International Women's Day And Human Rights Issues

Human Rights

Before we tackle the most import human rights issues of the modern era we need a framework. The framework I choose is a hierarchy. What are the worst things you can do to a human being versus what are least bad things you can do? For me, the worst thing you can do to a human being is to kill them. The reason this is the worst is that there is no coming back from it. You cannot fix it. You cannot compensate them. You cannot make it all better. You cannot make them whole.

No Whining

Given some of the ridiculous things that make the news these days I am actually going to have at the bottom of the list of the worst things you can do to a person something I will call the “least worst”. The reason why I am going to include mention of least worst here is some whiners insist on taking up valuable outrage space with petty whining. If all we did was hurt your feelings, that is the least worse. Hurt feelings might count for something in kindergarten and even in the work place but in the context of a serious human rights discussion they have no place.

The Very Worst

We could scatter ourselves thin and run about looking for the worst human rights violations being performed on human beings but I think this is counterproductive. The low hanging fruit, the most bang for the buck is if we can identify a class of people who are the most abused in the world. For anyone who is either honest or rational that group is obvious. That group is third world women.

Consider that third world women suffer from having bombs strapped to their bodies, honor killing, female genital mutilation, being forced into slavery, being forced in to sex slavery, being shot, tortured, imprisoned, raped, or beaten just for wanting to learn, just for wearing certain clothes, just for walking while female, just for being a woman alone in public or just for being female while driving a car.

There needs to be an outcry that begins where women have a loud clear voice--women of the west. And that outcry must be echoed by the women of the third world—even though it will be dangerous for them to do so. Men in the west and in the third world must take up that outcry as well.


Feminism which does not have the plight of third world woman as a priority cannot be taken seriously. If feminists do not take the murder and maiming of third world women seriously who will?

Not every culture is compatible with western culture. When people are seeking to enter the United States, especially those from countries where practices like honor killing or female genital mutilation are common, they have to be told that these practices are not only not acceptable in the United States but they are illegal and could get the practitioners jailed and deported.

When women’s issues are discussed in venues such as the United Nations, the speakers need to make plain that it is the official US position that practices such as female genital mutilation and honor killing are violations of human rights and are intolerable everywhere in the world.


Women are the key to reforming, educating and improving the third world. For this reason, an additional worldwide emphasis must be the education of girls and women.

Birth Control

Failure to control population and poverty go hand in hand. Women around the world must have the right to access birth control and the information on how to use it. No mother wants to bring up her child in poverty. No mother wants her child to starve to death. When women are in control over the number of children they have it is far more likely that they and their families will make certain that resources are in place before the child is born.

Real Problems

The moment feminists and the world at large get serious about women's issues they will begin working on this this:

1) Female genital mutilation
2) Punishing rape victims
3) Honor killing
4) Strapping bombs to children
5) Sexually enslaving women
6) Punishing homosexuals
7) Murdering homosexuals
8) Child marriage, Child Brides, and Forced Marriage
9) Domestic Violence
10) Disciplining or Punishing Wives
11) Beating Wives
12) Violence Against Women
13) Sharia law
14) Women being beaten or raped for wearing "inappropriate clothing"
15) Women being beaten or raped for leaving the house without a male relative as a chaperon
16) Women and men beating beaten and sometimes killed for expressing inappropriate thoughts in a blog.
17) Women and men being beaten and sometimes killed for being accused of disrespecting the religion of peace and tolerance.

Also, the belief that flogging, stoning, beheading are appropriate punishments for adultery, apostasy, witchcraft and blasphemy.

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DDE profile image

DDE 24 months ago from Dubrovnik, Croatia

Women do have power more now than in the past. So much has changed to allow for this behavior. Interesting and to the point.

poetryman6969 profile image

poetryman6969 24 months ago Author

Thanks for reading Devika. I think that as far a human and civil rights are concerned, nothing is more important than some of the tragic things that are being done to women in the third world. Unfortunately some here in the US get caught up with #firstworldproblems.

FlourishAnyway profile image

FlourishAnyway 24 months ago from USA

Awesome. The rights of all women around the world are every woman's and every man's concern.

Rachel L Alba profile image

Rachel L Alba 24 months ago from Every Day Cooking and Baking

It's unthinkable what some women have to suffer in other parts of the country. Women have come a long way here in this country. When I was graduating the only things girls did was to become nurses, teachers, secretaries or get married and have babies. Now girls can do anything they want to. I voted thumbs up for your hub.

poetryman6969 profile image

poetryman6969 24 months ago Author

FlourishAnyway, thanks for dropping by. I think you are right. I think that greater concern and awareness about the plight of third world women will improve things everywhere.

poetryman6969 profile image

poetryman6969 24 months ago Author

Rachel, some women in the third world are denied the right to work in their chosen profession by the repressive cultures that they live in. We should not tolerate seeing third world women being treated like second class citizens. Thanks for coming by and have a blessed day.

sgbrown profile image

sgbrown 24 months ago from Southern Oklahoma

I know most of the women in third world countries want things to change, but it is nearly impossible for them to stand up and try to change them, at least while being in that country. To stand up against these things is to die. It is going to take a very long time for things to change, but awareness is part of the cure.

poetryman6969 profile image

poetryman6969 23 months ago Author

Sheila, unfortunately the things you say about how the lives of third world women can be threatened for speaking out are true. It is therefore all the more important for the people of free nations to speak out. We must make it known to our leaders that the violence being perpetrated against third world women is intolerable.

justmesuzanne profile image

justmesuzanne 23 months ago from Texas

"Western women can come to the rescue of the world!" ~ The Dalai Lama

Voted up and interesting! :)

poetryman6969 profile image

poetryman6969 23 months ago Author

Thanks for dropping by Suzanne. This is a job that only western women can do enthusiastically and well. If western women seeing the horrible brutality under which some third world women are suffering do nothing then all is lost already. Certainly western men must do their part as well but I hope that the ladies will not wait for that.

pstraubie48 profile image

pstraubie48 23 months ago from sunny Florida

It is almost beyond comprehension what women and young girls around the world must endure. Like with so many horrific occurrences around the world, it seems governments and the UN turn a blind eye. Keep on writing and sharing and perhaps deaf ears and blind eyes will begin to take heed.We can always hope.

Voted up++++a and shared

Angels are on the way to you this morning ps

poetryman6969 profile image

poetryman6969 23 months ago Author

Hello Patricia. It's good to hear from you. I think we need to keep speaking up about these issues and to bless one another when we do. It needs to be cool to care again. And we need to let everyone know that certain behaviors are unacceptable in the family of man. The following is my partial list of things that should not occur anywhere, at any time, for any reason:

1) FGM

2) Punishing rape victims

3) Honor killing

4) Strapping bombs to children

5) Enslaving women

6) Murdering homosexuals

7) Child marriage

Faith Reaper profile image

Faith Reaper 23 months ago from southern USA

Important hub for sure! Yes, it will have to be those around the world to stand up for these women in third world countries, for if they do such, they will surely die.

Thank you for bringing awareness to these terrible injustices being done to women around the world.

I would like to link this to my hub on celebrating women.

Up ++++ tweeting and pinning

Peace and blessings

poetryman6969 profile image

poetryman6969 23 months ago Author

Faith Reaper it is good to hear from you. Of course you may link to this hub. I hope it reinforces what you are doing elsewhere.

It has long been known that all that is necessary for evil to triumph is that good people do nothing.

It could also be observed that in as much as we are the way in which the universe knows itself then if we want God to take a hand in things, it has to be us that does the reaching out. Good deeds come from good people. It is the purpose for which we were made.

MsDora profile image

MsDora 23 months ago from The Caribbean

Thanks for presenting this topic. What happens to one woman is every woman's concern and I'm happy that you make it everyone's concern: "Men in the west and in the third world must take up that outcry as well." Thanks for rattling our consciences.

peachpurple profile image

peachpurple 23 months ago from Home Sweet Home

happy international women day to every one !!

poetryman6969 profile image

poetryman6969 23 months ago Author

Ms Dora, I certainly agree with your sentiments. Thanks for dropping by and have a blessed day!

poetryman6969 profile image

poetryman6969 23 months ago Author

Hello Peachpurple. I hope your day is a blessed one.

Peggy W profile image

Peggy W 23 months ago from Houston, Texas

When Malala Yousefzai survived being murdered and has gone on to receive the Nobel Peace Prize in 2014, she continues the job of raising awareness of the right of women to become educated. That is one step in the right direction! Thanks for doing your part on bringing what needs to be changed regarding women's rights into the spotlight. Those in the 3rd world certainly suffer the most.

Did you intend for the birth control capsule to be placed below the comment section on purpose? Many people might miss reading that.

poetryman6969 profile image

poetryman6969 23 months ago Author

Hello Peggy. Thanks for dropping by. I would like to see more people in the media and at the UN speaking up for the plight of third world women. Since women are being mutilated and killed as we speak I see it as a clear and present danger.

Elsie Hagley profile image

Elsie Hagley 23 months ago from New Zealand

Thanks for sharing your thoughts, this is a very important subject and it needs to be kept out in the open and discussed freely, hoppingt hat some day we can all face the world and know that we are free of this problem.

poetryman6969 profile image

poetryman6969 23 months ago Author

Hello Elsie. I share your sentiments. Have a blessed day!

aesta1 profile image

aesta1 23 months ago from Ontario, Canada

I do agree with you on the emphasis on educating women. From our experience as consultants, this has resulted to much better impact.

poetryman6969 profile image

poetryman6969 23 months ago Author

Mary your comments are most welcome. I agree that education is the key. Have a blessed day.

radhikasree profile image

radhikasree 23 months ago from Mumbai,India

I think the attitudes and view points of people should change. It is the core thing that governs women's freedom despite education.

poetryman6969 profile image

poetryman6969 23 months ago Author

Hello Radhika. I certainly agree with you. I very much hope that India can lead the way in these matters. The world needs the voices of the women of India standing up for women's rights and against violence against women.

DeborahNeyens profile image

DeborahNeyens 22 months ago from Iowa

I met a couple a few years ago who were selling everything to move to Cambodia and run a safe house for girls who had escaped from the sex slave trade. Some of the girls they were dealing with were 5 and 6 years old. Horrifying.

poetryman6969 profile image

poetryman6969 22 months ago Author

Hello Deborah. I hope the couple you spoke of are successful. What I find dismaying is that there are cultures and ideologies that believe in the exploitation of the prepubescent and even child marriage. I think not enough is being done to stop this sort of thing. I think that the UN should concentrate more on eliminating the reprehensible behaviors sanctioned by some of its members.

Lynn Savitsky profile image

Lynn Savitsky 22 months ago from New Jersey

You hit the nail on the head with one of my biggest feminism pet peeves: white, middle-class American feminists who only care about other white, middle-class American feminists. Feminism is about ALL woman, all across the globe, all skin colors and ethnicities and social classes and it would be nice if people remembered that. Not just "more often" but ALWAYS.

poetryman6969 profile image

poetryman6969 22 months ago Author

Lynn I think that sometimes we get wrapped up in living our lives and living #firstworldproblems. Some third world women are experiencing matters of life and death. For instance the girl who was shot for just wanting to go to school.

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