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The Koch Confederacy

While so much attention has been put on the legal challenge to the "Individual Mandate" provision of the Affordable Care Act. A case heard by the Supreme Court last week might have greater ramifications in terms of precedent. The challenge to Arizona's SB1070, the State's immigration law.

What is surprising is that the challenge is not on grounds that many of the provisions could be seen as "Ethnic Profiling". The basic argument is what powers states have.

The idea of "States Rights" is as old as the United States. The Civil War was essentially a war fought over the notion that the Confederacy had a right to hold African-American's in bondage. It took a federal act to finally integrate America, at least under the law.

So why has the idea reared it's head again, at least when it suits the right. I am sure the same people that seem to think it fine for states to define marriage as a union between a man and woman, or give law enforcement the right to demand papers from someone who looks "illegal", would be likely to take the opposite side should a progressive-minded state decide to pass a living wage law.

There could be two reasons. The first is that the American Right actually does realize that their views do not resonate with America as a whole. Their notion of creating outgroups; women, homosexuals, Muslims, African-Americans, etc, may be out sync with an America growing more diverse and tolerant. The American Right might realize that it's base is located in smaller, more homogeneous states. Even in larger states like Pennsylvania, the right seems to draw much of it's strength from areas dominated by the White, Male, Fundamentalist Protestants that make up the American Right's base.

The second reason might have to do with a strategy to build the corporate state that folks like ALEC, the Kochs', etc seem to be trying to build. We've seen this strategy in Wisconsin, Ohio and Florida. They locate states that they know will have pliant legislatures and apparently lack the grass-roots opposition.

Of course, all of this brings the importance of the Courts into focus, and the need to have legislators that are committed to moving the Nation forward. This is, in my opinion, an area that progressives have been behind in for almost 40 years,

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Innuentendre profile image

Innuentendre 4 years ago from Houston, Texas

Desperate measures.

handymanbill profile image

handymanbill 4 years ago from western pennsylvania

I think it is time that states right be clarified in some form. This issue has gone back and forth many time. Maybe for once it will be clarified. Lets hope so.

M.G.SMITH 4 years ago

We need to learn how to work together

American Romance profile image

American Romance 4 years ago from America

.......doesn't resonate with America? The majority agree with Arizona! flash slick! We haven't got to the fascist commi stage yet! Besides even a moron like you knows this about keeping votes for the Democrats! ..............give it up!

TeaPartyCrasher profile image

TeaPartyCrasher 4 years ago from Camp Hill, PA Author

We are getting closer the "Corporate State" that is the hallmark of Fascism.

You're helping it happen, you just can't see how the "%1" is manipulating you; of course, you blindly echo what you hear from their mouthpieces too.

American Romance profile image

American Romance 4 years ago from America

TP, I watch the news as you do, I have seen violence, talk of communism, socialist ideas etc! I heard one say today he works 13 hour days for minimum wage and has to live with his parents. The reporter never asked him if he had an education, never asked him if maybe he cleaned up and didn't have a sleeve of tats would he believe his chances of employment might be better! I would have asked these questions because like it or not its truth! When they asked him what his solutions would be he basicaly said the communities needed to take care of each other! Of course he meant wealth distribution! Now in keeping to fairness (because its what the OWS preaches) then in reality this gentleman would need to work about 23 hours a day after all was implimented! Why? because to be fair I want to live in a home with a pool and 3 car garage! So if we all have to share our wealth then this guy will have to work 23 hours per day so he can contribute his "fair" share in keeping society equal! See some people do not choose to live his lifstyle! After this brilliant thought of mine today I began to wonder if poverty is the answer to so many of your culture, meaning they want everyone in poverty or living equal (result poverty for the masses) then why are they unhappy? They are there!!! So why give a crap about those few with cash? Since you are their spokesman, I ask this question, do they not know that if we divided all the wealth the few wealthy have in America it would be nothing more than a few pennies for each supposed poor person? How much wealth do you believe others have? Why not spend time trying to be that 1% instead of the living life in the negative, screaming oh woe is me all day? Simply look at the majority of OWStreeters on television! You know as well as I that most are not qualified to work at McDonalds much less hold down a corporate job as an asset to a well funded organization! TP help me with this! I want to understand it! I would appreciate your help in understanding this crap!

TeaPartyCrasher profile image

TeaPartyCrasher 4 years ago from Camp Hill, PA Author


You watch news that is manipulated by the "%1"! Try NPR, Democracy Now, CommonDreams, The Nation, etc.

Also, most of the OWS crowd I know don't object so much the wealth the "%1" hold, but their political power.

But since you're one of their "tools", you wouldn't know that!

American Romance profile image

American Romance 4 years ago from America

TP, you do not take yourself seriously. You have the same attitude they do. I was dead serious about you selling me on ideas. Convince me if your way is the best! This is why you and your crowd will never touch those you intend to bring down. Nothing eloquent about your speeches, nothing with interest in your talk! Watch NPR? Seriously? Thanks but I'll watch FOX and listen to Limbaugh, I like the truth! I know I know you believe they lie, but you never prove it! We know your media lies and distorts the truth, that came out over the Trayvon Martin case when all 3 of the big 3 apologized and one editor fired. Same with Tom when he lied after many years of getting away with it!

I did appreciate your tiny one liner explaining political power, I can kinda understand that one.

So if they want more voice on the political side then they need to go about it like the Tea Party has, Clean, non violent, endorse candidates, raise money, stop trespassing, stop raping their own in their camps, stop destroying property, a nutshell show themselves as serious instead of a bunch of punks! Oh and tell them to leave their drug needles at home because it makes them look bad!

TeaPartyCrasher profile image

TeaPartyCrasher 4 years ago from Camp Hill, PA Author

Limbaugh and FOX the "Truth", check out www has to say on that!

But you keep believing what the "%1" tells you, when you get tired of being a serf to the Koch's, we'll be glad to take you in.

profile image

bogusmoss 4 years ago from Oklahoma


The problem with America is you and your “crowd”. Once all of you right wingers stop living in fear of some conspiracy theory or another, things might change in this country. The simplicity of your thinking and lack of any leadership skills is evidenced by your full support and defense of FOX and Limbaugh. How can any self-respecting American buy into the trash that these two spew? I guess you just really need that fantasy since the real world is a little too scary.

By the way, the majority of Republicans agree with Arizona. El Paso, Eagle Pass, Nogales, San Ysidro, Sierra Blanca, and many more border cities don’t agree. The problem isn’t illegal immigration but rather the legalization of profiling. Laws like this will negatively impact our own citizens and we shouldn’t stand for that. But the right wing doesn’t care because “real” American’s are naturally white, right?

Also, nobody wants your money. I mean, nobody wants the 1%’s money. You get a refund so we wouldn’t touch yours anyway. There’s nothing wrong with the social net and taking care of our fellow American’s who really need it. As someone who believes in “all things thru Christ”, it should warm your heart to help the needy. But it doesn’t because the right wing is selfish and somehow entitled. What’s even more hilarious is that people like you continue to vote against your own best interests. As if somehow, some day, you’ll be part of that elite class. Seriously, don’t the footprints on your face tell you anything? Do you really think they care one iota for your well-being? Is Romney really the answer? You would throw this country into the dumpster just to get rid of President Obama? Wow, that’s patriotic!

Here’s a conspiracy theory to send you running to the bomb shelter: Romney will force all of us to have multiple wives, complete 2-year mandatory missionary work in France, and in death baptize us into Mormonhood.

TeaPartyCrasher profile image

TeaPartyCrasher 4 years ago from Camp Hill, PA Author


Read a few more of my hubs--We're on the same side!

TeaPartyCrasher profile image

TeaPartyCrasher 4 years ago from Camp Hill, PA Author


Had your people mixed up. No biggie!

philabustah profile image

philabustah 4 years ago from Boston, MA.

I like your passion. Keep with it. That guy is a SICK IDEOLOGUE. I'm on your side 110%. After his vicious attacks on you, he probably turned around wrote next Sunday's sermon. You are right the Confederacy is alive and well. AR is their perfect representative. Notice how he loves to sling labels? The Nazis hated Communists. Hitler had a whole bunch rounded up and beheaded right in front of Reitzhtag. But these people don't care. They will say and do anything to meet their EVIL AGENDA. That's why we have to stop them.

philabustah profile image

philabustah 4 years ago from Boston, MA.

Also, you should've pointed out that it was HIM you weren't taking seriously. Hah! I was thinking that when I read your Fox comment before I even got to his words. Yiz, duh South gone duz it 'gain bowey! Hah hah!

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