Palestine.....Israeli or Arab..Whose Land Is It Really?

The Palestinian People.... Do You Know Who They Are?

No other people on Earth have affected the world community quite like the Jews. Throughout the last 3500 years they have been, conquered, enslaved, free. slaughtered by the millions, vilified and hated of all nations. They have been and continue to be blamed, by some, for any and all economic, political and civil problems the world community has ever suffered. There are countless conspiracy theories all pointing to a coming Jewish domination and how they are working behind the scenes to achieve, for themselves, world economic control.

Are these theories true? Are the Jews out to control you and your country's economic future? Where do these theories come from? Do you look upon the Jews with admiration and respect for their accomplishments or do you believe they are the root cause of most, if not all, of the world's problems? Do you know why you believe the way you do or how you came to the conclusions you hold?

So many questions....let's see if we can find some answers. Before I begin let me apologize now for all the dates and historical place names I am going to use. There is no way to avoid using them when telling the chronological history of the Jews .

Who Are The Jews and Where Did They Come From?

The twelve tribes of Israelites who sprang up from the twelve sons of the Patriarch Isaac emerged as a nation in the area that came to be known as Palestine, also referred to as the Southern Levant, around 1480BC. The first mention of the name "Israel" in the archaeological records was recorded in 1209BC. King Saul, one of the more well known early kings of Israel, ruled c1080 BC.

Around 925BC jealously, strife and a continuous struggle for power and leadership between the tribes had grown to such a point that, eventually, the nation was split into two separate kingdoms. The kingdom of the south ,with Jerusalem as its capital, was call "Judah" and the kingdom of the north, which included the majority of the tribes, was called "Israel". The term "Jew" refers to the people of the tribe of Judah or the kingdom of Judah which also included the tribes of Benjamin and the Priestly tribe...the Levities.

The Jews as a people have continued to live in their ancestral home for nearly 3500 years. There have been many attempts, over the centuries, to remove them from the land. In 722 BC the Assyrians conquered the Northern Kingdom of Israel and removed the people from the land. This removal of the Israelites from their home gave rise to the enduring mystery of the "Lost Tribes of Israel". Once the Israelites were removed they never resettled the area again and have been lost to history. There are many theories that have surfaced offering explanations of what happened to the "Lost Tribes" and their, decedents possible whereabouts today but none of the theories have fully solved the mystery.

The Jews took a different path. The Kingdom of Judah continued to thrive after the departure of their "brothers" for another 136 years before they themselves were conquered and removed from their land by the Babylonians and King Nebuchadnezzar in 586 BC. The difference this time was that, unlike the Israelites of the northern kingdom, the Jews after a time were allowed to return to Jerusalem and rebuild their destroyed city and nation. The Jews returned to their land with the assistance of the Persian Kings Cyrus and Darius around 515BC and rebuilt Jerusalem.

For the next 200 years the Jews rebuilt their country and flourished as a nation under the passive control of their Babylonian rulers. By 333BC the armies of Alexander The Great had conquered Palestine and the Macedonians who where now the new rulers ,like the Babylonians before them, continued to allowed the Jews to live in relative peace and with some limited autonomy.

In a violent reaction to what was perceived as a desecration of their Temple in 165 BC the kingdom of Judah rose up in revolt in what would become known as the Maccabean Revolt which ended in 163BC. The revolt was successful and the Jews enjoyed freedom for the first time in centuries. While there were problems with the Egyptians and some of their old enemies the Jews embarked on nearly 100 years of peace. It should be noted here that at this time, in history, the Kingdom of Judah was much larger than present day Israel. The Kingdom encompassed Israel proper, the West Bank, The Golan Heights, The Gaza Strip and most of what is now western Jordan. Sound familiar?

By 63BC the Jews found themselves occupied, once again, under the yoke of the powerful Roman Empire. This began a period of occupation, that would involve successive empires, and would last for nearly 1900 years. It would not be until 1948 that the Jewish people would once again become a free nation. It is important to note here that at no time in their 3500 year history did the Jews ever leave Israel completely. There was always a Jewish presence in the land.

I have purposely kept the history of the Jews as brief as I could. There have been hundreds of books written on Jewish history and I did not want this to be another one. I just wanted to give you an overview of the chronological history of Israel and the Jewish people.

Palestine......Now there is a word that conjures up a myriad of emotions in most people. I believe it is important to understand what Palestine is and isn't. How it came to be and what, if anything, it has to do with the Jews.

The first recorded usage, of the term Palestine, was found in a letter written by the Greek philosopher Herodotus around 450BC when he referred to the area that spanned from Turkey in the north down the Mediterranean coast to Egypt in the south. The land included Lebanon, Syria, Israel, Jordan and parts of Saudi Arabia. The term he used was Syria Palaestina or Philistine Syria. In 198BC the coastal area, from Lebanon to the Gaza strip was also referred to as Syria-Phoenica.

The Gaza strip was called Phillistia which tranlated to "the home of the Phillistines" The Phillistines were a seafaring people believed to be of Greek origin. Phillistia was also believed to have been the home of "Goliath" the giant who fought the shepherd boy...David who would grow up to be the King of Israel.. The Israelites and the Phillistines were continuous and bitter enemies.

In 200AD The Romans made the name "Palestine" official when they combined the areas of Samria, Judea Proper, Idumea and Gaililee into a new province which they called Syria Palaestina or Palestine. They also renamed Jerusalem to Aelia Capitolina. After more than 200 years of Jewish revolts The Romans issued the decree to renamed the area of Judea in order to remove any references to the Jewish people and to completely disassociate the land from their Israelite heritage. Historically, as it turned out, the Roman decree didn't work although there were severe consequences for the Jewish people. Within a century Hebrew, as a spoken language, had all but disappeared. It did, however, continue on as a written language in much of Jewish literature. Ironically in the end the Roman Empire disappeared, as all empires do, but the Jews are still in their land and in some ways just as rebellious as ever.

Palestine next came under the control of the Byzantines who ruled from 330-638AD The borders had, by this time, been redrawn and the area of Palestine was much larger that it is today.It had been divided into 3 provinces which now included all of the former kingdoms of Israel and Judah along with most of Jordan and much of southern Syria. During this occupation a large Jewish population continued to grow and prosper.

In 638AD Palestine was taken from the Byzantines by the Great Arab Empire. The Arabs ruled over the Jews for the next 461 years. Under Arab rule the Jews were, for the most part, well treated and in some ways even thrived. While the Byzantines had refused the Jews entry into Jerusalem for almost 300 years under the Arabs they were allowed to live and worship ,once again, in their ancient capital .

In 1099 the Crusader Period began and lasted until 1244. The Jewish people were subject to untold barbarity at the hands of the Crusaders . There are estimates of Jewish deaths during the Crusades ranging from the hundreds of thousands to more than one million. The vast majority of this indiscriminate slaughter, visited upon the Jews, came at the hands of the "Holy" Crusaders. This time period does account for some of the "differences" that exist between Christians and Jews. When a Christian sees a Cross he see salvation and hope......When a Jew sees a Cross he sees persecution and death. One's perspective, in any discussion, can never be discounted.

The Arabs regained control of Palestine in 1244 and drove the Crusaders out for good. They ruled for another 250 years before they, themselves, were defeated by the Ottoman Turks in c1500. The Arab Empire was defeated and, in a twist of irony, found themselves sharing the same status as the Jewish people. They were both, Jew and Arab, conquered and occupied nations. Although the Turks had converted to Islam they were not Arabs and a divide between the two Muslim nations still exist to this day. The Turks and the Arabs coexist under the Islamic banner but memories are long and passions can still run high. It was also during this time of upheaval that, after nearly 850 years of ruling Palestine ,the Arabs became the majority of the population in the area.

The Ottoman Turk empire ruled Palestine for just over 400 years before they were finally defeated by the Western Allies in 1917 during WWI. The British General Allenby sealed the victory by marching his forces to the walls of Jerusalem where he dismounted his horse and walked on foot through the Jaffa gate into the city on December 11, 1917. The symbolism was not lost on the Christians and Jews who witnessed the historic event.

Thus began the endgame that is referred to as the "British Mandate for Palestine" that resulted in the creation of the Jewish state of Israel in 1948.

In this last section we will deal with the British Mandate, the UN Partition and how it led to the rebirth of Israel and War!

The British Mandate for Palestine gave Great Britain legal authority to administer the area. The Mandate itself was created by the Treaty of Versailles, agreed to by the League of Nations, in 1919 after WW1. One of the stated purposes of this mandate was the recognition of the historic connection of the Jewish people with the land of Palestine and the eventual establishment of a Jewish homeland.

With the public release of the Balfour Declaration two years earlier in 1917 the British Government had taken the lead on this issue and politically acknowledged their support for the goal of the creation of a Jewish homeland.

The area of Palestine, under the mandate ,stretched from the Lebanese border in the north to the Sinai Peninsula in the south. The Mediterranean Sea formed the western border and the great desert expanse on the eastern side of the Jordan river as far east as Petra completed the main boundaries. All together some 118,000 square kilometers had been set aside for the stated purpose of creating the new country. Unfortunately ,for all of us, the British engaged in secret, and not so secret, negotiations with several nations over the issues. The deals with the Arab nations and the European powers at times seemed so contradictory to the Mandate's goals that major changes in the effort were "necessary". What resulted in these efforts through the various British and UN "plans" became a nightmare for most of the people involved. The political climate and the particular incompetence of the British Government on this issue destroyed any opportunity to negotiate a peaceful solution where The Jews and the Arabs could live side by side in peace. The failed British/United Nations efforts resulted in a fractured land, war, death and destruction and a hopeless peace process which has cause the entire world great grief and consternation even to this day.

The deal making actually started in 1915 four years before the Versailles treaty. Henry McMahan the British High Commissoner base in Egypt corresponded with Husayn bin Ali the Sharif of Mecca in which informal negotiations were begun between the two men. These negotiations made great strides and accomplished their expectations. Out of these exchanges a new country was indeed born. That new country was called..........TransJordan,,, which we know today as the Kingdom of Jordan.

While the British politicians, bureaucrats and diplomats thought themselves superior, in every way, to most people they especially had a disdain for the Arabs and their leaders. They almost always underestimated the intelligence and cunning that many Arab leaders processed. Going into any negotiations underestimating your adversary usually doesn't end well for your side.

The British quickly lost control of the area and the issue. For the next 30 years they found themselves constantly under attack, verbally, politically and physically, by both sides. They had put themselves in a no win situation and paid a heavy price for their folly.

Of the 118,000 square kilometers originally assigned by the Mandate to create a Jewish homeland 91,000 had been given to the new Arab nation of Jordan. In later years Jordan would annex "the West Bank" which accounted for another 5700 sq km. Jordan share was now 96,700 sq km. The Golan heights were eventually given to Syria and The Gaza strip was occupied by Egypt. In total of the original land area of 118,000 sq km The Arabs received 98,000 sq km and the Jews ended up with 8000 sq km which they could inhabit and 12,000 sq km of the Negav Desert which they were not allowed to settle because 15,000 Bedouin were believed to "use" the Negav leaving it "out of bounds" for the Jews. This became known as the UN Partition plan. The Jews accepted the plan while the Arab nations rejected it. ".

On May 14 1948 the nation of "Israel" was recognized by the United Nations. Neither the Jews or the Arabs were satisfied however the Jews accepted the partition of the land and were prepared to live with their choice. The Arab nations were not so inclined. The next day May 15, 1948 the armies of Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, and Syria attacked Israel with the intention of destroying it. The Arabs armies failed and were defeated by a tiny and ill equipped Israeli army that was outnumbered and outgunned. The defeat was so complete that a new line of history was begun. Every nation and people on earth, whether they realize it or not, have been and are still affected by the legacy of the British Mandate for Palestine.

Palestine was and is the ancient homeland of the nation of Israel. They have lived and died in the land for over 3500 years. The name Palestine, which came from the Greek language and was adopted by the Romans, was given to the area when the Romans renamed "Judea" to remove the Jewish connection from the land.As we can see it didn't work. The Jews remain and they always will in their own land. But what of the Arab people who, also, can trace their history back thousands of years to the same area. What do they deserve. During the British Mandate the dividing of Palestine was to provide a homeland for the Jews and for the Arab population as well. The new country of Jordan was the Arab share of Palestine. After the new Kingdom of Jordan was set up by the British the Arab Palestinians found themselves "persons non gratis" They were no longer welcomed in Jordan. After the 1948 war there were hundreds of thousands of Arab Palestinians who found themselves refugees in the land that was rightfully theirs...Jordan.

The final irony is that the true historical identity of the Palestinian people for the last 2000 years are... ....the Jews and the Arabs. Palestine was the name given to the Kingdom of Judah by the Romans. It is the Jewish homeland but it is also home to generational Arabs as well . Had they been left alone these two ancient peoples would have, almost certainly, worked out a compromise together.....They would have found a way to co-exist as they always have. Unfortunately the United Nations ,with their self-righteous arrogance, interfered and set the middle east and the world on a path whose destination is not yet known but the suffering and sorrow of nations have been felt by all men.

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Mr. Happy profile image

Mr. Happy 6 years ago from Toronto, Canada

I appreciate the fact that you did not mention the zionist terrorist group Irgun who bombed places such as the King David Hotel, killing 91 people and injuring 46. Nobody needs to know about that and it played no role in the British packing their suitcases faster and going back home. No, their over sixty attacks on Arabs and British people are of no importance I am sure.

Thanks for not mentioning Haganah also. No need to upset people's mind with such uselss informastion.

point2make profile image

point2make 6 years ago Author

thanks Mr. Happy for your comments.

This hub, by design, had a very specific intention. It was a chronological history of the Jews, Palestine and the British Mandate. My intention was to inform the reader about the land and the people...Jew and Arab who have live there for thousands of years. For the most part I intentionally kept politics in the background. People hold very strong opinions on the subject of Palestine and I felt a politically neutral piece might be helpful,to some, in gaining some perspective on a very emotional issue. I did not feel that including details of the tragic suffering that both sides have endured would keep the original intent intact.

however.......Since you did raise the issues I feel it only fair to respond.

First the Haganah....The Haganah was formed by the Jews in response to the Arab riots in 1920 -1921. These Arab riots targeted the Jewish people, not the British, and many Jews were killed and wounded. In response the Haganah [which in hebrew means.. defense] was formed. Throughout the land the new Haganah Defense force took the responsibility of defending every Jewish community. Many Jewish lives and communities were saved over the next 28 years because of the efforts of the Haganah.

The Irgun were a very violent force to be sure. They set their sights squarely on the British Mandate force. They attacked the British whenever and wherever they could. Their leader, the future Prime Minister, Menachem Begin was a very intense and passionate zionist. His belief in the re-establishment of historic Israel was the driving force for him and his forces and the British, not the Arabs, were the target of the Irgun. While the Irgun did battle the Arabs ,and both sides inflicted causalities, for the most part The Irgun left the Haganah to deal with the Arabs while it dealt with the British.

The British sealed their own downfall with the incompetence by which they handled the mandate in Palestine. Double dealing the Jews and the Arabs sowed the seeds of their own defeat. I will not go into the specifics reasons for the British defeat here as that would require another hub. I will however comment on the King David Hotel bombing. You left some rather important evidences out of your comments


The bombing of the King David Hotel was the Jewish response to "Operation Agatha" conducted by 17,000 British soldiers on the night of June 29 1946. During the operation the British raided dozens of Jewish settlements along with arresting 2700 Jewish men and women "suspected" of being members of the Irgun. In fact many were.....and many were not. Not lost on the people was the fact that no Arabs were arrested . No Arab villages were searched and no Arab weapons were confiscated......only Jews were the target of the 17,000 British soldiers. Targeting "Jews only" had been a "modus operandi" for the British for many years and Operation Agatha was the final insult. You declare Irgun as a "Zionist terrorist group" but what you failed to mention is that while Irgun did, indeed, blow up the King David Hotel on July 22 1946 their intention was political not murderous. What "terrorist group" makes warning telephone calls 25 minutes before the bomb went off? The Irgun did. One call went to the King David Hotel itself, one call to the French Embassy, which was next door to the hotel, warning them about the bomb and telling them to open their windows to minimize damage, and the last to a local newspaper. The newspaper phoned the hotel immediately. The French Embassy opened their windows. What of the British, what did they do? In the investigation afterwards the British first denied they received a warning call. Upon the testimony of the French Embassy and the newspaper operator the British reversed their testimony and admitted to receiving the call. They claimed that the fault was a "communications error". The British would not let their own people leave the hotel even after receiving a 25 minute warning.

The people who died in the Hotel didn't have to die. The British antisemitism and incompetence contributed to the outcome but in the end the Irgun were the responsible party.

The Mandate for Palestine which was set up to create a "Jewish Home land" was instead turned into one of the most incompetent political disasters of our times. The consequences are still being felt and will continue to be for the foreseeable future.

Israel must win every battle and every war......the Arabs only need to win...once! How does the world resolve a situation like this.... so far not very well.

Mr. Happy profile image

Mr. Happy 6 years ago from Toronto, Canada

Very nice! I am pleasantly surprised by your rather honest comment. You cannot leave politics out of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. As you rightly noted the entire chaos really flared up when the British just gave-up on their mandate in Palestine.

" The British sealed their own downfall with the incompetence by which they handled the mandate in Palestine. Double dealing the Jews and the Arabs sowed the seeds of their own defeat." - I fully agree with you on this and it is because of this that I think Great Britain should pay reparations to Jewish people as well as Palestinian refugees and all who are directly affected in a negative way from this conflict.

I wrote something somewhat relecant in my opinion earlier this summer and if nothing else the photos might be interesting.

point2make profile image

point2make 6 years ago Author

Thanks Mr Happy I appreciate that!. You are right it is all but impossible to leave politics totally out of this issue. Reparations are a good idea....Great Britain has a lot to answer for. I checked out your hub. I like it. The photos were excellent. I have done a lot of research on this issue and I have found that most are unaware of this particular conflict that rages daily in Israel and elsewhere between the two sides. Very interesting hub Mr Happy....well done.

Harvey Stelman profile image

Harvey Stelman 6 years ago from Illinois

point, As a Jew I am aware of most of what you have written. I cannot understand how we have survived through everything we have been through. Maybe that is why Judaism is the oldest religion in the world.

With such a small population, we have won 22% of the Nobel prizes. Countries that have kicked us out, are pleading for our return.

Graves all over the world have a tiny star of David on their markers. They couldn't afford to let people know they were really Jewish.

If you would like a very good read, my new book just came out. The comments have been wonderful. Eyes Of Emerald: From The Dustbin of History Comes The Greatest Romantic Tragedy Of Our Time ... or I hope you enjoy, H

point2make profile image

point2make 6 years ago Author

Thanks always I appreciate your comments. The Jewish people have endured more ,in their history, than any other nation on earth. It is an enduring testament of the people to their faith and perseverance. The Jewish people have given, to the world, far more than they have taken and it is time someone said.....thank-you!

I will be getting your book Harvey and I am looking forward to reading it. Well done my friend.

Truly Different profile image

Truly Different 6 years ago from Israel.

Thank you, point2make, thank you. From all my heart and from all my mind. Thank you.

point2make profile image

point2make 6 years ago Author

You are very welcome Truly Different. I appreciate your thoughts. You will always have a "friend" here.

sheila b. profile image

sheila b. 6 years ago

I like the way you wrote this, without the politics. It's been my experience that not many people know the history of the Middle East.

point2make profile image

point2make 6 years ago Author

Thank-you Sheila I appreciate your opinion. I agree with you the knowledge of the true history of the Middle East is lacking among many who offer "opinions" about it. I am stunned, sometimes, when I hear or read a piece on the Middle East that goes into great detail to champion a particular point and, in reality, the entire piece is based on falsehoods and errors.

DJProfessorK profile image

DJProfessorK 5 years ago from York, PA

It's clearly an Arab territory, or at least was before 1948. I could not fathom going to a region and saying "Those of you whose families have lived here for 2,000 or more years, you are under new leadership by a group which has not been a major presence here in that time period."

Jews should have been granted no "special homeland", but rather free imigration to wherever they wished to go. If that meant Jerusalem, so be it, but it's unreasonable to displace the indigenous population to accommodate the new residents.

It would have been easier just to make Jerusalem a small, Vatican-type nation and benefit from the tourism that would have inevitable come. It would have caused a much smaller impact in the region.

marwan asmar profile image

marwan asmar 5 years ago from Amman, Jordan

Thanks Professor for taking up the issues, it is simply inconceivable for any civilized member of this world to accept that a set of people are allowed to be "implanted" on an other (Palestinian)in the inter-war years and say "this our land". Occupation should be condemned by even Jews themselves, and not willy-nilly condoned. In Jerusalem and other cities after 1948, Jewish immigrants from Europe came and took over houses that have been left by their Arab residents because of terror by Irugun and other terrorist organizations. In your heart of hearts point2make is this what civilization should be about: Kicking 100s of thousands of Palestinians out of their own country. What moral right have Jews from Britain, America, Poland, Russia, France to a land in Palestine which they have never lived in and in some cases never heared nor cared about while you can delightfully through out its original inhabitants. Let western moral and Jewish philosophy that has been praising of the rights of man deal over the centuries deal with that.

point2make profile image

point2make 5 years ago Author

I appreciate your comments Professor but I must speak to a couple of points you make. Palestine was not then, nor has ever been "clearly Arab". The land, we refer to as Palestine, has been shared by Arabs, Jews, and Christians for nearly 2000 years. The Jews were the majority for the first 1500 years while the Arabs became the majority over the last 500. The majority of the population of Jerusalem is Jewish and has been for well over 100 years.The Jews have always been in the land and did not suddenly appear on the scene to "displace an indigenous population". If you are referring to the influx of Jews during the British Mandate then your statement is still in error. Between 1881 and 1940 the Jews purchased, from the Arabs, nearly 500,000 acres or 1500 square miles of Palestine.They did not "steal" this land or win it in a war they "purchased" it from the Arabs. Were you not aware of this? The irony is that,in a sense, they were forced to buy back their own ancestral land. This land did not contain any Arab communities whose populations were forced to "move out" so Jews could move in.

While population displacements certainly did take place during and after the British Mandate they were not as one sided as you seem to think. Both Jews and Arabs suffered during this time. During the creation of Israel, according to the UN, 700,000 Arabs were forced from their homes and at the same time 600,000 Jews were expelled from all Arab countries and forced from their homes. The suffering, on both sides, was tragic and when it became political the common people endured great suffering.

The vast majority of the Arab displacement did not occur because of the resettling of immigrant Jews. The Arabs were ordered out of their homes by their own leaders so as to clear the way for the destruction of the new state of Israel in 1948. Unfortunately , for the Arabs, their leaders lost that war and the situation of displacement became a burden on the whole world even to this day.

The Jews are in their own land and the Arabs are in theirs. As in the past they could live together side by side if we would just let them. In time they would find a way to coexist. Unfortunately forces outside "Palestine" seem determined to not let that happen.

Professor I hope you would take a look at the history of what really happened. You are certainly entitled to your opinion and I respect your right to hold whatever opinions you choose however I also respectfully reserve the right to disagree. Again thanks for your comments I do appreciate them.

point2make profile image

point2make 5 years ago Author

Thank you for your comments Marwan. They are appreciated and though, I suspect, we may agree to disagree sharing ideas is never a waste of time.

The problem Marwan, in my opinion, is the voice of reason cannot be heard above the shouting. What happened to the people of Palestine, Arab and Jew, was tragic and I believe was avoidable. Unfortunately, for the world, the inconceivable incompetence in which Great Britain handled the mandate doomed us to the seemingly never ending cycle of violence and hatred.

While it was true that hundred's of thousands of Palestinian Arabs were forced from their homes during the turmoil the Jews were not the sole cause of this upheaval . The British and The Arab leaders also played a large part in this "forced migration". One fact you left out of your post is the "other forced migration" in which hundred's of thousands of Jews were forced from their homes in the surrounding Arab nations. To uproot people from their homes whether Arab or Jew is wrong but these people became political pawns in a much larger game and that, in my opinion, was criminal.

Another point you make is the "occupation" and how it should be condemned. To a point I agree. I think it's a bit disingenuous though to condemn Israel while ignoring "others". As you well know Israel was not the first to occupy the West Bank. From 1948-1967 Jordan "occupied" the West Bank and Jerusalem. Also during those years Egypt "occupied" the Gaza Strip.

The question that is often asked by those in the West Marwan is, to them, a simple one. If the Arabs controlled The West Bank, Jerusalem, and Gaza from 1948-1967 why didn't they declare a Palestinian State then. Israel was in no position to stop them at that time. Of course you and I know that question is not a "simple one"

Where do we go from here.....I really don't know. I do know that the policy of the three no's adopted by the 1967 Arab League meeting in Sudan didn't work.

No Peace

No Recognition of Israel

No Negotiations

Israel is not going away and the Palestinian Arabs are not going away. We need to deal with that reality and stop living with these ongoing delusions that many in the West and the Arab nations are operating under.

You asked about my "heart of hearts" Marwan. I'll tell what I know to be true. Israel has been a part of our history and a presence in the Middle East for nearly 4000 years. The Arab nations have also been a part of our history and a presence in the Middle East for nearly 4000 years.We need both of them to survive and grow and prosper. They both deserve to live in peace and in their own homes. If we could just get those who shout to stop then maybe we can talk. If we could stop the hatred, the lies, the misinformation and the revisionist historical rewrites that are rampant, especially in the west, maybe someone will hear our whispers.

Perhaps, Marwan, it could start with and me. Perhaps we could learn to stop shouting and listen. It has to start somewhere.....doesn't it?

Ken Barton profile image

Ken Barton 5 years ago

Point2make, thank you for a very informative Hub. 3 gentleman and I were just discussing this very topic tonight during our break from tutoring. I completely agree with your assessment of the situation in the Middle East. I look forward to reading your other Hubs, especially if they are as deep and insightful as this one was. Have a great day.

Ken Barton profile image

Ken Barton 5 years ago

Point2make, thank you for a very informative Hub. 3 gentleman and I were just discussing this very topic tonight during our break from tutoring. I completely agree with your assessment of the situation in the Middle East. I look forward to reading your other Hubs, especially if they are as deep and insightful as this one was. Have a great day.

point2make profile image

point2make 5 years ago Author

Thank-you Ken you are very kind. I'm glad you enjoyed this hub. It's one of my favorites. I have studied the Middle East for more years than I would like to admit. It never ceases to amaze me at how little historical fact and truth are in so many of the positions put forward by so called experts. Unfortunately the ones who bully and shout the most are usually, in my experience, the least informed. They certainly are not hesitant to offer their opinions, as fact, but being obnoxious and boorish does not bring your argument any closer to the truth. Thanks again and I, also, look forward to reading your hubs.

Kari Winchester profile image

Kari Winchester 5 years ago from Ontario, California

As a highly qualified instructor of secondary Social Studies, I was informed and humbled by your knowledge and its application to understanding of such a complex topic. As a nonZionist Jew, I am honored by your neutrality and absense of assumptions that ALL Jews refuse to acknowledge the depth of the coflict from BOTH perspectives. As a writer, I am inspired by your clarity, fluency, and well communicated concepts.

point2make profile image

point2make 5 years ago Author

Thank-you Kari you are very kind. I appreciate your comments. I strive to write with passion and honesty always searching for the truth.....wherever it leads. It does make for some interesting challenges from time to time. I find it recharges me when I receive a comment like yours. It clarifies and reminds me of the reasons why I write. Thanks again.

Kari Winchester profile image

Kari Winchester 5 years ago from Ontario, California

I have the words "live truthfully" translated into Hebrew tattooed on my back. Clarity is well earned, this was a provocative piece. Look forward to more reading!

point2make profile image

point2make 5 years ago Author

And I shall be reading yours Kari..thanks.

bethperry profile image

bethperry 5 years ago from Tennesee

point2make, I enjoyed reading your hub and especially liked how you presented the factual history without political bias. I think the authors of my children's history text books could learn a thing or two by reading this.

point2make profile image

point2make 5 years ago Author

Thank-you Beth for your kind words. I appreciate them very much.

Unfortunately, in today's world, it is very difficult to find honest, factual, and unbiased presentations of history. I search for them everyday and I seldom find the "truth".Those who have a selfish agenda are much more likely to "muddle" the historical truth whenever they can. Unfortunately, for our children, these same groups seem to have far too much influence in our education system.

As a society we are weakest when we allow truth to be labelled as a lie and a lie to be elevated as the truth profile image 5 years ago from upstate, NY

point2make-I'm just now learning more about the history of Isreal and the surrounding middle eastern nations. As a Christian, I consider the the nation of Isreal to be central in world events because they are God's chosen people.

Historically any nation that has turned its back on Isreal or the Jewish people have suffered greatly, that why the scripture's say to "pray for the peace of Jerusalem". Regards and peace-WBA

point2make profile image

point2make 5 years ago Author

Thank-you for your comments WBA they are always welcome.

My friend you are undertaking a subject that could easily turn into a life long quest. The "true" history of Israel and the Arab nations is fascinating and powerful. You will enjoy the journey, although it will get frustrating at times, and there will be many, many side trips in your studies.

Beware of those who would rewrite history. The revisionists are large in number but short on the truth. They will seek to confuse the issues for their own selfish purposes.

Historical truth is a goal worth striving for....go for it'll be glad you did!

toknowinfo profile image

toknowinfo 4 years ago

I am very impressed with your writing, your insight, your clarity of thought, and your objectivity. I learned much more than I knew from your writing and appreciate the work you put into this very difficult subject. Your knowledge made a big impression on me and l look forward to reading more of your hubs. Thank you very much for sharing your expertise, intelligence and talent as a writer. After the holocaust, Jews did not want to be 'guests' in anyone else's country. They needed a Jewish homeland that gave them a place they could declare their own home. When I was in Israel many years ago, you could pick up radio from Jordan, because the countries are so close to each other. The radio was holding trials to determine if the holocaust really happened. They concluded that the holocaust never happened and it is propaganda spewed by the Jews. How can you reason with people who deny something like the holocaust. I also was always amazed in the Middle East, a region that is rich with oil reserves, Israel was set up in an area with no oil. This was strategically done, could you imagine if Israel had oil, the fighting would never end. But then again, it looks like it never will no matter what. Such a shame that there can be no peace there.

point2make profile image

point2make 4 years ago Author

Thank-you very much for your kind words toknowinfo. I am both humbled and appreciative of your opinion. When I write a hub or an article I do so with the goal of connecting with someone who not only understands the subject matter of my work but also gains a little insight into reasons of why I am so passionate about writing. I do extensive research and I must tell you that it takes a lot of time to sort through the propaganda and get to the truth. The Middle East in general and Israel in particular are natural targets of all manner of extremist viewpoints so much so that it takes a lot of effort to get to the facts. I am working on a couple of new hubs that should be ready soon and I hope you get a chance to read them. I would love to hear your opinion. The first on is called "The Iranian Military...Facts and Myths" and the second is "The Greatest Threat to Israel....Revealed!

Thanks again for the wonderful comments. Your encouragement and praise are appreciated more that you could know.

toknowinfo profile image

toknowinfo 4 years ago

I look forward to reading your new hubs. I would appreciate you contacting me when they are ready to read, so that I don't miss out on them. Thanks.

point2make profile image

point2make 4 years ago Author

I'll let you know when they're ready toknowinfo. Thanks again.

toknowinfo profile image

toknowinfo 4 years ago

Looking forward to it. Thanks

jainismus profile image

jainismus 4 years ago from Pune, India

Thank you point2make for sharing this historical information. This has inspired me to writ a Hub on Jews in India.

Sinea Pies profile image

Sinea Pies 4 years ago from Northeastern United States

Very well-written historical account. I believe that the Bible says that that region of the world would be the focus of turmoil and trouble for all of the world until Jesus returns. That certainly holds true, doesn't it.

point2make profile image

point2make 4 years ago Author

You are very welcome jainismus. I look forward to reading your hub on the Jews in India. Please let me know when you publish.

point2make profile image

point2make 4 years ago Author

Thank-you for your comments Sinea Pies. You are certainly correct that the Middle East is the focus. The US, Europe and Russia are sometimes under the illusion that "they" are the center of the universe but, for better or worse, it is Israel and Middle East issues that the world truly revolves around. profile image 4 years ago from upstate, NY

Terrific information! I thought I knew alot about Palestine and the Nation of Isreal, it seems I have alot to learn. As a Christian I see the battle for the Jewish homeland to be more than political or military force but a spiritual battle behind the scenes that determined the destiny of the Jewish and Arab people.

point2make profile image

point2make 4 years ago Author

Thank-you for the kind words wba...I appreciate them. The Middle East, and especially the nation of Israel, has always been at the center of the political, military and spiritual battles for more than 2500 years. Remember the Meades, Persians, Babylonians, Romans, Egyptians and countless others have also tried to settle the question of "Israel" and all have failed. Those empires have long since passed into the shadows of history to be replaced by our modern "powers" and yet they too have failed to understand the difference between the nation of Israel and the land of Israel. For me my Middle East research has been a life long passion and I will continue to study and learn for as long as I can. Thanks again for the comments.

btrbell profile image

btrbell 3 years ago from Mesa, AZ

What a comprehensive, informative hub! Thank you so much for explaining it so well. Israel is very near and dear to my heart and people are always so conflicted about it , that it is often difficult to share the beauty of it! Up+

point2make profile image

point2make 3 years ago Author

Thank-you for your kind comments btrbell I appreciate them very much. The study of the Middle East, and Israel in particular, has been a life long quest for answers and understanding. I have many "miles" yet to go but the journey is fascinating. You are right about people being so conflicted about Israel and I find it sad because most of their reasons are based on misinformation and deception rather than the facts.

profile image

ramzul 3 years ago

Well done for writing such a comprehensive hub. I do however draw issue with your conclusion and some of your earlier responses to other comments. I know it's almost two years ago now but you said that Palestine has never been clearly Arab. Although there has always been substantial minorities within Palestine, according to Edward Said "Palestine became a predominately Arab and Islamic country by the end of the seventh century." In the Ottoman census in the mid 1880's there were approximately 7700 Jews as opposed to more than a 100000 Arabs. Although the ancient Jewish community of Palestine had been living in peace, the later Zionist settlers who "bought" the land were far more in favour of a solely Jewish state.

Dr. Eder, a member of the Zionist Commission, boldly told the Court of Inquiry, ‘there can be only one National Home in Palestine, and that a Jewish one, and no equality in the partnership between Jews and Arabs, but a Jewish preponderance as soon as the numbers of the race are sufficiently increased.’ The claim that the Zionist settlers "bought" the land is dubious as at the time of Israeli independence in 1948, Jewish settlers had legally purchased only 6 percent of the total land and it was only "an impressive series of laws legally assimilated huge tracts of Arab land (whose proprietors had become refugees, and were pronounced ‘absentee landlords’ in order to expropriate their lands and prevent their return under any circumstances).” Edward Said “The Question of Palestine.”

The action of the United Nations in 1948 conflicted with the basic principles for which the world organization was established, namely, to uphold the right of all peoples to self-determination. By denying the Palestine Arabs, who formed the majority of the country, the right to decide for themselves, the United Nations violated its own charter. The only reason the resolution that divided Israel and Palestine was passed was because of the aggressiveness of the USA in pursuing the resolution due to the power that the Zionist lobby was able to exert.

The Palestinian exodus however does not justify the expulsion of Jews from Palestine. I believe however that the most fair solution would be the repatriation of the Palestinian people dispersed across the Arab world and the establishment of a multicultural state of Palestine as a homeland for both the Jewish and Palestinian people.

point2make profile image

point2make 3 years ago Author

Thank-you ramzul for your comments and thoughts on my hub. I do appreciate your ideas and opinions but I do have a few comments on some of your points as well.

I am very aware of Professor Said and his writings on Palestine. He was a passionate defender of Palestinian issues and his supporters revered his "truths". I personally take issue with many of the Professor's positions because he was very reckless with the truth and in my opinion hurt his cause. Said politicised the truth for his own purposes and that must be taken into consideration whenever reading and studying his writings....which I have done ramzul.

Palestine did not become an Arab majority area until the beginning of the 16th century and not the 7th century as he claimed.

The Ottoman census figures you use for the "1880's actually comes from the 1878 census. You have the Jewish number right but the Arab number was more than 367,000 and not the 100,000 you quote. Of course if you do a little research you will discover that all of these numbers are inaccurate. You will also discover, in fact, that almost all the census numbers taken from the early 1800's to the 1930's are suspect and are therefore , for the most part, used as assumptions rather than fact by most historians. Today most of the census numbers quoted by many were published by Arjan El Fassed and Lauri King Irani. Their widely circulated numbers are generally rejected as inaccurate and far to political to be of any practical use.

You are absolutely right that the Zionist settlers bought about 6% of the land . My hub does not say they purchase "all" of the land of Israel. Again here you invoke Professor Said's "truths" which , in my opinion, is not credible.

You are also right that the Zionist lobby wanted a Jewish state in Palestine but wouldn't one expect a Jewish lobby to want a Jewish state? Isn't it also true that the Arab lobby wanted an Arab state?

Your last paragraph does get to the heart of the matter ramzul......"the right of return". You believe it would be fair if all the Palestinians from the Arab world had the "right of return" to, what they believe is, their ancestral homeland which is now Israel. If this were to happen the Jewish nation, outnumbered by millions of Palestinian Arabs, would effectively cease to exist as a nation. I am sure you can appreciate the dilemma that would be facing the Jews, ramzul, if they agreed to this suggestion.

It's an interesting idea ramzul as most of the "peace plans" call for a two state solution however I don't think it will prove to be a very practical option. When you are negotiating with your enemy and the only resolution he will accept is your destruction it certainly doesn't give us a lot of hope and leaves very little room for any kind of peaceful solution. For me ramzul it comes down to searching for the truth and the fact is that when studying the history of Palestine the truth is very hard to find. It requires determination and dedication to uncover it. Politics and revisionism work tirelessly to "hide" the truth and muddle the picture. I am not afraid to follow the truth to it's conclusion wherever it leads and I do not need Professor Said to teach me his version. Keep searching's out there....waiting for both of us.

israelnaturally profile image

israelnaturally 3 years ago from Israel

Fascinating! I wish more people understood the truth about Israel and the palestinians. Thank you!

point2make profile image

point2make 3 years ago Author

Thank you for your comments israelnaturally....I appreciate them very much. As you probably know the "truth" about Israel and the Palestinians is a very difficult thing to uncover. There are so many voices, all with agendas, that seek to distort and hide the truth so that it becomes unrecognizable to most people. When historians and teachers declare the truth to be false and instead teach revisionism as the "new" truth....we are in trouble.

israelnaturally profile image

israelnaturally 3 years ago from Israel

You're right. It seems that all we can rely on is what's been documented, and even that is sometimes questionable.

point2make profile image

point2make 3 years ago Author

The history and documentation is there to be found but it can be a daunting task. People who believe a lie are every bit as committed to their "truth" as those who actually have the facts. It takes perseverance and a desire to "know" what really happened before you can find out the truth. Unfortunately, today, many people are "told" what to believe by the press, their teachers, their leaders, the various special interest groups out there and many other sources. It is a sad fact that many will never know or accept the truth as the indoctrination they received was very effective.

There is an old saying that always comes to my mind when I run up against revisionists..... indeed it could be their motto. It goes like...

"I'm don't confuse me with the facts!"

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