care, Environment, and Safety Industry:

Provide guidance, understanding and service for the sovereignty in; Health, Wellness and Lifestyle; Drugs, Medicine and Prescriptions; Births, Deaths and Burials; Provide guidance, understanding; Assesses, analysis, and measures the supply and demand for needs of the world; and provides expert witness to the voting public of the sovereignty.

V. Agriculture, Food, Soils, Air, Water and Energy Industry:
Assesses, analysis, and measures the supply and demand for needs of the world; and provides expert witness to the voting public of the sovereignty.

VI. The Voting Public Industry:
Three comparative competing contractor data base management systems: one to collect, one to tally and one to maintain vote data base and determine voter choice.

Votes on all issues assessed, analyzed, and measured that supply every demand for needs of the world by selecting from expert witness opinion given as the three best answers for solution on each issue and voters choose one.

Essentially a virtual reality system that proposes, predicts, and assesses issues and generates solutions to be analyzed by expert witnesses for verification and approval before being provided as public choices ...


loua profile image

loua 6 years ago from Elsewhere, visiting Earth ~ the segregated community planet Author

Paradise7,Good morning, I am glad it's understandable and an acceptable perception...

The implementation will be at the hand of the people as they say this looks like what they want rather than letting the powers that be herd them and corral them for exploit...

When the bottom fall out it will happen... Its been tending in that direction since the beginning of time... I have just extrapolated the general trend to a tipping point...

When people see they have options they exploit them. This is what the people who have wealth have done. I am just providing an alternate strategy that would upset the present exploit and provide equity and equality to the general public to share in the resources of their toil...

You see all people should have equity in their toil not just a stipend based on usury standards...

The system now in place is corrupt to the core by default, it is a boardroom mentality of morons trying desperately to retain their control by using their old manipulative tactics of usury...

Look, its the same problem parents have raising kids when they do not include them in the decision making process... No one is satisfied with being manipulated kids or parents...

The laissez-faire economics is all well and good if the selfishness is balanced; to do that the worker and the consumer need equity and equality in the process... To do this a resource/consumption sales tax to control/protect resources and minimize government regulations and it controls it the same time. Everyone will become stake holders by his move, now that they share in the wealth; with worker equity sharing. These two implementations is all it would take to start the ball rolling.

The next step is to implement the rules of representation where the representatives and legislators' decision-making rights are repealed and given back to the citizens; where they have always belonged... This will make the citizen the sovereignty as it is written in the Constitution; where representatives provide guidance and orchestration for the citizens to make decisions, based on expert witness.

Happy ever after, lol...

Oh yes, water protection is addressed in this article in- section V of As a World Federation of Global Alliances, the variables of its construct are

Paradise7 profile image

Paradise7 6 years ago from Upstate New York

Yoiu've put a lot of thought into this. Most of it makes perfect sense to me: I was wondering what kind of model you would come up with as a possible improved system on what we have now. You are not a tearer-down by nature: you are a builder-up.

I read this three times, so far. I have no trouble at all with most of the precepts in this article: the loaves and fishes mean something to me, sharing and distribution of at least the necessities to live are so important, and the more we give the better we feel.

It's implementation that is always the sticky point. Getting everyone enough on the same page to shift the balance of power.

loua profile image

loua 6 years ago from Elsewhere, visiting Earth ~ the segregated community planet Author

AlexK2009, Thanks for the visit...

You are so correct and on the money... Why is it not dealt with? It is beyond me that people tolerate it, like it is meant to be, when in my view its an abortion of responsibility on the part of the people and a theft of human will by the party system ...

That being said, the model I propose provides the checks and balance to make sure the representative just provides guidance service as a broker of information not a decision-maker for the expert witness knowledge capacity, ability and potential on each issue, so the people can be informed to make the best choices available; in fact be given three best available choices to choose one. This lengthy process would exponentially improve in pace over time by compiling the statistical responses for correct information goals objectives and plans.

There you have it, a sovereignty, a democratic republic as envisioned by the framers of the Constitution...

AlexK2009 profile image

AlexK2009 6 years ago from Edinburgh, Scotland

Representative democracy always risks the representative becoming a self serving elite captured by special interests. Some of your suggestions make sense others seem still to be tied to the existing culture. I will have to read the hub several times to see what ideas it sparks


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